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2020 10 دسامبر





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Marjore Dixon
Marjore Dixon پیش 6 روز
Hillsongs is a false church so what do u expect
Melvin McGregor
Melvin McGregor پیش 7 روز
He should be very careful how he judges others. Saying that Creflo Dollar is a fraudulent pastor and Joel Osteen is not a Christian pastor but only a motivational speaker are the two things I disagree with. Instead of talking about these two, he should be praying for them, and he should be praying for himself not to be so judgmental because he might disagree with their teachings.
Ryan Hillier
Ryan Hillier پیش 7 روز
I DO NOT like carl lentz, but let's not be to quick to judge. We all fall I to sin and do bad things. Let's see how he reacts to his sin now and see how he comes back from this, dont base all his salvation on his act of sin.....we all sin and fall short of gods glory. I believe that he is saved and will come back from this hopefully a better person and closer to god
CJ23 پیش 8 روز
This guy did it for years and was so addicted to cheating he was risking his family’s health during the pandemic and traveling from Jersey to Brooklyn just to cheat
B0WS3R 209
B0WS3R 209 پیش 8 روز
Carl lentz is trash 🗑
N K پیش 8 روز
I think God loves Carl Lentz too much that his sin was exposed. ( his wife found out from the computers). Hopefully thorough this ordeal Carl Lentz will be humbled, and come out in repentance and change.
S W پیش 9 روز
Even Justin Bieber wanted nothing to do with him. Sad ego boy.
Hope Fagen
Hope Fagen پیش 9 روز
You’re absolutely right! Very good
LifeWillBeBetter پیش 9 روز
You are a good man.
Joshua Cyrus
Joshua Cyrus پیش 10 روز
Interesting... but can I ask you, was David not a man of God? He cheated and killed....would it matter to you is Carl was genuinely sorry and repented? If he has made peace with God do you still hold him responsible? What about the adulterous woman who Jesus forgave; and said if you haven’t any sin cast the first stone. Do you believe this stones you have cast against Carl means you should live a perfect life from now on?
Reese Scales
Reese Scales پیش 10 روز
Yet another example of how quickly people will justify their BS behavior. Where do you think racism comes from? People deciding to justify their BS behaviors. Accountability vs. Justification
Felicity's Funny Farm
Felicity's Funny Farm پیش 11 روز
May God bless you for your strength your dedication to your wife! You are a role model to so many men out there. I hope they follow your example and love their wives.
Alison Goldsberry
Alison Goldsberry پیش 11 روز
Jerome Najera
Jerome Najera پیش 11 روز
Just got to pray 🙏 for him sad day
Honesty4yoass پیش 11 روز
Although no one is perfect and we should look at God and not idolize Pastors, me, personally, I always thought there was something off about him. I just thought he was too deep into the Hollywood world and then some of his pictures on social media without a shirt and some other model-like pictures were odd to me coming from a Pastor. It’s perfectly fine to be young and hip and dress according to what is fashionable and cool at the time, but his social media looked more like the social media of a Hollywood elitist than that of a Pastor. Him going on vacations with Justin Bieber and almost portraying the life of a single man seemed very strange to me. Another one who I always had my doubts about was Clayton Jennings. He had all kinds of shirtless pictures and what most would consider “sexy” pictures on his social media. I was always iffy about him and then it turned out the guy is a complete nut job. Anyway, all these men who like to feed their ego are ridiculous and although they too are children of God and God loves them, it makes it very difficult to be a Christian and be used by God when (in your mind) your ego is bigger than the God you’re trying to represent. I’m very weary of some of these Pastors because their behaviors and their social media pretty much gives them away and exposes who they really are.
Red River
Red River پیش 13 روز
I guess I'm lucky..... I had no idea who this guy was..... Thank the Lord above that I quit watching and following pop culture.
Daniel Rostirolla
Daniel Rostirolla پیش 13 روز
I agree with stuff you’ve said. But this is gossip.
Mason Musgrove
Mason Musgrove پیش 13 روز
“Let the one who has not sinned throw the first stone” We are no better than Carl Lentz. Yes, as a pastor you are given more judgement, but as FELLOW BELIEVERS, we just not give that judgement. His punishment is with God and God alone. God can and will redeem the broken
timeafter time
timeafter time پیش 13 روز
If i was laying pipe on all those fine-ass vulnerable naive Women like Carl was, oh lawdy i'd be complaining about burnout too 🤣🤣🤣
BhARTi Taylor
BhARTi Taylor پیش 14 روز
No one is invinceable, everyone makes mistakes its no big deal. I bet you done sinful things. the only person who is perfect is God and Jesus. King David from the bible committed adultery. It is forgiveable.
Angelica Dickson
Angelica Dickson پیش 14 روز
Right on thanks for your comments.
tibirius maximus
tibirius maximus پیش 14 روز
AMEN, Rev. Officer Tatum. Couldn't agree more.
Heath Caldwell
Heath Caldwell پیش 14 روز
100% bro! From someone full time in ministry, you said it perfectly!
Top Trending
Top Trending پیش 15 روز
When your fit and more attractive than most men, women give you a lot of attention. Attractive men know this and it does make it hard to stay faithful with all the attention. It’s easier for unattractive me to stay faithful. Women were most likely throwing themselves at Carl Lentz for years and eventually he broke
Top Trending
Top Trending پیش 15 روز
When your in the cheating zone, it’s hard to break out. This dude is right though. It’s takes a lot of work to hide it.
Galamb Posta
Galamb Posta پیش 15 روز
You are so right!
Breakn Truth Ministries
Breakn Truth Ministries پیش 15 روز
I have enjoyed your boldness and content on your channel. Thank you. I have seen the red flags with Carl lentz over the years with his cowardly spineless comments on not being clear about abortion, homosexuality, and not being explicit that Jesus is the only way to God. I am disappointed and not surprised that he did this. However, true born again believers (and those in ministry) are capable of committing adultery and sexual sin (look at the church in Corinth). This is not an excuse or cop out for Carl. It's so detrimental to one's relationship with Christ and to the church body when the leader sins in this way. Carl looks like a fake Christian but God will judge that. Christians in leadership roles should be held accountable to the highest degree. King David (a man after Gods own heart) as you know committed adultery at the height of His reign. Even recently in the news the late Ravi Zacharias was found guilty of irreverent sexual activity and everyone was shocked including me. I'm saying this because all of us need to be humble, have accountability and never think we are incapable of doing this. "If anyone thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall". I wrote a book on sexual purity for men called "Blessed are the pure" would love to send you a free copy if you want. Just let me know. Walk Worthy - Josh
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez پیش 15 روز
Tïffäny Shavonə
Tïffäny Shavonə پیش 16 روز
That man was lead by money and fame. You could tell that by the kind of lifestyle he was living, PUBLICLY at that. Its ridiculous and I've never heard of "pastoral burnout" in my life. I know pastors need to be uplifted too but that's not an excuse to cheat on your wife.
Ale Green
Ale Green پیش 16 روز
Did trump cheat on his... you know what never mind
Denisse Morales
Denisse Morales پیش 17 روز
Wow, as Dante Gebel says: Christians are the only army that abandons and finishes off its wounded. The guy is trying to recover. Yes, he did wrong, sin was premeditated. But none of us are exempt of failing. "So let the one who thinks he is standing be careful that he does not fall." 1 Corinthians 10:12 We should be praying for him instead of eating him alive.
Lidya’s World
Lidya’s World پیش 17 روز
You all need to stop judging because anyone can fall at any level.
Bryan Ottney
Bryan Ottney پیش 17 روز
Solid content bro. Real solid. As a pastor and brother in Christ, I appreciate your firmness in truth. Keep speaking.
Tacklebox John
Tacklebox John پیش 17 روز
When did you speak with Carl? After one sermon? Wow! You know more about Carl Lentz than Carl Lentz knows about Carl Lentz - probably why he’s going to therapy. Judge not lest ye be judged. Judging does not mean pointing out sin, it’s the attitude by which you point out said sin. How do you know he wasn’t molested as a child? How do you know he wasn’t acting out to feel better about himself because he could not, or was not finding that in Jesus Christ. By the way, pastoral burn out will cause you to commit many sins, not just the sin of adultery. Even king David was blind for nine months until Nathan the prophet showed up at his house. He’s still noted as the greatest king before Jesus. It does not excuse Mr. Lent’s adultery only explains a possibility of why he committed such acts And you really think it’s that difficult to cheat on your wife? Brother you have a long ways to go. Cheating is not just sexual intercourse, cheating can be looking at pornography, lusting in your heart after another woman, and no it is not difficult to cheat. I would say Jesus would judge most of us today and say we have all cheated in some way. We need to be men that are holy but also men of mercy. I don’t agree with him, I don’t know him, I only know the one who can save him from his sins. This is not helpful. I pray that God will bless you to bring a more positive message even if you’re calling out sins. I used to be the poster child for, “I could never do that!”
Miss KP
Miss KP پیش 17 روز
Can you recommend a pastor that I can watch sermon on youtube?
Annie. پیش 15 روز
Paul washer, John MacArthur
Parker Croteau
Parker Croteau پیش 17 روز
This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen from you 😂😂😂😂slipped and fell into another women’s bedroom 🤣🤣🤣absolutely hilarious
Dj Cuebass
Dj Cuebass پیش 18 روز
Religion is bad. Mmmmkay
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez پیش 19 روز
Yes! Yes! And Yes! You are speaking up! So glad there are people still aware of being led by the spirit . Too many are falling short
Jennifer Aldrich
Jennifer Aldrich پیش 19 روز
You nailed it.
Josh Northgate 29 Palms
Josh Northgate 29 Palms پیش 19 روز
Adultery is disgusting and horrible sin, however This guy condemns and literally calls the Pastor and the woman he cheated with devils. And says if you cheat you don’t deserve forgiveness. This is not Godly. King David literally killed someone so he could have their wife. He who is without sin cast the first stone.
William Stevenson
William Stevenson پیش 19 روز
Not to excuse his actions, but most people have absolutely no idea the kind of attacks from the enemy a pastor like Carl Lentz is opened up to just because of the scope of his influence. It's easy for us to judge from a distance, but the moment you say that you would never cheat on your wife is the moment you show yourself to be self unaware. As Christians, we are called to love our neighbor. It doesn't say love you neighbor unless he cheated on his wife. Also, it doesn't say judge not lest you be judged, except in the situation that this man cheated on his wife! It says you who have no sin be the first to cast the stone. Are you Jesus? Then you have no right to throw the stone. Again, I'm not excusing his actions, but I also know it's not my place to judge him. That's between him and God!
Jake Owens
Jake Owens پیش 19 روز
Get em B-Tatum! You're dead on point on this one bro 👍💪
BS1 پیش 19 روز
No don't go seek no treatment about a sex addition, No get into your bank account and give some of that money back to all the people who followed you, and go find some homeless people and take care of them .... untill then canceled.
ari m
ari m پیش 19 روز
He's out there at the BLM protest ! Total liberal pastor Liberally cheating on his wife literally wanting attention 🤣
Mountain Mama
Mountain Mama پیش 19 روز
Having discernment is more of a nuisance than a blessing when you're not in leadership and the people who are in leadership don't have any discernment whatsoever. A church I used to go to continually had problems, because many of the youth pastors that were hired there were wolves in sheeps clothing. One youth pastor, who was married, got one of the youths pregnant and went to prison. Another youth pastor stole things from the church and from the people, and lied continually. And even though people in the church would try to warn the senior pastors, nothing was ever done about the situation. That situation was so sickening and frustrating, because when you have discernment you know these things and if you're not in charge, nothing gets done about it. The senior pastors there finally ran off everybody who had discernment.
Romanspinjay پیش 19 روز
Judgement begins in the house of the Lord. Preach it brother!
Romanspinjay پیش 19 روز
The treatment is called obedience. This is always a ploy from the church to a provide An escape Hatch.
Julie Orozco
Julie Orozco پیش 19 روز
Absolutely!! Just looking at him, you can see that he is completely caught up in this world.
deb Manwarren
deb Manwarren پیش 19 روز
ok ..so I was gonna listen to what you had to say but i stopped at the beginning when you start calling out fraud pastors..WHo makes you the expert of such things...You would be much wiser to pray for ppl you dont agree with than you slander them on your utube channel. I will be praying for you..that YOU get discernment and know what what topics/ppl you need to let GOd handle..then give your useless opinion on. Im disappointed you went there.
Chaille Smith
Chaille Smith پیش 19 روز
You are talking about what's called the "Health and Wealth" preaching. As for pastoral burnout, it is more common than people think. However, it hasn't nothing to do with him cheating on his wife. Most pastors just get tired and they can't find a way to connect with her message and step down for bed. They don't cheat on their wives.
Sibo Niso
Sibo Niso پیش 19 روز
Pumpin and Sweatin🤣🤣😂😂😂 If we survive 2021, I'm m using that at every turn.
Marcus Izayah
Marcus Izayah پیش 19 روز
“I did something NAUGHTY, and now am depressed, & need rehab because I AM THE VICTIM HERE 😩” 🤨
D B پیش 20 روز
50/50 of Pastors = Righteous Gemstone🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chad Champlin
Chad Champlin پیش 20 روز
This dude speaking so much truth!!!!
Aaron Allsbury
Aaron Allsbury پیش 20 روز
Dude is fake !!!!
Peter Costanza
Peter Costanza پیش 20 روز
Here's something to keep in mind: Adultery is abhorrent... Period. Though we need to be careful in judging the genuineness of someone's faith based on failure. King David was caught here as well. Cheated, covered it up with murder, and didn't repent until he was caught. Yet, he loved God, genuinely repented and was later restored. Horrific? Yes. Forgiven? Also yes. We ought to pray the same for this pastor.
Godsslave777 پیش 20 روز
Man the Holy Spirit convicts me if I even look at a woman on ig ( cheating on your wife with multiple women for multiple months) is a clear obvious sign of a wolf in sheep’s cloning.
DECKY MUSIC پیش 20 روز
Burnout is an excuse to pastors. Repent and get right with Jesus again. But he has to step down and focus on his family and stop all his social media activities.
Withoutlimits D
Withoutlimits D پیش 20 روز
Ruth Anne
Ruth Anne پیش 20 روز
But, gee, isn't he sexy? Carl is obviously advertising himself to women! You sir, are EXACTLY right Sir Tatum.
Lori Thacker
Lori Thacker پیش 20 روز
Trump... know them by their fruits... 🤷‍♀️ Is every good thing someone does negated by what they do when they veer off the righteous path? Not disagreeing about the pastor being secular, or his motives, but people mess up. It's what we do to redeem ourselves that matters; that becomes our testimony. Be careful when you put out that if you ever mess up that you are no longer worthy of peoples time. We all fall short; there is not one of us that's worthy. But Jesus! Be blessed today.
Colden Fell
Colden Fell پیش 20 روز
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Harris پیش 20 روز
Pastors are human also but how dare he blame it on anything but weakness!! Own your mistake so matter who you are.
Chad Carr
Chad Carr پیش 20 روز
pumpin and sweatin and smashin and dashin...lol
Johan Svanborg
Johan Svanborg پیش 20 روز
The burnout always come with the truth coming out. It happened to a Swedish EU MOP and prominent LGBTQ member when the public learned that his boyfriend was a serial child mole×××× who the politician had let come live with him and his adopted child.
Mathias Von Wulf
Mathias Von Wulf پیش 21 روز
I mean... used to be that the "Treatment" for adultery was hanging lmao. Maybe that's the type of treatment he's looking for.
J.D. Rising
J.D. Rising پیش 21 روز
I'm not a christian, but I do know a little bit about history. Such as there is a real reason why the scriptures were only written in Latin or maybe Greek for centuries. It's so that you would have to go to the churches, also books were extremely expensive and wide spread literacy is only a recent phenomenon. With all that said if one can read, no one needs church. Here's a thought if you would like to read a holy book, check out the Talmud sometime. It's a page turner.
jks پیش 21 روز
Billy Graham refused to be alone with a woman except his wife and daughter.
Brent Zacour
Brent Zacour پیش 21 روز
King david and bathsheba?
KJ C پیش 21 روز
You're a fantastic example of a good husband! I married my best friend and can't even imagine cheating! I think it ALL comes down to marrying the wrong person. I see SOOOO many people compromise bc of physical attraction. I almost did it and THANK GOD I knew something wasn't right! After meeting my husband I can NOT imagine settling. Now I feel like I can read other couples extremely well and sense their dynamic pretty quickly.
David Miranda
David Miranda پیش 21 روز
... yet you can’t tell trump is a fraud, smh
Wayne man of faith
Wayne man of faith پیش 21 روز
Let him without sin cast the 1st stone!
James Smith
James Smith پیش 21 روز
Cheating on his wife. That's probably not all he's doing that a Christian pastor a man of God. A man who has answered the call from God, because that's what it is. What else is he doing.
Aljona Oehrlein
Aljona Oehrlein پیش 21 روز
It shouldn’t be anyone’s Business about what is going on in his life it’s between his family and God! Instead of gossiping and judging we should be praying for him that God will open up his eyes and that he gets closer to God!
Eva Black
Eva Black پیش 21 روز
Give me a break ... no excuse ... like Joseph in the Old Testament ... he ran from Potifers wife when she begged him to lay with her ... Joseph said he would not sin against his God nor Potifer ...
Literary Lady1
Literary Lady1 پیش 21 روز
Don’t act so high & mighty. Didn’t you have a child with your white queen then dumped her when she had your son? Didn’t you fake like you were married for the longest? Take the plank out of your eye sir, it’s impeding your vision.
areynolds38116 پیش 21 روز
Speak the truth.....
Lee Veronie
Lee Veronie پیش 22 روز
Thank You Officer Tatum .... Sooooo many young people are being led to Hell by BAD SHEPHERDS ... this same so call minister Lenz had to be corrected by the devout Jew, Ben Shapiro ... saying that God does not think Abortion is a Sin hahaha ... Over 50 years married with the same girl here and STILL love my wife to death ...
L M پیش 22 روز
Passing judgement is not Godly either.
Tiffany Santa
Tiffany Santa پیش 22 روز
I really appreciated this video and the points you made. I never knew who this pastor was until the news broke of his scandal. Amen x 💯 in everything you said. I appreciate also that you mentioned he can still be redeemed! Praying for this pastor and many others like him to come to true repentance and faith. I pray that God would continue to protect your marriage as well. Keep strong in the faith!! I love that you proclaim your love for God and your love for your wife. Why does she need your password? “Because she’s my wife!” PREACH!! We share all our passwords and actually have a shared file we keep them all updated. I like how you said you may try to be sneaky to surprise her but if she finds out It isn’t going to ruin your marriage because it’s a surprise! #Truth !! God bless!
Ralph Georges
Ralph Georges پیش 22 روز
love you bro.. have a great new year and comtinue doing what you do ..love this channel
Angela Pleffner
Angela Pleffner پیش 22 روز
We believed in you Carl Lentz and you let us down I don’t know how I feel about Hillsong now all the things that are coming out you destroyed us believing in Hillsong I am very upset and saddened about the whole thing 😪😒
Ron Dockweiler
Ron Dockweiler پیش 22 روز
You described the whole' another gospel ' Hillsong thing. Deception is easy if those influenced are not grounded in the faith and the Word! Discernment with all groups or people. There is only one way. Dependent only on Christ and his cross work in our place Add anything yourself and you cancel grace. Too many work is things to the pure gospel. Test the spirits againt the Scriprures.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith پیش 22 روز
You stay away from religious talk?? Pure lies. Bold face lies. Bruh you sad
nkechi nkechi
nkechi nkechi پیش 22 روز
Pastoral burnout. So, the Grace of God dried up in his life? Wow
Ken Cunningham
Ken Cunningham پیش 22 روز
Officer Tatum great video. You are right on. Love your wisdom that I know you get from The Lord.
Gatt5 5
Gatt5 5 پیش 22 روز
Intense so true brutal truth is difficult if your creeping Amen keep going !!
Miss Cinabon roll
Miss Cinabon roll پیش 22 روز
Y'all Jesus was rejected by his own and because of that the gentiles received him and we got into salvation. My point is.. Jesus was hated for what he stood for and this "man of GOD". Let me just repeat that. Year 2021 where God is so outlawed and mocked even more than before. This man who occasionally talks about God is popular??? A church is popular?? Just run for the hills. A true church is never well received. A true Christian is never well received and will never be because that level of respect and obedience for God CANNOT be understood. Pastor my feet. Making my mother look bad. That's why I have my guard up when I hear someone says they're a Christian cause I don't play when it comes to God. It's no game. If you're not in, I'll know. Stay blessed y'all
Matt Wil
Matt Wil پیش 22 روز
What is he supposed to do? Y'all just as messy as them!!
D K پیش 22 روز
I've met a lot of good hearted Christian Pastors... it's just that they will never get on the news for helping people. Only bad news sells. But we need to pray folks that there will be great leaders that rises up in this nation once again. Not only Pastors but in every area of leadership in this country. I really like your voice and your feed Officer Tatum. "Protect your mantle" -love that. Will take it to heart, because we all have a mantle before God as Christians. We all need to love the Lord, but we also can't lose the fear of the Lord. That's what I got from listening to you today. Appreciate you
Claudia_M پیش 22 روز
Lentz needs to repent, not seek treatment.
Eric Cantwell
Eric Cantwell پیش 22 روز
Your are spot on here!
AustinPetDetective پیش 23 روز
One SCANDAL after another with Hilllsong ?. You should be a Pastor man, great explanation and words of wisdom.
Daniel Maille
Daniel Maille پیش 23 روز
steer clear of encouraging shame.
Daniel Maille
Daniel Maille پیش 23 روز
nothing wrong with skinny jeans though.
Dj GreenEyes
Dj GreenEyes پیش 23 روز
My Bro you were spot on. Been following you on IG just subscribed on here. Keep em Coming God bless
Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson پیش 23 روز
We as pastors and Christians as a whole have to be above reproach! I won’t be in a room alone with a women,unless your my family it won’t happen!
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown پیش 23 روز
Well said officer Tatum I agree with you totally.
TheRussianLondoner پیش 23 روز
Paul Skopic
Paul Skopic پیش 23 روز
The problem is really cocaine burnout.
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