What the HECK HAPPENED IN Arizona? Why are they lying to us? 

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What the HECK HAPPENED IN Arizona? Why are they lying to us?
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2020 1 دسامبر





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Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson پیش 13 روز
If you all are upset about this steal and silence of conservatives on internet then join us in boycott of big Tech. Cancel subscriptions to IRitem, Disney, Hulu, and boycott business who advertise on big tech Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If 79 million supporters do this for one month. We can hurt Big tech back.
Ronald Kessler
Ronald Kessler پیش 20 روز
Did they flip Arizona for Trump?
George Blanks
George Blanks پیش 22 روز
152 billion dollars was taken to Iran 150 billion was left in Iran 2 billion dollars cash came back and this money has been used to buy the election put in place, cheaters, Dominion and the ballots. A plan for 4 years that's why they didn't have to run any campaign they knew the steel was in so did Biden cuz he Obama and Clinton set this up a long time ago with the two billion they brought back from Iran
don't worry about who I am
Government you hear me you pissed in the wrong bowl
don't worry about who I am
Legion will be bust down the doors of the capital and force corruption out by force
don't worry about who I am
If we don't have justice on election results we might just have to force all the media off air. No more of this asking shit. WE WILL BE HEARD ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!! they want to play might permanently condemn all Democrats. The day of reckoning is nigh
RCCollins پیش ماه
There are no conservatives in the legacy news media with authority to print the truth about anything, giving DEMs and any other self serving walking, talking egos the freedom to vacuum up anything & everything they deem of value.
cardomuldrow09 پیش ماه
Damn i wish y’all shut up already. he lost its nothing that can be done
Ray Maas
Ray Maas پیش ماه
That's not exactly how it works, Brandon. You don't sign the ballot, you sign the envelope. They're supposed to compare that to the signature on your voter registration. That's what they failed to do.
Jerry Pollitt
Jerry Pollitt پیش ماه
God Bless you for the Knowledge to share
Madame Clark
Madame Clark پیش ماه
You’re tripping.
Brian L
Brian L پیش ماه
If this is allowed and does not change. Our country as we know it is lost.
Time with Chaplain Ken
youtube jokers unsubscribed me man!!! I'm back with you bro.
Teresa Ashley
Teresa Ashley پیش ماه
The media are in with these demonRATS and all their scams. Knee deep.
Steve in NC
Steve in NC پیش ماه
They only validated the votes for Byedon, anything fishy on a Trump vote was tossed. I’ll bet a paycheck that I’m not getting.
Tou Cha
Tou Cha پیش ماه
Charles Ike
Charles Ike پیش ماه
The devil can not hear or see the truth.
Amanda پیش ماه
R پیش ماه
Timothy Strasser
Timothy Strasser پیش ماه
I would like to make light of something that I think we all should be making a bigg deal out of because it is obvious that they have been doing this for a long time and have kept control of key states because of the number of electoral votes that these states have so they can do exactly what they are doing now. I at this point dont believe that there are enough Democrats to vote anyone of them into any office in this country. If you notice the mass numbers of fraudulent votes used to win these key states by such a small percentage. Like less than 1 percent. This is a terrorist act by domestic terrorist and very likely foreign ones also but mainly by what they would call homegrown terrorists. Which somehow have made it into the political arena. All involved from the top to the bottom need to be found and need to be made example of. It is also rather interesting that this COVID shit has spring up in time for them to push for the mail in ballot scenario which I do not believe in coincidences so this has all been orchestrated including this disinformation scheme by the media and these supposed medical professionals that the media is giving the lime light. There is no choice but for We The People to have a revolution whether it is of minds or of wars. This can not go unpunished because if we do not.make the stand now it will be to late. Hopefully we are not already to late. It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!!! Which we pretty much already have been since WWII if not even before!!!! WTF is income tax? It is illegal and unconstitutional is what it is. We are already enslaved to these corporations and carreer politicians. What's next?
RBEO22 پیش ماه
Because they refuse to report on that which hurts their narrative.
Merrill Milner
Merrill Milner پیش ماه
I haven't seen/heard from you in a long while - was IRitem the reason?
0d1tu1 Mb3l3
0d1tu1 Mb3l3 پیش ماه
Trump lost fair & square.......get over it.
vadermask//mass retaliation
I have absolutely no reason to NOT trust you. I've never met you but I don't think you would go on video and lie at all.
Richard Evers
Richard Evers پیش ماه
We have fraud in most elections. This year was worse for a number of reasons. The ChiCom virus was used as an excuse to mail ballots to the list of registers voters without them requesting ballots in some states. I hear one person say the got four ballots delivered to his home for people who no longer lived at that address. Which means they could have filled in the ballots and sent them back. Voter roles must be scrubbed and only include actual residents. That is how so many dead peopled voted. If the are still on the voter roll, then they can vote. As a software engineer who has worked in elections, I see no reason for voting machines to be on the internet. In fact, it is a really bad idea. In some cases, we have reports of workers running the ballots through counting machines multiple times. Poll watchers were in some cases, not allowed to be close enough to the counting to be effective. We must make changes and stop these practices or we will never be able to have confidence in our elections in the future. People who broke election laws should be e prosecuted and sent to prison.
harbar3000 پیش ماه
Trump will prevail.
Kingdom Butterfly
Kingdom Butterfly پیش ماه
When the election started i had a spiritual vision where most of those blue States were red. The government is corrupted. Just wait for it, God is about to show up and show out. He told me that Biden will not be inaugurated in 2021!!! WAIT FOR IT are the words he gave me. And afterwards things are going to get really bad because the world and those who belong to it are going to lose it and starts riots everywhere. WAIT FOR IT
David Voss
David Voss پیش ماه
If President Trump doesn,t win this election 2020 then America is cursed and we will lose our freedom.👎🏾
Jr پیش ماه
Officer Tatum. Pence needs to say Trump won. An then the dirty Dem's would say they want a recount. Trump 2020
James Mills
James Mills پیش ماه
Tatum you guys look bonkers. Trump lost.... don't lose credibility.
usfaaartillerist پیش ماه
Great! What can we DO about it. The courts have proven they are corrupt, the socialists and their alleged republican colluding criminals WILL DO NOTHING! Each state will need to muster their militia and start with their counties and work their way out.
dwight nix
dwight nix پیش ماه
Use em or lose em
Bonnie Nix
Bonnie Nix پیش ماه
It has been a Continuation of a Coup against our duly elected President Trump since 2016. Republican RINO’s and swamp creatures and most of all Democrats are guilty of participating in this “COUP “.
Russ Monte
Russ Monte پیش ماه
We all know why
Josch Edgington
Josch Edgington پیش ماه
they have had less evidence in the RICO cases they have prosecuted.
Macias8200 پیش ماه
Randy Weaver
Randy Weaver پیش ماه
I live in GA. and if you think this state is blue or voted blue you are a fool...
Robert Mosher
Robert Mosher پیش ماه
Brandon, my guy, you live there. You have a front row seat in the whole process. Tell us what happened in all this. Congrats on the coming of a new baby on the way! Babies are ALWAYS good news.
Dennis Roman
Dennis Roman پیش ماه
I'm disgusted by this whole process. I'm discouraged in our voting system, and am hereby never voting again. What's the point? The same rules and regulations put fourth by our lawmakers have been thrown out this election, and the American people were held hostage...BY AN ELECTION!!! It makes me sad to call myself American, seeing how the values which made us a great nation are now fleeting, and we are becoming no better than any other nation in the world where slowly but surely our freedoms and truth have been raped.
johnny smith
johnny smith پیش ماه
evil takeover voter fraud
Nina Howell
Nina Howell پیش ماه
I'm with you, officer Tatum. "They aren't under oath, they're lying.." They signed an affidavit. To me, that's like being under oath.
applebutt1808 پیش ماه
You should watch the one that they did in GA but nobody is going to do anything about it and give it to slow Joe and kamquat Kamala
Lilly Cook
Lilly Cook پیش ماه
What happened to y'all conservative supreme court, and Trump's bootlicker Bill Barr yeah lou-oo ser- hers
Vernon Hurley
Vernon Hurley پیش ماه
One candidate had a 96 mile car rally!!! 96 miles!!! And he lost the state to a guy who never even campaigned there. Nothing to see here folks. Move on. Yeah right! Keep fighting Trump we are with you!
Richard Reyna
Richard Reyna پیش ماه
I believe it. Its all true to me we, we have to be aware and not blind to the curption.
Debbi Sorrentino
Debbi Sorrentino پیش ماه
Supreme Court is terrified of left or part of it!
Sonny luong
Sonny luong پیش ماه
Lame stream Media is bs fake news. never trust them. They should be tried for treason for lies and propoganda. CNN is communist news network.
Rian Johnson
Rian Johnson پیش ماه
Naw you tripping
Ronald KNISLEY پیش ماه
Congratulations fine American I have hope in America when wonderful folks like you have beautiful babies may our Lord and savior Jesus Christ richly bless you and all yours always amen! And may America bless God like he has us for several hundred years amen !
rea dawn
rea dawn پیش ماه
They control the media and the judges. The land of the free does not exist any longer.
dave jones
dave jones پیش ماه
Liberals are good at covering their asses, and Republicans are spineless. A cheater may take home a trophy, but that doesn't make him a winner. Trump didn't lose he was robbed
Justin.S پیش ماه
we are in this situation because weak republicans didn't do anything about Americans being censored / violating the 1st Amendment by big tech/media. they had 4 years to do something. they also could have greatly helped the 2nd Amendment , Trump even said he would. did he? nope. the supreme court has sat by and let politicians violate the constitution for years, decades. if they don't secure our election process by the next election i doubt we will ever have a fair election again.
Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson پیش ماه
fraud ocurred in all the swing states in my opinion, and liberals want to pack the court and take away the freedoms of amricans, especcially first and second ammendments
dennis lynn
dennis lynn پیش ماه
There is a lot of evidence of voter fraud in this election, dead people voting, underage people voting, illegals voting, felons voting. And there is documentation for all that. There is plenty of evidence of voter fraud.
dennis lynn
dennis lynn پیش ماه
Arizona is not telling the truth, because they want to steal the election for Biden! This is despicable!
Jason Smith
Jason Smith پیش ماه
The affidavits want to be dismissed as everyone on both sides knows that if you try and prove most of those people wrong widespread voter fraud will be found. There is no way on this Earth that these affidavits will be allowed further investigation , it's not happening. China has made sure of that, believe it.
lil chris tuten
lil chris tuten پیش ماه
Idk officer Tatum, what you said the people swore to in the affidavits didn't sound like evidence of voter fraud to me... it sounded like election fraud.
Ferria پیش ماه
Hang tight people, GOD IS GOING TO DO A DEVINE INTERVENTION! Give HIM the glory not the courts or any other. Praise GOD!
CloudMaker پیش ماه
We stand strong and ready united behind True Republicans and President Trump
Skitz پیش ماه
China for the WIN.
Citizenship Kingdom of God
Did Joe Biden Just Admit to Voter Fraud? Utube and pass it on.
Mrs Smith
Mrs Smith پیش ماه
This was a stolen and rigged election. I have lost all confidence in the honesty and integrity of the electoral process.
Captain VonBeck
Captain VonBeck پیش ماه
Viva le Revolution
Sgt. Charlie
Sgt. Charlie پیش ماه
Fuck the media and big tech. All they do is LIE.
John Monroe
John Monroe پیش ماه
You are no longer an officer, why do you keep the "TITLE"? You're a good guy but why do you think it's necessary? Just curious! "KEEP ON KEEPIN ON"!
Neil H.
Neil H. پیش ماه
Excellent education as per usual Brandon. Outstanding. Thank you!
Anthony Chappell
Anthony Chappell پیش ماه
It’s over bruh! Just give up
James White
James White پیش ماه
The afidavids are eye witness accounts
Rail man
Rail man پیش ماه
Organized crime at its best
Tidasium پیش ماه
But Mr Tatum a lot of people will jump on board say I don't believe in God. You're sworn testimony is also your sworn testimony before your fellow man that you are telling the truth to your utmost ability. And anything you say can and will be used against you. This will help me God They left that in there for those of us who do believe in God. Knowing our father in heaven prefers we not lie. So I get an argument about this so help me God at the end of these sworn ins and they say I don't have to tell the truth I don't believe in God this is a known and very common issue with the American people. integrity has been flushed down the toilet with a lot of people.
Tidasium پیش ماه
In our state, we signed our signatures, scanned our driver's license, after voting we handed in our ballet.
Marie pruitt
Marie pruitt پیش ماه
Yes, I am from Florida, and we did this as well.
Grey Rider
Grey Rider پیش ماه
Why are you Marking out White on your Shirt.They are not the Problem in this Country.Blacks are.Not all.but they are
Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon پیش ماه
What about the signature within the voter registration? Envelope, ballot, AND registration should match. Why wouldn't they?
bduel پیش ماه
This is good against evil, the Lord Jesus is taking on the Devil right now.
Big88Country پیش ماه
I am sick of all of this!! Every American that pays attention, both sides, know that WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD happened in multiple states!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith پیش ماه
Trump never started a war. Good for him. If Biden gets in, look out world.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith پیش ماه
Here a sad fact, Doug Ducey just got named head of the Republican Governors coalition for a 1 year term. I’ve lived here for 31 years, I knew something was up when they took days to count the votes here.
O g
O g پیش ماه
Officer Tatum - You are a PATRIOT, and I admire you.
Jon Grimes
Jon Grimes پیش ماه
Trump won! Google/IRitem are trying to silence the Right... shame on you and I hope it comes back tenfold!!!!!!
Julio Cervantes
Julio Cervantes پیش ماه
They are about to close the school where my kids go to academy of math and science we waited months to get in in person teaching you know how hard it is to in person teaching now they are closing down it's the liberal agenda here in Phoenix and the Democratic party
Julio Cervantes
Julio Cervantes پیش ماه
They did there's no doubt about it
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass پیش ماه
Why don’t we skip signing the envelope and just sign the ballot itself? When the envelope is separated and discarded then no big deal. The system is ripe for fraud and that’s how the government wants it!
Paquila Williams
Paquila Williams پیش ماه
Leonard Killgore
Leonard Killgore پیش ماه
Soon and very Soon THE ALMIGHTY will COMPLETELY spank the Media and uncover ALL the CORRUPTION and wickedness that has been going on. Be patient and don’t loose heart, it will come.
bob branscum
bob branscum پیش ماه
The dumbocrap are probably in charge of the machine. Just like the lame stream media. Bought and paid for by the demoncraps, along with the so called scientist they hired to scare the citizens about this covid shit.
Eva Braun
Eva Braun پیش ماه
My neighbor’s kid 8yr old got an early voter ballot ! 8 year old
Kate Mallory
Kate Mallory پیش ماه
What's going ON IN GEORGIA?! RUBY FREEMAN, SHAYE & THE USB 👦, LAWRENCE SLOAN m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2849234032066192&id=100009388691190&set=p.2849234032066192&source=47
rafeal minor
rafeal minor پیش ماه
Oh man don't cry man get over it they no Trump ain't shitt
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams پیش ماه
Man u r a big Azz cry baby!!
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams پیش ماه
Kicking CANCERS BUTT پیش ماه
The Second Revolution is on the Horizon. It's time to Storm the Castle. YOU need to wrap your mind around the fact WE THE PEOPLE are peasants and we are getting ready to feel the TRUE wrath of the Monarchy, which is GOING to change the complexity of THIS COUNTRY. Wake up, the Time is NOW to organize. Law Enforcement and Military service men and women need to join our ranks and START THIS Revolution to Fight for OUR Civil Liberties.
Carolyn Kochenour
Carolyn Kochenour پیش ماه
Arizona and Virginia inadvertently "dumped" their fraudulent ballots too soon on election night. The other democratic run cities waited until the wee hours on November 4th, when no one was watching, to execute their dumps. This is why Arizona and Virginia were called by Fox News so early.
Bowfrankte Micheal
Bowfrankte Micheal پیش ماه
You should be exposing the hypocrisy of the mainstream media instead of complaining. They can only be worst than what we've seen.
Melissa Perry
Melissa Perry پیش ماه
Elizabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence پیش ماه
Called our elected officials, hopefully they will listen. Doug and Hobbs haven't listen yet....
Robert Kish
Robert Kish پیش ماه
These judges are afraid ' they have families, loved ones they need to protect.
BlackPanther پیش ماه
Ok so why wait till he loss the election to start blaming faulty counting machines...if I remember correctly the same machines were used when trump won the first time. So now he loss now we need to redo everything...man fuck outta here!
spunbearing65 پیش ماه
Complacency. I believe I saw every methamphetamine lab along the BNSF big main between LA and Chicago. Arizona certainly had the more colorful ones. The DNC goes out to these skilletheads and tell them they're going to legalize the garbage and transform them from skilletheads to highly trained professionals.
PDIDY7007 پیش ماه
TODAY DEC 7TH, 2020 Sidney Powell's Georgia AND Michigan "Kraken" lawsuits failed in court. Georgia, Judge Batten is a GOP appointee to the federal bench and he just TRASHED Sidney Powell and Lin Wood's "Kraken" lawsuit. www.breitbart.com/news/georgia-gov-kemp-lt-gov-duncan-say-no-to-special-session/ Michigan, federal Judge Linda V. Parker TRASHED the suit filed by Sidney Powell as part of her 'Kraken' lawsuits, lacks standing, proposes a remedy it is far too late to enforce - and critically undermines 'faith in the democratic process.'
Tucker: Adam Schiff should resign
The Cummins Mustang is DONE