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2020 27 نوامبر





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James Cranfill
James Cranfill پیش 9 ساعت
Psalms 109:8 for joe
KJ J پیش 2 روز
A PALMIST is when all 5 fingers wants to say something to the face in unison
IncredibleC پیش 8 روز
I died@ 2:35😂😂😂💀💀💀🤦🏾‍♂️
Allison Haskell
Allison Haskell پیش 10 روز
Hahaha and nope devote Catholic can’t be for Murder and lying
Sandra Thompson
Sandra Thompson پیش 12 روز
This man is not very intelligent, and most certainly has not read the Bible. Notice the tone of his voice, as if he were solemn and in prayer. It is almost as if he thinks he is Jesus and is gathering his lamb. I think he may be very scary if that is the case.
jeri814white پیش 13 روز
He is a idiot or he needs to wear glasses
scott moody
scott moody پیش 13 روز
A puppet reading a teleprompter .
epiccreature88 پیش 16 روز
I secretly watch this channel...he's rite sometimes but he over simplifies things ..but 👍
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins پیش 18 روز
Arrogant Communists that want to control all aspects of our lives. We are going to need to rise up and fight to get our Country back!
Health Approach
Health Approach پیش 18 روز
Still cant get over this palmist blunder. He said it twice and confidently without noticing? He’s no Christian!
Street source Productions
Street source Productions پیش 19 روز
I think he is just losing his mind. He clearly can not read what is in front of him😬
Aaron Blake
Aaron Blake پیش 20 روز
More hypocrisy from conservatives. Trump the biggest Christian. 3 wives and hoes on the side. Don't speak from a place you not consist on. He's fake and desiving. Devil like.
Adrian IG: _AdrianThomas Thomas
The main stream media doesn’t say anything because they know that he always had a speech impediment. You people are sick lol
Todd Wynn
Todd Wynn پیش 21 روز
Donald Trump quoted from "Two Corinthians", said he has never asked Jesus for forgiveness because he has nothing to be forgiven, and when he held the Bible upside down it was after he had protestors tear gassed so that he could stand in front of that church.
Claudia Horne
Claudia Horne پیش 22 روز
Oh please dear God don’t let this man near the White House
David Hill, Jr.
David Hill, Jr. پیش 24 روز
I had to watch this five times I peed
sharon robinson
sharon robinson پیش 26 روز
Biden is not my president
cody پیش 27 روز
catholics 4 trump joe biden has been refused the eucharist multiple times he is not a devout catholic and does not represent the church well at all
Walkman پیش 28 روز
Remember when Donald trump quoted an entire bible verse that doesn't exist: www.christiantoday.com/article/donald.trump.finally.reveals.his.favourite.bible.verse.which.is.never.bend.to.envy.but.theres.a.problem.it.doesnt.exist/65011.htm
Nopanda Kit
Nopanda Kit پیش 29 روز
Let's be honest, very few politicians are true Christians. They can quote God's Word, and go to services when the cameras are on. But they don't know God. I've never voted for someone because of their religion. I've voted for people who respect and defend religious freedom. I don't believe for one second that Trump is a Christian. His life, words, actions, etc... go against any pretense of true faith. He does not have to be a Christian to defend the constitution and the religious freedom of America. It is dangerous to require people to be religious in order for Christians to vote for them. It only leads to hypocrisy. I believe freedom of religion means that people have the right to not be religious and still be decent people. As a Christian, I want everyone to know God and know His love and forgiveness. But expecting people to be religious so I will vote for them, is foolish in my opinion. Joe Biden is a plain fool no matter what he is pretending to be!
Thomasrice07 پیش ماه
ekujj13 پیش ماه
Isn’t he Catholic? No surprise there.
Nancy Pollino
Nancy Pollino پیش ماه
If he went to church ..h'd melt like the wicked witch.
A.D.I. Music
A.D.I. Music پیش ماه
Straight reptilian lmaoo in plain sight
King Smith
King Smith پیش ماه
Julie Verdusco
Julie Verdusco پیش ماه
More Republican states than Democrats. Next election we are going to install the Domain voting machines in all of them. Let's see who wins then.
David Hill, Jr.
David Hill, Jr. پیش ماه
OT-A Palmist is someone who has a ‘hands-on’ and unike faith, one that bypasses grammatical ediquete and skil, in order to practice a more practical, lunchbox, blue collar belief system 😂🔥🤫
Joseph Le bard
Joseph Le bard پیش ماه
Did joes palmist tell him he's going to be dragged off put in front of a military tribunal cause I'm seeing that coming . Marshall law is the last thing President Trump wants but will to save America .
avocados and almond's
avocados and almond's پیش ماه
Psalm 28:7 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition The Lord is my Strength and my [impenetrable] Shield; my heart trusts in, relies on, and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song will I praise Him.
Citizenship Kingdom of God
Did Joe Biden Just Admit to Voter Fraud? Utube and pass it on.
Todd Ater
Todd Ater پیش ماه
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Moore پیش ماه
The only way to stop fraud is to KEEP EXPOSING IT!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jacqueline Moore
Jacqueline Moore پیش ماه
Biden was and will sellout our country!🇺🇸 He did NOT WIN!!!
Malcolm Jackson
Malcolm Jackson پیش ماه
2 Corinthians and SECOND Corinthians??? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
McKinney's outdoor service
love it
Simeon Bhaggan
Simeon Bhaggan پیش ماه
Psmalmist is the heart of a palm tree. It tastes like coconut. Also also...i havent a clue what biden is talking about
T Davis
T Davis پیش ماه
How embarrassing, I was embarrassed for Joe. Palmist ? Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
VehementVixen پیش ماه
Hmmm....It’s a harder to get to tatumreport.com. You use to be able to just type tatum report but now have to just url it. Cute guys.
Explore NC
Explore NC پیش ماه
I see this every day , i work at a assisted living community Joe would fit in perfectly with the residents !!
Studenheim Gaming
Studenheim Gaming پیش ماه
Idk why the fuck everyone cares so much about a stolen and mostly made up religion anyway lol Even the name adam comes from older religions stories of some of the first people...yall get so worked up over a story book
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald پیش ماه
The perils of relying on a teleprompter.
Scott Coston
Scott Coston پیش ماه
Cognitive Impairment personified! It’s difficult to find any topic where Biden is authentic...
ann pagan
ann pagan پیش ماه
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY پیش ماه
he must be thinking of that USB the braided hair lady had "palmist" to help him cheat.
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY پیش ماه
Purple Helm
Purple Helm پیش ماه
Maybe he's talking about palm reading, the opposite of being a Christian.
Robert LaPorta
Robert LaPorta پیش ماه
He was refused communion at the alter because he all for abortion
Dan Bertucci
Dan Bertucci پیش ماه
That clown palms-it alright!
Norman Yerby
Norman Yerby پیش ماه
Grandpa Joe is a palmist...
Kevin Buckner
Kevin Buckner پیش ماه
I don't want to be to critical of anyone, but you are 100% correct with the point you made regarding President Trump and how the media reacted to him when he held the Bible upside down... We learned it when we were kids, I can still hear my mother saying this... if you can't take it, don't dish it out...
Christine Redel
Christine Redel پیش ماه
Maxine Ugly Waters
Maxine Ugly Waters پیش ماه
Covid 19 stands for: Communism Obliterating the Very existence of Individualism and Democracy beginning in the year of our Lord 2019. Biden just hasn't been able to memorize this yet.
Elizabeth Mary
Elizabeth Mary پیش ماه
Officer Tatum You are not trippin. The bad guys got to the top bc they had the rouge media pushing him forward. Most ppl believe the media. But if Biden still gets President we will have a socialist takeover.
Josele Swopes
Josele Swopes پیش ماه
Crazier than a Bed Bug LoL 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Josele Swopes
Josele Swopes پیش ماه
LOL doesn't know anything about the Bible... Not a Devout Catholic either...
Harrell Bright
Harrell Bright پیش ماه
Palmist wrote nothing. David wrote the Book of Psalms
charles bronson
charles bronson پیش ماه
The guy doesn't even know what planet hes on. What'd you expect lol?
Chasity Provance
Chasity Provance پیش ماه
He looks like that puppet Walter.
Candy C.
Candy C. پیش ماه
Corn Pop made him do it!
Michael. پیش ماه
Stop throwing religious stones. Reading these comments: How can people spew so much hate and not be aware of it?
The River Blu
The River Blu پیش ماه
A palmist is a soothsayer.This is just like when Bill Clinton said to let the people know that Hillary wanted them to know that she had talk to the dead Mrs. Roosevelt earlier that day. It is witchcraft it is evil.By the way, research the Catholic religion. Dates back to the days of Babylon. Only the names of changed. And they made it Christianese.
Jeanne Gray Amato
Jeanne Gray Amato پیش ماه
OMG.....I love you man. We are of the same mind. I feel like the WHOLE COUNTRY HAS GONE MENTAL voting this demented, feeble old codger to be President. As a retired health care professional I can tell you the man is in stage 3 dementia.....NO LIE!
Anne Sensenbaugh
Anne Sensenbaugh پیش ماه
If he was a true devout Catholic he wouldn't believe in abortion
Airbourn man
Airbourn man پیش ماه
His PALMS are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on FORGETTIN' what he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud he opens his mouth but the words won't come out He's chokin, how, everybody's jokin now The clocks run out, TIMES UP, OVER, BLAOW! ...I'm watching from over here in tropical england 🇬🇧 America, you can beat this 👊💪🇺🇲
Michael Rupley
Michael Rupley پیش ماه
Crazy joe 🥴
Ralph Carter
Ralph Carter پیش ماه
What is his mental health that's right the left dont care bout none of it he wont last 1 year then Kamala Harris will be sworn in every one who voted for this deserves everything bout to come by the left
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson پیش ماه
The really scary part is not whether or not he’s a genuine believer (well, it is for Joe Biden), but the concern of his mental capacity that could be effecting his ability to speak should he get in as President. 😰
Chad Casey
Chad Casey پیش ماه
A psalmist is a reader of psalms. LOL
Grammy 3G
Grammy 3G پیش ماه
The real person that wants to run the show is in the shadows .
ul Pipkin
ul Pipkin پیش ماه
Just so you know I like your show and ALB and Hodge Twins ... Tucker and Candace are great too ... is it just me ; but where did these Democrats g2 school ? It’s not just pitiful ... it’s pathetic and realistically how can anyone that has an ounce of intelligence vote for these idiots 😉
shannon dolata
shannon dolata پیش ماه
Biden can be the president of his nursing home
Wendy Reese
Wendy Reese پیش ماه
Palmest... the Psychic’s that read palms🤷🏼‍♀️... I mean Pychics.
118 Chosen
118 Chosen پیش ماه
A palmist is someone that keeps face palming himself while not having a clue...which is exactly what Joe Biden does and is about.
Harley Dickson
Harley Dickson پیش ماه
BRUH! You know your boy Joe is a puppet! Blame them that are pulling the strings, yo! Do you have any idea how hard it is to say "psalmist" without moving your lips?!
Hitchcock Timothy
Hitchcock Timothy پیش ماه
To many that claim they are Christians don't know he said it wrong....The Media doesn't know either or are purposely hiding his mistakes unlike they have done the past 4 years of the current president!
Elizabeth V
Elizabeth V پیش ماه
Biden worships the devil.
jnorth1000 پیش ماه
@Sasquatch 2.0 Trump is not a lover of lgbtq people, but he can't admit that for political reasons. Although he may not be a true Christian, he is in no way as dishonest and corrupt as Biden and the others.
Sasquatch 2.0
Sasquatch 2.0 پیش ماه
@jnorth1000 a Tatum supporter agreeing with me 🤔that’s wired
jnorth1000 پیش ماه
@Sasquatch 2.0 Good point
Sasquatch 2.0
Sasquatch 2.0 پیش ماه
And Trump don’t? You think a man who support and embrace the lgbtq community is a person of God 😂 Trump is full of the devil as well
Rachel Nixon
Rachel Nixon پیش ماه
Can't believe I missed this video. He's a Catholic? Lol hell no he is not or he wouldn't sign any type of abortion bills or vote for abortion bills to be signed into effect. Why because abortion is murder of innocent babies. And bible says thou shall not kill!
Mafia WarPlayer
Mafia WarPlayer پیش ماه
And he is asking why aren't we teaching islam more in all our schools. Sorry, this isn't about religion, it is about the mask in evil on suits.
pat da bunny
pat da bunny پیش ماه
Did anyone REALLY vote for Joe, though?
cinematographystudio پیش ماه
Wait. I thought the Dems hated us Christians! Why are they shilling now?
🔥🔥🔥 He and Pelosi both claim to be Christian. Even the Pope claims to be Christian. Catholicism is a Cult and their practices are not Biblical. 🐺⚔️🇺🇸🛡️🦅
Julian Montoya
Julian Montoya پیش ماه
Most catholic leaders want to excommunicate joe biden,he is not allowed to take the sacrament, due to him wanting future sin by his polticial platform
Julian Montoya
Julian Montoya پیش ماه
Joe biden promised to work like the devil to get Latino vote, he also said on tv that he chose kamila harris cause she is as smart as the devil! Kamila harris was named after a hindu goddesses! ....joe biden is setting up the anti christ sytem or the anti christ himself if you see platform of his policies
Steve Hoffmaster
Steve Hoffmaster پیش ماه
A devout catholic who's pro abortion
PresenceOfJesus پیش ماه
Lol palmist, this guy ain't even christian now you know for sure he pretending lol the book of palmist he been listening to too much cardi b iq gone down
J C پیش ماه
I’m gonna try to enjoy the ride theses next few months because President Harris should really F this country up & Any of you people who voted for these 2 I don’t want to ever ever hear you complain. God we need your Help 🙏
Linda Bowers
Linda Bowers پیش ماه
Biden is going to psell America to Pchina.
Kenroy Walker
Kenroy Walker پیش ماه
Maybe Joe likes coconuts or he’s into fortune telling.
billyhansen12 پیش ماه
HOLY S . .T!!!
Margo Channing
Margo Channing پیش ماه
Biden is not even good with a teleprompter.
giloteen پیش ماه
this is trash.
lamb پیش ماه
A psalmist is a palm reader....
Dawn Rodriguez
Dawn Rodriguez پیش ماه
Classic dingdong!!🤣
Kevin Watkins
Kevin Watkins پیش ماه
'Come on man' you know you ain't tripping dude is a prop and ready to drop. You should have played the one when he cussed at the troops for not laughing at his weak ass joke and said that they were slow.
A I پیش ماه
Lol! Right?! Biden is not a devout Catholic which is why Pope Francis should not have congratulated him for winning, but Pope Francis has given the Catholic Church so many other frustrations to deal with: hindering the true Chinese Catholic Church’s freedom, for scandalizing the faithful and ignorant, for criticizing the faithful, for telling people not to procreate “like rabbits,” for endorsing climate change - which is a mere theory and wasn’t even a term until Obama was elected. If only Twitter and Facebook (and other social media) would actually allow intelligent debate instead of cutting off truth sayers just to spread propaganda. Propaganda is hard to skip over these days.
JJ LLama
JJ LLama پیش ماه
Palmist is the person / farmer who grows palm trees.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious پیش ماه
Biden came out from the depths of his basement and put his foot back in his mouth.
David Coleman
David Coleman پیش ماه
Its the witch that reads his palm.
col ford
col ford پیش ماه
Way to go guys voting this guy in. he's sharper than a page of Oscar Wildes witticisms rolled into a point, dipped in lemon juice, and polked in your eye.
Morgan Spector
Morgan Spector پیش ماه
Remember when Trump referred to "2 Corinthians"? You'd have thought the MSM was all born again. As to Catholics and the Psalms, there are many monk communities that read 5 psalms a day as a service.
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