Well, I didn’t like Joker 

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Don’t worry I promise my next video will be about something way more topical and interesting like A Dog's Purpose or Halloween spider decorations!
Ways in which Joker (2019) is the same as Mamma Mia! (2008):
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A mother’s relationship to her child is strained by her failure to inform her child of their father’s identity www.twitch.tv/progamerjenny
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Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis پیش 11 ساعت
Birds Of Pretty Wonder Women 1984 Pretty Good Films Justice League Shazam Suicide Squad Ok Films Not Bad Joker Wasn,t Good
Phaise Brooks
Phaise Brooks پیش روز
Keep in mind this is a man descending into the nihilistic psychopath we know today. He has several great speeches in the killing joke I recommend you read and come back and watch this movie again.
Remix پیش روز
well, ok
Skelemveggie پیش روز
I dunno, I can see your point but I kind of liked the movie. I thought the soundtrack was brilliant, obviously Joaquin's performance was great. I just liked it, it was an entertaining movie about a puppy being punched in the face and then biting someone's eye out.
Bence Gyulai
Bence Gyulai پیش 2 روز
I never watched this movie, because having seen a few of its kind, I supposed it was going to be throwing about these supposedly serious themes about how the world is cruel and it will make you go insane and we're all hiding our tears with a fake smile etc. etc. etc. without having anything particular to say about these themes at all. None of the praise this film received ever convinced me it wasn't this. Now your video confirmed to me it is this. Thank you. There's this "the world is a rough place and it turned me into this hard macho cruel man and it's so tragic" drama in a lot of blockbuster films and hip-hop music and it's basically straight men justifying being violent assholes AND expecting you to feel sorry for them, which is not something I can easily stomach.
mari dss
mari dss پیش 17 ساعت
the fact that this comment is so on point and yet OP hasn't even seen the movie says it all
Bravo Charlie
Bravo Charlie پیش 2 روز
Apparently the freak show fucking found this video, 11 hours what the actual fuck, just disagree and move on and not be a fucking psychopath
Min The
Min The پیش 3 روز
Birds Of Prey was better than The Joker. 🍵
the Sun
the Sun پیش 4 روز
Ill make it simple. It sucks cause its not a Joker, it's just call that way.
Tushar Hegde
Tushar Hegde پیش 3 روز
Hopeful Badger
Hopeful Badger پیش 6 روز
I wanna preface this with I think this was a cool breakdown of the film, and I appreciate what I learned from watching this. On the note of people commenting on the joker shooting the show host, If I remember right, I, alone, in my room responded with 'oh shit' to thar scene? Partially cause it was a cool reference to the dark knight returns and the talk show scene from that. Also just cause, I found the acting to be phemoninal for that scene. Idk, maybe I am wrong. But I loved it. I won't lie, it muddies themes, but, also, I loved it.
Pablo Sanches
Pablo Sanches پیش 7 روز
What you can learn with Phoenix's Joker is way less compared what you can learn from Ledger's.
nigelft پیش 7 روز
If I may correct you on one point ... Arthur's weird laughter isn't an emotional tick, but a psychiatric disorder, in its own right, called Paradoxical Laughter. There is a video, filmed inside a car, of a patient whom gave prior permission, given it is such a rare disorder. You can see him laughing, almost insanely bordering on the maniacal. But the look in eyes, despite the tears running down his face, was that of a man in absolute, unimaginable, agony. He was suffering, and suffering immensely, and in nearly all the comments under that video, nearly all saw the sheer depth of pain of a man whom couldn't stop laughing, but experienced not one ounce of joy from it ... he may have been laughing, but his eyes were screaming "for God's sake, make this stop, make this stop ..." ... How well did that come over in the film, I can't tell, but something inside me wishes that the angle of 'here is a man whom is suffering unbearable psychological and psychiatric misery, all from a brain injury which, had he had sufficient insurance, could've been treated via surgery, but, instead, is given a mere sticky plaster of meds, ineffectual therapy, and an indifferent social worker, more concerned about her career, than her clients ...' was far better played out. Granted, it would be world's away from the Joker of Batman: The Animated Series, with Kevin Conroy as Batman, and Mark Hamill as Joker, but instead of the evil genius who just wanted the world to burn, it so could've added more to the Joker mythos of a man turned to violent, criminal behaviour, as the result of his mental health finally resulting in an utter psychotic break, from which he never recovered from, to the point he sent his own psychiatrist over the edge herself, to a degree even the Joker struggled to contain, and whom was one of the few people whom genuinely terrified him at times ... even Batman himself had his handsful with her at times ... and yes, I believe it to be easily be within my top five iterations of Batman. But I digress ... Don't get me wrong. Mr. Phoenix is an incredible actor, and he actually spent time with patients with Paradoxical Laughter to understand the utter misery they experience. Under a better direction (hint: Christopher Nolan), perhaps, maybe, that inner mental world of absolute torment could of been explored, especially when it truly spins out of control, directly into literal murder ... in fact, were he caught, he may never really have stood trial, but instead, confined to a Secure Psychiatric Hospital for a indefinite period, given there was sufficient enough grounds to present, even by the prosecution, that he would be unfit to stand a fair trial, due to mental incapacity. It's what I call an utterly missed opportunity, to show just what an utterly broken mental health system, that negates the individual, can, perhaps, inevitably lead to ...
David Stinnett
David Stinnett پیش 7 روز
I hope this movie is setting up a Batman universe the leans into the “Batman is a fascist” angle. Like I want a Penguin movie and Mr Freeze movie that show them as being equally justified by the wrong of society and Batman comes into the picture to punch them down as a symbol of “society works for ‘normal’ people, so stop causing trouble you freaks”
Natty Bummppo
Natty Bummppo پیش 9 روز
Love you but acting as if a trailer ever truly represents a movie is just asinine, and blaming the movie for the company promoting it is, well, asinine
Anastasia S
Anastasia S پیش 9 روز
I have never identified with anything more than, essentially, being paid my weight in gold to watch your date perform at an open mic night.
Ethan Reneke
Ethan Reneke پیش 9 روز
What a dense take on the Joker. Almost all of the critique of this video seems to boil down to just not understanding what an unreliable narrator is.
Paavo Ilomäki
Paavo Ilomäki پیش 9 روز
You don't consider the point that Arthur may be imagining most of the conversations he's having.
Paavo Ilomäki
Paavo Ilomäki پیش 8 روز
In the end you do. But, most of those off things you mention were really obvious during the movie. His therapist does not make sense in the beginning. No therapist with the right mind would say, that they don't care about us. Even if the reality was that. Your critique is mostly about the movie making no sense. It does not have to make sense. You can watch it and concentrate on the acting and atmosphere. The Joker is always glooming around the corner in Arthurs mind. I understand that I'm really late with this one. But I only saw your vid now.
Pyukumuku ‘-‘
Pyukumuku ‘-‘ پیش 10 روز
The only theory that can justify this film is that it was all in Joker's imagination when he's with the jail therapist at the very end.
remy پیش 10 روز
loved the acting liked the movie
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson پیش 10 روز
LOL be honest jenny - you didn't even fucking watch this movie. This was so hilariously off base that that much is obvious.This is EMBARRASSING. Oh - and TLJ ruined Luke Skywalker and Rose Tico is the worst character in the history of cinema :-)
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
This is the is the saddest Internet comment ive ever seen. Lmfao chill bro
Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul
Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul پیش 10 روز
I feel like you care a lot about this woman and her year old joker opinions, let it go
Joshua Davidson
Joshua Davidson پیش 10 روز
I liked it for what it was, but no way in hell did it deserve a Best Picture nomination.
Dylan Whaley
Dylan Whaley پیش 10 روز
Should women be allowed to watch movies? Idk anymore
kylestyyle987 پیش 2 روز
Subscribed to leftist commentators and questions whether women should be allowed to watch movies. Cool
Leonardo Hernández
Leonardo Hernández پیش 3 روز
Ok incel
Isaac Low
Isaac Low پیش 11 روز
I didn't really like it either. Aesthetically excessive and overly-indulgent self-pity is actually rather uncomfortable. Surprised people actually thought this was that subversive. Any European film or even something like the Journalist would suffice. They have montages left and right for your thesis anyhow... People who liked it possibly never watched a good European film. They are all aesthetically brilliant the same way. But the Joker movie was just that....
Jon Snow
Jon Snow پیش 11 روز
Nitpicking nonsense
fedupwithusernames پیش 11 روز
I clicked on this video because I loved Joker - not because I wanted to get angry, but because I wanted to hear your criticisms. To me, the movie was amazing, and I thought about it for days after watching it, but I know that the things I love aren't necessarily perfect, or even overall good. I think what I loved about it the most was that it felt like a really self-indulgent fanfic lol. You make a lot of really good points and I'm sure if I ever end up rewatching Joker, I will probably criticize the same things you did after only watching it once.
Nonalola پیش 11 روز
I didn't like this movie, mostly because the violence was so extreme and over the top(that's my opinion, idc if you agree), but I just googled *clown agency* after she asked if they existed. It took 1 second to see that they still exist and in NYC they still send them out to party gigs. She usually seems to research quite well and thoroughly but that part of the video took long enough that it was frustrating.
Bancila Florin
Bancila Florin پیش 12 روز
The movie is surprisingly consistent in my opinion. Idk if you ever dealt with people with psychosis for example, especially if it's aggravated by substance abuse. Part of the affected persons thinking seems normal and is normal most of the time. For example you can have a perfectly fine discussion with the person about football, and only if you touch on the "topic" of their psychosis you will get the feeling that something is off. The "off part" of their thinking can vary from "a bit odd" all the way to "batshit crazy". Depends on the nature of the delusion. On how "deep" the person is in their delusion. Depends on the person's emotional state. Depends on their substance intake. Depends on the persons stress level. Depends on a ton of things, conclusion being that craziness is not exactly consistent... People during a psychotic episode do strange stuff, I saw one guy doing yoga outside in the middle of the winter in front of people's windows. Another guy got in his head that he uncovered a "huge conspiration" where the people at work gang rap...d this lady friend of ours, ofc it was not true.. And I have a lot more stories. I'm trying to say that some people's stories can be really consistent and it would take you some time to realize the person is crazy and for other people you understand what's going on in seconds. The strength and consistancy of a delusion may vary alot in the same individual depending on things I already mentioned: drugs, stress, triggers etc. Crazy people tend to get into alot of trouble pretty fast. Nothing strange about getting in two fights, breaking into a house and stalking a person in a matter of two weeks, real story. Crazy people do even more crazy stuff than normal when nobody is looking, hence the dancing and getting in the fridge. Crazy people can be really cunning. Crazy people can have perfect logic depending on the topic and their mind state of the moment. Crazy people can one minute be 100% truthful and the next one lie. Their "motivation" can be one day really clear and strong, next day mby they change, day after that they can go back to the mind state they had two days before. Mental illness can look in many ways. How it's portrayed in Joker makes sense to me.
MUSIC4LIFE پیش 10 روز
@Bancila Florin first off educate yourself and stop being ignorant and calling a whole group of people crazy cus u dont know everyone get it together bro your not prone to having a mental illness cus guess what your sanity will not last think about that.
Bancila Florin
Bancila Florin پیش 11 روز
@Pranav M The parts of the movie that were alien in my POV are the crazy laughing and mannerisms, but common...it based on comic book character, it's the goddam Joker, we cand suspend really a little bit.
Bancila Florin
Bancila Florin پیش 11 روز
@Pranav M It was a long paragraph because I wanted to paint a picture of how crazy people can ride the carousel on which the straight lines could be thought about as normal thinking and the twists and turns could be fantasy, delusions, mania etc. So...a crazy person is not void of logic all the time. The unreliable narrator I find it to be spot on because in my experience with dealing with crazy people I found myself wondering at times what's real and what's "lalaland".
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
Thats a long paragraph to say 'he's crazy and crazy people don't operate on any logic'. .. Joker doing mission statement and making a point while having unreliable narrater felt off...
I Love Trap & Futanari Hentai
Che Gorilla
Che Gorilla پیش 12 روز
Did you even try living in a society?
here for the chaos
here for the chaos پیش 12 روز
Tbh, I think if the movie didn't have the Joker attached to it and was instead just about some random guy becoming a violent serial killer, noone would give it that much praise. It would just be a movie trying to justify why men become murderers when they feel they've been wronged.
DickGoblin پیش 5 روز
"Good, for a superhero movie" is the equivalent to "good, for a colonoscopy"
here for the chaos
here for the chaos پیش 12 روز
@Pranav M Don't people already do that?
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
And people would've labelled it a poor copy of king of comedy/taxi driver..
SAD EGG پیش 12 روز
I feel like joker fans saw the title , disliked ,and said something about women and left
Svetlana Poklonskaya
Svetlana Poklonskaya پیش 13 روز
Wait but he does kill Thomas Wayne lol
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders پیش 13 روز
I'm surprised this movie is getting so much praise. I personally thought it wasn't very good.
Kevin C
Kevin C پیش 13 روز
Commenting on a 2019 video like the creator gonna see it/care after 2 years with a long respectful film discussion --- annnnnd go! Nah, I didn't show up here to get angry. I am pretty sure I showed up here because Google saw me telling everyone that I was watching all 14 Land Before Time films, and talking about my world records in individual level Sonic the Hedgehog speedruns and wanted me to stan a youtuber or something. Commenting after a long binge of your content here though because I am an ex-critic who really enjoys the opposite perspective to his own. So nothing I'll write in in the microscopic chance that you or any of the other fans respond here, is in refutation; just my take away. There's a lot of valid arguments in here despite me legitimately loving this film. As for Arthur's through-line, his motivation; I always took his grandiose delusions such as heroism, finding the father figure he lost, etc. to come back to his initial venting in his journal: "The worst part about having a mental illness is that people want you to behave as if you don't. :)" Arthur doesn't really know the concept of normalcy, so he is very attracted to idealism. Being the funniest. Being the richest. Being heroic. Because this doesn't just lead to validation, it leads to *mass* external validation. If everyone loves you, surely you're normal. Surely you're not broken. I've worked a lot with the mentally ill in terms of NAMI and one of the most recurrent themes in terms of depression, anxiety, born out of other illnesses -- is the sense that you simply cannot, and never will be normal. Arthur is hated or at the very least treated as a mistake by everyone except a singular co-worker. It's also the only person he doesn't act out against. Per the end of the film and his liberation with his mob, I always took this as his rejection of half of society and people pleasing, because being himself, he was able to find a mass following. He's not political. He's just high off of those who view him as a political figure deifying him. Because to this mob, to these individuals, he's better than normal. As for a comically hostile world, it's a good point. It's a bit heavy-handed and a bit over the top. However, I suppose considering this is the same city that still has blimps in 2021 and has a new Halloween character emblematic of a problematic mindset of villainizing mental illness whilst they poison the water supply every Thursday and no one has moved; I don't know. (Wow, that run-on.) That's Gotham to me, I guess?! However, on the note of the judgmental social worker who ends up sympathizing with him seemingly out of no where with on the nose dialogue. This is a common problem from my experience. My father became schizophrenic when I was 2. Often when being treated his doctor, someone who struggled with bipolar, would say things to his and our faces like "It doesn't matter if we even treat you, you'll end up murdering someone someday anyway." Out of context, this seems, again, kinda comically hostile but is genuinely real. Haha When Community of Mental Health was losing funds and he lost his meds eventually, it did force a bit of odd pity out of people like him. It was actually a surreal on-the-nose moment for me. Speaking to Phoenix's portrayal, I couldn't speak to everyone else's stand out acting moments, but again, having lived with extreme delusional behavior, many of his on-the-head moments were: Fantasizing with the gun about taking control. (My father brought home a gun to possibly kill the neighbors for spying on us in a schizophrenic paranoia, and would enact power fantasies.) Sitting in his fake GFs home, quiet and sunken on the couch (body language I am all to acquainted with, and a somber silence of potential threat tickling your lizard brain.) And of course the Murray interview where he stews in rage, laughs inappropriately, to a violent outburst. Honorable mention goes to putting himself in the fridge. These were all facial expressions, body language, and disturbing behaviors I grew up with on a personal level. To a point that this film, unlike others like A Beautiful Mind, might have triggered me for the first time. Which, effin' heck dude--I gotta give you the round of applause there. As for a lot of your griefs steeped in on the nose asides, I mean, I really do get it. They never particularly hit me too hard, but Christ, I'm watching Falcon and the Winter Solider and when Zemo acts like a walking Twitlonger about how the audience should feel, or how they should interpret the narrative every 14 seconds it really feels like an assault. It can genuinely rip you out of an experience when you feel like writers or directors don't trust you as an audience member to understand what's happening in a film. Also speaking to material that pretends to be pretentious but has very little to actually say; I mean, that's kind of been the vogue for quite awhile from Christopher Nolan films (yeah I said it!) to Hideo Kojima games (I said it again!) for a little over a decade. It might be a Dunning-Kruger effect in terms of creators, or it might just be that a populace is easily tricked into elevating material the moment they are told it is elevated. I'm not really sure. It can certainly add to my dissatisfaction of that material far more when everyone including a creator is trying to convince me to see a deeper meaning than what I'm given just because if I don't see it I'm less intelligent. Cory Barlog spent like 3 whole years trying to tell me God of War PS4 was some deep thought provoking experience that rivaled top cinema, and I had never felt more offended with the contents based on that chest beating. So yeah! I get it! Good video tbh. I still love the film, but this was an excellent video commentary that wasn't just "YoU CoPiEd TaXi DrIvEr!" as if films aren't allowed inspiration, homage, or lifting elements. Ew. Keep up the amazing work!
krian13 پیش 14 روز
I too, was disappointing by the lack of meaning in the dancing scenes. Then i remember that this is a spiritual sequel to the hangover, and i realize its a 10/10
OJ H پیش 14 روز
The dancing is supposed to represent his transformation into the joker.
Nicole's Saggy titties TV
Nicole's Saggy titties TV پیش 15 روز
Mama Mia fit too well with the trailer sound
The Norse Pioneer
The Norse Pioneer پیش 15 روز
The whole point with Arthur being seen as a hero, is that the media took this event and sensationalised it. For example, the reason Arthur killed these guys is because their rich. When Arthur really just killed them because they were pricks
Roger Grund
Roger Grund پیش 15 روز
One thing can be objectively confirmed: the trailer is a masterpiece
Mr Shishu
Mr Shishu پیش 15 روز
You should review Queen's Gambit next. It's a beautiful show, you'll probably hate it.
Beelzemo Babbity
Beelzemo Babbity پیش 15 روز
Personally, I really like it... but really just because of the guy who acted as the joker.. and the like..twist thing with the talk show. But looking back it’s.. not much.. and the sort of “morals” aren’t really there.. and the fanboys make it even worse..
TheRabidCabbage پیش 15 روز
I had issues with the movie, like the predictable twist, but most of your issues seem very nitpicky, like is it really weird that a small business owner would want their sign back? I've seen far pettier things than that. and have you really never seen a business faking a closing down sale? And there are temp agencies for everything. Clowns, Santas and all other forms of rentable entertainment. I'm not saying this movie is great, but focus on the real issues. taking digs at very plausible situations just makes this video a rough ride.
Harry پیش 16 روز
DiroxPhilosophy پیش 16 روز
This comment section: When a generation of pearl-clutching Twilight fans lash out from their ivory tower against strawmen of a movie with themes beyond their limited scope of this merely being another superhero/villain film without actually having watched it (or worse yet, after having watched it), while it incidentally rises in the charts to the top 100 all-time classics. To put it succinctly this review is, and I use this term sparingly: dumb.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
What a waste of a comment..
Eclipse Studios
Eclipse Studios پیش 13 روز
@DiroxPhilosophy idk why i made that comment tbh just ignore me
DiroxPhilosophy پیش 13 روز
All accurate comments. We're 3 for 3.
Eclipse Studios
Eclipse Studios پیش 15 روز
You do realize people have different opinions and tastes, right? Look at the likes, clearly not *everyone* liked the movie and that’s fine. Part of being an adult is being mature and respecting others opinions :-)
Awesome Reesee
Awesome Reesee پیش 16 روز
Here's an interesting phenomenon you should know about: People aren't going to agree with you on everything
ty2005_92 پیش 17 روز
Why is Jennifer shining so bright? It's hard on the eyeballs
Max Garcia
Max Garcia پیش 18 روز
It's kind of a red flag for me if a guy tells me Joker is his favorite movie of all time, and in that same vein it's a red flag when someone says they relate to Joker. Like, I understand enjoying him as a villain, he's a lot of fun, the issue here is that dudes who relate to Joker are almost always these incel-adjacent guys with huge victim complexes who feel that because society has wronged them, they get to act like having these overblown, narcissistic tendencies is a funky personality trait and not a deeply rooted issue they need to work on. What I'm trying to say is Joker guys will gaslight the hell out of you and Joker (film) guys will sit there and mansplain to you about how you know nothing about movies
wyatt wilburn
wyatt wilburn پیش 18 روز
Mr Shishu
Mr Shishu پیش 19 روز
Troll review for views? #62 on imdb's top all-time movies btw, though there's no accounting for taste.
Mr Shishu
Mr Shishu پیش روز
@JakeUp !i! Taste is subjective. If it is in IMDb's top movies list, then it is de facto a popular movie.
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
wow if the imdb said it then it must be true
Mr Shishu
Mr Shishu پیش 15 روز
@Crack toon Not a huge fan actually, I sometimes watch different political commentators for contrasting view points. also, no u :)
Crack toon
Crack toon پیش 15 روز
I can't believe a destiny subscriber is so stupid, oh wait...I can
Mahtan Amandil
Mahtan Amandil پیش 19 روز
That is one thing that everyone gets wrong because of how the movie frame it. Wayne never calls poor people, nor the people of Gotham, clowns. The movie has scenes where the media says he did and that is what stays with the audience even when the person watched the movie multiple times because no one pays attention to dialogue anymore.
Akira eats guitar picks
Akira eats guitar picks پیش 20 روز
I really don’t understand why a good chunk of the ost of the movie had Frank Sinatra in it. What part of Blue Eyes’ music screams “edgy clown movie for teens”?
Ma1q پیش 20 روز
Nobody cares about your opinion
Crack toon
Crack toon پیش 15 روز
Yo that's crazy,show me who asked tho
Austin S.
Austin S. پیش 20 روز
I wouldn't expect you to like Joker. You're soft
Vortex Writing
Vortex Writing پیش 3 روز
@Pranav M You are so right, it really does.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
Calling jenny nicholson soft radiates ignorance
Cultural Memeism
Cultural Memeism پیش 20 روز
Jenny: has an opinion People: wait that’s illegal
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
@Markus Andrew even if it wasn’t a joke, it’s her options about a movie that came out two years ago, does it matter that she doesn’t like it?
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
@Markus Andrew also she very clearly states in other videos that avatar is a boring and bland movie yet her whole Twitter acount is an avatar fan page, she does this for fun,
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
@Markus Andrew I’m not reading that all lol, you’re literally letting her jokes get to you. She made an hour long documentary about furries, look at her Twitter. She does this for fun. It’s not to be taken too serious it’s a movie, if you don’t like her jokes or opinion move on and stop trying to change her mind.
Markus Andrew
Markus Andrew پیش 2 روز
@JakeUp !i! So she’s just one big troll? Hmmm, I still don’t find that to be her intentions at all. I’ve watched a fair amount of Jenny’s vids, and I never got that intentions from her. Saw her ROS vid. Seemed like she really didn’t like the movie, and wasn’t trolling. Saw her Tomorrow Land movie review. Seemed totally genuine on how she was describing it. Saw her Endgame/Infinity War review was mostly entertained by it, but had her own issues. Why does everyone in the comments also take her criticisms so seriously too then, and not treat her as a troll. There are genuine people here in the comments who are calling the movie bad, and people are agreeing with them. Why doesn’t she just make all of her vids about hating on movies if she truly wants to troll people. If her favorite films of the year were the MLP movie could that be just because she’s a brony, and has a personal bias? What if she straight up actually thought it was one one of her favorite movies of the year, no sarcasm. Would you be able to actually tell? I mean she made a freaking *last BronyCon* vid. Haven’t seen the vid, so I can’t get references from the vid, but it’s possible she just likes the show no joke. I haven’t seen the MLP movie, but I did watch most of the original FIM series growing up, and I enjoyed it a lot just by how charming it was. It’s the type of show you watch just to get a big smile on your face, and I can happily say from the music, art style, voice acting it’s entire goal is to be an anti-depressants show, and it’s pretty effective mostly. I mean if what you’re saying is true then the line with her between actual movie criticism, and just trolling is so freaking blurry dude. Why watch her vids if you can’t even tell if she is being serious or not?
JakeUp !i!
JakeUp !i! پیش 2 روز
@Markus Andrew she literally list her favorite movie fi the year as the my little pony movie. She does reviews like this for fun and not to be taken seriously, she also does it to make fanboys mad (and it’s kinda working on you lol)
Shoshana Rose
Shoshana Rose پیش 21 روز
that smash was soooooo good, best Meryl Streep performance I've ever seen
Isai Gonzalez
Isai Gonzalez پیش 22 روز
Yeah. It sucks. Its basically just a parody of The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver with some Fight Club in it
bloodcountess81 پیش 24 روز
He liked talk show host. He admired the talk show host and wanted his approval. The fact that the talk show host made fun of him was beyond just being mean to him. He was utterly disillusioned 😬
MrSamthefan پیش 24 روز
I clicked it because I liked the movie but I was interested in hearing an opposing argument! And honestly I've learned a lot that I can apply in my own works.
Otoniel G
Otoniel G پیش 25 روز
Ugh you are making this tough, but girl this is your worst review so far.
Otoniel G
Otoniel G پیش 15 روز
@Crack toon it is a bad review, her worst tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️
Crack toon
Crack toon پیش 15 روز
No,its a fucking great review Bad review doesn't mean "I don't agree waa"
Downtown Clay Davis
Downtown Clay Davis پیش 26 روز
This movie has the best depiction of Gotham I've ever seen in the extended universe. I know it can seem off putting if you don't remember that this is a comic book movie. The people are exactly how they are in the comics.
Pandora The Explorer
Pandora The Explorer پیش 26 روز
Fhsjdbsbx i cant believe some dude made an 11 hour response to this 33 min video
Juan Casanova
Juan Casanova پیش 26 روز
Before I rant, I acknowledge I've only watched the first 5 minutes of the video. That said, it really does sound like you're nit-picking on really small details that you can sort of say are not entirely realistic, but also saying that some other parts which, to me, and to many people, are actually very reallistic, are not. Like, the owner asking for the sign back. Or the mental health worker getting angry at the situation. Do these really feel unreallistic to you??? This is like the second video I have watched of yours, and I haven't even watched it in full, so I'll do my best to avoid making too many judgments, or rather, to present them as facts, and instead as they are: Judgments based on little information. Well, to me, it sounds like you have two issues with the movie and how you are looking at it (judgments I make based on little information and thus probably simplifications of you): - You sound a bit spoiled, out of touch. You think some things are unreallistic, but a big part of the reason this movie hit a lot of people so hard is that it is actually outrageously reallistic. This IS the reality we live in and we move towards. Framing it in the past only makes the effect more intense, because you can see the similarities even when you also see the differences. You only think they are unreallistic because you haven't had enough contact with these rough things. It sounds like you live in a bubble. - It sounds like you are analyzing the movie as a set of independent scenes and looking at the checklist of each thing you could say about each scene. Rather than seeing the entire context of the movie. The time during which it has come out. The fact that it takes a completely unseen take on the Joker. The fact that it's framed in the past but not in the past. The fact that the entire movie is portrayed from the perspective of Arthur, and how that is unreliable. The fact that you can truly empathize with him, REALLY can, but you STILL understand that he's not a good guy and it is not okay for him to do what he does. It seems you can't see the forest for the trees. Actually by the time I had finished writing this I had watched half of the video, and I still think the same.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 پیش 19 روز
I have to say this is completely true. It’s so real that when I left the cinema I was questioning if this guy was actually the joker or if he was an unwell man copying the joker (as he lives in the same universe)
Sierra B
Sierra B پیش 21 روز
You should really finish the video before writing a review of the video... It helps make it less disjointed and strange.
John Paul Turla
John Paul Turla پیش 26 روز
In my very humble opinion, Arthur being all over the place is kind've a good thing. Cause, as you said, if this movie was a character study of Arthur Fleck, then it wasn't a very good character study. Instead, the movie isn't a character study but instead a portrayal of *drum roll*... The Joker~! The same Joker that's although crazy is mostly coherent, narcissistic, AND all over the place. Of course, it's also about how this Joker views the world in his Joker stained glasses where you're almost convinced that he's right only to be reminded at the last minute how fucking crazy all this shit is, to begin with.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
Nope. No joker has been all over the place.. Every joker has certain qualities... And has always made sense.. Dark Knight joker for example wants to show how the world will act like him given the circumstances.. Arkham joker wants to shoow Batman how they are the same.. Same thing goes for older comics version.. This one feels like a joker meme coming to life.. Joaquin's acting sells the role but the writing felt off.
Samantha Slagel
Samantha Slagel پیش 27 روز
Still waiting for that Dog’s Purpose trilogy deep dive
Marcin McUla
Marcin McUla پیش 29 روز
I agree. I think this movie is vastly overrated. David Fincher said it best: "I don't think anyone would have looked at that material and thought, 'Yeah, let's take Travis Bickle and Rupert Pupkin and conflate them, then trap him in a betrayal of the mentally ill, and trot it out for a billion dollars."
Anelisa Huff
Anelisa Huff پیش 29 روز
Your outfit is giving me Mulan vibes
Paulo Yamamoto
Paulo Yamamoto پیش ماه
These guys got some more info about the film: iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/arNyhtiZvGLYqo0.html&ab_channel=JackSaint iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/hryWXeC_23anjo0.html&ab_channel=KatieRrrocks p.s.: the second video is in portuguese, but the auto-translate works for most of it (like anyone's gonna watch it) p.s. 2: it's OK to dislike a film. But after a year hanging on to the things you said, I can say that yours is a very poor description of the story (not invalidating your opinion, but you missed a lot). Plus, burying any social critique the film has "Becuz w3 L1V3 1N a s0cIetY" is not a very good justification. And it's not funny. p.s. 3: Really. It's okay to dislike Joker. It's OK to make fun of it. But try to think, for once, about the marginalized society it depicts. And how people ACTUALLY hate/ridicule marginalized groups. Make fun of the movie, but don't go invalidating bad situations like they don't make sense.
Crack toon
Crack toon پیش 15 روز
Lmfao that's some of the most stupidest shit I've seen,hilarious
Hope Eternal
Hope Eternal پیش 26 روز
This. Well put.
C J پیش ماه
There needs to be a subreddit called r/im17andihaveavictimcomplexcombinedwithapowerfantasyandihaventtouchedgrassin3yearsandthisisdeep for fans of this movie
Sick Game Squad
Sick Game Squad پیش ماه
She didn't like Joker? She's probably Jack Nicholson's daughter..
Lonnie R H0dge Jr
Lonnie R H0dge Jr پیش ماه
before "the joker", nicholson was my favorite joker. afterwards, i actually felt bad for the character in "the joker". in the movie he states that it's not about money but sending a message. that message, from the movie, not the character is that the mentally ill are automatically violent. while that may be true for some, for the character "joker", he just wanted to make people laugh. what he got was a world that treated him the worst way possible. given that plus his inability to continue his medication, his mental illness overtook who he was and what he wanted. i saw the movie as a study in mental illness and what CAN happen when the worst happens to an otherwise peaceful man who was dealing with mental illness.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
you summed up the joker quote fambois in a nutshell who share stuff like 'when the nice guy loses his patience, the devil shivers'.. It's a good movie but I'd not watch it again.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 پیش 19 روز
@Lonnie R H0dge Jr agreed- I’ve worked at a psychiatric hospital and I thought the portrayal was really good. You see patients with psychotic based disorders cope with the bare minimum whilst on medication (generally people with psychotic disorders tend to still be a bit ‘eccentric’ even when on medication so are never seen as ‘normal’ by society), so the second they come off they have such little reserves they spiral.
Lonnie R H0dge Jr
Lonnie R H0dge Jr پیش 19 روز
@Bring on 2021 well, he was dealing with mental illness for a long time and doing somewhat well. it was only after he couldn't get his medication that he ended going off the deep end. i have a relative who deals with paranoid schizophrenia and he's fine as long as he's on his meds.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 پیش 19 روز
Glad I wasn’t the only person that saw it like this. I also saw it as commentary on mental illness and how a character we just see as messed up was once just like you and I
metallitech پیش ماه
Astute critique.
Dan Chapman
Dan Chapman پیش ماه
Respectfully, I believe you misunderstand the story-telling technique of this entire movie: unreliable narration (Memento, A Beautiful Mind, Psycho). They intended that the story be told by a manic voice that has a victim complex. We can understand that they meant to do this bc of how ridiculous and unbelievable the final scene in Arthur’s flashback is, how people are lifting him up out of a cop car/how he credits himself for creating Batman.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
That's the point jenny made in the video.. The makers wanted to have their cake and eat it too
Brandon Gore
Brandon Gore پیش ماه
Bat man bad. We live in a society
DON STRONG پیش ماه
I thought I understood what the movie was gonna be like from the trailers guess not everyone felt the same
DON STRONG پیش 10 روز
@Random Bloke yah you don't know me I'm always high
Random Bloke
Random Bloke پیش 10 روز
@DON STRONG You could just... not respond to me while you’re still high...
DON STRONG پیش 10 روز
@Random Bloke dude I've been high each time I reply to you can you stop blowing my high & just agree to disagree
DON STRONG پیش 10 روز
@Random Bloke ok then I guess if that's how you feel
Random Bloke
Random Bloke پیش 11 روز
@DON STRONG Except there isn’t really any moment in the movie where he actually becomes the Joker, nor does it seem like he could ever even become the Joker. Arthur Fleck isn’t particularly intelligent, his entire character revolves around him being explicitly NOT funny and horrible at joke telling, and the climax of the movie is him whining on TV because people are mean to him (something that the Joker would never do). At the end of the movie I’m left wondering how Arthur Fleck could ever even last a second against Batman, let alone become his greatest rival, or even tell a single funny joke. All of this is to say, that it really isn’t about the Joker at all, which is my problem. The movie is fine in and of itself, but when they market it as a movie about the Joker, I feel lied to and can’t enjoy the movie for what it is. The movie is really about a mentally ill man who slowly devolves into a murderer because of multiple tragic events beyond his control. Then I guess they thought that it wouldn’t sell enough so they just put some clown makeup on the guy, called him the Joker, and called it a day.
Kris Crystal
Kris Crystal پیش ماه
Personally I got a completely different meaning from the movie. I don't think it talks about madness or crazy. Perhaps it's the influence of my culture and how in our works of storytelling we heavily rely on allegory sometimes, but I think it talked about existential freedom. Like the first chain he cuts himself off is his mother and in my interpretation she seemed like a burden to him and a chain from the getgo. Murray who represents the Idol Which is like a beacon to him and we all more or less look up to someone at some point in our lives, he frees himself from that too. And many other things. I don't know. I'm not saying is the smartest movie out there but the majority of the things I saw in my eyes it was more of an allegory. I think it was really a tale of freedom where you just disregard ethics, parents etc and get rid of yourself of everything and anything. Idk might be cause as I've said in our works especially when it comes to theatre and characters the allegory is subtly placed through small nodes and I felt this was reafirmed at the ending where people idolised him saw the first layer the one they wanted to see whereas Arthur worked for his own inner freedom. It half did a dive into mental health but I hope this wasn't the actual theme or about society. Also think it mocked its audience with that parallel with how the masses interpreted his actions. Unfortunately I cannot go into a deep dive with a comment and try to justify why I interpreted what I saw that way but the points you made in my eyes are valid if you take the movie literally.
Common Chris
Common Chris پیش ماه
she wear joker custom
You honestly had no idea what you were going to watch and who it is about because you want to make sense of chaos that requires you to stop trying to make sense of it before you can actually see how it all makes sense.
Big boy Web
Big boy Web پیش 20 روز
Lol k
Jose Correa
Jose Correa پیش ماه
Bilbo is strange and high pitched.
guccixsswitch پیش ماه
omggg ugh FINALLY someone said it!!! i didn’t like it bc it was trying too hard to make joker seem like a victim. i think it would have been good if it was a different villain (bc im so sure there are DC villains who became evil bc of all these circumstances but it just didnt match joker AT ALL) the original joker is a ruthless and heartless serial killer. hes hardly a victim. thats what makes him such a cool villain hes just evil bc he is i hate how everyone these days has to make villains sympathetic. it makes me lose interest sometimes bc i think villains are scarier when theh have no real motive other than bc they want to.
guccixsswitch پیش 9 روز
@Random Bloke exactlyyyyyyy!!!
Random Bloke
Random Bloke پیش 11 روز
The original Joker is also funny. Arthur Fleck... not so much. In fact, Arthur’s whole entire character is that he’s not funny. That’s like making the Riddler bad at riddles. And the scene where he’s on the Murray show whining like a baby because people are mean to him is so uncharacteristic of the Joker. There really wasn’t a single moment in this entire movie where I thought “Now THAT is the Joker.”
K Lace
K Lace پیش ماه
Tbh I loved it because of Joaquin’s incredible performance, that was enough for me to enjoy the movie without nitpicking (which I am also prone to)
Jerk پیش ماه
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
Michael Mills
Michael Mills پیش ماه
Best trailer, worst movie: The Lovely Bones. I hunted down all of the included music. Thompson Twins etc. Amazing. The film was anticlimax.
Frank Taverna
Frank Taverna پیش ماه
I have to disagree with the entire premise of this video essay because half baked chocolate chip cookies are the best kind of chocolate chip cookies.
Cpt. Kiwi
Cpt. Kiwi پیش ماه
I wonder how the dog's purpose vid is doing...
goldenthyme13 پیش ماه
I just assumed the "going to do comedy at an open mic night for a first date" was an example of a weird straight guy writer who doesn't understand life
Green-J3ster پیش ماه
This is one of the few times I can say that I really appreciate that not everyone care for this movie, I liked it, but I find it so fascinating that people on both sides have wonderful arguments as to why Joker either did or didn’t work for them.
Anu پیش ماه
Me, neither. Thank god, someone sees this thing for what it is. Also, as a person who's had mental illness it was downright insulting.
Arss066 پیش ماه
Joker is overrated
A F پیش ماه
I didnt Like the movie. Not one Bit. I was so Mad and dissapointed at it. I have no idea how and why people think its smart and Like (Love) it. I found it fucking dumb.
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 پیش 19 روز
Why did you find it ‘fucking dumb’
Telephone 04
Telephone 04 پیش ماه
In the far flung future of...March 2021, I just acknowledge the movie as a swing and a miss. As a piece of art, it won't resonate with everyone, it doesn't quite resonate with me, but I appreciate using the Joker, an enigmatic character who has never had a "real" origin, and giving him a very detailed and somewhat sympathetic origin. As a comic fan, I respect it, but saying its something special is a stretch.
Valentina Lara
Valentina Lara پیش ماه
wow okay ig im the only person who loved this movie lol. I don't speak for all mentally ill people, so take this as just one mentally ill person's thoughts. But I loved the movie. I related to Joker more than I wish I would've. I cried a lot to it. It really touched my soul as someone who feels so alone all the time, like I felt like my story was finally being told. I don't agree with the whole, "mentally ill people are dangerous" part, but I didn't really get that from this movie. Idk, I'm bad at speaking. What's really upset me is all the anti-Joker people so fucking eager to jump on anyone who liked the movie (not Jenny), saying shit like we're promoting incels or something?? Like can't I just enjoy a movie I relate to? Damn. Like yes madam, I understand with your film degree you know more than me but please let me live, I just wanna cry to a movie and feel bad for myself please lmfao.
Pranav M
Pranav M پیش 12 روز
People relating to joker is the worst thing to come out of this
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily پیش ماه
It’s interesting that Jenny notes that people were afraid this movie would incite mass shootings and the sorts when I thin other much more realistic and much more dangerous result is that it promotes the idea that people with mental disorders are dangerous. The joker works best when he’s almost sane, The joker is always just as sane as Batman is. This joker feels the same to me as Lenny from of mice and men, his violence isn’t his own fault, but his mental disorder, which is super problematic and even if the lack of control is part of their disorder, it encourages this fear that mentally ill people can’t control themselves and will injure people regardless. For such a modern movie that claimed to be so deep and insightful I shouldn’t be able to group its treatment of mentally ill characters with a book from 1937.
Sor El
Sor El پیش 12 ساعت
I work in mental health and I agree the idea that mentally ill people are dangerous (particularly men) is very dangerous. I’m in the U.K. and I saw on the news only last week a continuation of a case in which a man was acting erratically due to psychosis and in the U.K. the police can intervene and take you to a safe place if you’re a risk to yourself or others but he died in police custody and it seems like they held him on his front for too long. Also having worked in psych wards I think that men are often treated with fear or at least increased detachment which I think can be psychologically harmful to them when they are just as vulnerable as anyone else
lordofthe6string پیش روز
Totally agree. One of the worst parts for me was when he came off his medication and kept talking about how much better he felt and how he's better off without them. Also, many of the killings were just after he directly talked about his 'mental illness', which felt extremely like a kind of excuse.
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily پیش 16 روز
@Mari while I know I already replied to this, I just wanted to come clarify some things. You rarely get a choice in how certain portrayals, especially repeated ideas, like villains being mentally ill, cement stereotypes in your mind, conscious or not. It doesn’t matter if that villain is in a fantasy story, you still recognize it in its real life counterpart. While I agree that an actually good understanding of mental illness could stop you from developing this stereotype, with the way mental health is treated in the western world currently, almost no one has that understanding except for actually mentally ill people (like me) and those willing to put in the effort, like licensed practitioners. Most people seeing this movie will already have a negative view of mental illness, like you stated, and will let it further solidify that view. You said “That indicates a huge lack of education you should have received already” and yes, I should have. Was I taught anything about my mental disorder when I was diagnosed? Absolutely not, I had to teach myself everything I know about my mental illness, I wasn’t even given a paper or summary of the disorder at all. If I, a person with a mental illness, isn’t being educated, how on earth are average people supposed to know? I never once suggested censoring it. I wanted to point out that the continued and frequent use of this trope reinforces false, harmful, and dangerous stereotypes that are already damaging the lives of people with mental illness. I don’t think villains shouldn’t be allowed to be mentally ill, but when, like they did in this movie, they claim the reason he’s dangerous and attacking people is because of his mental illness, it seems hard to argue that the mental illness isn’t dangerous to audiences who’s only exposure to it is media like this. This movie is NOT education.
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily پیش 16 روز
@Mari I literally have a mental illness.
Mari پیش 17 روز
Some villans are just mentally ill and some villans are sane... You should get to write about them both. The key is that people shouldn't be basing their opinions of mental health on a comic book movie that is an unreliable backstory for the most infamous crazy villain in all of comics. That's where mental health education steps in. If you understand some basics around mental illness you wouldn't watch this movie and think that this is an accurate representation of what mental illness looks like for normal people in our world. It is literally set in a fictional society with an infamous insane bad guy If you see this movie and it influences ur opinion on mental health that's user error and you probably already saw mental illness in a harmful and ignorant light. That indicates a huge lack of education you should have received already. Censoring bad guy movies where the bad guy isn't sane just because other people need to be educated isn't the way to educate others about mental illness. People need actual education with or without this movie. Also, this Joker was NOT like Lenny! Lenny was sweet and warmhearted and wouldn't purposefully hurt a fly. this Joker (like most other Jokers) is a textbook example of a narcissist WHO WOULD purposefully hurt a great many flies.
Joves Bahobs
Joves Bahobs پیش ماه
Hey Jenny, late to the party here. Really enjoyed your video, and you made a lot of quite good points. However, I was a bit baffled at your discussion of theming from about 21:30. Mostly in that you said you are spending a lot of attention recently looking for themes in media, what was the point of something you just watched. I think this is near irrelevant when figuring out why something is bad. If anyone reading the comment think I'm being unclear, feel free to poke at me, I'm quite tired. Also, not an English person. Themes are quite ancillary to quality. I'm saying it as someone that works for an arthouse publisher. Most of our releases deal with some kind of theming, often as a political point. So I'm well aware it's often there as a core selling point. But what I've seen is that theming is often irrelevant to whether people usually like the media they like, while at the same time, theming is often something people *point to* as why they like something or not. Searching for themes this way is usually what people do that don't know how text is structured, which is why your video surprised me so much - I've seen a lot of your other videos, and you're obviously well read, and quite able to identify problems in writing. Basically all other problems you outline here are problems of script and pacing. Joker has little theming, as it's unfocused and arbitrary. It basically doesn't commit to anything being the major "enemy" or problem, as the movie's whole world is the problem. Interestingly, this isn't negative theming; negative theming, such as what's portrayed in stuff like Of Mice and Men, usually has a point of victimization by the influence of some element. In Joker, where there's basically no theming instead, the Joker is both a victim of deliberate neglect, random circumstance - and not a victim, by virtue of the fact that his actions are framed as having agency. Everything is so muddled and dark; the medicine is bad, being off the medicine is bad, the poor are bad, the rich are bad, the rioters are bad, the law enforcement is bad, the healthcare is bad, the people removing the healthcare is bad, the mother is bad, the father (whatever father here) is bad, sane people are bad, crazy people are bad - and of course, on top of all this, Arthur Fleck is piled on with all of this and still declares agency in his actions, so Arthur Fleck is bad. That's at least his own position. So that's why it doesn't have much theming, as you can't really root against anything when you don't root for anything. There's really nothing in the movie to fight for. I guess it kind of just states that the world is awful, and that's it, but that's - yes - incredibly shallow, and not something to look for. But shallow themes don't make good or bad text. Deep themes don't either. It's more pacing, prose, characterization, etc., which I think you analyzed much better in your video. So I'm confused as to why you're looking for it. You probably won't ever see this comment, but if anyone else is reading and know Jenny's position, I'd love to have it explained. I actually liked Joker, but I really enjoy your perspective, and am thinking a lot over after I watched your video. I should check the movie out again with your video as a sparknotes and look for problems.
Tom Tao
Tom Tao پیش ماه
Great video! I didn’t really like Joker either for these exact reasons (especially your commentary on the lack of theme) and I thought I was crazy because I hadn’t heard anyone else take this stance on the movie. Really glad this video exists and someone was able to articulate these points well.
Tom Tao
Tom Tao پیش 19 روز
@Bring on 2021 21:30
Bring on 2021
Bring on 2021 پیش 19 روز
Lack of theme? It was clear commentary on how society can be the make or break of a person. And how just because someone appears as violent or evil doesn’t mean that’s always their intention
Just A Cute Penguin
Just A Cute Penguin پیش ماه
“Idk maybe because they put my face in the thumbnail and titled it response to Jenny Nicholson”
Izstrella پیش ماه
I was really hoping this would have been some good mental illness rep for people who are commonly labeled “crazy” but alas. At least Wakeen Phoenix did an amazing job; his subtle facial expressions and eye-inflection are wondrous, wow. I mean, the one thing that could be good mental illness info is to not go off your meds if your brain isn’t ready to and that mental health should be taken just as seriously as physical health, but that message is so mixed up with other ‘ish that I’m sure many missed it or chose to focus on shooty bang-bang instead, haha. Oh well...Wakeen Phoenix though! 👏🏼
White Wolf
White Wolf پیش ماه
The 80's beating up the clown might be a nod to the 80's version of IT which made people dislike clowns for a long period of time but I've never heard a real story of one ever getting beaten up. The only 80's movie reference which has one being beaten up was in uncle Buck, but the point of the narrative was he was drunk and shouldn't be performing to kids, so Buck punches him as he won't leave.
Ben Sisson
Ben Sisson پیش ماه
We live in a sicko society and somestimes a movies nis brave nough to SPEAK UP
Claudi پیش ماه
I don't like Joker. So many people defend and love this film because it 'does something' or 'speaks about something' and compels a villain. No. It doesn't, this is just the view of people who've never been privy to literature or media that has been doing this for decades. The movie is largely directionless and empty, and fundamentally lacks narrative to the point it doesn't even propose anything other than 'society bad', which nobody needed a movie to tell us.
Lucas Fortes
Lucas Fortes پیش ماه
i respect your opinion, especially since this isn't the case of "hating what's popular", you have some good reasoning for not liking it that like/dislike ratio though
mhypersonic پیش ماه
"You wouldnt get it"