We are One | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021 

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Tune in for We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic inauguration of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
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kaydenpat پیش 18 روز
Beautiful!! Loved the whole program. So proud of VP Harris!! You go girl. Love from a 🇯🇲 🇺🇸 !
hardlines4 پیش 23 روز
Biggest POS fraud ever
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore پیش ماه
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty پیش ماه
" The big guy " 10%
Love Infusion
Love Infusion پیش ماه
Stolen Election. Biden is a F.R.A.U.D.
David Johnson
David Johnson پیش ماه
IRitem is using dominion to count up and down votes.
FaustyArchaeus پیش ماه
Fraudulent election. Dictator Pretender President
C R پیش ماه
"We're getting killed in interactions, what should we do?" Put a black man in an Amish hat and have him DJ, that should do it.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty پیش ماه
Stop the count
C R پیش ماه
Liars and cheats We demand a full audit of every Dominion machine and investigation into every state's claims of election and voter fraud Dumb clowns
tinseldoll پیش ماه
COMMIeTTEE for how to segregate Americans.
George Korres
George Korres پیش ماه
"If you don't invade at least 2-3 Middle Eastern countries, then you ain't president of the United States" - Joe Biden probably
Jody Carrell
Jody Carrell پیش ماه
Not my President!
Julius Fučík
Julius Fučík پیش ماه
Comments disabled in 3, 2, 1... Kamala-Harris was celebrated as the first "Indian-American" Senator. Now she is the first "Black VP". Welcome to the circus, people! Get your popcorn and be sure to protect your private property!
The Donald: Force Ghost
Stacey Abrams: Still trying to figure out how the Dominion voting machine algorithm wasn't in place for her election, and who is the person responsible.
Autumn Overla
Autumn Overla پیش ماه
THIS ADMINISTRATION IS FRAUD AND WAS NOT WHO WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED!!! We will never expect this CCP puppet as anything legitimate or to be taken seriously but we will SAVAGE YOU with the truth every day for the rest of your worthless, thieving lives!
Jodi Winters
Jodi Winters پیش ماه
What a fraud of a team. They are installed “leaders”
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker پیش ماه
You all Know That Joes is the true racist and The dem Party is the Party off the KKK and you all are playing right into thier hand.
Hambonemcgee پیش ماه
Even the music screams “fraud”
Kevin Baudelaire
Kevin Baudelaire پیش ماه
This has been transmitted from hunter’s laptop?
Chevy Suteja
Chevy Suteja پیش ماه
Sebastian m
Sebastian m پیش ماه
Stacey Abrams is a lobbyist. She hasn't done a thing for the people. All she has done is get swamp Dems elected. 👌🎉
kris cz
kris cz پیش ماه
Stop the count
laraffinee پیش ماه
Cilla پیش ماه
Honey ?
Honey ? پیش ماه
Not my president ... but only because I’m British 😂
the reason
the reason پیش ماه
Look at that.. the Adrenachrome must be back in stock
put y’all seatbelts on
I just came to dislike
Luvleopard Conway
Luvleopard Conway پیش ماه
Yesssssssssss!!! History being made!!
walknfaithful پیش ماه
Biden is not the kind of change you want. You will see they won’t even give him the keys to the Whitehouse.
Tracy S
Tracy S پیش ماه
This was a AMAZING!!! Job well done! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Bravo! Congratulations again President Biden & Madam Vice President Kamala. You guys give me HOPE of getting our Country back to a LOVING Country. To the rest of you who gave this a video thumbs down. I’m going to LIFT YOU up in Prayer that is.🙏🏽❤️☺️
Crazy train
Crazy train پیش ماه
You must be slow aswell
Renee Powell
Renee Powell پیش ماه
Patti Walker
Patti Walker پیش ماه
Holla from RVA! Inspired. Blessings up for 2021!
루나 پیش ماه
Brenna93 پیش ماه
Love that someone keeps deleting my post about how youtube took down all of sleepy joes videos where he is grabbing a girls arm and putting it on his crotch, smelling little girls hair and asking them how old they are🤢🤢🤢🤢
StarBot پیش ماه
Lots of racists in the comments trying to find something bad to say about this lovely video, but can't. because it's too long
Christy Williams
Christy Williams پیش ماه
I loved this!! SSSSSSSU 💙💛
Henry Knox
Henry Knox پیش ماه
Biden has 4,200 COVID deaths as President. He has done nothing to help.
Henry Knox
Henry Knox پیش ماه
@Crazy train don't worry, Biden did sign an executive offer to allow trans men in women sports and Lockerooms.
Crazy train
Crazy train پیش ماه
@Henry Knox i know right why wont he do anything like gosh
Daniswara پیش ماه
@Henry Knox keep hating on him like he will read your comment
Henry Knox
Henry Knox پیش ماه
@StarBot I don't care. He is not doing his job. All the COVID Deaths were Trumps fault now they are his fault. I am hold him to his own standard.
StarBot پیش ماه
It's been 2 days
Dan P
Dan P پیش ماه
Tobe Nwigwe just keeps on getting better and better. Love his crew and their style
s.l. moore
s.l. moore پیش ماه
They ate kicking it!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
bahiyr bahiyr
bahiyr bahiyr پیش ماه
Biden Disaster coming ...2021
Believe 369
Believe 369 پیش ماه
IcameIsaw S
IcameIsaw S پیش ماه
JSU did that!!
IcameIsaw S
IcameIsaw S پیش ماه
I'm just here to make comments about the comments making comments about the comments being open! 😬
reallyrowdyred پیش ماه
What an utter clown show. That man is not, nor shall he ever be, my president. As far as I'm concerned (and probably 80 million others), reconciliation is not an option. We'll talk when arrests and/or confessions ensue.
mooretoview پیش ماه
Nope! 🙅‍♀️
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi پیش ماه
So begins the rise of the idiots.
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi پیش ماه
@Honey ? You're actually right, what was I thinking? -- when the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie of course.
Honey ?
Honey ? پیش ماه
That happened in 2016 tho
Adam E
Adam E پیش ماه
Biden is about to undo all the progress Trump made for blacks and put them back on the government teet where he wants them
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy پیش ماه
We are all communists now.
gamer orp
gamer orp پیش ماه
Luke Odom
Luke Odom پیش ماه
They say we are one but we are none because of them honestly
Sincerely Yours, Makeup
They’re talking about the new definition of unity; the exclusive one. Actual Description: “We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic and aggravation of vice President elect Kamala Harris”
Sincerely Yours, Makeup
They’re talking about the new definition of unity; the exclusive one. Actual Description: “We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic and aggravation of vice President elect Kamala Harris”
Hanzy Scure
Hanzy Scure پیش ماه
Equality in equity not competence.
sun پیش ماه
Eileen Benson
Eileen Benson پیش ماه
Hypocrisy and treasonous to the highest degree.
Bro Jo
Bro Jo پیش ماه
I liked how he said "this January, day"
Libertarian Latiña
Libertarian Latiña پیش ماه
CHEATER IN CHIEF!!!! China is sooooo happy!!
Scott B.
Scott B. پیش ماه
A big storm is coming in DC and seven fraud electoral states and 7 fraud electoral states. World globalists will get arrest by the military anytime now and 4 people already got arrested yesterday. Trump will send the military to arrest more corrupted people and fraudsters and high-tech globalists and more many crooks straight today and tomorrow. Biden will not be our president. He and Karma Harris will go to prison for treasons and terns and willfully know what they did break US constitutional laws And federal law and presidency law and power. Bad hackers will attack viruses and malware and steal passcode and password to sell fake electoral votes to venture democrats and surplus democrat deals. All of you need to ignore the TV and social media until Trump announced this week. Trump’s general already sent 9 Delta forces to fly to World Globalists. I don’t know what country. US rank military generals and UN and United States of President won’t tell us where they go. Please wear a mask when one of you needs to go. You need to put full gas in your vehicle before the 20th of January. Have plenty of money for food. Maybe two weeks no power and banks will be closed. Yes, Beijing Biden and Kamala Harris will be arrested anytime today or tomorrow by the military tribunal via the insurrection act of 1807. President Trump will retake the white house shortly.
tiktok delisi x
tiktok delisi x پیش ماه
channel ma I wait for you.
Glastonbury Risen
Glastonbury Risen پیش ماه
we are the people, get all these inauguration videos deplatformed simply by NOT LIKING all of them, bad ratings get them removed.
Savage Pence ES
Savage Pence ES پیش ماه
We've already got a N mayor, we dont need anymore N bigshots. - Joe Biden
MattsCallOptionBrief !
This all seems so fake, sad how the democrats take advantage of the black community to keep them voting in the herd mentality, we need to break away from dem and republicans. 🇺🇸
George Ensor
George Ensor پیش ماه
Drive 99
Drive 99 پیش ماه
Fake likes
Illegitimate President
Crazy train
Crazy train پیش ماه
@Honey ? Biden makes love with China and so does his son soo
Honey ?
Honey ? پیش ماه
Illegitimate Comment
S Q پیش ماه
I think I got more sleepy than communist Joe, watching this video. If that's even possible.
Leslie Andrews
Leslie Andrews پیش ماه
Open season on liberals begins today!!!!
Leslie Andrews
Leslie Andrews پیش ماه
We will never make peace with liberals... we are going to give you what you gave us for 4 years... but much worse...
Jordan Esquivel
Jordan Esquivel پیش ماه
boo biden boooooooooooooooooooooooo biden Trump 2021
Zichen Miao
Zichen Miao پیش ماه
Gee Zee
Gee Zee پیش ماه
Avoid PeRil
Avoid PeRil پیش ماه
18% of population representing 80% of this video What happened white bros?
StarBot پیش ماه
It's probably because this specific video was for black voices? There were other videos for other causes with a white focus bro
ZEN Christafarian
ZEN Christafarian پیش ماه
John Doe
John Doe پیش ماه
Biden: I love black people.
DAVID Alvarado
DAVID Alvarado پیش ماه
🎉 China joe 🇨🇳 yeahhhhh you did it !! 👍👍👍👍👍
shane tyler
shane tyler پیش ماه
The only respect I have for Joe Biden is that he left the comment section open
Eternal Typhoon
Eternal Typhoon پیش ماه
Stacey Abrams really doesn't like it when you point out that she looks like Fat Albert.
mister62085 پیش ماه
Hey Hey Hey
Faethon پیش ماه
Ohhhhh boyyyy, I SURE am looking forward to these next four years. /s
Agent Smith
Agent Smith پیش ماه
Everyone Ready for WW3 in 4 years?
shane tyler
shane tyler پیش ماه
WW3 will be against the CCP but, I reckon Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo will happen before then
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance پیش ماه
Hello, Humans. "If you can't change your fate, change your attitude."-Charles Revson TERRANCE OUT
Ann Sanchez
Ann Sanchez پیش ماه
Satanic demons in the White House I rebuke him in the name of Jesus
Bored Link
Bored Link پیش ماه
Ann Sanchez
Ann Sanchez پیش ماه
A cheater for president
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen پیش ماه
LOL. biden has few supporters
Shawn S.Beats
Shawn S.Beats پیش ماه
sav savron
sav savron پیش ماه
sav savron
sav savron پیش ماه
Crazy train
Crazy train پیش ماه
@Honey ? it has less kills then the flu in 18-19 flu season lol
Honey ?
Honey ? پیش ماه
@Cornelius Hal. I think you forgot trump supporters think COVID is fake or something
Cornelius Hal.
Cornelius Hal. پیش ماه
And almost like a riot that lead to travel restrictions happened two weeks ago.
Cornelius Hal.
Cornelius Hal. پیش ماه
It’s almost like there’s a pandemic.
James Joe
James Joe پیش ماه
Not my president
margaret thomason
margaret thomason پیش ماه
What a missed opportunity and disappointment. Too much talking ... DJ Nice, Dr. Allen, Terrence and some of speakers should have been limited to 30 seconds or edited out. Performers and videos were excellent. Celebrate Americans pulling together to elect Joe Biden as president. Wish Stacy Abrams had kicked off the event. She has earned the right and speaks for all people. Glad some have made it but the Graduation rate for HBCU is 34 percent or lower. What's the problem?
Bill Bob
Bill Bob پیش ماه
Gonna go take a Joe and wipe my Biden.
ET Nem
ET Nem پیش ماه
I used to be a white male Trump supporter... But... Officially today I now identify as a transgender undocumented immigrant person of color... So can I please get free stuff and special privileges? Thank you for your understanding! Congrats to Biden and Harris on their TOTALLY fair and honest election results! 81 million votes? Great job!
C G VIDEOS Via paw paw Guthrie
We are not 1! Thanks Democrats
He Who Shall Not Be Named
Joe Biden is the puppet of Beijing.
He Who Shall Not Be Named
Wow, the comments are still up? How long till they get yeeted like Parlor I wonder? 🤔
Malcolm Little
Malcolm Little پیش ماه
Black Power
Prince Gaming
Prince Gaming پیش ماه
didnt Biden say the n word at a meeting before
UMBRA پیش ماه
Not everyone in America is black.
Dareal Derek1
Dareal Derek1 پیش ماه
Sub to me:)
New Normal World Order
*”We are One”* What does that _really_ mean?
Sincerely Yours, Makeup
Actual Description: “We Are One, a celebration of the accomplishments of the African-American and black community and the historic and aggravation of vice President elect Kamala Harris” They’re talking about the new definition of unity; the exclusive one.
James Jones
James Jones پیش ماه
This was boring. These songs are flat and stiff. Wack like Biden