Trump's Lawyer Sidney Powell is a BOSS 

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Trump's Lawyer Sidney Powell is a BOSS
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2020 16 نوامبر





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Branden Vibez
Branden Vibez پیش ماه
Wow. A Black man with that on his shirt. I KNOW who most of your subs are.
Charles Starks
Charles Starks پیش ماه
This trump an Tatum nightmare will end soon, we've MAGA. (Made)
Mne Nadoelo
Mne Nadoelo پیش ماه
This hasn't aged well 😂
DJ DK پیش ماه
Apparently the BOSS didn't think that Sidney Powell was such a BOSS.
TigerTopaz پیش ماه
So when was this posted? A week ago, 6 hrs?.. see this is the stuff that makes you suspect that folks are nervous about the truth being told..the censorship is ridiculous
Ryan Patton
Ryan Patton پیش ماه
Mr. Tatum God Bless you and thank you for all the honesty, Faith and real news. You sir are a guiding light for people and God's using you. Just wanted to say thank you from this Texas guy. Keep bringing the heat and truth 💯
Clark Family
Clark Family پیش ماه
Officer T. Join gab.com
Jordan Drye
Jordan Drye پیش ماه
Tatum is dumb
Imante Tillman
Imante Tillman پیش ماه
And just like that, Trump's team fired her. What does that say?
Jordan Drye
Jordan Drye پیش ماه
It says Tatum is dumb lol
christopher popcorn
christopher popcorn پیش ماه
she's that real old school power house tone that's not going to play games no let anyone play her as booboo that don't know her shit @power up maintaining making America Great with equality fairness on all levels 're of win or taking the L. 45 wins regardless in or out. he's holds no worries under God matters serving we get people 1st vs serving him.
GrownUpGaming پیش ماه
Trump team just cut all ties with Sidney. Lol where are you people who said Sidney Powell will save us all?
Jordan Drye
Jordan Drye پیش ماه
Tatum is dumb lol
Tb Btv
Tb Btv پیش ماه
He was so proud of himself for those beeps! Lol
Michael Lovejoy
Michael Lovejoy پیش ماه
Get em Brandon!
Michael پیش ماه
Well this video definitely had a short shelf life.
jeannette arroyo
jeannette arroyo پیش ماه
Wade Overwater
Wade Overwater پیش ماه
Trump LOST!! BLEXIT WAS A FAILURE!! Grift on Brandon, grift on..
Carolyn Kochenour
Carolyn Kochenour پیش ماه
Sorry Brandon. Listened again and I heard you loud and clear. Never heard Candace say that. Never heard Brandon Straka or Scott Presler say that. Unsubscribing! This ain't about money- it never was.
Carolyn Kochenour
Carolyn Kochenour پیش ماه
Brandon did you just say "Parler ain't paying me nothin?" I hope I misunderstood because if not, "I'm out."
Sgt Jay
Sgt Jay پیش ماه
Thank you for the prayer! Maybe add our Prayers for all of our SOLDIERS/VETERANS who are in harms way serving overseas and who will not be going home to their families this and many, many holidays because of their service to our Great Nation. Prayers for our Police and First Responders they are kept safe! God Bless you all, and God Bless this great nation we have been entrusted to keep by our Founding Fathers and My Brothers and Sisters who are protecting her, Amen! I will leave you with a quote to contemplate: Si vis pacem, para bellum..... (If you want Peace, Prepare for war!)
HillBillySlim پیش ماه
All I want for Christmas is a 410 gauge shotgun. They're perfect for making Demo....I mean Rats, scurry in a hurry.
Sarah Latawiec
Sarah Latawiec پیش ماه
You are THE MAN!!
Devil Eye
Devil Eye پیش ماه
Update trump's lawyer lost lol
Look up the definition of Dominion
Mike Enholm
Mike Enholm پیش ماه
Koda Conner
Koda Conner پیش ماه
ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS ----------The 5 Media families exposed as swamp creatures.
Andrea Hoskins
Andrea Hoskins پیش ماه
This is on point B!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Natasha Richardson
Natasha Richardson پیش ماه
47 years in politics...1994 crime bill..Biden...that is all. 🙄
Natasha Richardson
Natasha Richardson پیش ماه
I'm in Michigan. Governor Whitmer did it again. For 3 weeks this time. Restaurants going under left and right. Everytime she makes a move, it goes hand in hand with Ohio's Governor. You would think they're twins.🙄 People understand the virus is an actual thing, but to treat the people the way they've been treated is what people are upset about. Schools are in session, then they're not. Theaters just opened not too long ago, they're closed again. Make it make sense.
Dori Johnson
Dori Johnson پیش ماه
They cheated the 1st time around and it looks like they are willing to do whatever to cheat again.
Dori Johnson
Dori Johnson پیش ماه
I love your site. I go to it first thing every morning to see what's going on. Quickest way to get news.
Dori Johnson
Dori Johnson پیش ماه
Do you have time to preach on Sundays? It wouldn't hurt some Christians to hear some truth. So many believe going to church, being good, give to charities is going to get them into heaven. They can use some wake up calls too.
Arman D'Air
Arman D'Air پیش ماه
Way to go Brandon. America is my home. I will stand for freedom.
Heather Hughes
Heather Hughes پیش ماه
You need a “like” button with repeat option.... then every time I say “right!” Or “exactly” I can hit it!! ... 30 minutes in and we’d be at around 923 or in Biden numbers... 4 trillion 3 billion 78 died ... LOL!!
Free Man01
Free Man01 پیش ماه
We know maga 2020 trump. Joe Biden is sleep at the park antifa need to go and get there boy lol.
John Boze
John Boze پیش ماه
READ IT BEFORE THEY DELETE IT: Scytl Electronic Voting Software Designed Fraud Into Software and Berkley found it a Decade Ago: people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~daw/papers/scytl-odbp.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2Gxdf1H78A7w8GDH0-1EKWMW-HDGDsG0RaraH1cQKl0iCs2I7lSyMvElQ
MrVlandus پیش ماه
Blm and antifa are going to be the spark of a second civil war
In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas پیش ماه
More than forty ( 40 ) years,the Cambodian people suffered election frauds.The opposition party,the Paris Peace Agreement and Democracy had totally been dissolved and the Viet Cong installed Prrime Minister ( Hun Sen ) is now the Kim Jong Un of Cambodia.And now aged and near death,Hun Sen planned to extend his bloody dictatorship to his four sons and one of them ( Hun Manet ) is a Westpoint graduate !!!! America is so full of communism,Hun Manet even flew from Cambodia to Long Beach California to seek communist supports and fundings !!!! I ain't sh!ttin you B.T !!! We're being overrun by communism in this country !!! The Cambodian people are NOT,i repeat are NOT communists,but the people who stole the election by military means for the last forty (40 ) are communists,it''s been that way since they disarmed the Cambodian citizens way back in the early 80's.I feared the same could happen to America under Biden and Harris.Because they both seems to sympathized with communism !!!
Cassandra Tilley
Cassandra Tilley پیش ماه
Is that man ok now?
veritasfiles پیش ماه
I couldn't be around for the live stream, but I just wanted to say thank for all that you're doing to support America, American values, and the Gospel. I appreciate it brother!
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams پیش ماه
I've had just about enough of this coronavirus nonsense!!
A maverick
A maverick پیش ماه
Please stop these live streams. I have not been able to watch any of these. They freeze up. IRitem is throttling it!!!
FRAG OUT پیش ماه
Jill Stafford
Jill Stafford پیش ماه
Does Trump still have a chance after all the cheating and fraud.
starbrite پیش ماه
They are doing it so that they can take care of more sinister things behind the scenes like sending thousands of 5-G satellites. They are doing things behind our backs it is all a plan to get us all vaccinated.
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall پیش ماه
Man.... you’re welcome at this white mans table any time. There’s no color in christ
Holly Nabil
Holly Nabil پیش ماه
Powerful stuff. 🇺🇸
mike پیش ماه
I could watch hours of this truth speaking mad man!
Rebekah Brown
Rebekah Brown پیش ماه
Look at the top of this youtube page "Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results Learn more" What a bunch of treasonous liars. Treason that's what this is Zukerberg. You should bow your head in shame.
Rebekah Brown
Rebekah Brown پیش ماه
Oh Trump's going to win.
Sandy Kelly
Sandy Kelly پیش ماه
You are absolutely right about Fox Brandon. Agree with you 100%
Brenda Reed
Brenda Reed پیش ماه
It is part of globalist agenda
MRKT Insider
MRKT Insider پیش ماه
When are we gonna start making these people n election officials wear BODY CAMS.., HOW are cops wearing them but not them
MRKT Insider
MRKT Insider پیش ماه
Chez Maniac
Chez Maniac پیش ماه
Hahaha 🤣 Tatum says rare sense is what conservatives have ... How can you be in a majority if your sense is rare and not common???🤔 Majority win elections you know?...😶
Matthew Short
Matthew Short پیش ماه
🇺🇸👍💪TRUMP2020👍💪🇺🇸 4 MORE YEARS
Charles Lee
Charles Lee پیش ماه
Facts. The left hates facts and truth. They can’t control the truth.
Rick James Beach
Rick James Beach پیش ماه
People want to make their own version of God so they can continue to live in Sin. All of this craziness going on has definitely brought me back to God. It was nice seeing you pray at the end!
Orlando Velastegui
Orlando Velastegui پیش ماه
i voted for Trump because i believed that Jesus would Have voted for Trump.
Christine Zemaitaitis
Christine Zemaitaitis پیش ماه
Thank you Tatum so much for the awesome super chat. We appreciate you. You have been a great inspiration to America. God Bless you !!!
Charles Cantrell
Charles Cantrell پیش ماه
Thanks for your hope! Keep doing everything that you are doing. God bless you.
Terry پیش ماه
Flusha Art
Flusha Art پیش ماه
This has been going on for 70 years. Nelson Rockefeller paid $20 per share for a $4 stock back during his rigged governers runs in N.Y through one of his subsidiaries that later became Exxon . THE original name of this was called the Shoup Voting Machine in the 60s. Look up a guy Peter David Beter (not sure on spelling). He was the first not to pay for his political seat (they wanted $250,000 from him to guarantee the votes for his Gov seat in Louisiana) and didnt receive one electronic vote as a result of not paying them. Side note.. Hillary is a Rockefeller 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ronda Tylor
Ronda Tylor پیش ماه
The main stream media calls this an conspiracy theory but they will find out it’s not. I can’t wait 😁
TheMaster Zman11
TheMaster Zman11 پیش ماه
www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/shocking-exclusive-caught-pennsylvania-results-show-statistically-impossible-pattern-behind-bidens-steal-caught/ Follow the math algorithms form patterns and statisticians have proven election fraud like none ever revealed before. After election night the algorithms were inserted in districts and swing states and stole this election. This is nothing shy of treason.
d-houston پیش ماه
Sir, Ms. Powell had better be a BOSS. The Tabloid Media is eerily quiet about Ms. Powell, which means they are trying to ignore her. But we need war...we need to land one hell of a punch. We need something from which they cannot hide. Not only that...we may need to re-ballot this.
S Wood
S Wood پیش ماه
I’m glad u realized Obama was not the truth or the light... the only way he made was because we really have not had a strong republican or conservative at that time so I know I didn’t come out to vote .. I did vote for bush tho .. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Cherise Forno
Cherise Forno پیش ماه
Thanks for this! I needed to hear these words to about turning back to God. Keep speaking the truth!
Saavifam پیش ماه
We drove in from Nashville (10 hrs) It was empowering to be around Maga Warriors. It was peaceful all day. The roaches & rats came out when event ended aka BLM/ Antifa. It was incredible to walk to the Supreme Court. We the People will continue to fight for a free & fair election. Latinos for Trump!
Nickie McCarty
Nickie McCarty پیش ماه
Thank you!!!
Betty Adams
Betty Adams پیش ماه
We went, sorry we didn't get to see you.
Cheryl Wenzel
Cheryl Wenzel پیش ماه
You are a light in this dark world!!! I pray I am too!
Jennifer B
Jennifer B پیش ماه
DAVID (superchat!) "There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." ROMANS 8:1 You are forgiven...the charges are dropped:) Praying for you!!
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson پیش ماه
Needs to change his name from The Officer Tatum to The Reverend Tatum. Haven't been able to hear truth like this in church because of COVID and my soul is feeling fresh.
A پیش ماه
I remember seeing two guys beat up after a fight and others saying "that dude won" and I used to tell them they look like they both won or lost cause they both look busted up 😂
Adalyn Rose Prescott
Adalyn Rose Prescott پیش ماه
Thank you That’s why I’m here To regain my faith for Trump 2020
Vine Street Atelier
Vine Street Atelier پیش ماه
Amen and Thank you! (at around you 18 minute mark) Finally someone else said it! If they cared about health, why is 3/4 of the food in Kroger garbage? Why are we drinking like fish and waiting in 30 minute drive thru lines for a Big Mac or 1200 calorie "coffee"? It's all a dog and pony show supposedly in the name of health... if they want to preach health then they need to be consistent. You hit the nail on the head 👏
Rebecca Lyne
Rebecca Lyne پیش ماه
They cancelled religious services in France, of all places. Catholic masses and everything else are currently forbidden.
Matthew McCray
Matthew McCray پیش ماه
Brandon we support you bro! Uncover the schemes of the devil!
Philadelphia International University
I can't believe the massive crowds that DT attracted compared to the handful of people that attended JB rallies. You can't tell me that the majority of Americans voted for a person who can't form a sentence and hid in his basement. You can't convince me that he would make a better president.
Beth B
Beth B پیش ماه
Giuliani is the guy who brought down the 5 families...that would be 5 mob families in NY when he was Mayor. I'm sure he got death threats and worse but he did it anyway.
George Wood
George Wood پیش ماه
This was just a Beta Test with mail-in ballots. The reason that only Trump lost is that's where all the Dem's hatred is directed and they want him out. Also, Dem's are just lazy.
Janelle Lavoie
Janelle Lavoie پیش ماه
Eff Fox... D-O-N-E ☠️
Honey Drake
Honey Drake پیش ماه
Yes .... God bless you !!
Magnolia پیش ماه
The democrooks are wickedly wise in their ability to deceive the masses.
Norman Jaskolski
Norman Jaskolski پیش ماه
My wish is that President Trump stays in office. It seems that is not going to be the case according to all of media reports.
Shaunna Archer
Shaunna Archer پیش ماه
Donald j trump won't be your president coming January 20 yess
Shaunna Archer
Shaunna Archer پیش ماه
What did that March accomplished not damn thing clown 😂
Shaunna Archer
Shaunna Archer پیش ماه
Let's get into this ya boy trump lost get over it your the crybaby
Shaunna Archer
Shaunna Archer پیش ماه
Dude get over it trump lost what drug u on
This Old Bag
This Old Bag پیش ماه
What I will never understand is the demoncrat party backed Andrew Jackson who signed the Indian Removal Law to remove Native Americans from the south and relocate them to the west. The Trail of Tears. I saw a news report where local AZ news station interviewed leader of 4 corners Cherokee nation and he had a Biden sign in his office. Why would any Native American support a demoncrat after what that party did to the tribes.
Big Kat
Big Kat پیش ماه
Thankyou brother you are an encouragement. God Bless You
Melvin Moore
Melvin Moore پیش ماه
Amen brother
Carmen Flores
Carmen Flores پیش ماه
What makes you think that the Demonicrats aren't in cahoots with the same countries shutting down? This VIRUS IS A BS HOAX and HOSPITALS are in on it. The ONLY way they can control you is by doing the BS they are doing. I FOR ONE AM NOT HAVING IT. This virus CONVENIENTLY happened when the Demonicrats realized they couldn't IMPEACH the President for NOTHING! THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION/ TRUTH.
Flawed Dad
Flawed Dad پیش ماه
I back our President as much as anyone. But how the hell do we stay positive when the conservative politicians are so damn weak? Cowards. Look at what happened yesterday in Michigan. The second they started getting attacked with racist attacks and their families are being attacked, they rolled back their decision to not certify the county. The message isn't getting to the right people. They're not watching IRitem. They think if they don't concede then they'll be alone. It happens time and time again. The people standing up to the left get attacked and they don't get any back up. Almost every single time
Melvin Moore
Melvin Moore پیش ماه
Help me to understand this madness
Dawn Atkinson
Dawn Atkinson پیش ماه
B I'm so glad u speak your mind. Thank u for all the good true info.
Jaci Whitfield
Jaci Whitfield پیش ماه
Keep it coming! You have been a ray of hope through this whole year. God bless you for fearlessly speaking truth.
Sandy K
Sandy K پیش ماه
Awesome praise. I cCould feel the Holy Spirit while you prayed thank you
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