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2020 20 نوامبر





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Tanya Robinson
Tanya Robinson پیش ماه
It was a bomb drop, no doubt!! CNN “activist”...that’s not fair! 😫😤😭
James Staten Jr.
James Staten Jr. پیش ماه
@EJ Listen to real news sometimes, there are several candidates. You sound just like OAN and the other made up news networks
James Staten Jr.
James Staten Jr. پیش ماه
James Staten Jr.
James Staten Jr. پیش ماه
@Tanya Robinson Only 43% believe you 44% counting Pinocchio and his family and friend. This is over see you in 4 years
James Staten Jr.
James Staten Jr. پیش ماه
@Tanya Robinson I know we're calling someone a liar especially Pinocchio who lies daily to everyone just for ratings and votes.
Tanya Robinson
Tanya Robinson پیش ماه
You don’t think Biden is a liar? He’s flip flopped several times in the last couple of months!!
Mitchell Conley
Mitchell Conley پیش 13 روز
When Kayleigh opens up her binder it's all over but the crying.
TJ Worker
TJ Worker پیش 18 روز
I know that Trump knows how to use time on cam. He maybe a narcissist or not, he ain’t scared and never folds his cards. Cause, he has the best cards, the best ever found or even ever seen. He knows that! And I respect that. Even when he seems to be an under dog at this time! He Ain’t Folding! Scottish blood in him! 😂 I’m Scandinavian and a Democrap! I’m kinda scared of Biden 😨
oneagentfrog پیش 19 روز
I missed a bunch of videos I had to resubscribe at this video😡😤 censorship makes me feel an angry rage in my soul!
Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd پیش 19 روز
Don Jr. And Kayleigh 2024!
marcus پیش 20 روز
Speak it Brother ! God IS in control !!! I can't see Him allowing this evil to be perpetrated on the American people. There will come a time... but it doesn't feel like this is that time. To have a situation like this turn out for those who have no problem lying, cheating, stealing and threatening good people would be a very bitter pill to swallow. It will destroy this country and affect the entire world.
Kakarot ThaROTT
Kakarot ThaROTT پیش 21 روز
"Transfer and power" That's what she said before she started her comments. Transfer means sitting administration works with new administration by passing the baton and ensuring continuity. She talks about people attacking Trump and not supporting him and you keep saying "Fact", like she's proving something. If Obama and his administration didn't work with Trump for a seamless transition, then this post would make sense. She is telling the truth about things that happened, but they have nothing to do with transfer of power. You know that and so does she, but for some reason, you don't care that she isn't addressing transfer and power.
melinda thurston
melinda thurston پیش 24 روز
The Cannabis Connoisseur
The Cannabis Connoisseur پیش 24 روز
Was wondering knowing what is in this China virus Bill? Who gets money? Now if President Trump doesn’t VETO this Bill?? Ask yourself this, WHOSE SIDE IS HE REALLY ON?????
house2homeplus پیش 24 روز
All conservatives must boycott and destroy liberal snti God values
Stefanie Turner
Stefanie Turner پیش 26 روز
You are wonderful. Salty army 😘 We need to be Americans first. Soooo much love ❤️
SHIELD OF FAITH پیش 26 روز
whitexchina پیش 27 روز
Keileigh McEnenany is a very impressive woman!
AlchemyzzT Zero
AlchemyzzT Zero پیش 27 روز
Shes also going to be Jobless in a bout 4 weeks....
Pariah پیش 28 روز
She's pretty much the deal.
Michele Conroy
Michele Conroy پیش 29 روز
Love your program!
Angel پیش 29 روز
Ladies like us strong truthful straight up men and women tend to be hated by people god bless this woman merry Christmas to you and your family trump won
Gary Owenby
Gary Owenby پیش 29 روز
Trump 2020, he is our elected POTUS! Amen🇺🇸
Gary Owenby
Gary Owenby پیش 29 روز
With ya Brandon from NC Tarheel Patriot! 🇺🇸💪🏻⚔️
Joe fisma
Joe fisma پیش ماه
Look at both these traitors covering up for Russians. No wonder people don't think conservatives want law and order.
Steve Stanley
Steve Stanley پیش ماه
Just started watching you, thank you big man. Keep up the good work God bless you.
Harley Girl 4Life
Harley Girl 4Life پیش ماه
I adore her. I will so miss her if we lose Trump in office the next 4 yrs. You will NEVER get me to think or believe The Biden Crime Family didn’t cheat ,steal ,lie & rob us of THIS election!!! How terrible & SAD for the country we will have 4 more yrs of the worthless Obama era... or worse !!! God help us these next 4 years.
michelle ekstrom
michelle ekstrom پیش ماه
Katlee is fearless, makes me proud 🎄🎄🎄 Thank you for playing officer Tatum , God Bless you!
Paula Ross
Paula Ross پیش ماه
These are people who have been lied to for years. Years, years,years. That’s why when truth hits they can’t take it.
cclevel45 پیش ماه
52k likes!!!!! That restored some of my faith in this country.
Dolores Harkins
Dolores Harkins پیش ماه
why don't we do this now with a-- wipe Biden
Garrett Cooney
Garrett Cooney پیش ماه
I stopped getting notifications from you bro. I’ve listened to you everyday for the last 3 months and this is the first time you are no where in my notifications. We need a class action lawsuit!
Carla Gillis
Carla Gillis پیش ماه
Love her.
AntiSHITPACBOOM3 پیش ماه
"The only woman I love more than Kayleigh McEnany is my wife." Sad. PATHETICALLY sad.
Angela Long
Angela Long پیش ماه
We finally have women in government that I can show my daughter as role model, Kayleigh, Sarah Sanders, Amy in the Supreme court, and even Kim Klacic.
Master Shake
Master Shake پیش 13 روز
@Angela Long AOC is the youngest congresswoman in history. She’s very successful and has helped expose the frivolous spending of certain government entities which have resulted in tax payer money being refunded and appropriated more effectively. Not to mention she’s been very vocal about issues with our health care system and the status of our education system. Seems like Kayleigh is only good for defending Trumps lies and downplaying the severity of this pandemic. Funny how you want your daughter to idolize the right people when you don’t seem to care that the man Kayleigh defends was once caught entering the locker room of a young ladies beauty pageant or the fact that he finds no issue with grabbing a woman by the pussy. Just out of curiosity, what is it about AOC you don’t like? All you did was insult her and infer to me that my even mentioning her name was hilarious. Name a few reasons as to why you don’t like her. Go ahead, it should be easy considering your strong opinion towards her... unless of course you’re just a fool parroting what your family and colleagues have said about her without putting any original thought into it. (Remember you’re a role model for your daughter which means you should be able to answer a simple question) 😉
Angela Long
Angela Long پیش 13 روز
@Master Shake AOC will never be a role model to look up to. (my daughter is still in elementary school and knows what a garbage disposal is, and uses it the right way.) But thanks for the gut busting, rolling on the floor nearly peeing myself 😂😂😂😂😂.
Master Shake
Master Shake پیش 22 روز
What about AOC?
Angela Long
Angela Long پیش ماه
Boss B. Keep doing what you are doing. You are making us Texas conservatives proud.
Hamilton Johns
Hamilton Johns پیش ماه
Tracey Gardella
Tracey Gardella پیش ماه
Right, Right, Right Right,Right. Mr Tatum I pray everyday that all those wimpy Republicans open their mouths and say thank u Mr President for everything u did for the American people get some balls. like His Press Secretary
Babalo Kern Sono
Babalo Kern Sono پیش ماه
I hear IRitem is going to cancel all these fake news and misleading channels hopefully they start with this one
Carlie A.
Carlie A. پیش ماه
hopefully it starts with your comment
D G پیش ماه
Go on rumble done with you tube
sandfaydontplay پیش ماه
Tatum I’m a content creator and you need to be careful because IRitem Begin Removing video Claims of Election Fraud. Read what’s NewsMax posted on its website. www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/1000777/1
Charlie Olguin
Charlie Olguin پیش ماه
I don't know your daddy, but I could hear him through the screen mumbling and grumbling wherever he's at.
Isabelle LACHAMBRE پیش ماه
President Trump warned you : we're going to win so much you'll say enough, we're tired of winning ! I hope he was right. I wish you all the winnings possible !
Seth Pinder
Seth Pinder پیش ماه
Dropin facts will be a huge hit!! I'll do the beats for ya.😀
Just Saying
Just Saying پیش ماه
God is in control, but when the righteous in Christ do nothing abbortion becomes legal, gay marriage becomes the norm, gender mutilation excepted why because they might be offended. Then lawlessness increases they call right wrong and wrong right. A man reaps what he sows if we sit and do nothing we deserve what we get. When David fought goliath God was in control that's what gave David the courage to fight the gaint. The other Israelites heard about the same God, but were afraid of goliath, they excepted defeat without a fight.
Marion Herring
Marion Herring پیش ماه
TK Blaine
TK Blaine پیش ماه
I think she should be on the next cover of People magazine for the sexiest woman alive! Dang, I’m a straight woman and she has me singing... 🎶 Sugar, Sugar How Did You Get So Fly 🎶!
Annie WAP
Annie WAP پیش ماه
🇺🇸 Another reason to keep Trump-we also get to keep Kayleigh. 🎉
Raymond Loya
Raymond Loya پیش ماه
888 trolls funny there coming out of the woodwork sence the steel SMH
Dan Rover
Dan Rover پیش ماه
Amen brother 👍🍻
Faaga T.
Faaga T. پیش ماه
She's the best press secretary ever! She's always prepared. She never cracks, she's eloquent, professional, and a Boss!
money mitch 86
money mitch 86 پیش ماه
She want have a job in a bit lmao
Wanker527 پیش ماه
Eliza پیش ماه
I also heard if we do an audit he won california. But I also believe God has the best interest in us and he will decide. A miracle can happen. 🙏
Eliza پیش ماه
She is amazing🥳
Alex Vanmeter
Alex Vanmeter پیش ماه
I love your Videos
Regina Perry
Regina Perry پیش ماه
Faith can move Mountains
Regina Perry
Regina Perry پیش ماه
Go Ham
Go Ham پیش ماه
The merchant link. Lol
Larry J
Larry J پیش ماه
A disabled feeble man went into a Tire kingdom in Florida and the man yelled WHERE IS YOUR MASK! The poor guy went out crying I have asthma I CAN'T BREATHE!!! Witness coming forward... A TRUE STORY
Eugene Moore
Eugene Moore پیش ماه
Alright Tatum, time for martial law. Trump needs to demand a revote of the swing states with no mail in ballots. Our election and national security has been compromised by China. Lincoln did it in 1863 and we could potentially have a civil war. Half of america has been disinfrachised. Not enough time for more investigations. Don't be passive.
mike cooke
mike cooke پیش ماه
is your dad a dem? lol
Michael MCKEE
Michael MCKEE پیش ماه
Give that liberal, so called reporter, a diaper. V/R Mike
The Mad Daddy
The Mad Daddy پیش ماه
Makes a bunch of statements, mic drops and doesn't answer ANY follow up questions and that's killing it?
The Mad Daddy
The Mad Daddy پیش ماه
Who has been saying Trumps election in 2016 was not legitimate?
Lynnette Cook
Lynnette Cook پیش ماه
Bravo to Kayleigh Mcenany!!!! She told the truth!!!!
Matthew Velazquez
Matthew Velazquez پیش ماه
Jesse Rains
Jesse Rains پیش ماه
Dropping fax fax fax fax
Jesse Rains
Jesse Rains پیش ماه
AMEN Brother GOD bless you
Nicholas Hendricks
Nicholas Hendricks پیش ماه
All this work ... and Trump still won’t be president ... I love it.
Ryan L.
Ryan L. پیش ماه
Kayleigh McEnany is so awesome!!!
Fish TeLL
Fish TeLL پیش ماه
We are all in together
Faith Alexander
Faith Alexander پیش ماه
Good stuff!!!!
Robert H
Robert H پیش ماه
Destin65 پیش ماه
So this is the Brandon Tatum that is engaging in Stolen Valor and talking shit about us US military veterans. Hey chump, you want a piece of this US Military expert, you come get some. And bring all your COVID conspiracies with you too, in addition to being an elite member of a tactical unit I am also highly qualified to fight, survive and win in a biological environment. You ain't shit. The Green Line trumps all.
Cassie Love
Cassie Love پیش ماه
It's called a professional liar. That's what she is.
Master Shake
Master Shake پیش 22 روز
Careful, they’re brainwashed and don’t accept logic here
Tami Moorcroft
Tami Moorcroft پیش ماه
Kaleigh is a total ROCK STAR...She is the perfect one to represent PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP..🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️
Ingrid Howard
Ingrid Howard پیش ماه
Condi Rice and Sara H too
Vickie P.
Vickie P. پیش ماه
Sara Carlson
Sara Carlson پیش ماه
Mike Snow
Mike Snow پیش ماه
Y’all lost lmfao stfu
Suzanne Ulry
Suzanne Ulry پیش ماه
God is always in control!!!
Ellen Russell
Ellen Russell پیش ماه
I so appreciate you! God bless you!!
hazel stamper
hazel stamper پیش ماه
She rips them apart. With class!
RagedWolfGaming پیش ماه
Steve Baker
Steve Baker پیش ماه
Kayleigh needs to worry about keeping inventory for Diaper Don’s depends that’s her job until Jan.20.
mrs bird
mrs bird پیش ماه
Kayleigh is a rockstar!!!
Adalyd Gracia-Oliveras
I don't have doubt that this elections are a fraud
Lori Welch
Lori Welch پیش ماه
I believe God’s Justice will have the final say! We the people didn’t vote for Biden- our vote was stolen from us! God will avenge!
Adam Eve
Adam Eve پیش ماه
She’s the best Trump representative ever and the best conservative ever. I have the most respect for this woman possible.
100% American Made
100% American Made پیش ماه
Droppin facts, droppin facts.....
Edward Sandoval
Edward Sandoval پیش ماه
Amen B Tatum ......regarding the Office of the Presidency... let the Lord's Will be done!
Iss. hinck
Iss. hinck پیش ماه
Facts over baseless feelings all day!!!
Shawn Turney
Shawn Turney پیش ماه
She is a BOSS! So unbelievably smart with fact after fact right in your face. I love this woman. Just embarrassing these liberal dunces. Rock on Kaleigh and keep doing what you're doing
Leslie B
Leslie B پیش ماه
Thank you for bringing up the fact that God is in control and whatever $&@# storm is ahead He will use it to our betterment.
TexanBorn51 پیش ماه
Hi Officer Tatum hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. You are a wonderful dedicated Patriot of honesty and truth. Your a great service to our laws and God blessed country. Allow me to share this with all of you...js Gen Flynn is free now watch and see Fly like a butterfly Sting like a bee OSINT open source intelligence NDAA national district attorneys association DOD department of defense NCSWIC/DHS/CISA International/local cyber warfare SOF special operations forces *RENDITION FLIGHTS* 14th Amendment outside the courts and SCOTUS Insurrection Act
Maria Richman
Maria Richman پیش ماه
Great video and truth reporting. God bless you
Meihana Macdonald
Meihana Macdonald پیش ماه
When the final Trump sounds Evil the world over will tremble and shudder knowing that their reign of Political Drag n Drop terror will be overcome and destroyed.
What is Truth
What is Truth پیش ماه
What about Candice? You already forgot about her?
Eirik Duke
Eirik Duke پیش ماه
Athena Royal
Athena Royal پیش ماه
This literally says it was released one hour ago on my feed but I click on it and it says 6 days ago. Edit: I'm 3 mins in and just got the notification😒
Mark Gray
Mark Gray پیش ماه
Kayleigh is a Heavyweight Champion, just pounding the MSM. It’s a bloodbath. And there’s no Ref to stop the fight!
Mark Gray
Mark Gray پیش ماه
Yeah, Kayleigh is a true BEAST!!!
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams پیش ماه
Amen brother! God is in control no matter what!
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness پیش ماه
You make it really hard to take your channel seriously. Almost 4 minutes of you rambling on about nothing then you won't allow us to hear what she has to say.
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness پیش ماه
So because you don't know anybody it doesn't exist. Cmon man....in a previous video you were one breath away from guaranteeing a Trump victory.