Maho CNC Conversion: THE MOVIE!! 

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Get that popcorn ready because It's finally here!
The Maho milling machine conversion all the kids are talking about!
Watch the whole thing... or... skip to the section you're interested in:
00:00 video starts here
00:51 video REALLY starts here
02:31 axis conversion overview
08:20 converted performance (rapids & speeds)
10:56 machine health & general inspection (geometric)
16:08 new CNC control add-ons
17:40 3-axis MPG
19:18 electronic tool setter
21:13 control/electrical cabinet (drives, VFD, hydraulics, oiler, relays, etc.)
23:40 servo drives wiring & I/O
24:45 AC Servos & Drives (Leadshine)
26:16 EtherCAT AC servo pricing & kits
27:22 Element-CNC industrial control PC
27:36 KINGSTAR realtime motion control
30:32 Open-Loop vs Closed-Loop for dummies, by dummies
34:34 Servo Tuning for dummies, by dummies
48:00 the end?
Check out RotarySMP's channel here:
Music used in this video:
Bolereando - Quincas Moreira

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Man Putty
Man Putty پیش 5 ساعت
Please do a gas spring video that would be amazing.
Spencer Callahan
Spencer Callahan پیش 13 ساعت
I still fondly remember the FANUC servo-tuning "blip" sound from my days working on CNC machines. Also, I now happily spend my days no longer working on CNC machines.
MAKGA پیش 14 ساعت
Does she still speak with a German accent?
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez پیش 17 ساعت
Super Awesomeness again, as Always!!
Justin پیش 18 ساعت
I'd buy the Maho OnlyFans
diggerman19 پیش 18 ساعت
Grey Paladin
Grey Paladin پیش 21 ساعت
Might want to add some movement locking switches or some sort of "dead-man" type switch to the MPG cube. I'm sure it's mostly fine, but I'd be worried if any freak vibrations on the table causing an MPG to move when it shouldn't. Or worse; something goes wrong and the cube is knocked off of the table, it hits the floor, the mpgs spin and send all the axes in random directions, your work is ruined, your tool explodes, the spindle is slammed into your vice and bends, and worse; you have to bring your router back while you spend a few months fixing the Maho.
Robin Forslund
Robin Forslund پیش روز
The difference in surface finish is most likley because one of the sides is climb milling (nice side) and The other side is conventional milling. I suspect it wont go away compleatly, unfortuneatly.
Calum Mackay
Calum Mackay پیش روز
Industrial electrician sees this and is beyond extremely impressed. Same guy looks at that panel and is utterly horrified! Get it sorted out man! Great channel definitely subscribing, just promise never to show me in there again!
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud پیش روز
19:00 So are you going to add haptic feedback for the machine loads? Then it would really feel like manual jogging...
TrumanHW پیش روز
Tram (apparently) is the parallelism within the x-axis. But NOD is the parallelism within the y-axis.
Attractspsychos پیش روز
From start to finish, how long did it take to make this video?
Mihkel پیش روز
That ballnut replacement @5:18... Is it me or the crunchy sound also matches up with the metal wire harness grinding against the plastic tube rings... There is also a solid ground groove from the contact grind in the plastic tube...
Attractspsychos پیش روز
I would never think to skip around on your videos.
SimoX04_ YT
SimoX04_ YT پیش روز
Man the strange ticking you were hearing at the start of the video were the two pipes sliding one over the other, around 5:25, look right
Ken Russ
Ken Russ پیش روز
Very, VERY informative! Thanks TOT for having taken what is surely a TON of time to put this all together.
Castloader پیش روز
Tony, you had me chuckling all through this. Keep up the humor, it makes learning about machining so enjoyable. Cheers!
Eragon Power
Eragon Power پیش 2 روز
I think that the crunching noise on the Y axis ball screw nut is caused by a misalignment, it makes that sound only when the bearing block is going towards the machine, that causes to bend even more and to destroy the ball screw nut
CheeseGuru101 پیش 2 روز
You’ve gotta be careful when working with dehydrated steel. A mate of mine didn’t have his coolant mix right and the piece expanded by 20x, he hasn’t been the same since
Systems Planet
Systems Planet پیش 2 روز
That machine sounds as bad as I feel
JD پیش 2 روز
Why a Mach based controller and not a commercial controller and software?
David Marcus
David Marcus پیش 3 روز
"...but it can become a rabbit hole if you keep thinkin' you could just get a little bit better." Truer words never spoken!
yeah nah yeah
yeah nah yeah پیش 3 روز
11:35 had me in a fit of laughter hahahaha
yeah nah yeah
yeah nah yeah پیش 3 روز
Scratch that the whole lot did hahaha
Way's Coatings
Way's Coatings پیش 3 روز
This Old Tony relly blows my mind! Where are you based out of?
Way's Coatings
Way's Coatings پیش 3 روز
Just a heads up I was a machine builder for American Broach and built alot fof the CNC Broach Sharpeners and I might have some insight for your ball screw problems too. We need to Colab !!
Keith Monarch
Keith Monarch پیش 3 روز
Tony, I have been enjoying your various machine projects. And do a nice job explaining/how-do. This might be the first time I popped 😳 a comment. If you're interested, for some good add on's to automate, for your machinery. Have you ever heard of Direct Automation 🤔. Check out this company. One day, we should chat together.
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart پیش 3 روز
What did i just watch I'm sure it was some guy talking about a big green machine that does some sort of wizardry with metal
Tony_in_PA پیش 3 روز
I love me some long format Tony.
CenturionPlays پیش 3 روز
Don't worry Tony. I watched the whole video. I even rewatched some of it because i kept getting distracted.
William T. Musil
William T. Musil پیش 3 روز
Greg Ranbo
Greg Ranbo پیش 3 روز
Don't worry about dove tail ways unless you have to hold .001 tolerances I operated a nc bridge port in the 70s with dove tail ways. no big deal Since then I operated and maintained 14 different cnc's . 13 had box ways, and I could hold .00005 tolerance on grade 2 titanium on a Takasawa lathe . We had Mazak mills and Lathes and Yams too.The only machine with ball ways was a Swedish drill press with 54 x 72 in travel. Are you Canadian because you work in metric? I still have not changed over. The ball screw clicking could be that you do not have double ball nuts face to face preloaded apart. This eliminates any backlash and some ball nuts takes one directional load only. The ball screws were anchored at each end with double angle contact bearings . to keep the screw from flexing. We would take 2in thick 304l stainless plate clamp it on two inche copper parallels so it would not slip also to allow for the chips to clear the cut.Chips and heat are your enemy! Drill a 1in hole thru the plate and use a 1 dia x 2.25 in corncob end mill all the way thru the plate . 200 rpm and 2in of feed full depth to make this plate into a doughnut shape. Did this for 39 years. Corn cob cutters are the best,1st rule of milling always climb cut, 2nd rule of milling always climb cut, 3rd rule of milling never conventional cut Use double ball nuts face to face preloaded and double angle contact bearings at both ends of lead screw. Have a good day.
John Scott
John Scott پیش 4 روز
Where did you get those gas shocks? Need a pair for my 100 year old mill. The table weighs around 500 lbs at least. Needs help going up. Have to buy a 2hp motor just to move it. Got a car steering wheel on it now. The base the table rides on is huge. The table 32inch and can move 38 inch left or right because of the huge base it's on. And no the ways aren't over tightened.
RedFathom پیش 5 روز
connector is a dbhd44. better than a db13w3 i guess.
caphenning پیش 5 روز
The cause of the .0001 drop is what is causing your Y axis to chew up.
Paul Kepner
Paul Kepner پیش 5 روز
Hey Tony, what camera or cameras do you use to record your videos?
Aaron Westbrook
Aaron Westbrook پیش 6 روز
Hey Tony, it almost looks like the y-axis crunch sound is being caused by those two hoses rubbing together! Just a thought!
مصطفى اللجي
مصطفى اللجي پیش 6 روز
Good job you can make an Chuck
Drimaropoylos Ioannis
Drimaropoylos Ioannis پیش 6 روز
Hi Old Tony, when you cutting a cycle cw the mill behaves like conversational milling because the left side cuts more material, and when cut a cycle ccw the mill is behave like climb milling because the right side cuts more material, I thing this is the reason you see different finish in the s type groove
Eduardo Rojas
Eduardo Rojas پیش 6 روز
@ThisOldTony I'm not sure if you were joking, but at 5:23 you can see there is a tube rubbing against another in the back, making the crunching sounds you mentioned
delmar93 پیش 7 روز
love this.
TheDarmach پیش 8 روز
While printing cases for the buttons you could create embossed names/descriptions for the buttons on the 3D model :)
Fugly Joe
Fugly Joe پیش 8 روز
I watched this in two sittings...
Captain Mother
Captain Mother پیش 8 روز
Can't help but notice those Chinese Leadshine ELP-750 Ethercat drives are already gone or hard to get.
John Anderson
John Anderson پیش 7 روز
It's hard to tell with Chinese knock-off EtherCat stuff...I've heard good things (cheap) and horror stories (had to replace after a few months, weird firmware bugs, motor bearing failures etc.). I'm sure Tony will tell us if it's breaking down over time. It's always suspicious when you see this stuff being hawked on eBay, AliExpress, etc. Hopefully it will all work great for him. Thanks for nice video!!
David Wells
David Wells پیش 8 روز
Weren't you having issues with the y axis essentially right after you got it? Could there be a underlying issue with the u axis that's causing the ball nut to break?
RazielTheBoo پیش 8 روز
Honestly Tony, hearing you find your voice, grow more comfortable in your videos, and learning so much from you, has been awesome. :D
Brett Spillman
Brett Spillman پیش 8 روز
Fantastic video. A bit more on servos.. Not all of them have batteries. The reason that servo has a battery is because it has an absolute encoder (this is how it can "remember" its position through a powercycle.) Some servos, like Allen-Bradley servos, use an incremental encoder but rely on the controller to maintain reference. In the machinery I work with on a daily basis, German paper converting equipment, there are many servo-driven elements. Since they're using incremental encoders, we have reference sensors on particular parts of the machine that the controller uses to "home" an axis. I've recently started watching your videos regularly and I'm really impressed with the amount of information you're relaying to the audience. I've learned a ton from you and I really appreciate the content. I've decided it's time to get a mill myself and stop using the ones at work for home projects. Originally, I wanted to get a CNC mill but the more I watch your videos and a few others on IRitem, I think I'd be better off getting a manual mill and adding CNC capability. This video may very well have catalyzed that idea. Thanks again for the great information and the laughs!
Demian Marcath
Demian Marcath پیش 9 روز
those are tapered gibs your y axis has there those can tighten up under motion if they have some play. now they should have either one screw pushing on either side which is a system that pretty much eliminates play in the gib but most of the time, for ease of use, they have one screw that fits into a groove to push the gib in and out ant if some part of that is worn the gib has some play to tighten up under load and screw up a ball screw in one way only
Demian Marcath
Demian Marcath پیش 9 روز
gliding ways can also work in rapid back and forth motion pretty well if they're lubricated enough, which they likely are in this case. still, scraping the ways can go a long way in keeping the oil on the ways under rapid motion. don't worry about the geometry, it should be finde the way it is and just a few crossing scrapes every half an inch is enough for those chonky guideways
Hugh Frater
Hugh Frater پیش 9 روز
Tony, do you know if your motion control system is driving those servo drives with step/direction or in torque mode with 0-10v inputs for speed and torque?
Hugh Frater
Hugh Frater پیش 9 روز
Those leadshine servos are tiny - amazing. I've a ton of experience with the Lichuan ones, they're fantastic value, I think we pay around $250 for a 750w drive and motor package.
ckid slag
ckid slag پیش 9 روز
11:35 When you got to tell your folks some bad news.
Stephen Ferrell
Stephen Ferrell پیش 9 روز
Question, has MAHO called and asked for their machine back? :)
BullofMagTime 3D
BullofMagTime 3D پیش 9 روز
5:21, If you pay close attention, you will see the sleaf ripple against the hydraulic-line... just saying
KillerkoUK پیش 9 روز
Did I just watch a 48 minutes long video about some cnc machine?
crazzo PL
crazzo PL پیش 10 روز
Hey Tonny! Isn't that weird sound in 5:37 a sound of a steel thingy rubbing on white plastic thingy?
desert_jin پیش 10 روز
My mechanic training is nearly a decade old, I am not good at electrics and useless with electronics, yet I've enjoyed the whole thing (though my two braincells went "nope!" for the electronic part) !
dcw56 پیش 10 روز
I sure miss This Old Tony. Nice that the new CNC guy kept the same hands and voice, though....
i992dc پیش 10 روز
Joe Donohue
Joe Donohue پیش 10 روز
do you want your conduit wire opening to fill with chips? Cover them up....
Keith’s Garage
Keith’s Garage پیش 11 روز
So who are the two others that made it to the end?(; I love these longer videos there just so packed right to the tippy top with information. And it’s the good stuff too, not like the crap you see on the news.
Tim Piggott
Tim Piggott پیش 11 روز
That was incredible Tony. I have no idea what you're talking about and yet I enjoyed every minute. I have attempted to watch "gone with the wind" (oh Ashley, oh Ashley) a couple of times but given up before the end! Not with this video! I am the 4th person to watch it all. I even think I could fool someone into thinking I know the difference between savoury and fruit loops! Thank you for making me a better person 💝😘
Pete DiCapua
Pete DiCapua پیش 11 روز
This old Tony. Try an Igus ball screw instead. No crunch and cheap and tough
stewartfrye پیش 11 روز
Maho, Maho man, i'd like to be a Maho man. I guess the guy in leather was German?
Tomoko's Enterprize
Tomoko's Enterprize پیش 11 روز
WOW, I'm with Ron Covell, , , ALL IN ONE BREATH, Amazing.
Cameron پیش 12 روز
5:40 Do you think that ah perhaps the crunch sound is coming from those two ribbed pipes rubbing together in the background?
Richard Markham
Richard Markham پیش 12 روز
Epic videos on this conversion Tony! So, if you here back at square one, would you do it again? (Ignoring all the lovely content you've created at the same time) Is buying an old CNC Bridgeport a better starting place?
This Old Tony
This Old Tony پیش 11 روز
right now? no. in a few years? prolly. 😁
Ricks Roadies
Ricks Roadies پیش 12 روز
"Green Mile", love it!
Garrett Carlson
Garrett Carlson پیش 12 روز
"Why do I watch these videos? I HATE machining!!" Also me- hey look a new TOT video.
Casey Roman
Casey Roman پیش 12 روز
Personally, I'd change out the gravel in the " Y" ballscrew. I tend to like smooth river pebbles over crushed granite.
Logan M P E
Logan M P E پیش 12 روز
Boy those overhead shots are hard on the vertigo!
Tom Jacobs
Tom Jacobs پیش 12 روز
I don't know anything about machining, milling, cnc, turning what have you at all. Barely have a concept of what those terms even mean. I guess its either Tony's style of presentation or me being a masochist that not only had me sitting through the entire video but even put my automatic porn downloader on pause for 48 mins.
ROBRENZ پیش 12 روز
A 48 minute video is not long. There is some idiot on YT doing 90 minute videos and not even apologizing, rediculous! Great video Tony as always! ATB, Robin
This Old Tony
This Old Tony پیش 12 روز
90 minutes?! the nerve of some people! 😉😘
Neodimium پیش 12 روز
The color is RAL6011.
Kurt Stedman
Kurt Stedman پیش 13 روز
The paper trick is still the best for 3D printing! Automatic bed leveling is kinda meh.
Bottle Of Fries
Bottle Of Fries پیش 13 روز
A bit of pointless trivia here: The "RAL" in all the color codes (like RAL6011) is also German for "Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen", which loosely translates to "Imperial Committee on Production Standards". It goes back to mid-1920s Germany.
Bears Rod Shop
Bears Rod Shop پیش 13 روز
The wiring of the control box is a piece of art!!! I liked GG's comment too!! Same answer I gave my bride this Saturday when I took her a long to pick up a LeBlond 17 and a Ru-Fu mill that camewith power X & DRO for x-y-z,,,Retirement Dear,,,,(Wife) But you retired 6 years,,,when are Really Going to Retire
owl3764 پیش 13 روز
lol, I guess more than three of us stuck it out. I never got to work on CNC lathes, my boss's father was an expert at the factory across the road though (always envied him a little for that), though they were from a different era. That switchboard... that's the sort of thing I could see myself ripping out and replacing with something beautiful to look at. Great video, I've been meaning to come back here for a long while but YT has been a little messed up for me after the one of many reformat's.
Ryan Box
Ryan Box پیش 13 روز
24:11 that scared the shit out of me, i heard it and immediately looked around wondering what was going on then got up to run to my printer to see if it just decided to die on me
Hopingforthebest expectingtheworst
In my research 9.5/10 dentist recommend watching the whole video
Sir SloppyVids
Sir SloppyVids پیش 13 روز
this is swaggersouls, you cant tell me its not lol
Daryl Rinehart
Daryl Rinehart پیش 13 روز
hey This Old Tony you should label the new buttons on the Maho with an R for release and a R for retract @16:32 that wat you can tell them apart.
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore پیش 13 روز
Hey...you're almost at a million subscribers!
Demonyah Ferguson
Demonyah Ferguson پیش 14 روز
You know I was watching this as I was brushing my teeth 😂
DASLAB68 پیش 14 روز
Smooth Movie Ex-Lax. Great information on how to get the drives tuned. It lets people know what they may be getting into if they want to try something like this at Home. Keep up the good work.
zvxcvxcz پیش 14 روز
So who are the other 2 of you that reached the end?
Rokas Šimkūnas
Rokas Šimkūnas پیش 14 روز
I have no idea what you talk about, what everything does that you have but I like it. I also have found a funnier way to watch your vids - put sea shanties on another tab and let them play.
Raiden پیش 14 روز
Haha, that power cabinet needs some work my friend, you can get better quality power supplies that aren't enormous o.o (ex; Cosel PCA series, Meanwell EPS/EPP series) Oh man, cheap pvc insulation on them copper wires.. I'd have used silicone R/C wire instead, more heat resistant :O Servo motors just have a encoder for replying back the actual movement, although on your Z axis you have a belt.. those can break or move around. I suppose the same thing could happen with a coupler. Trinamic makes some great stepper drivers that can perform microsteps, as well as detect excessive friction by measuring inductance. After watching this for awhile, I think you should pull a Ave, and just buy the smallest CNC Haas with the auto probe tools. :P
Lewis Rockliffe
Lewis Rockliffe پیش 14 روز
Tony, you know that 'crunching' sound on the Y axis is actually the cable running against the ribbed cable sleeve like a guiro
Mike Me
Mike Me پیش 14 روز
Auto tune on most Allen Bradley servos cause them to buzz trying to get perfect position. Usually need to turn it down a bit to stop the noise. Few grand for that system is cheap compared to that for just one motor.
Real Earth Concrete Real Earth Concrete
On camera it looks like the corrugated tube makes the crunchy ball nut noise as it rubs across the hydraulic pipe??
Indigenous.rabbit پیش 14 روز
28:55 Impossible, the hands have a foot.
RandomRon پیش 14 روز
And thank you for uploadin’
Nitro Zeus
Nitro Zeus پیش 14 روز
I don't even notice the robot orchestra coming from the 20 some odd steppers in my apartment. But yea, servos would be sweet.
I Wycratius
I Wycratius پیش 14 روز
looking forward to the Maho Cam Girl feed...
commenty commenter
commenty commenter پیش 14 روز
Dennis Van Hoof is a CNC guy that recently made a violin with a CNC machine. Just leaving this here for ToT since it might interest him.
Vladimír Podlešák
Vladimír Podlešák پیش 14 روز
This Old Tony channel: The only videos on youtube I rewind, not fast forward.
Matt E
Matt E پیش 14 روز
Hi Tony, I work for the company that invented KingStar. I work at a technical level. I like you video and I might be able to clear up some stuff about the hardware. KingStar runs on so many different PCs. The real trick is the NIC. If you want to chat reply to this and we can figure out a way to share emails. Your videos are great!! -Matt
Güntaç Gümüş
Güntaç Gümüş پیش 15 روز
As a dentist, I definately recommend this video...
SidneyCritic ComedyHound
SidneyCritic ComedyHound پیش 15 روز
Is that clicky ball screw high in the centre mount. If all 3 points aren't inline, it's going to jam when it gets to the end.
Александр Иванов
Oh, I love your sense of humor!😀
bbrown6799 پیش 15 روز
Well that started off on a very dark note.
shane پیش 15 روز
Dude this was awesome, great work 👍