Sidney Powell EXPOSES Tucker Carlson as FAUX NEWS 

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Sidney Powell EXPOSES Tucker Carlson as FAUX NEWS
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2020 20 نوامبر





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Karen McSurley
Karen McSurley پیش 15 روز
I do not watch that site anymore! The Fox News was bought out by a billionaire! (This person also bought Disney Land.) Fox is NOT what it used to be.
mego blue
mego blue پیش 15 روز
Sidney Powell is being sued! Tucker was right! And u are wrong!
redbulldog7 پیش 23 روز
Keep going Bro we need your truth! 👍🏽
Peace پیش ماه
Whatever it takes to get Trump out. It makes me believe the Americans are ready to fight. It just gets worse than any decent person can imagine. Go Trump!!!
Dude, tick tock, your grifting channel is about to be deleted haha. 1.43 million subs, god knows how much money you're making from this grift. LOL. All going down soon. Enjoy the rest of the money making weeks you have bro.
Erik Brantley
Erik Brantley پیش ماه
You all waited til NOW to be upset with Tucker Carlson? He's always been a right-wing shill and a clown and a dummy. Come on, people!
Christine Davis
Christine Davis پیش ماه
All of you are fake. All about the benjamins.
money mitch 86
money mitch 86 پیش ماه
Haha boycott fox news now? you was on Fox's nuts now you big mad cuz shit didn't go ya way
Vito Torre
Vito Torre پیش ماه
Tucker didn't wanted to show us Sidney Powell's Affidavits and said their is no election fraud however tonight he show the surveillance video from Georgia today about how the workers at State Farm Arena putting ballots in a suitcase underneath a table and now he said their is election fraud and fraudulent ballots give me a break.
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson پیش ماه
I don't watch fox anything
The Sandman
The Sandman پیش ماه
Thanks for keeping it real, so many sell out. “ Let your no mean no, and your yes mean yes.” God bless you Tatum, God help America
Cosmos Reality
Cosmos Reality پیش ماه
It’s not a good look to dis everything that is against your point of you
Daily Truth
Daily Truth پیش ماه
It's also not good to spam comments on someone's channel that you don't enjoy or agree to watch.
Jeff Helm
Jeff Helm پیش ماه
Did you see the hearing today regarding PA ? The cheating is sickening
Mari Noga
Mari Noga پیش ماه
I love your show!! Thank you for speaking up for us. Done with Fox too.
michael palmer
michael palmer پیش ماه
Are you serious about Tucker Carlton him gone as well
michael palmer
michael palmer پیش ماه
Chris Wallace destroyed Foxnews
hjm Millett
hjm Millett پیش ماه
Good for you!!! I’ve been thinking he’s NOT Loyal!!! He flip flops like the wind...back & forth
Deanna Daly
Deanna Daly پیش ماه
There are affidavits about Bigfoot, UFOs etc. An affidavit can be admissible evidence, although some courts may require you to testify to the affidavit or they may consider it HEARSAY. Since hearsay is not admissible as evidence, your affidavit may not be used for evidence if someone objects to it unless you testify. If there is truly sweeping voter fraud, there would be more evidence than affidavits, especially if there is fraudulent software.
BWTO پیش ماه
Tate, you can't get mad at Tucker for being honest. It is time for you guys to have a backbone and stand up to the lunatic Trump. Don't understand why you guys are so afraid of him. Keep it 100... The man doesn't know more than the generals for instance... Tell the truth
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen پیش ماه
Done for a while with Fox!! Hopefully hannity and Ingram stay true the five as well , or get off and start a real news broadcast keep it real Tatum the Lord will bless your work!
TubeSurfer پیش ماه
You guys the majority of the media is owned by a handful of people....... this is all you need to know. Its all propaganda across the world, its intentions are to indoctrinate and persuade you in to a logical pathway. Turn the fucking tv off and throw away your phones.
jonny d
jonny d پیش ماه
you a awesome,, cant deny it. thank you
Cindy Fall
Cindy Fall پیش ماه
Completely done with Fox
Garth Ras
Garth Ras پیش ماه
you all need to shut up..trump and all of them is playing you all....america and china is the new world order....rep n dem or the same period
Humble Dene Productions
Tucker Carlson CANCELLED!
Rustic_Russian پیش ماه
It’s sad because tucker was on our side but I’m sure he has to maintain image with the company to keep a job so he doesn’t get defaced and unemployed. He didn’t turn on us guys he’s blending in because what fucking choice does he have? We know who tucker really is. He’s gotta put on this show now bc media has spun out of control. This isn’t solely his fault. It’s the pressure of the liberals and other mainstream news stations caving to the blue tide.
Susan Baker
Susan Baker پیش ماه
Absolutely! So sad we are seeing evil destroy America and what we stand for here! The evil of media and democrats wanting to control Americans and destroy America as they are in bed with China!
Cindy B
Cindy B پیش ماه
We also have to give thanks to Maria Bartiromo, she is fantastic, a true journalist and Patriot on Fox.
Dexter Nunnery
Dexter Nunnery پیش ماه
WOW!!!!! just because Trump lost y'all are turning on Fox? This just shows how Tatum is morally. The judges are throwing out cases right and left because Trump lawyers are not presenting any evidence. If Tatum is so smart and truthful why arnt you getting all your evidence to Trump lawyers team to take into court? Tatum is connected to Trump so getting the evidence to his lawyers to show the judge is easy.
Nancy Patterson
Nancy Patterson پیش ماه
You are the MAN! Love you Tatum.
I still remember when Tucker was *banging the wars drums & defending Bush* every single day after the 911 treason.
Ashley Griffin
Ashley Griffin پیش ماه
I really hate to hear that
Lady of the Lord
Lady of the Lord پیش ماه
Journalists are no longer starving professionals but fat sell outs. When the hunger pain is gone, there is no appetite for truth. I hope the media falls hard all the way around when this is over!
Nancy Gregg
Nancy Gregg پیش ماه
The only news I can trust anymore. You are spot on with this fraud. I did see a story (news station in England) that 2 poll workers in Cali were arrested for tampering with ballots. Makes me wonder how many states besides the swing states now. Rofl I know my state of WV is safe. Every county was Trump by a landslide.
J G پیش ماه
Amen! Well said
J M پیش ماه
Tucker why? I ❤️ Tucker but why does he want the enemy to know what evidence there are?
rayjinglory productions
. . Remember when they silenced Newt Gingrich over the Soros bit - ???. . And Tucker Carlson is as bad as the rest. That is unless you didn't hear him talk about how "We should leave Hunter Biden out of this as He's not running for President". , . He ACTUALLY SAID THIS. . I was watching him when he said it. Think about how . . === EVERYBODY === . on the left went after . . Don Jr. . Ivanka . Even little Barron. . RE - LENTLESSLY. They weren't running for President EITHER. . . == SORRY == . Tucker sold out with the rest of those liars in the msm. . .I NO LONGER watch faux. . .
Shawn Bailey
Shawn Bailey پیش ماه
I believe Tucker wants the same answers you want and to converse over the topic in real time. He wants a number that like Sidney Powell said she not a numbers person but can get someone that is. Seems simple but not high profile enough. He'd like to hear it from Sidney, not a third party. It's neither here nor there. As for getting upset I can see where Tucker is coming from wanting information which she claims she has...Just not exact numbers which Tucker is MOST interested in. Granted when males talk to females, and this may seem trivial to many, but when you ask a pointed question to a female, they seem to never want to give a full answer and if they do, it turns into an attack. He knows there's fraud and he just wants numbers. She says there's fraud and she can't give those numbers but can direct him elsewhere. What?! Then where are these numbers?! Everyone wants to know so they can get word across the nation. I want to see the dems burn up too and I'm not even American. Trump is the best thing that's happened for America since Kennedy.. second term though, he might want to hire more security that all are 7 feet tall. To me , I'd love to hear exact numbers and how many states are so anti trump without voting. Then have trump go into those states and throw each of them to the curb and put people who are neither for or against him but allow merit to prevail. I thunk we all want merit to prevail.
T Ferguson
T Ferguson پیش ماه
I will never watch Tucker again, I dont care if he has evidence, he is a Judas.
DarkSkies پیش ماه
Tucker Carlson is receiving about 15 million a year. Soon very soon Faux news will go after Mark Levin ...
Steven Cano
Steven Cano پیش ماه
I was on mid shift on election night and I personally saw the damn near instantaneous vote dump for Biden..I was thinking "there's no fucking way those thousands of votes can solely for Biden"
deputydog239 پیش ماه
What the hell has happened to Fox News.
DanGoodShot pewpew
DanGoodShot pewpew پیش ماه
Look, it's come to a point where the left doesn't have to do anything. One misstep and we will just eat eachother. THIS is why we have lost our strength. There is no forgiveness, no cohesion and certainly no unity within the right. Do not get me wrong, I am not being a defeatist. I am pointing out our weak points. In the hope that people will see this and think. Come together and passing this around. We can't be strong and most definitely won't beat the far left if we keep eating ourselves. The left knows their message is weak and easy to beat. They count on, even use the fact that we on the right are so stubborn they use it against us and let us defeat ourselves. Let's come together. Point out missteps and discuss things instead of tearing eachother down. We help people to see their mistake and fix it. We need to be able to forgive that person and help them. We need people. That is how we will gain strength. That is how we beat the left without bending on our values. The left has become so far left it's insane. It doesn't take much strength to beat insanity. But we do need unity within the right. I also see this kind of behavior all the time with people within the pro gun movement and firearms industry. Everyone is so quick to tear each other down. We are doing the far left a huge favor when we do this. It needs to stop.
Boom Lopez
Boom Lopez پیش ماه
F FObama and Mike and the of there followers
Boom Lopez
Boom Lopez پیش ماه
WOW 😣😣 they got him too some BS really Tucker smmdh
PDM MUKUYE پیش ماه
I was done with FOX too... now I am at NewsMax
Smith Jones
Smith Jones پیش ماه
Tucker Carlson lost all credibility with his interview with Powell. He is still on the FOX news payroll and will say anything they tell him, much like a marionette or puppet, and should no longer be trusted.
Johnny Hammersticks
Johnny Hammersticks پیش ماه
You can't worship money and God, I guess they bought tuckers soul and his integrity for a price. If you take your eyes off God and worship wealth and put the united states in jeopardy, you are a Benedict Arnold sellout.
Beth L
Beth L پیش ماه
Tucker has really disappointed me. I can't even trust him any more.
Rnj Solo
Rnj Solo پیش ماه
Let me get this straight, what does happen when a team or an individual caught cheating or lying shouldn't they be disqualified? Yes or No? BUT THEN AGAIN THE DEMONRATS ARE ABOVE THE LAW, AINT THAT SOME SHIT AND THE FBI ARE CORRUPT TOO.
P. Roud Tobi Mi
P. Roud Tobi Mi پیش ماه
Meh, a news anchor makes one mistake and people are willing to throw them in the bin. I'm disappointed in Tucker myself, but I'd still watch him to see whether he's turned completely, or whether it was a mistake (partly born from a hurt ego according to rumours.)
sunchild -
sunchild - پیش ماه
money money money. it’ll corrupt anyone clearly.
Jenelle .smith
Jenelle .smith پیش ماه
Hahahahaha u lost u guys are delusional cult followers
Maggie Ray Jr
Maggie Ray Jr پیش ماه
You on point T
JMO JEN پیش ماه
I think it's funny that you get 55 TIMES the likes, to the dislikes...LMAO Speaks volumes!! 🤣🤣🤣
VitruvianBody پیش ماه
From what you just showed, i think everyone is being too harsh on tucker. Sydney stated that she's not a maths person and it's obvious tucker isn't a legal person. Him being rude to sydney is probably a misguided but good thing because it proves he wants her to have evidence but can't quite grasp that what she provided was solid evidence which may have frustrated him because he didn't understand. To me that proves tucker is on trumps side
Francis Terlep
Francis Terlep پیش ماه
You doing good on you site keep the good work my Brother
mstanley97 پیش ماه
Judge Jeanine and Hannity...and who ever else has Integrity please leave Fox and start your own news network
mstanley97 پیش ماه
No longer watching Fox!
mstanley97 پیش ماه
Tucker is comprised!
mstanley97 پیش ماه
I love your show! Keeping it real and thank you for having a male back bone!!!!
Sniper Logic
Sniper Logic پیش ماه
Carlson is a sell out traitor. Trust NO CORPORATE MEDIA! ZERO! THEY ARE ALLLLL LIARS.
John Radice
John Radice پیش ماه
Tucker Carlson sucks
Gray Gamer 777
Gray Gamer 777 پیش ماه
Rupert Murdoch has turned over control of FOX to his very liberal son Lachlan Murdoch + Paul Ryan is now a Big wig Exec at FOX so you're gonna see alotta different behavior Towards Trump from now on from FOX
A One
A One پیش ماه
Lou Dobbs is alright
Victoria Griffin
Victoria Griffin پیش ماه
Sorry! You missed this one Brandon - TC went off my screens a week ago 🤬
Jane Breaux
Jane Breaux پیش ماه
F-bomb Fox News. 🤬😡👎👎
Jane Breaux
Jane Breaux پیش ماه
He sold out!
Jane Breaux
Jane Breaux پیش ماه
Amen baby..amen!
Leanne LaForge
Leanne LaForge پیش ماه
I'm so disappointed in him!
Leanne LaForge
Leanne LaForge پیش ماه
I witnessed the fraud myself too!! So that means we're delusional??
Derek Ericksen
Derek Ericksen پیش ماه
Your saying the same thing the leftist said about the Russian collusion, I don’t need proof to believe that trump & Putin are working together. I voted for trump, I supported him. But I haven’t seen any legitimate evidence of voter fraud. Mathematicians & affidavits don’t prove anything in the court of law.
DjPSlim1 پیش ماه
You trippin. 4 more years to give rope and watch dems hang themselves. Everything takes time B Tatum
Darrell from Ohio
Darrell from Ohio پیش ماه
Communists Party USA has taken over the Democrat Party
ttttate1 پیش ماه
Tucker decided to Pucker!
Regina MacLeod
Regina MacLeod پیش ماه
Tucker has been Fox’d!! FOX is done.
Marcelina Cambise
Marcelina Cambise پیش ماه
Mr Tucker I did BELIEVE YOU, and I wash The Fox News YUST for you, GOD FORGIVE YOU SIR you are LIKE THEM.
Roderick Rawson
Roderick Rawson پیش ماه
Tucker's popularity has gone to his head. He thinks he is god almighty and you must tell him before taking your proof to the courts. what a sick dog he has become. last week al in for Trump & now all inf for delusionary Biden!!!!!
Colleen Harrison
Colleen Harrison پیش ماه
Haven’t watched Fox since they called AZ on election night!
jeddy tamiano
jeddy tamiano پیش ماه
Keep the charge Brotha!
Leslie Armenta
Leslie Armenta پیش ماه
I LOVED watching Tucker! Was so bummed to watch him sell out...he was my last news hope. Seriously disappointing.
J Mar
J Mar پیش ماه
Rush hasn't sold out. We need to pray for him and for our President and everyone loyal around him. They are in danger if we do not win this because they have been on the front lines of the fight for so long. We need to ask God what each one of us can do and do so with His help.
ed smart
ed smart پیش ماه
trump lost get over it guy
TheTacticalBarrage پیش ماه
Tucker makes 6million a year and has a net worth of about 30 million.
Christopher Wilder
Christopher Wilder پیش ماه
You on to something brother! Tucker showed his true CIA colors by completely flipping and turning on Mrs Powell who has evidence that ppl in both parties were involved in stealing this election. Time to take the country back by righteous force like our Christian forefathers did! Give me liberty or give me death!
Florene Provenzano
Florene Provenzano پیش ماه
Your so right! I don’t watch fox either
Daniel Peer
Daniel Peer پیش ماه
Look, Carlson is from California, he still works at Fox, and he used to work at CNN. This really shouldn't surprise anyone.
Terry Moore
Terry Moore پیش ماه
I read last night that ANTIFA is now coming after the Media if they call them out!!! I think it's great Evil verses EVIL. And Sydney has ZERO obligation to present her evidence to Tucker. Then I saw where Tucker is saying the Democrat's stole the ELECTION right in front of America and nobody is doing anything about it. Seriously Tucker get it together.
kb inSeattle
kb inSeattle پیش ماه
Yep, I'm with you! And I think they are up to like 1200+ affadavits...
Tim Watson
Tim Watson پیش ماه
Tucker really are you really that ignorant? Why in the world would Ms. Powell give you or anyone else evidence that may or will be used in an active court case.
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson پیش ماه
They are saving evidence for Supreme Court
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson پیش ماه
Sidney Powell got fired supposedly
Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson پیش ماه
It’s all demonic
Linda Vick
Linda Vick پیش ماه
Sorry Tucker has said so questionable things in the past,I could not understand why you ever took him seriously
Ariana پیش ماه
Let me just.... The reason Tucker was "the reasonable one" and "on our side" is so that WHEN HE INEVITABLY FLIPS SIDES we still trust him. However, we are smarter than that, they just didnt expect us to be
Steven Zissimos
Steven Zissimos پیش ماه
If you saw actual fraud taking place, why don't you show us the footage?
Dennis Sphatt
Dennis Sphatt پیش ماه
Ronnie Watkins
Ronnie Watkins پیش ماه
In all fairness to Tucker, he did basically say he "hoped" Sidney Powell would still produce evidence.
Shane Lewis
Shane Lewis پیش ماه
I thought Tucker was allowed full freedom for his own show? I still like Tucker even if I find something I disagree with him on.
MyOpinionOn Everything
🤣🤦‍♀️ wow you criticize the left media so much and now you're turning against Fox for actually reporting the news. You lost man. Suck it up. Stop spreading...fake news. 😮
Jonah 1: 9
Jonah 1: 9 پیش ماه
Amen big bruh!
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