On TMZ! Talking About My NEW Comedy Central, Holiday, Pandemic Special, & Obama Is Now a Comedian!? 

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Click here to watch: "Jeff Dunham’s 2020 IRitem REWIND | JEFF DUNHAM"
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I was on TMZ LIVE today talking about this Friday night’s Comedy Central premiere of my upcoming special "Jeff Dunham’s Completely Unrehearsed, Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special”, and we even discussed Obama’s new comedy show!?? Click here to watch the fun!
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2020 24 نوامبر





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B Henry
B Henry پیش 2 روز
I thought I would see puppets not this!
phoenix1977 پیش 18 روز
leftists : TRUMP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE rightists : BIDEN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jeff : i still have so much material.
ZwiftRogue پیش 22 روز
When wasn't Obama in comedy? He spent 8 years on stage telling jokes (oh, they were supposed to be political agendas.)
Brodacious Buckley
Brodacious Buckley پیش 28 روز
News can’t control who’s president
J En
J En پیش 29 روز
Hey tmz i dont think trumps going anywhere.
Bret Baker
Bret Baker پیش ماه
Keep making fun of all the little snowflakes Jeff. I love watching them have mental breakdowns.
Bulvine Scatologist
Bulvine Scatologist پیش ماه
Ya "HIT ME " with more "Comedian". Making fun of the of pollutions in office is the "Beast". If you can't laugh at yourself. It must be the truth. If a dummy can't say anything. We have no "Freedom of speech". No shit.
Elaine Fontaine
Elaine Fontaine پیش ماه
IRitem is also guilty of censoring..its ridiculous
John Nickel
John Nickel پیش ماه
Everyone lighten up ... IT'S A JOKE. ALL OF IT!!
DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman پیش ماه
Jeff Walter is looking more like doe binden lol. Make a cameltoe puppet next lol. Love your stuff man!
Lily Valley
Lily Valley پیش ماه
The Obama's oh please ! I love stupid good old fashioned goofy fun. Lol
Ula پیش ماه
Jeff you don't have to worry, Trump is not going anywhere
J Siernos
J Siernos پیش ماه
Walter already looks like Biden, so Jeff should have ALOT of material to work from lol, like the time Joe called that Iowa guy " Ok Fat" and Lets do some pushups . lol hilarious
psx2514 پیش ماه
Jeff, just ignore the woke twitter SJWs. They're just a loud vocal minority. They don't represent your fans or fans of comedy in general.
psx2514 پیش ماه
Trump won. Also, it's easier to make fun of Biden.
Travis Kellerman
Travis Kellerman پیش ماه
We will miss you as President Donald Trump
Diane Clifford
Diane Clifford پیش ماه
Their slime....
Thomas McDaniel
Thomas McDaniel پیش ماه
This is more than enough to turn my freakin' stomach! Obamasama just won't leave. Think of this analogy. Instead of Walter and Jeff, it will be Joe and Barrack.....same friggin' thing!!!
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Ryan پیش ماه
The Obama's failed in the White House so they might as well fail at comedy, he/she should wear the clothes she/he was born to wear and that is male.
Colton Ellis
Colton Ellis پیش ماه
Comedy would be him being a good president
dakota پیش ماه
Trump best 4 years of my life..
Strawberry blue the pony
David Mackieson
David Mackieson پیش ماه
See TMZ is jumping the gun on trump he hasn't lost anything yet but ppl would know if these left wing dem based shows told the truth
fingurl ECG
fingurl ECG پیش ماه
First of all those interviewing Jeff should not dismiss Trump getting into office. Thumbs down to any and everyone who dismisses Trump.
Enigma پیش ماه
F them all Give them all you got,,. Screw them. So give em hell
Nikk Land Drum
Nikk Land Drum پیش ماه
What a joke
Stanley Chounard
Stanley Chounard پیش ماه
Obama is the first and only president that committed treason.
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander پیش ماه
Jeff Dunham is the best
Ronald Welch
Ronald Welch پیش ماه
Don’t watch these little people.....they was funny for 8 years....always a joke
Wesley Kohlmeyer
Wesley Kohlmeyer پیش ماه
It kinda seems like they wanted Jeff to get political against trump but he pokes fun at both of them
John Kelly
John Kelly پیش ماه
Trump is not going now where until 2024
Disney Thrifter of Oz
Disney Thrifter of Oz پیش ماه
Is there is a way we can watch your new special in Australia
Kim D
Kim D پیش ماه
Walter should go out with @Sassy Gran😂😂💖💖
Many will burn
Many will burn پیش ماه
Biden is a puppet with China and Russia's hands in his ass elbow deep working that treasonous embarrassment.
Hope Harrison
Hope Harrison پیش ماه
And look at Robin Williams. Look how many people he offended. He was also one of the top comedians acknowledged by everyone, because of his personality and his humor. He loved to make people laugh! So does Jeff. Jeff loves to make people laugh. Jeff, keep doing what you do!
Hope Harrison
Hope Harrison پیش ماه
Jeff, you got a point. One wrong thing and you could lose your job. Anyone on here that doesn't have a sense of humor, 'I keel you!' To survive in this world, you have to be able to make fun of other things and of course, laugh at yourself. You can't please everyone and people that get offended are the ones who miss the whole point of comedy.
Sally Patriot
Sally Patriot پیش ماه
WRONG! Trump WON & The Obamas are a Joke all on them selves Gay Obomber & Michael Obama They Belong in Gitmo! Along with BeijingBiden & Baby Parts Harris 😡
Jurassic Noob
Jurassic Noob پیش ماه
I could watch Jeff on any talk show. That was great
dclanders پیش ماه
Too bad Trump won’t be around to laugh. He is the best dummy around.
Bir Knight
Bir Knight پیش ماه
Where can we watch the special
Diane Dnum
Diane Dnum پیش ماه
There’s even more to make fun of and Trump is still in the running of the election and the election hasn’t been called.
Cheryl JF
Cheryl JF پیش ماه
My whole family loves u Jeff peanut is my favorite
RushiesBoots پیش ماه
Walter could do an amazing Joe Bidet impersonation. Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen them in the same room? 😆 Luv ya Jeff!
Capt GreyBeard
Capt GreyBeard پیش ماه
Comedy isn’t for everyone, ie:Liberals
Rocky پیش ماه
Jeff is wrong - the White House already is an assisted living facility. Support staff does all the cooking and cleaning and the President even has a man to take care of his clothes. The President does not have to mow the lawn or do any maintenance. The White House is the Primo assisted living facility and it's free.
Michael Lance Steenberg
Jeff is seriously the funniest comedian ever. 😂😂😂
card player21
card player21 پیش ماه
The other comics can’t comprehend that there are other things to joke about other than Trump 😂. It’s not even funny at this point it’s so overplayed. All the past four years of done is showing that half the people we thought were comedians are just political hacks. Good job for not being one of those people Jeff! Your the best!
Eric Van Eck
Eric Van Eck پیش ماه
Trump is old news and past history now!!! YEA!!!!! No more orange Turd
Siegmar Henne
Siegmar Henne پیش ماه
No jokes about sleepy joe? Here is one, "When joe Biden becomes POTUS..." .
President-elect Zack Penhaligon
It's a joke, not sure it's a funny one though!! 😉
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman پیش ماه
Biden would laugh at the jokes through. Trump only laughs at his own dumb jokes. Obama laughed at jokes made about him.
Louisa Boudreaux
Louisa Boudreaux پیش ماه
CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT ONE. Your so funny thanks for the laughs 😍😀😀
John C
John C پیش ماه
The only joke on Obama is that he will be shot for TREASON! HE IS A TRAITOR TO MANKIND!
Tiffany B
Tiffany B پیش ماه
I’m just glad I grew up in the time I did. My skin is pretty thick because people like me (disabled people) were made fun of relentlessly. So not much offends me now.
szponiasty پیش ماه
Biden is a funny clown. GZ america, you've chosen even worse than before :D
Steven Wineinger
Steven Wineinger پیش ماه
Biden is not the president. Not even president elect. The electoral colleges have not voted yet. And if Biden wins, he will not be president until well into January 2021. The Associated Press, Fox, CNN, or any other organization can not call the official election results. They are not part of the process outlined by the Constitution
Matthew Acosta
Matthew Acosta پیش ماه
Trump is not out he still has lawsuits he will win
Joshua Tisdale
Joshua Tisdale پیش ماه
Obama is a joke 🤣😂
Sarah Denton girly no īīœ no 0London ú65
What are we Canada? WTH
J 1
J 1 پیش ماه
J 1
J 1 پیش ماه
Tiggy پیش ماه
I really hate anything that leads with the words Obama
Barbara Cholak
Barbara Cholak پیش ماه
Jeff Dunham TMZ right on LOL. Your right. People would be so offended by the likes of George Carlin. He was a very funny guy California Blessings
Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh پیش ماه
Nothing that these two come out with will ever be considered funny. Not with what they did to America. I’m talking Barry and wife.
Hun73rdk پیش ماه
So the child killer Obama is gonna do comeny year right wow those hoste are stupid lefties
Jamie Comer
Jamie Comer پیش ماه
Olhomo is about as funny as dropping boulders on my head!
Jon Netzinger
Jon Netzinger پیش ماه
Biden resembles Walter.
learning for everyone
learning for everyone پیش ماه
If Trump did this against them, he would be called racist. It is wrong for them to be able to do this.
Mighty Quin
Mighty Quin پیش ماه
Conspiracy theorist and enemy of the state, jeff dunham thinks your votes shouldnt count.
Momzilla پیش ماه
Trump isn't going any where.
Robin Rogers
Robin Rogers پیش ماه
Biden is a joke in itself.
SilverDiamond پیش ماه
Comedian became a president, president became a comedian, it has come full surcle, didn't it?
Chaille Smith
Chaille Smith پیش ماه
The idea that a candidate who cannot make it through a 10 minute speech without a teleprompter isn't comedy gold.
missy پیش ماه
Look at this dummy with his doll. So funny..🙄
Senator پیش ماه
a man who sticks his hand up something else's ass; should confine himself to his particular talents
Senator پیش ماه
JD...I liked you; but you really suck...what a hole
Always Unlimited
Always Unlimited پیش ماه
Trump should go into magic. His first trick will be to stay in office.
David B Dornburg
David B Dornburg پیش ماه
@Always UnlimitedYour Yellen comment is just a distraction and even you know it's factually silly. It seems to me that what we are "seeing" is the ridiculous rantings of our current President and his lawyer crew, making fools of themselves both in public and in assorted courtrooms. Be that as it may, I'm sure you only wish to "see" the things that support your particular mindset. Which is kinda sad. Ya know, it really won't kill you to take the "Far-Right Blinders" off for just a few minutes and actually "see" how you are being manipulated and exploited by those same folks. As I said earlier, there's nothing wrong with being Conservative, as long as one tempers it with what's actually happening around you and you don't go all righteous about being the Only One with the "facts". Not living in a world of conspiracy theories spread by folks who only care about you if you support them with no questions asked, would be a good place to start. Also, You & I ARE Important, don't ever let anybody get away with telling you that we aren't! We may have differing opinions, but we live in a Country were every single one of us has value and are equal.
Always Unlimited
Always Unlimited پیش ماه
@David B Dornburg I'm still here. Yellen's already booked her flight back to Germany. What matters though is if you believe that the election was fraudulent. Because what I'm seeing it's kinda obvious. Again D B, nothing we can do but wait'n'see because we're not important.
David B Dornburg
David B Dornburg پیش ماه
@Always Unlimited Hey A U, your Guy Wm. Barr just announced that the FBI, The DHS & The Dept. of Justice have found NO EVIDENCE OF WIDESPREAD FRAUD. Still feel all that confident about your Xmas prediction?
David B Dornburg
David B Dornburg پیش ماه
@Always Unlimited Heh ... OK A U, I see you've already drank too much of the Trump Kool-aid. Goodness-gracious... Just for the record, they are called MAIL-IN BALLOTS and they have been used in multiple states for Many Years before this election came along. It just so happens that most of the States this past Election Year, extended the eligibility requirements to larger numbers of their residents due to the COVID Pandemic. It has always taken several days to a week for them to be counted. There is no time limit on when the ballots get COUNTED on Election Day, so your 8PM comment is utter nonsense. The only requirement is on when they have to arrive at the polling places with a postal stamp that indicates they were mailed on or before Election Day. Gees, dude, you might want to stop just listening to the Right's Propaganda and actually LEARN about how our Election & Voting System works. You also might want to listen to the actual people who were doing the counting in the States. Many of whom were REPUBLICANS! And you're right, when one actually takes the time to educate oneself, it doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist" to learn how it all works. It just takes an independent mind not clouded by the ridiculous nonsense that our current President is spouting on a daily basis. BTW: I don't need a "PALMIST". I have enough intelligence (and common sense) on my own to know when one side or the other has lost, without having to decry a process that has worked just fine in this Country for some 200 years. Also, please take note that I have not even used the word "FRAUD" once to describe anything in our discussion. (and neither has any lawyer representing The Donald or the Republican Campaign in all the courtrooms in over 30 lawsuits)
Always Unlimited
Always Unlimited پیش ماه
@David B Dornburg Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that there's no way Biden got 80 million votes with most of them coming in after 8pm. You'll see. And you just proved that in your last sentence. In no election in history has a party done so well on the down tickets and the top one didn't win. You people are stupid to believe that. I'm done with you before I hear that there's no "widespread" voter fraud. Consult your PALMIST......
hm landis
hm landis پیش ماه
Will the special be released on DVD?
Big Country12
Big Country12 پیش ماه
Biden cheated Trump should still be our president
toëntje پیش ماه
Euh trump is gone !?
Adam Akroyd
Adam Akroyd پیش ماه
ben micek
ben micek پیش ماه
As long as we see url
Marc.b.Weed.extream پیش ماه
biden will put you in jail ..
isaiah navarro
isaiah navarro پیش ماه
Comedians are kinda being forved to make fun of themselfs cus thats the last un cancelable material
Olesimity Samm
Olesimity Samm پیش ماه
Walter is a SPLITTING IMAGE of biden Look at them twins
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson پیش ماه
He said goofy......duh
Dr Elizabeth Marsh
Dr Elizabeth Marsh پیش ماه
Aww darn I was hoping to get to see Jeff's new holiday special on Comedy Central Stand Up, only to find that Comedy Central does not allow showing from UK area. That really sucks.
Rob L
Rob L پیش ماه
Suprised Jeff went on the liberal shit show tmz
Kelly McNichols
Kelly McNichols پیش ماه
philip marsland
philip marsland پیش ماه
The White House is going to turn into the outhouse
Timothy Schaumloffel
Timothy Schaumloffel پیش ماه
Jeff; I had respect for you, until you and those clowns from TMZ has called our Election when it hasn’t been Certified or determined yet. Way to go dumb ass.!!😡😡😡
Lynsey Scripps
Lynsey Scripps پیش ماه
When will this be on in the UK?
Peggy P
Peggy P پیش ماه
Watching your specisl Thank you for the smiles and laughs ..
robert gwinn
robert gwinn پیش ماه
Lol... awesome
Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen پیش ماه
Watching the new show it's great, thanks!
HannahCody05 Reactions
Achmeds pandemic song is funny as hell. I want the lyrics to it
For The Republic
For The Republic پیش ماه
Jeff I'm watching your pandemic special right now and it is a hit. Great work, stay healthy, and happy holidays or as walter would say, Merry Freaking Christmas ⛄🎄.
Nicole Newsome
Nicole Newsome پیش ماه
Where can you find it?
SwollenRhino پیش ماه
Biden will pass away, Trump is still alive and still the president for another 4 years!
Austin Farris
Austin Farris پیش ماه
I won't be able to watch because I don't have have cable 😡😠
Danielle Dupree
Danielle Dupree پیش ماه
Thank you for a no political special, It's what we all need. And sorry to the host of TMZ Trump isn't gone yet... He still has till January 20th.
Ben Patten
Ben Patten پیش ماه
if ya ever need a clean joke about politics , just joke about how great it is to not have the phones ringing now asking for political surveys. I disconnected my phone and threw it out of the window because I couldn't get any sleep with all these putts asking who am I voting for. Now the silence is bliss to my ears, which reminds me I have to plug in the phone again damn it. Feel free to use that.
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