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To help Tonya get her groove back, Terra rents a party bus and invites all the girls out for Tonya's Boss is Back Party! Things take a turn when Terra's friend Mika confronts Elena about her attitude in Season 7, Episode 2, "The Boss is Back." #LittleWomenLA
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"Little Women: LA" chronicles the adventures of a unique group of girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities, and even bigger drama...who all happen to be little people.
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Lifetime پیش ماه
Love Little Women: LA? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at mylifetime.com/schedule.
Michelle Kaiser
Michelle Kaiser پیش ماه
@JuJu Playz w
shauna silver
shauna silver پیش ماه
axe lil boss new show to bring back little women la
Sonya White
Sonya White پیش ماه
Hello Elena Preston My name is Sonia I know that's not going to be a hard name to remember .. always I'm just watching season 7 episode 2! And I would love to talk to to you guys privately so it's up to you.
Aiana G
Aiana G پیش ماه
I love your mom getting old lol I hope
Aiana G
Aiana G پیش ماه
@JuJu Playz you have to get is the best thing for me for your
Mr. Peanutbutter
Mr. Peanutbutter پیش 17 ساعت
Elena was so embarrassed by their behavior
gallimore26 پیش روز
Terra is sooooooooooooo jealous of elena it's so saddd
D_Esmeralda پیش روز
Listening to Tonya and Kerwin speak ...🥴
Aixa Coats
Aixa Coats پیش 2 روز
Tonya stop yoyoing with Kerwin feelings. 😜❤️
Luxuryhomes888 پیش 3 روز
Mika is a stoner yo
Monica Matos
Monica Matos پیش 3 روز
So Todd adopted Autumn and now he and Christy aren't together anymore? How does that work?
porsleendoll پیش 7 روز
I wonder what his zodiac sign is?
carpe diem
carpe diem پیش 7 روز
Jasmine shut yo a** up. You acting all hard saying “stay in your lane” girl please.. you stay in YOUR lane and stop fighting other people’s battles. You’re starting to get annoying. ✌️
araallix پیش 8 روز
Terra: It was just a matter of intimidation. girl intimidation of WHO???? Who, at that bar, could Elena be intimidated by? Surely not you, or your dirty rat friend you drag along to act as your guard dog whenever you feel inferior in the world...
Denisse Gonzalez
Denisse Gonzalez پیش 8 روز
I got second hand embarrassment with the bar scene. Like please just stop please, I would have walked out too.
Denisse Gonzalez
Denisse Gonzalez پیش 11 روز
I dont think tonyas daughter should have the ring. I feel like Tonya might steal it from her and also Kerwin spend his money on that ring therefore is his. Maybe he could resell it or return it lol.
evi lorelei
evi lorelei پیش 13 روز
Something about Preston creeps me out a little..
Anna S
Anna S پیش 13 روز
Mika tries so hard to be like Elena and terra tries so hard to replace Elena with Mika. Like pls that girl Mika is irrelevant
hair dresser
hair dresser پیش 13 روز
I hated learning that this show won't be back
Miah J.
Miah J. پیش 14 روز
Man Autumn hit home for me with how she feels about men because her own father disappointed and hurt her 😞. I almost started crying listening to her
Katherine Heffley
Katherine Heffley پیش 16 روز
Is Terra & her friend shopping at good well
Jenna Gosse
Jenna Gosse پیش 18 روز
Terra is just such a bad friend and person I can’t stand her
Wendi Kinard
Wendi Kinard پیش 18 روز
Mika is gross and sweaty looking
Maria Velez
Maria Velez پیش 19 روز
They are so cute 🐶❤
Maria Velez
Maria Velez پیش 19 روز
Mika she is so pretty end funny end fun
Maria Velez
Maria Velez پیش 19 روز
Terra🐌 jasmine 👸
Tasha پیش 19 روز
Terra is most toxic she put them down cause she doin a lil more then them. She died same thing she bash them for.. such a ugly person she mad cause she lost good friends lmfao she stay saying they using her GIRL BYE
Cats Reviews
Cats Reviews پیش 19 روز
Lol deep tissue massage, your hilarious Mika!
Natasha Sanks
Natasha Sanks پیش 20 روز
Angelica move tf out.....how dare you ask for that ring u too old
Candy Girl
Candy Girl پیش 20 روز
Tanya is starting to sound like it’s all about her soon as Kerwin keep saying how she feel she is defensive. They have to both listen and comprise for each other it’s a two way street. The fact they arguing about the tv being on at night I have been married for 13yrs and I’m 31 and when this came up in the relationship we compromise when my husband is ready to go to sleep I leave out and cut off everything or I cut off light and tv and watch my phone with headphones. It’s no way u can be in a relationship without communication and compromise. It’s two people different tryna come together and become one it’s not going be easy but I feel like they to old for this they have to be in there 50s and been off and on for 30 yeArs if they keep this up they both may end up lonely and by themselves. I think they make a cute couple and with continuous therapy and help they can fix there problems only problem that can’t keep being fixed is a unfaithful spouse.
Sammy P.
Sammy P. پیش 20 روز
Mika is just an alcoholic
Journie2x پیش 20 روز
Drea Chanel
Drea Chanel پیش 21 روز
Honestly I feel tonya.. why wasn't her being in that magazine highlighted!! Smh
Kira Marlatt
Kira Marlatt پیش 21 روز
newyork USA
newyork USA پیش 21 روز
Elena can be a bit laid back and judgemental, she did have a bad attitude, she could of smiled screamed clapped, act as if shes enjoying, she gets mad fast and is always walking away, she acts like, shes to good
Kris Krispy Treat
Kris Krispy Treat پیش 21 روز
Not to be mean or anything but Christy should have done that weight loss surgery she forced Todd to do ! I heard her and Todd had their marriage annulled because they never consummated the marriage ! No lie I read that in a reputable magazine!
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - پیش 20 روز
Look at her Instagram she healthy now
Alexandra Jean
Alexandra Jean پیش 21 روز
Kerwin pawned that ring or production took it back. What was the big deal of giving the ring back at that moment?
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy پیش 21 روز
Is that Sweetie from RHOA? Kim’s assistant.
Khadijjah Mote
Khadijjah Mote پیش 22 روز
Girl, a kitten girl
Karen Neely
Karen Neely پیش 24 روز
When is the show coming back on
born2xlr8 yep
born2xlr8 yep پیش 24 روز
This is stupid. WHY is this in my recommendations???
Munji Day
Munji Day پیش 25 روز
I love it when elena gets so mad she explodes.
chae parker
chae parker پیش 25 روز
Elena is being a total buzz kill, & Meka is the life of the party I’d hang out with her any day
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson پیش 25 روز
mika reminds me of emily from lw dallas
Rhonda Jones
Rhonda Jones پیش 26 روز
Tonya's daughter got to much mouth for me, how you not gone fix your mother a cup of tea.
Tyler Wax
Tyler Wax پیش 26 روز
My brother appreciate that message of encouragement 🙏🙌💙
Purple Heart
Purple Heart پیش 26 روز
FYI He got his money back from that engagement ring. Elana should have stayed her azz at home.
Purple Heart
Purple Heart پیش 20 روز
@Jennetteish - I took classes on bs
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - پیش 20 روز
You look smart
MrsOldGamer پیش 26 روز
Alona Jackson
Alona Jackson پیش 27 روز
he look TOO young to be messin wit tonya😂😂😂😂 girl go on !!
Rachel Marie Gonzalez
Rachel Marie Gonzalez پیش 27 روز
You know Maki was in a movie for American pie Special
Jazmin R
Jazmin R پیش 28 روز
Where is Briana ?
Mz. YumYum14
Mz. YumYum14 پیش 28 روز
I don't understand how paperwork in the last name really determines who your father is if that man raised you in that man was good to you well then that man is your father regardless!
C J پیش 28 روز
Adoption at 18 either im ahead of time or way behind at this point
Iyanah Ayars-Alli
Iyanah Ayars-Alli پیش 28 روز
Nobody gonna talk about how the baby looks like he’s bout to fall out
Malika Nevaeh
Malika Nevaeh پیش 29 روز
Omg I follow Tonya on Instagram now she is following me and I had a conversation with her on her page! wow this is great and amazing I love her and jasmine so much! 🎉😊
The Afterlife Chronicles Radio Show
2:01 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
Ashley Reese Living
Ashley Reese Living پیش 29 روز
Elena said just being a mom is not enough? Didn't she get jealous with Terra for living her dreams?
Neia Ne
Neia Ne پیش 19 روز
Elena low key I think was jealous of terra about dance with the stars that’s why she was so mad just like with Mary Elena is a hater and boring
marisa nieves
marisa nieves پیش 29 روز
Elena is so boring
kit kat
kit kat پیش 29 روز
I’m glad terra found another adult baby as a friend: mika
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - پیش 20 روز
Ariana Grande is that you
Jossetta McGhee
Jossetta McGhee پیش 29 روز
I feel like Tierra is a bully
That’s the child I am “can I have it
L Nicole
L Nicole پیش 29 روز
Are these new episodes?
Saving With Leslie
Saving With Leslie پیش 29 روز
This time I disagree with Elena. She knew it was girls night out and she knew what was planned why she looking like she’s smelling 💩 if she dint want to go have fun why go? At the end this was for Tanya to feel better from her breakup
Ciana Haley
Ciana Haley پیش 29 روز
Terra looks like a pint sized “Karen”
jennybaby پیش ماه
Just sell the ring
Ellie Callahan
Ellie Callahan پیش ماه
Autumns dog is so dumb lmao
My life as Maria
My life as Maria پیش ماه
Mika needs to act her age
bogaloo1231 پیش ماه
Thank you for posting !!!!!!!!!
Joeana S
Joeana S پیش ماه
where’s briana
rocio sandoval
rocio sandoval پیش ماه
Wtf someone commented that matt shot himself is that true!!??
Angela Hoffman
Angela Hoffman پیش ماه
Tonyas daughter has really changed..... For the worst. The attitude and disrespect is next level. No wonder she did what she did to Christys daughter. She's become a totally different person.
rocio sandoval
rocio sandoval پیش ماه
What she do to christys daughter?
Wanda Carter
Wanda Carter پیش ماه
If Elena don't want to give $ to bgg the stripper that's her business she don't feel comfortable & she married & respect her husband when he not around. She not being loose that's great.
thatchanel پیش ماه
Kerwin is rude af
Wanda Carter
Wanda Carter پیش ماه
Black man listen to your self cursing at your former wife to be on IRitem my God I wouldn't marry u either no respect for a sister. Don't do what we may do or say. I forgot we can't teach old dogs nee tricks u want a working woman to come home & cook what's wrong with your hands? I c your legs not so well but u can cook every time she work have it ready for her she is the QUEEN.
Heather Johnston
Heather Johnston پیش ماه
Call me dumb idgaf but wheres bri and why aint she in the intro i mean i dont really like her but her relationship makes me feel better about mine
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - پیش 20 روز
Her husband apparently like little kids you know what I mean so obviously she divorce him now she got a new man they look happy together but I think matt shot himself too man these people are crazy
Jennetteish -
Jennetteish - پیش 20 روز
Omfg you missed soo much
West پیش ماه
The flashback clip of Elena she looked SO SKINNy
Raven K Dear
Raven K Dear پیش ماه
No one saying anything about the clip of her poor outside bunny’s? :(
Brandi Leann
Brandi Leann پیش ماه
No wonder Elena had a problem with Mary, she was severely jealous of her fashion career. She put Mary down because Elena's fashion dream was rejected. Hmmmmmm...
It’s Dekontee
It’s Dekontee پیش ماه
Did Terra’s book even do well ?
Aaron پیش ماه
The fact Jasmine jumped in for Elena I loved it !! Mika stay in your place
Matthew S
Matthew S پیش ماه
kerwin seems like a decent guy. i feel bad for him but he deserves someone who is gonna treat him as their equal.
Michelline Pierre
Michelline Pierre پیش ماه
What did Christy do to her face
Tacarra M
Tacarra M پیش ماه
Did they not know that Autumn can have her Mom’s (maiden) last name? This didn’t age well. And Tonya was engaged for all of 5 minutes. What freedom are they celebrating exactly?
D_Esmeralda پیش روز
I agree but I wonder if that's what Autumn's been using from what she said and used the adoption as an opportunity to change it legally.
Julianna Smith
Julianna Smith پیش ماه
Terra is honestly and embarrassment
Michelle Kaiser
Michelle Kaiser پیش ماه
Purple J
Purple J پیش ماه
Lmao the audio mixing @ 10:40 is sooo wack. Miss Elena trying to give her little monologue and the music is just WHUSHHHHHH
Angela Hoffman
Angela Hoffman پیش ماه
Hello Tonya... Aka Brianna. Made of fun of the girl.... Look at you now.
Christina پیش ماه
@7:00 that didn’t age well lol
Julianna Smith
Julianna Smith پیش ماه
It's really funny everytime some one even trys to discuss something with terra she turns it around and becomes the victim. HONEY need to grow up act like and adult and learn to take criticism. Girl your not as great as you think u r
girlonlaptop پیش ماه
Terra would make a great politician.
Summer C
Summer C پیش ماه
Wow Christy. What a transformation!
CaRoLyN FrOm UTAH پیش ماه
Terra has a bad spirit about her. I am unsubscribing. Here comes the sun!
AlaNis __ GEEE
AlaNis __ GEEE پیش ماه
Terra is such trash
Kay پیش ماه
I’ve always seen Elena doing something in the makeup industry because she’s such a Barbie when it comes to her makeup🥰 I’m happy she has her eyeshadow palettes out now✨
ashley enveeno
ashley enveeno پیش ماه
Elena is just mad Becuase its not about her
Donetta Kirby
Donetta Kirby پیش ماه
Tod looks so good after having his surgery. He looks alot healthier now.
D Diaz
D Diaz پیش ماه
i love how we are all just watching these episodes together
Leelee Babe
Leelee Babe پیش ماه
I just wanna know why everyone anyways saying terra name and not the other girls. Like elena should have just stayed home if she wasn’t gonna do anything
Yanet B
Yanet B پیش ماه
Kerwin probably spent extra money he didn’t have to satisfy tonya with the ring and now that she still not happy and wanted to break up he probably was planning to return the ring and get his money back lol and his daughter messed all that up for him by asking for the ring 🥲
Blazian 4ever
Blazian 4ever پیش ماه
Alana you definitely should to teach your kids your Russian origins and languages I think it’s so cool and they would be so cute and successful speaking in both. I love y’all
ashley enveeno
ashley enveeno پیش ماه
Oh they finally realised that Elena doesn’t care about them about them and only hangs out with them when they have clout or for the show
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis پیش ماه
ashley enveeno Yea i agree on that point.
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis پیش ماه
Kim Ehler What?
Kim Ehler
Kim Ehler پیش ماه
How many times to you have to say about them
ashley enveeno
ashley enveeno پیش ماه
Alexis Davis I know it’s the show but it’s still sooo fake to act like someone’s friend when they have a hit coming out.
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis پیش ماه
i mean that’s what shes paid for lol. At the end of the day the show is her job. If i wasn’t paid i wouldn’t hang out with some of them either lol. They act like Elena isn’t successful but she’s on the show because she’s had some success she took a break to focus on her family and that comes with getting older. However, Elena was in multiple popular shows and movies.
iki pada
iki pada پیش ماه
I don't trust anybody with my kids...nope never
Kell’s living
Kell’s living پیش ماه
Is this old
Rightfully so
Rightfully so پیش ماه
Terra gets a lot of hate... but one thing NO ONE can take from her... when she has a business idea... she follows through on it... which is probably why Elena had so much to say about Terra working as hard as she does..because deep down she is envious of it.. give props where props is due..
The Myi
The Myi پیش ماه
Yalllll have to go Listen to nba youngboy’s new song “toxic punk” OMG yalllll go listen, it’s soooo good
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