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2020 8 دسامبر





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Rongopai Hiku
Rongopai Hiku پیش 14 روز
So glad where I stay in Queensland Australia we I live they are not for masks, you'll be frowned upon here if you were a mask, and the ones that fall out line they easily put back in with just a stare, which is just social distancing, but it very stupid here in airports though and im sure the world social distance apply to cinemas food courts jump on a plane you are shoulder to shoulder, I see BS to Covid truth to controlling the masses.
Ezki3L _
Ezki3L _ پیش 16 روز
That gangsta at the light reference is 💯 on point! Likewise I grew up in a similar environment. Mind your business if you’re not about that life. 😂😂
tyler gray
tyler gray پیش 24 روز
Black girl watchin and I didn't vote for massa joe
tyler gray
tyler gray پیش 24 روز
Ignore and keep walking.. Works for me
ourtechwriter پیش 25 روز
An honest, fair, and just man or woman is shunned by both fools and evil people. Sad.
Edward Wooden
Edward Wooden پیش 26 روز
Love you brother, keep keeping on! You do you!
Whimsy Wendy
Whimsy Wendy پیش 27 روز
Next time someone gives you beef about being maskless you can give them the gentleman slap. This is where you slowly and precisely take off the white glove you're wearing, then swiftly connect that glove with the cheek of the person who caused offence to your honor. Tell that person, "I take exception to your remark, sir."
RC Qwanjinn
RC Qwanjinn پیش 28 روز
Right on, once again. I enjoy your posts.
Adama Makalona
Adama Makalona پیش 29 روز
I do not think that Donald Trump is “Undermining Democracy” when he is the one that saved it. Oh how I wish I could have live in America during the Donald Trump administration. He has done so much. I hope people realize what he has done.
Biden 4 Prison
Biden 4 Prison پیش ماه
I hope an assassination will come for the new regime. It sounds awful, BUT IM SERIOUS AS HEART SURGERY!!
Tacy West
Tacy West پیش ماه
Time for the rant love it. Goes for all races
Tacy West
Tacy West پیش ماه
You are right. I refuse to wear a mask i am 75 yrs and know this is not a law. No one except target has given me a hard time. Masks are control
Erica Garza
Erica Garza پیش ماه
Big Tatum, I feel the same way about these dang masks. I just want to knock someone out about those masks. And when you speak about "our people", I'm totally agreeing with you on that as well.
all lives matter
all lives matter پیش ماه
I love officer tatum he speaks the truth
Andrew Wikins
Andrew Wikins پیش ماه
The over generalization here kill me....especially the ones about people not caring about their health when the majority of obese, unhealthy, burger eating and super sized soda drinking people are in red states!!!! It’s hilarious the people who would drain the healthcare system the most vote red. And the vast many who have conditions that were beyond their control yet they have no insurance or not enough should just die huh, but y’all be sooo pro-life. Make it make-sense!!!! I also love how conservatives are supposed to be so Christian, and if so are recipients of the powerful grace of God, which does not give you what you deserve, but then turn around and say because someone voted their conscious that if their business fails they got what they deserve. You and everyone who thinks like you are such hypocrites. Y’all make a mockery of the message of Christ every single day smh.
Elisa Greene
Elisa Greene پیش ماه
You're saying what millions are feeling...fed the hell uppppp
Art Paul
Art Paul پیش ماه
You should do a video in store!
Art Paul
Art Paul پیش ماه
Bro we need you back in Cali lol!
Maria Gadea
Maria Gadea پیش ماه
Omg this was soooo good! Hahahaha
James T
James T پیش ماه
Can still have class when dealing with these people. Some things you mentioned you'd do puts you down on their level. Disappointed to see this.
Erich Stalzer
Erich Stalzer پیش ماه
Everywhere i look.... Meatballs got there masks on!!!! Brainwashed by the media my friend!!! Yes they are.... I'm disgusted like you!!!
Erich Stalzer
Erich Stalzer پیش ماه
T..... I love you man.... I feel exactly how you feel!!!! I'm amongst stupid mo fos out here. Especially the ones driving in their cars and trucks. I'm a long haul truck driver. I'm freaking disgusted with what i see out here going state to state....
Tammie Paul
Tammie Paul پیش ماه
I don't wear them here in WA.
Mary Mumpower
Mary Mumpower پیش ماه
$15.00 an hour would be disastrous for our country. Small businesses would be hurt greatly. People would be laid off. Hours would be cut and prices would go up so high that it wouldn't even feel like $15.00 an hour. Its like they want to bring us to our knees. I wouldn't put it passed them to try to keep us in permanent lockdown. They're just that evil and power hungry.
Don Ayers
Don Ayers پیش ماه
The only way the government can give to one, is to take from others ! The difference between democrats and Republicans, is GOD !
Crow Ike
Crow Ike پیش ماه
Lost me at student loan debt bro lol I would like to purchase a house
Premier Martial Arts Magnolia
T Solorio
T Solorio پیش ماه
I have to go to a job I already hated in about 15 min. Put a mask on...city ordinance that people serving the public need to have masks on. I'm so sick of it I could cry. It's a family business so I'm pretty much stuck there. I don't wanna go. 😥😥😥
Greg Anness
Greg Anness پیش ماه
Increasing minimum wage increases income tax revenues
Zeta Male
Zeta Male پیش ماه
I'm not disagreeing with you, at this point in time I no longer know what to say. EDIT: ( I figured out something to say ) ... this is logic versus ill logic, that's what's going on Mr. Tatum. I live in Washington State and they are launching a bill that if you steal something out of necessity you will be forgiven. Basically they are legalizing theft, I tried to locate the bill number but I cannot, I'm not sure if it has been inactive yet or not. This is the logic of the liberal way
Ronda Brewer
Ronda Brewer پیش ماه
I feel the exact same way about the mask!! And what really makes me soo mad 😡 is when someone who KNOWS I worked as an RN for over 30 yrs, but they are trying “Educate” me on why I need to wear a mask & social distance! Everyday I am still astonished about the STUPIDITY of the left!! That’s it in a nut shell !! They are just utterly STUPID !!
Ronda Brewer
Ronda Brewer پیش ماه
You are THE FIRST christian in a very long time that I’ve heard state that Christmas is a pagan holiday. My parents who were Christians, actually stopped celebrating Christmas the way the rest of the world does when I was a kid. As an adult I did do the Santa Clause thing with my kids & put up a tree every yr. But was taught, and believe that Christmas 🎄 decorations, the materialistic giving of gifts 🎁 & most certainly 🎅 Santa, are all based on paganism. And as adults (and I’m guilty) we have made our kids believe that a mortal man, besides Jesus, can see all, and knows all, and most spend more time telling our kids about Santa 🎅 than we do about Jesus! I personally see nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas as long as you and your family do not fall into the trap of forgetting Jesus Christ during it all !
Christian Ulanch
Christian Ulanch پیش ماه
Big T I want to be you when I grow up!!
Varad Donwad
Varad Donwad پیش ماه
Can someone explain why we shouldn't eliminate student loan debt?
apatriotone پیش ماه
Rob Gray
Rob Gray پیش ماه
MrsRie’sLife پیش ماه
Lordt lol!
Karl Sylvain
Karl Sylvain پیش ماه
your gonna punch people!!! are you crazy!?
Fabian Longoria
Fabian Longoria پیش ماه
Chris Krakora
Chris Krakora پیش ماه
Anyone notice the periodic buzzing tones in the audio? Or is it just my end?
Edward Bowley
Edward Bowley پیش ماه
There is only so many limp waisted sissy Santa Claus not me but thee.democratic rainbow warriors.But fear not Trump will deliver .You will be held to account of you actions.
Yaya Bowie
Yaya Bowie پیش ماه
Wow! B. Tatum! You hit the jail on the head! You are so right! Sadly, You just described most of my family members. They won't even talk to me about it...
Hot Art Chick
Hot Art Chick پیش ماه
100% you are correct!
delvec2011 پیش ماه
I feel you brother 100% just don’t make yourself sick. Good will win over evil. 🙏
4rgone پیش ماه
It's all about the feelings my friend. Reason has no place in the liberal mind.
J A پیش ماه
This is one of your best piece yet!!!! I wonder myself why black people continues to vote for Democrats. Sad!!!!!
Carla Brazil
Carla Brazil پیش ماه
You stepped on some toes with this one.... but touché Officer Tatum!!!
Carla Brazil
Carla Brazil پیش ماه
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’ll be watching this over again. “POW!”
Susie Wilkins
Susie Wilkins پیش ماه
Some student loans was as fake and false as the election,many people was falsely accused of student loans that they have never gotten. And today ,it's still happen and justice have never been served.
Shea McAllister
Shea McAllister پیش ماه
I got a little sick a couple days ago coughing and all, I still didnt wear a mask in public places. Nor will I ever.
Lloyd Cochran
Lloyd Cochran پیش ماه
You can't fix STUPID.
Lloyd Cochran
Lloyd Cochran پیش ماه
Love you B it's an Uphill Battle now
Lloyd Cochran
Lloyd Cochran پیش ماه
I agree with you on all these matters. We have 1 chance left GA. We need BOOTS on the ground a lot of BOOTS. To overlook everything that these people do. They just STOLE THE Pres they will do the same in GA. We got Antifa setting up shop in Portland with weapons the same on Jan 5
Law W
Law W پیش ماه
It shouldn’t be funny but I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. This country seems to be divided between people with good judgment and people with no common sense at all.
Jay Angle
Jay Angle پیش ماه
It is for votes.
John Moore
John Moore پیش ماه
I only wear a mask because I’m ugly and now it’s societally acceptable to hide my face
Napoleon Jones
Napoleon Jones پیش ماه
"Your putting people at risk" like tatum said i don't have covid also what about the other diseases do they just not exist?. Also It doesn't matter You can't force people to protect themselves from things. We don't force people to wear condoms or take flu shots etc.
Ray gar
Ray gar پیش ماه
And now they ( the corrupt politicians) are trying to make a law tell companies , that if your not vaccinated you can’t hire a person
Ray gar
Ray gar پیش ماه
We live in a nation of cowards.
EdwinHarbor پیش ماه
EzPz B.T. - Dems/Libs are buying votes.
Garden Knomi
Garden Knomi پیش ماه
I’m mostly conservative but I do agree with raising the minimum wage in large corporate environments. How about CEOs of major corporations such as McDonald’s, Walmart, and so on distribute their wealth more evenly so everyone can have a livable wage? That would mean no inflation because no additional money would have to be produced. Do I think people need to work hard for wealth, of course. But does that mean that people who are working 40 hours a week should be making such little money that most of the time they’re dependent on some sort of government assistance? No. Giving someone enough money for WORKING to live a comfortable life isn’t giving handouts
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams پیش ماه
It's good people are inteminated by you. Then no one will give you trouble about wearing a mask!
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams پیش ماه
Kamala Harris better not be the president! If so I would loose my mind!!
Ousman پیش ماه
I mean, it clearly works in norway
Amanda Thompson
Amanda Thompson پیش ماه
When the government is in complete control of health care THEY decide who really needs that medication, surgery etc. Lots of people will be denied life saving treatment....
Julius Williams
Julius Williams پیش ماه
Yo bro.. all I wanna say is I been watching your vids as of lately and I can say I have never disagreed with someones view more than yours... You are a victim blamer.. I figured you out, you enjoy arguing with people but when you start losing the argument you get mad and wanna fight ppl and use bad language.. you have alot of pain in you brah. Stop letting these white ppl control you
Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter پیش ماه
I love you B. Tatum! Keep opening eyes and shining your light! Your voice is so appreciated and important!! Keep up the good work! God bless you!❤❤❤
Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter پیش ماه
You're not putting anyone at risk! Just like all the rest of us who don't have Covid, are not putting anyone at risk! Masks don't work! The virus is so so so, tiny, it gets around masks through every crack, or gap at the sides! You are more likely to get Covid by surface contact!! We have a corona virus every single year, that is almost completely harmless! This virus is such a farce it's unbelievable!! And the sick thing, is everyone just falls in line! Disturbing!!! Smh! It's an absolute fairytale- the conflated numbers of "cases", but the death rate is low! It's just a virus!! That most people just heal from!!! 💯💯💯
Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter پیش ماه
I graduated with honors at the top of my class! Fashion design and merchandising. I can't find any jobs in my line of study. I'm having trouble just finding retail jobs right now, cuz Maine is poor, and under poor management at the state level! It's unbelievable! I'd love to start my own business, but how can I in this political/covi climate!! It's a damn shame! I've got student loans up the, you know what, but can't do anything about it. I should have gone to a trade school!! I'm highly creative, and have proficiencies in a bunch of design programs, but my talents are totally not put to use... It's absolutely crazy!!! Bonkers!!! I wish things could be different! I'm a faith lovin, freedom lovin, patriotic, Republican!!! Biden and the dems are liars and crooks! I'm so tired of their overreach across every minute detail in all of our lives! We have let these people steal all of our freedoms, churches, speech, our God given rights! We even let them steal our elections! Next it's guns, land, possessions, healthcare, money! We're done for, if we don't start standing up and pushing back, with all of our numbers and all of our guns!!! This tyranny can not stand, or we are done for! We have got to start burning masks, protesting, blockading, confronting our sh*tty elected officials, boycotting big tech, deep state!!! I'm so done with this nonsense!!! In Jesus name!!!🙏🙏❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jeremy Tines
Jeremy Tines پیش ماه
I find school teachers/doctors more heroic than police
Lyss Diltz
Lyss Diltz پیش ماه
Thank you for being knowledgeable af.. it's extremely refreshing.
Garret پیش ماه
I already go to the grocery store without a mask. They don’t say anything
Joy Montecino
Joy Montecino پیش ماه
They do it the car s***
Joy Montecino
Joy Montecino پیش ماه
No too many homeless people in that driveways s*******
Joy Montecino
Joy Montecino پیش ماه
In New York black lives matter is out there tonight they going to have something at 9:00 it's it's with the the gay blacks too
Joy Montecino
Joy Montecino پیش ماه
Oh they have them in New York tonight at 9:00 I was watching it it's going to start
Joy Montecino
Joy Montecino پیش ماه
Amen to that
Gong Show
Gong Show پیش ماه
They're already setting the stage for Biden to be removed so Kamala steps in and the ringleader is none other than Barrack Hussein!
Joan Rhineer
Joan Rhineer پیش ماه
If lockdown and masks didn't work the first time, why are we doing it again?!?
Joan Rhineer
Joan Rhineer پیش ماه
Thank you, Officer Tatum, for speaking truth!
D P پیش ماه
Suspicion is a virtue as long as its object is the public good, and as long as it stays within proper bounds. ... Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. -Patrick Henry(Founding fathers)
ComingOutOf Babylon
ComingOutOf Babylon پیش ماه
Never worn a mask into any store. There’s nothing I need so bad in any store to give up my freedom or compromise my beliefs. People need to grow some balls and just start showing up at big box stores in the droves without masks. What are they gonna do? Arrest us all??? That’s fine, but I will behave myself and be as innocent as a dove but as shrewd as a serpent.
J R پیش ماه
You speak the truth. I am Puerto Rican.
Paul Veneziano
Paul Veneziano پیش ماه
ou are a great American Brandon Tatum! I salute you, Sir! USA all the way!
ANGL پیش ماه
People have lost their minds this year. On more than one occasion my buddy had some of these brainwashed/braindead morons approach him while he was all alone in his work truck, start smashing on the window, just so they could yell at him about how he should be wearing a mask while sitting there by himself smh. Nothing but dust in between some of these idiots’ ears.
nysp993 پیش ماه
I feel the exact same way I’m done I’m just done. People have got to start standing up for themselves and fighting back, I don’t wear a mask anywhere anymore I don’t care what signs they have (expect for small private owned business, I don’t want them to get shut down and lose their business, I do agree with that). Don’t go out looking for trouble but at this point if someone’s going to confront you, then as non-aggressively as you can let them know you are willing to fight over this.
Wayne Yo-Ag
Wayne Yo-Ag پیش ماه
masks do not work because I wore a mask when this first started and my mask fogged up my glass. which means my breath was going up instead of going down without a mask. So if you inside you breath is going up into the air conditioner and spread through the room. just saying. Florida's cases are no worse than New York and we are wide open and no mask required.
A W پیش ماه
When did it become my responsibility to make sure you don't get sick & don't pass it on to your elderly family members? It's called personal responsibility for a reason. If you've used Boomer doomer or said you wished death on Republican politicians that get covid you don't get to play the compassion card with me.
Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi پیش ماه
I don’t wear a mask anywhere unless it’s a private own business and they ask me to , that’s the only time
Erica Gilvin
Erica Gilvin پیش ماه
The government is using the businesses to make people wear a mask. If people get ready to change it, the it's going to have to with the masses. And these people will call the police, and it will be you who gets arrested. So I'm just saying, be careful, because these people don't care. They are having too much fun making you miserable. The real pandemic is how we are treating each other. Just terrible.
Cindy Mourer
Cindy Mourer پیش ماه
Welcome to socialism...
Erica Gilvin
Erica Gilvin پیش ماه
Student loan debt should be cancelled. And $15 an hour is a minimum wage. And you still won't be able to afford the minimal living expenses. And you still won't be able to afford health insurance. However people will likely get off food stamps. There is too much government dependence, and the real question is why does this system want us in such an unsuccessful position. I think people need to be independent. And I also think that people should not be financially ruined by things like child support and student loans. These are the two biggest besides medical expenses that keep people from gaining a better life. Regular working people are getting screwed by the politicians on all levels. From the local government to the state government to the federal government. Note, I voted for President Donald Trump
Edie Darlene Edgmon
Edie Darlene Edgmon پیش ماه
I’m working (from home, but I’m thankful I have a job: I wish I could work at my office) & listening to B Tatum & laughing out loud!!!!! I could not agree MORE!!! Oh & the brisket, well there’s only so much a man can take; I’d have worn a mask for that as well!!!!!
Traci B Good
Traci B Good پیش ماه
I ain't wearing no mask and Joe blow ain't gonna do a damn thing about it!🤬
John C
John C پیش ماه
Easy, so it can unfairly help me get rid of my loan, essentially redistribute my loan for society to pay for.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell پیش ماه
My wife and I do NOT wear a mask to grocery stores. Just don't do it.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell پیش ماه
Janice Bell
Janice Bell پیش ماه
I wear a Trump mask. Makes the left almost as mad as not wearing a mask.
Kari Franci
Kari Franci پیش ماه
Trader Joe’s is the worst they will not let you in at all. I guess they don’t want my money.
Wendy Moore
Wendy Moore پیش ماه
I live here in AZ and never wear a mask when I go grocery shopping no one ever says anything to me. The people at the door ask if I have one and I ignore them and keep on walking lol
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