The unrealistic toxic beauty standards is deadly. 

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A safe stigma-free space for people to talk about their menstruation experiences so we know we are not alone, with the hopes of advocating for better education and research into women’s health
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2020 29 اوت





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Ibrahim Kamit
Ibrahim Kamit پیش 4 روز
🎥🤳🏽📱 NEW VIDEO: SOCIAL MEDIA IS RUINING OUR LIVES ➡️ iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/os1jhMycmXnPjIE.html ⬅️‼️
mxrcuriie. پیش 3 ساعت
@iCarillon inChrist 💞
iCarillon inChrist
iCarillon inChrist پیش 3 ساعت
@mxrcuriie. *ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ⁖💞*
mxrcuriie. پیش 3 ساعت
@iCarillon inChrist sorry- it was just my opinion and I said no hate sooooo uhm I didn’t mean to attack u in any way which I honestly don’t think I did but if u do ok I guess I don’t tolerAte any of the hate anyone has gotten about their bodies I just made a comment
iCarillon inChrist
iCarillon inChrist پیش 3 ساعت
@mxrcuriie. *I spend my whole life terrified of "fat" ... and I have never been fat !! And I can only be ok with myself when I am "underweight." Also, because I am a writer (media consultant and paralegal as well) I find it difficult to be concise when I'm passionate about something (like this) ... but thank you for your kind advice ... **_or should I just have said ..._** TY **-`ღ´-*
mxrcuriie. پیش 4 ساعت
@iCarillon inChrist this is cute and all but u can just say Your great! Not hate ofc
CHP Covers
CHP Covers پیش 35 ثانیه
Listen. So long as you're getting enough exercise, brushing your teeth and showering regularly, and eating healthily That is enough.
Jule Hütter
Jule Hütter پیش 13 دقیقه
This is such a good video. Thank you so much for making it
Whatshouldwecallher ?
Whatshouldwecallher ? پیش 44 دقیقه
I was bullied at school for gaining weight. I was 13 when it started happening and my mom instead of helping me out told me I have to stop wearing dresses, and only wear those thick uncomfortable jeans so that people don't look how fat my thighs are. I hated it. I still hate jeans. What hurt the most was not that the kids at school were bullying me, but that my mother was body shaming me. She made me wear bulky clothes to hide that I was heavy chested (which I was not). She always said that girls my age shouldn't have heavy chest. Just because she was skinny at my age doesn't mean I will be like that too. This really affected me. I still haven't recovered from it even though I am an adult now.
Mercedez Marshall
Mercedez Marshall پیش 48 دقیقه
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched. I wish more influencers would use their platforms like this. I studied film and actually did an entire study on Barbie and the influence of Western Beauty. It's terrifying and heartbreaking
Linde Brueren
Linde Brueren پیش ساعت
this video was SO SO SO good
Pankhuri Patel
Pankhuri Patel پیش 2 ساعت
Wow this video is the best video about these toxic beauty standard. Really appreciate the hard work you put in making this video
Irithylle پیش 2 ساعت
Very detailed and very educational. Amazing video every one should give it a watch. Its an extreme reach for many things when it comes to beauty standards. And the model and kpop star training is absolutely insane.. I feel so sad for all these people being pressured like this and their health being just ignored to be perfect in the standard eyes. Makes me so sad. I know when I was younger I constantly was bullied and hated the way I look and my skin being way too white and wanted surgery but we can't change ourself to fit this insane expectations and pressure of others and the wanting to be perfect ideal. Everyone is beautiful every skin color is beautiful we have so many different cultures and ethnicities to appreciate they are all beautiful and so unique this should be normalized not this other crazy shit and the fact we have companies and people that allow classification of what perfect is and should be is nuts! We all have different things to love about ourselves love yourself we're all beautiful 😊💖
malefic kitty
malefic kitty پیش 4 ساعت
I took my 10 year old sister to the store and she was looking for a snack with the least amount of calories :/
THANISHA M.K پیش 5 ساعت
First of Why the FUck do people give a shit abt the kardasians why cant they mind their own business.
Prasun Biswas
Prasun Biswas پیش 5 ساعت
Your video is so 2012. It doesn't convey any new information. Waste of time.
Abhishek پیش 5 ساعت
And yet kpop fans will defend it till death.
Brooke B
Brooke B پیش 6 ساعت
Gosh I hate how hard the world is on women (men too) just seems to be so focused on women being pretty all the time. I’m so tired of it
Nadzirah Zaidi
Nadzirah Zaidi پیش 6 ساعت
Dato Vidaaa! Ahahaha i dont buy her whitening products. Yucks
Molasses پیش 7 ساعت
While a lot of women that fit the modern beauty standard are very attractive, goddam did the ancient mediterranean have good taste in women.
Anam Shabir
Anam Shabir پیش 7 ساعت
Very nice content
Eggy Love333
Eggy Love333 پیش 7 ساعت
I was called fat in the 3rd grade and I panicked and called his shoes ugly. It was the first time I was called fat by someone. The social worker called me down and I got in trouble. She didn’t care that he insulted my body, something harder to change than a pair of Nikes.
esma monem
esma monem پیش 8 ساعت
I guess this is what they mean about "futuristic"... a bunch of cookie cutter aliens
LT Star
LT Star پیش 9 ساعت
I hate how before all the black girls I thought were hot were ones with eurocentric features
Lynette Hoyos
Lynette Hoyos پیش 10 ساعت
Excellent video.
Hi Bunny
Hi Bunny پیش 10 ساعت
Thx bro, this rlly helped
Pipari Juusto
Pipari Juusto پیش 11 ساعت
There is nothing wrong with being fat. There is nothing wrong with being ugly. You don't need to look good to have worth
Spooki Niari
Spooki Niari پیش 14 ساعت
Usually these videos do nothing for my self-esteem but idk you did something to my mind, I suddenly feel beautiful, thanks man!
Orla Shittu
Orla Shittu پیش 14 ساعت
ik its bad but i would kill to be skinny
kat. پیش 15 ساعت
Hey! Love your video. I appreciate you. Just wanted to bring awareness to the slight typo in the title. I believe you mean “are deadly” not “Is deadly” :)
Deuel Boxill
Deuel Boxill پیش 15 ساعت
Can we just stop with the beauty standards? All that matters is that you're healthy
Anna Daley
Anna Daley پیش 17 ساعت
hurt ppl hurt ppl. Sadly, the Kardashians have an insurmountable amount of influence. And so, their hurt reaches millionssss
Anna Daley
Anna Daley پیش 17 ساعت
PS amazing video
holy zee
holy zee پیش 18 ساعت
I mean i'm 15 years old and i hate my body...i just don't like it bc i'm not skinny enough. I think it's been a few months that i'm depressed because of this shit. (Srry if my english is not good)
Ava Foyle
Ava Foyle پیش 18 ساعت
18:12 this is a CHILD. She is gorgeous and it disgusts me that people like the Kardashians promote this.
E Guza
E Guza پیش 18 ساعت
There’s so much connectivity in the world... the more we know about each other, the more we wanna be like certain others and degrade our selves for not being born like said others... damn. Awesome video!
DNøTS پیش 19 ساعت
Maybe Kris learnt from how she treated Kim while she was pregnant with the ‘eat less thing’ and over did it with the ‘eat more thing’ when it came to Khloe😭either way, uh uh🥱no ma’am.
Анастасия Луценко
I literally never thought that even little girls sometimes think they are ugly because it never happened to me... wow. this shit is fucked up.
Shawty پیش 19 ساعت
thank you so much i was really insecure about my nose and now that i saw this video i feel much better
eli پیش 19 ساعت
hi, asian person here. just so you all know, people in east asia don’t really want to look white? we want our eyes to look bigger; that’s the beauty standard. wanting to “look white” is not really what we’re trying to do. (i’m talking abt the majority of asian people; there will always be an exception to a few individuals BUT most of the time we want our eyes bigger BECAUSE of the beauty standard. for example, small eyes in korea isn’t attractive. yes, that may stem from Eurocentric beauty standards, but now at least now, no one really thinks about how they can “look white.”
Erma Sherma
Erma Sherma پیش 20 ساعت
This made me cry, a lot. For the past 10 years I always wished to be anorexic so I could be beautiful and yet I am still fat. I used to think those people were so strong as I could never do it. Now I am just a person who eats their feelings away
MI پیش 20 ساعت
the sad thing about Kim is she actually looked a lot more amazing before all the surgeries to her body and face. She was literally a show stopping beauty...now she's so plastic and weird
Sydney Dwoskin
Sydney Dwoskin پیش 20 ساعت
Okay this was so professionally done and extremely informative and the editing was on point. Thank you for this. I learned a lot.
Sydney Dwoskin
Sydney Dwoskin پیش 20 ساعت
@2:38 :0 :0 what. the. fuck.
mathy _
mathy _ پیش 21 ساعت
interesting vid dude very informative
Atourina Charles
Atourina Charles پیش 21 ساعت
Again... if we all unplugged more and connected to humans then we would find more healing. Turn your TV off and close your social media accounts. That's my advice.
Indira Christian
Indira Christian پیش 21 ساعت
I think Kim’s mom wants to make Kim the star and the others irrelevant, that’s why she’s plumping khloe up.
Scum8ag پیش روز
It’s the hwhite man’s fault! 🤦🏽‍♂️
Elyse Claire
Elyse Claire پیش روز
i remember one time in kindergarten, i was playing at a park with my mom watching me. these other kids kept teasing me about my weight so i told my mom, and her only response was “well you are pretty fat”. i was 6.
Ultimate پیش روز
You probably were fat I guess
seojun پیش روز
Even girls with high self confidence become a bit unsure and insecure when they look at all these perfect photos on Instagram. So Toxic
•`xexpaguette`• پیش روز
9:57 "can't start with a 5" excuse me, what????
•`xexpaguette`• پیش 20 ساعت
@Ruslana Hnatchenko ik they're using kg, which makes me so mad I AM A KID AND MY WEIGHT ALREADY STARTS AT 5????
Ruslana Hnatchenko
Ruslana Hnatchenko پیش 20 ساعت
Easy solution : let your weight start with a 6 or higher :) Also, they are talking kilograms.
Shorouq Tahraoui
Shorouq Tahraoui پیش روز
Taru Singh
Taru Singh پیش روز
Abby Mango
Abby Mango پیش روز
I mean, beauty standards change soo much. Being bigger was more beautiful in older times, than being skinny was considered beautiful. Now a big booty is pretty it’s crazy
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira پیش روز
Media controlls us. We all feel unconfortable in our skin ate some point, because our bodies go trough changes and the media prays on this
Anii پیش روز
Let's look at the reality of society; eating disorders are socially seen as a good thing. I mean seriously society wants me to stave to death.
Melia Blue
Melia Blue پیش روز
ily, you are such a inspiration like you give me conifed
Lazarus 나사로
Lazarus 나사로 پیش روز
When I was little I got made fun of for being ginger and too white got called albino and shiz lol you literally can't win
Nour Kettaf
Nour Kettaf پیش روز
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/hJl3h8CSuqHQe30.html wsh macron
jojiittybity پیش روز
I'm gonna be in highschool in a few years.. I really want to lose weight before then. I want to lose weight before quarantine ends!! I don't want to go to school with the body I have right now. I look at any nearby mirror-like objects to look at my body, so I can degrade myself on how fat I look/feel/am. This video really helped me and showed me that I am not alone, thank you for making this! I'm glad I could laugh while watching this.
jojiittybity پیش 22 ساعت
@Ultimate Ok, thank u!!
Ultimate پیش روز
If your overweight try to get fit not slim If your fit then you can get slim or build if you want
нађа вујичић
but I am beautiful??????? we all are beautiful wtf
Xluv پیش روز
Me just using subliminals and manifestation
Day’iana damaya
Day’iana damaya پیش روز
words can not explain how much i needed this, thank you so much.
Agent 99
Agent 99 پیش روز
Fantastic video! So on point. When these people are made? ( kardashians main example here) Fake as fake can be! That should be frowned upon! Had bones in their face shaved down, implants everywhere and look nothing like what God gave them? I grew up in times when supermodels were born naturally beautiful. Ie. Tyra, Naomi, Crawford ect. Never going to be the industries standard of beauty, unless you have the money for plastic. Please do not let that skewed standard persuade you to think you are not beautiful. It is subjective. Be yourself, you live once. Just be normal. Strive to be healthy & happy. That's the definition of beautiful.
alxnd_r پیش روز
If people just stopped worshipping somebody just because they are beautiful...
Nicole Masen
Nicole Masen پیش روز
Please make more videos like these. This video was so good
RosaRoterPanther پیش روز
Really good video... Me, a male, thinks often about my own beauty and it makes me insecure. But i cant imagine how it must be for a female...
Jim Chief
Jim Chief پیش روز
that’s amazingly sad
joe chiari
joe chiari پیش روز
Thank you for this Ibrahim. It's a great video and unfortunately a lesson that every generation needs to learn.
Awk پیش روز
3:54 "brown looks nasty for some reason, but I don't know what reason" ... she shouldn't be going through this 💔
B. B.
B. B. پیش روز
You made it way too easy. Beauty standards are not deadly. People's toxicity may is.
rossy solarr subliminals
rossy solarr subliminals پیش 2 روز
My friend once said she was going on a diet . . , , , , , , . . . . . . . . . . . . She was 10
Bana Nikeeunike
Bana Nikeeunike پیش 2 روز
i was a big fan of khardahians clan, but lately i have watching this kind of video, and i realize its like open up my eyes that we r human we r beautifull and unique in our own way,.. and then i saw how thick their make up and realize why does people callin them as the clown , and i am like no maam ,,no thanks
Kaitlyn Griffith
Kaitlyn Griffith پیش 2 روز
Every one is beautiful on the inside and out. The personality is what matters, that's what I tell myself every day. A ugly personality makes a beautiful person ugly. An amazing personality makes a beautiful person, even more beautiful. I have my ups and downs, but I just remind myself that, the personality matters and the appearance doesnt. I love everyone and I want everyone to feel welcome and happy with themselves. And I want everyone to be nice to each other. Appearance: means nothing Personality: means everything. No one is ugly. The only thing that would make someone ugly is their shit personality
2 .1
2 .1 پیش 2 روز
wow....but the world is never ever going to change....never...........people unlike you wouldrather praise kylie or kim ..........
Charlotté Lewis
Charlotté Lewis پیش 2 روز
as a white person people my race doing those racist stuff just make me so embarrassed and ashamed and that happened to George Floyd
Aishia' C
Aishia' C پیش 2 روز
This is a really good video!!!
jones aderhold
jones aderhold پیش 2 روز
Today’s standards: be blonde and stick ass out in all profile pics
Ashwini Muthukrishnan
Ashwini Muthukrishnan پیش 2 روز
This is a great, informative video. But when you said that people wouldn't tell their loved ones to change their faces to look better or get plastic surgery, the contradiction I thought of was Toddlers and Tiaras where the mothers have their children for pageants and are hell bent on changing practically everything about their children.
Rosee Kobi
Rosee Kobi پیش 2 روز
This video is literally so good 10/10
Annisa Malik
Annisa Malik پیش 2 روز
If only confidence is the trend and not about how is the shape or the color of your body
ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ
ꪶ ꫀ ꪑ ꪮ ꪀ پیش 2 روز
how do i gain an eating disorder lol
Aaron O'Brien
Aaron O'Brien پیش 2 روز
This video is interesting but a little bit misleading. It is presented as if social engineering defines attractiveness and is presented in a matter of fact way. In actuality biological factors determine the majority of attractiveness, especially when it comes to what males find attractive. From the time children can even form sentences they can recognize features that indicate sexual dimorphism among facial structure, body/facial symmetry and hip to waist and shoulder to waist as well as chest size to waist size ratios. To say that white people are idealized purely because of past colonial social engineering is a bit misleading, at the upper end of the ''most attractive'' northern anglo features tend to tilt the highest in sexual dimorphism, which is something you ironically touched on in your video (northern euro white male features are seen as more masculine, norther euro female features more feminine etc. ) This has more to do with facial profile, nose shape, and eye canthal tilt more than social engineering. To a degree social engineering can have an impact on attractiveness, but the majority of what you find sexually attractive is actually just intuitive. Social engineering can also have a bigger impact on what women find attractive than men because status is more closely tied into their preferences. If a certain archetype of male is propped up in society being that arch type can give you more status and as a result make that ''type'' of male seem more attractive to women. Other than that though it doesn't matter what you tell the world facial structure reflecting the golden ratio, a good hip/waist, or shoulder/waist ratio in combination with fitness and sexual dimorphism is going to be attractive to people no matter what society tells them. It's not the evil white male patriarchy of past colonization that determines what turns you on, to the largest extent it's how you evolved. Men will go for feminine healthy looking women, and women will go for powerful masculine looking men who seem high in status and what defines status can be engineered to quite an extent but the biology of what makes someone ideal physically is mostly pre-determined and subconscious. As demotivating as that can be to hear for some people that didn't win the genetic lottery, it's unfortunately just the truth. Just learn to love what you got and walk through life with some self confidence in yourself and hopefully people can learn to love you for you and more than just what's on the outside.
Afro Sizimmer
Afro Sizimmer پیش 2 روز
It's the hours of research, facts and wokeness for me. 💯👏🏽
sooraj dooba
sooraj dooba پیش 2 روز
Man we really messed up as a species
Monisha Taehyung
Monisha Taehyung پیش 2 روز
9:15 .
Vidhi Sagar
Vidhi Sagar پیش 2 روز
Good heart+intention+good personality+being yourself =beautiful ❤️... Fuck industry beauty standard 😪
awe fook
awe fook پیش 2 روز
A story and a lesson for everyone: A guy who I used to have crush on rejected me, girls would tell me it's because of my skin tone(I'm Indian and I have a dark caramel tone) I was devastated. Even my own mother used to tell me " Go wash your face you look black! " Or "How are you supposed to compete with those white woman?", I would try and go out less and talk less, basically avoiding everyone. Eating less trying whitening products.Until one day of was like fuck this I love myself and that's all that matters. So what I wanna tell you all is love yourself, be healthy and don't give a shit about others, you matter and you are beautiful, the world's changing and hopefully it'll be a good change.
Franny worldxo
Franny worldxo پیش 2 روز
4:24 I started tearing up. I'm not even half way into the video and I'm already upset 😭😞
Chia پیش 3 روز
I actually started crying when the little girls thought they were ugly and didn’t like their skin, they are beautiful omg
good morning
good morning پیش 3 روز
Thank you so much for including Indians,,,, since we're all brown people forget that there's INSANELY rampant colourism here
sophii king
sophii king پیش 3 روز
this is the video i didn’t know i needed to see. thank you
jude ibrahim
jude ibrahim پیش 3 روز
3:52 that shattered my heart to a million pieces , whoever caused these little kids to hate there skin color , I hope you suffer a lot
Artsy_Judoka پیش 3 روز
Corsets have a complicated history because they have been used for dangerous tight-lacing, but they were also a very useful form of underwear. Before bras were invented corsets were the preferred way to hold up boobs so that they did not bounce painfully during physical activity. Corsets also provide back support in a way that bras do not. A well-fitted corset can be very comfortable and practical, but corsets can also be misused for minimizing waistlines.
TheCrystalTide پیش 3 روز
YESSSSS When people talk about "universal beauty standards" like they're objective science and not incredibly racist, sexist and ableist 🙄
Carla Rodriguez
Carla Rodriguez پیش 3 روز
2 years ago I went to the beach and as a normal person I got tanned (I'm latina and light skin so it made my skin darker ofc) and I went to visit my grandpa, (he's white) he said that I shouldn't go to the beach because if my skin gets darker then I'll be ugly cuz dark skin looks "nasty" AND as a little kid I've always been skinny but when I was around 9-11 I started gaining weight (not even that much) so as I got older and taller I didn't look "fat" but still was a couple pounds over the average, so my grandpa said to me at 15 (I'm 17 now) that I should start losing weight cuz it made my legs look fat, my ass too thick, my face too chubby and if I were skinny I would be beautiful...and I've always felt so bad when he says those things AND EVEN IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE...I felt so embarrassed
Sunshine Komaransky
Sunshine Komaransky پیش 3 روز
I loved how raw and real this was..... Well said
Benson پیش 3 روز
Remember when being large was a symbol of power, and associated with royalty? The medieval ages were pretty different from this era.
Benson پیش 3 روز
Don’t focus on weight. Weight alone says nothing. Instead focus on good hygiene, proper exercise, REASONABLY healthy eating habits, and whatever makes you happy or feels comfortable.
cadegglo پیش 3 روز
I just love this channel, man i now this theme is sad but this guy i love him.
cadegglo پیش 3 روز
It kind o look like he has a hat on though
awkward cutie
awkward cutie پیش 3 روز
When I was little I was usually a pretty normal weight or sometimes just a little chubby but I was told I was so fat and disgusting and that I would die from obesity that I got body dismorphia. I later got depression and actually started to gain weight. Now I am the size I thought I was when I was little and it's so weird seeing what I looked like before and that I then thought I was bigger than I am now. I was so shocked because I actually thought I was so so so much bigger than I was
Tanisha Jain
Tanisha Jain پیش 3 روز
Guys please like this video so more people can see it and let's shut down these multimillionaire companies who are profiting off of our insecurities.
Moesia Testecles
Moesia Testecles پیش 3 روز
There seems to be an overarching theme to beauty though. It's not predictable _what_ exactly will be warranted in a culture, but I think it will be something that is hard to achieve and therefore rare in a sense. Today we have sedentary lives and therefore we find value in looking like slaves. Tanned skin, under or minimally nourished bodies, untamed hair etc. hundreds of years ago, it was very hard to achieve a sedentary life, and being lumpy and pale signalled the luxurious life needed to look like a standard IT employee in 2021. So the circumstances change, and so does what is coveted. But the overarching connotation to rarity and/or effort stands out to me. It is not willy nilly random, or completely subjective.
Tinni ry
Tinni ry پیش 4 روز
Once upon a time I used to think I was pretty but the people around me made me feel that I am not....
BLINK CENTRE پیش 4 روز
Hey girls out there I am telling you i was literally about to vomit at that kylie package moment plz dont feel insecure about your body shape or anything we love you just the way you are
Penny Tae
Penny Tae پیش 4 روز
You are amazing for making this God bless. ❤️✨
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