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2020 13 نوامبر





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RedPill Bill
RedPill Bill پیش 7 روز
Every black person I know should watch this video and wake up and use some common sense because you just voted your way in the hell and most black people live in Democratic cities and that's where "Hell" will begin if it hasn't already
Jennifer Yates
Jennifer Yates پیش 14 روز
They got punked
Chris G.
Chris G. پیش 16 روز
Now, want to know how I feel? Like I've lost a close family member to death. That's how I feel.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez پیش 18 روز
They killed mom and pop stores around the country ...
RL Myles
RL Myles پیش ماه
But one thing the north you pay moreyou have to buy clothing and boots and scarf pans coach do you have to pay for your higher gas and lights its cost more to live in the northern part of the United States then it does the southern part but you do get paid more salary on your job then you do in the South the South does not pay a higher salary as the northern states now when it comes to retirement since you paid more into taxes into social security well then you will get a big social security check be in from the north then you can move to the South what you're moving with a bigger social security check as opposed that a person is stay in the South all the time the wages are less because they stay in a climate that is not costly for them I hope you all understand that what I'm trying to convey to you houses are even cheaper in the south people flock to the north because they were paying high wages they left South now it's going to be rough for everybody. I'm not going to talk naked we are going to have Donald John Trump I will not talk wrong.
RL Myles
RL Myles پیش ماه
I'm upset to Brandon Tate
RL Myles
RL Myles پیش ماه
You write China and is polluting the China also Asian India
RL Myles
RL Myles پیش ماه
Cheap labor when they stay here they stay here so whatever the rent is your divided they might have to pay $75 a piece for with 20 in the house then they send the rest of the money back home building up a town and a city even buying homes and they even buying homes in their country when they go back. Home. But I'm going to keep the faith in Jesus I'm going to keep faith in in Jesus
RL Myles
RL Myles پیش ماه
Obama did that that's a fact and I just want you to know I'm a black woman talking about a black man Obama did that. He build Obama build cages people was bringing their children up from Central putting them in mostly mostly was just children. I'm standing with President Trump however the wind blow I'm I'm standing with President Trump. That's my president Jesus gave him the open the eyes of the blind open the ears of the death and I hope the man's I hope the minds of the dumb.. I will not call a man stupidbecause in the Bible God said don't call no man stupid. There is a big difference in dumb and stupid. Well I got to go now
mary harris
mary harris پیش ماه
Wonder how many of those Biden voters are going to accept yet ANOTHER Trump stymulis check?
Kyle Ongesii
Kyle Ongesii پیش ماه
If they are not stopped they will make it mandatory for everyone to take the shot, glad I that can't happen to where I'm at
CJ Steadman
CJ Steadman پیش ماه
The dumbest people on the earth all congregate in the biggest cities. Where's that nuclear terrorism when you really need it.
Birgitt Fastwalker
Birgitt Fastwalker پیش ماه
Man get your facts ! Global warming has not happened no more ! "The Global Warming Scare " for depopulation ! it's a fraud !
Citizenship Kingdom of God
Did Joe Biden Just Admit to Voter Fraud? Utube it and pass it on.
Citizenship Kingdom of God
Did Joe Biden Just Admit to Voter Fraud? Utube it and pass it on.
Right! Dems are stuck in Pinocchio Land and their tails are growing but to ignorant to notice. Keep on brotha! 🇺🇸 Let’s not forget about Canada training China’s soldiers this very minute. Ya that really happening right now!
John Kerry
John Kerry پیش ماه
Biden won like 40.5% of the n-H white vote or so, according to CNN
John Kerry
John Kerry پیش ماه
which he probably won’t have
John Kerry
John Kerry پیش ماه
Joe Biden can’t do those things without full control of congress
Marilyn Campbell
Marilyn Campbell پیش ماه
I know to many had it over it the flu was worst
Durin -TrueKing
Durin -TrueKing پیش ماه
If it's not seen it never happened- CNN
Pete Pena
Pete Pena پیش ماه
The jobs you say Mexicans are taking are jobs the black community doesn’t want! Spanish immigrants come to work hard for low pay others are to busy watching hip hop videos so they want to go from ashy to classy
Mary Crum
Mary Crum پیش ماه
I’m from a small community in eastern Kentucky, all I see is white men begging for me money. I see a lot of Mexicans at western union places sending money back home.
FuzzyJ پیش ماه
within a year he'll take a medical leave of absence which will put her in the WH. ya'll who voted for them are so misinformed and yes, you've been lied to by this upcoming administration.
flyingbucket پیش ماه
the people have spoken son of a clansman
Janet Lovett
Janet Lovett پیش ماه
This is my favorite guy on IRitem! Smart, honest and shoots from the hip no matter who it may offend. You have to respect that no matter where you stand on your political beliefs.
ktrn2b پیش ماه
GOD Bless you B
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson پیش ماه
You said that the democrats would make the shutdowns magically disappear, but look it isn't happening ...
Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson پیش ماه
Donna Wojdacz
Donna Wojdacz پیش ماه
I have some, too. They hated Trump. That is the only reason for their support. How can you even reason with anyone who uses that as a voting guide?😡
olli پیش ماه
I think i lost my last 5 brain cells reading the comments.
TheArab Hippie
TheArab Hippie پیش ماه
Denver has become like that (cost of living outrageous) because of Democrats from California moved there
K R پیش ماه
Same for real-estate here in Hawaii. And what is it.? DEMOCRAT 🙄
K R پیش ماه
You're speaking the truth. Let's get it
king juju
king juju پیش ماه
25:37 he was speaking nothing but facts......I live in Jax FL the crime rate is extremely high & its ran by Democrats
green rushrelief
green rushrelief پیش ماه
Hey OT I had it got over it, my Doctor says I am immune from Covid 19 Hey life in America will go on!
green rushrelief
green rushrelief پیش ماه
This mistake little joe make: www.distributednews.com/473589.html
green rushrelief
green rushrelief پیش ماه
This mistake little joe make: iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/gppqYbzWvXOvrWQ.html
green rushrelief
green rushrelief پیش ماه
This mistake little joe make: www.brighteon.com/b9594116-7d7f-45f6-852c-b63b780c3738
Douglas Strother
Douglas Strother پیش ماه
"HUGE Amount Of Democrats REGRET Voting For Biden! Over 17% Would NOT Have Voted For Him" ~ Liberal Hivemind iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/na-fitbNzHLIi2w.html
Carrie Hyden
Carrie Hyden پیش ماه
I don't understand why folks want someone who is not in their right mind leading the country! This is scary that you would want an evil out of their mind person running the country. If Biden didn't do anything the entire 8yrs as a vice president what the hell makes you think he will do anything now? We are about to have a world war because of Biden. He doesn't give a shit about black people but he suckered a vote out of black people and all he had to do was constantly lie and say he's going to do for black people. That's all it took was a lie. This is very scary
kat0884 پیش ماه
GOD bless you for you speak the truth. I admire you greatly. Please keep up with the awesome work you do for Americans.
Shi Shi rose & Natalie !!!
Run for President
Shi Shi rose & Natalie !!!
Help us Tatum
James Brackett
James Brackett پیش ماه
I’m with you Brandon the deserve what they get
J Henny
J Henny پیش ماه
I’m with you B-Tat! I swear we’re in the movie, “Idiocracy”. We’ve gotten so ignorant. I can’t understand how people can make these decisions with everything that’s in front of their face. I live in Texas. People are flooding to our state. Then they want to change things to their previous democratic ways! Why did you leave your state? Don’t come change ours! What’s wrong with people? Is it in our food?
Bến Ngự Nguyễn
Bến Ngự Nguyễn پیش 2 ماه
We are Asian come to USA 40 years we all have house, cars & save $$ for kids in college graduated Bachelor or Master degree don’t believe in divorce this is THE OPPORTUNITY LAND USA 🎖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bến Ngự Nguyễn
Bến Ngự Nguyễn پیش 2 ماه
Sabion Ware
Sabion Ware پیش 2 ماه
Lisa Davenport
Lisa Davenport پیش 2 ماه
Is it carved in stone that trump conceded
Gary Dobbs
Gary Dobbs پیش 2 ماه
Only N95 mask stop COVID. The particles are so small they go through anything other than a N95. These mask are a way to control you. Your right people are duuuummmmbbb
Gary Dobbs
Gary Dobbs پیش 2 ماه
Dumb is a understatement brother...it’s sad
Alan D
Alan D پیش 2 ماه
I voted for Jesus. What would Jesus want me to do? Kill babies? Silent the churches, take away my rights. ? Not what this retired vet served for.
Ellen Eberhard
Ellen Eberhard پیش 2 ماه
If the election goes to the house, our democracy is dead.
nojo pro
nojo pro پیش 2 ماه
I am not scared of Joe Biden as I am as Harris She is worse could she has a mind she doesn't have a conative decline problem she thinks and that's the way she thinks
nojo pro
nojo pro پیش 2 ماه
I feel the same way I feel the exact same way I am not black on that put that out there but I feel the same way You are smart incredibly smart
nojo pro
nojo pro پیش 2 ماه
According to the current today it's OK if you say that and if I say that I'm racist it's nice to hear that I am not a racist and a realist Instead Thank you for speaking the truth and for most of America with brains I appreciate it with great joy
Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy پیش 2 ماه
I a mask can not stop the smell of a fart how is it going to stop a virus
Mykey Barbee
Mykey Barbee پیش 2 ماه
RachelS پیش 2 ماه
Bingo! There are a bunch of ultra rich politicians that need to be audited....The numbers just don’t add up. And they have never done any good for the poor except for hand outs. But folks keep voting them in...If the media did their job and reported facts, there would be no contest! Prez Trump did more for minorities than anyone in my lifetime! SMDH ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸
Edward Cristinziani
Edward Cristinziani پیش 2 ماه
To answer that question of why Democrat Ran City's Real Estate is so expensive is because of Gentrification. Gentrification is the reason there is so much violence in Democrat ran cities, because there is such a economic gap and so much displacement of the actual born and raised Philadelphians, NYers, Chicagoians, etc. White Suburbanite Liberals are Gentrifiers, bottom line, pushing out entire African American communities throughout the States and yes, in all major cities that are mostly Democrat ran. In Philadelphia, our Mayor and his pack of corrupt slags are destroying Philadelphia and replacing Philadelphians with Rich White Suburbanites. And the next President should be Dan Crenshaw. You need to get with Dan Crenshaw, he's young, smart, a war vet, Dan Crenshaw is that dude and I'd be proud to see him as President.
AUSTINVERACRUZ Plata پیش 2 ماه
As Fred Sanford would say 'Big Dummies'....good word BT....I am a Expat living in Brazil...I feel Bad for the USA if Biden becomes the President. Means I won't be home for 4 more years.. Flipn Shameful..
Adam Luka
Adam Luka پیش 2 ماه
Officer, you are absolutely right! These stupid BLM supporters think they get something from these Democrats...they get shit!
Valeria Whatley
Valeria Whatley پیش 2 ماه
They’ve lied about Donald Trump from the beginning because he is not a career politician. So he can’t be bought and paid off like the rest of them so they’re afraid they won’t get their money. Donald Trump took economic loss to be our president. And y’all don’t do your homework this coronavirus it was started in the Obama administration with Fauci overseeing it. America put a moratorium on it that means that it’s illegal on American soil. $32 million to the Wuhan lab Fauci took many plane trips there. This is all documented.But we can’t get to the truth of anything because these career politicians trying to drag Trump through the mud all the time. So we can’t get to the meat of what’s actually going on. Why were they study and coronavirus maybe to make a weapon?
Handy Cap
Handy Cap پیش 2 ماه
A lot of folks have woke up including me. They don't like white folks either, but it hit me they like u even less. U r very well spoken. God bless.
Bonita پیش 2 ماه
Why do you think China joe got his name. Brainwashing over rides cognitive thinking.
Patti Smith
Patti Smith پیش 2 ماه
Thank you for your HONESTY
Happy ExPat
Happy ExPat پیش 2 ماه
Dude, you're out of your mind!
Neil Peart's Purple Nose
Neil Peart's Purple Nose پیش 2 ماه
Nope. He's right on the money. This country is done for. You all deserve to be ruled.
C A OB1 پیش 2 ماه
Never seen a better example of the Dunning Kruger effect, too much stupid in one video.
Matthew McNeill
Matthew McNeill پیش 2 ماه
Oh lordy I am still white. Stay the fuck out of Colorado stay white here I will be black
Daron Ross
Daron Ross پیش 2 ماه
It’s funny how this man sounds like trump it’s like they all speak the same language. Republicans have been spreading this myth for the last two years.. I don’t consider these scum of the earth Republicans they are Trump supporters there’s a big difference they worship that idiot. There are several presidents that have done a lot for people but they never mentioned it not once
Daron Ross
Daron Ross پیش 2 ماه
you’ve been lying for the past months about the election
My Leftist Professor Hates Me
What lies...
DanoVidz پیش 2 ماه
Tatum, you know the Libeal media will cover for the failures of Biden and blame not only Trump but Bush too for all their failed policies. And stupid liberals will overlook it or beleive whatever they say. They will even blame God for the suffering that will come upon them. I don't even think or trust Republicans to fight the same way as Trump. That's why they don't want him their a second term and even sabotage the electroral process to steal the election from him.These folks are diabolical.
DanoVidz پیش 2 ماه
When everybody are forced or compelled to think alike, there are no freedom and someone else become unnecessary. White liberal Americans had better be afraid of what they are asking for and going to lose when socialism is full blown. It is very destructive for the country and society as a whole.
kimberley ives
kimberley ives پیش 2 ماه
It doesn't matter they all know they want communism
jaquen1977 پیش 2 ماه
Literally a whole section of the Biden-Harris platform is devoted to Black America. But Brandon doesn’t read, he just rants. joebiden.com/racial-economic-equity/
jaquen1977 پیش 2 ماه
Looks like Brandon is in the anger stage of grief. At least he’s finally accepting that his Cheeto god lost. He’s going to need a sedative on Inauguration Day.
Danny Bradshaw
Danny Bradshaw پیش 2 ماه
Joe say the first thing he's going to when he's in office is "Make sure we defeat Donald Trump"
Danny Bradshaw
Danny Bradshaw پیش 2 ماه
Love and hate telling people they got the government they voted for I agree they're stealing this election but "ITS NOT OVER" they got those German computers i hope what their looking is there. Joe well not be my president
seneca robinson
seneca robinson پیش 2 ماه
The brother speaking facts
seneca robinson
seneca robinson پیش 2 ماه
seneca robinson
seneca robinson پیش 2 ماه
Miss Lady Bob
Miss Lady Bob پیش 2 ماه
Yeah they get a Real Rude Awakening and yeah what they deserve But . unfortunately they're taking all of us along
Al Was
Al Was پیش 2 ماه
isn't this virus clever? it only comes out at night again in some of these democratic states, cause they need to stay home from 10:00 to 5:00. hahaha i went to Florence Safe Way and i thought i went from one country to another just driving from one town to another, they were all still wearing masks, can still only go in and out one doorway soo silly. soooo stupid. Doug Douchebag gave away his power to the towns, its bullshit and i agree with you, i too am disappointed here in AZ. i thought we were moving to a red state. great show!!!
Al Was
Al Was پیش 2 ماه
here in az won't that be fun in 115 degree weather? wearing a muzzle all day long ugh! Not this girl. havn't worn one yet, been tossed out of dr.'s offices, and hassled in walmart. hahahahha, i ask them to sign a liability form and i'll wear their mask. not a taker yet.
Al Was
Al Was پیش 2 ماه
i lived in a practically all american state, and was a landscaper and just as you said, the illegals came up the east coast and took over the landscaping jobs cause they work for penny's compared to the americans
Al Was
Al Was پیش 2 ماه
Pan Demic, look it up in christianity. it litterally means, Pan is a trickster and Demic is demonic...thats the short explanation.... look it up at Trey Smith at God in a Nutshell.
Al Was
Al Was پیش 2 ماه
its a spiritual entity that has entered them and control them. unless they know about Sprituality they will not be able to recognize what is controlling them
Allen & Tammy Chesney
Allen & Tammy Chesney پیش 2 ماه
The colleges have been morphing the young adults into the communist mentality.
Toni Turner
Toni Turner پیش 2 ماه
Oh my GOD! You are so right. They’ve (China) already done it in other countries. If people would compare what Obama/Biden did for Black folk at all with what the very person they hate so much in 3.5 years they would see clearly that he’s really done more. But they only watch American tv...no brains there. Continually tricked.
Maria Cobern
Maria Cobern پیش 2 ماه
La Chicago New York
prince walker
prince walker پیش 2 ماه
You sound insane man. I use to rock with you but now you come off cultish.
jaquen1977 پیش 2 ماه
He’s a grifter. Spent years “owning the libs”, promising a Trump second term. Now he looks like a straight fool and is just embarrassed and mad.
Chaos Engagement
Chaos Engagement پیش 2 ماه
The most fraudulent election of my lifetime.
Tou Cha
Tou Cha پیش 2 ماه
Tou Cha
Tou Cha پیش 2 ماه
Rocky buzz
Rocky buzz پیش 2 ماه
Half of them are fool
William T Grizzle
William T Grizzle پیش 2 ماه
I agree with everything u saying people are so dum this world is not going to end from global warming it will end when the good lord says it will
Kimbly پیش 2 ماه
Please don’t wish for Biden to win. Our country would be done for.
MtnHike پیش 2 ماه
It wasnt 90% this year...Bidens numbers are padded by millions #walkaway #blexit
Manny Salcedo
Manny Salcedo پیش 2 ماه
Excuse me sir but have you seen Republicans against Trump IRitem channel
Frankie Patterson
Frankie Patterson پیش 2 ماه
I'm about to cry sitting here in shitty Michigan
Elizabeth Commons
Elizabeth Commons پیش 2 ماه
Amen !
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بازدید 460K
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