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2020 12 دسامبر





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Jonathon Richard
Jonathon Richard پیش 10 روز
... putting this criminal on an ivory tower and influence young ppl that it's okay to be a thug, a counterfeiter, an absentee father, A drug addict, and defy laws and law enforcement. :( #TimeMagIsARag #ShamelessINAmerica :/
smackedinthejaw پیش 11 روز
More criminal worship. Floyd was a violent criminal and drug user, who resisted arrest after rightfully being confronted for trying to buy goods with fake money. He achieved NOTHING. To give this dead criminal and scumbag an accolade like this is a travesty.
J Kelly IV
J Kelly IV پیش 17 روز
This is why the world is fucked up This man was murdered by the police period He may not be a superhero but the police made him a martyr. Open your eyes people. I don’t stand on either side but I see facts for facts.
Tymais Thompson
Tymais Thompson پیش 18 روز
What the police did was wrong, period, which led to black people camping together to amplify our voice, which is beautiful,
Thelma Lynch
Thelma Lynch پیش 19 روز
Flib Lib
Flib Lib پیش 20 روز
If the times magazine wants a best person they should rename it the MAGA-zine
ShydeYT پیش 14 روز
Khalil Burchett
Khalil Burchett پیش 20 روز
David dorn would have been a better nomination in my personal opinion
Mario A Crespo
Mario A Crespo پیش 21 روز
I know lots of conservatives & republicans support who gay marriage & support legalizing weed.
Darren McNeil
Darren McNeil پیش 21 روز
Bro you should watch Chronicles of judah on youtube and patron he factual and in the word also.
AA tegan
AA tegan پیش 22 روز
Lol George floyd is person of the year? ROFL, he was unlucky but not person of the year ROFL
Dragonive پیش 22 روز
Even Ice Cube did more than Sleepy Joe, Backstabbing Harris, and high as a kite Floyd, combined. He actually had a meeting with President Trump, so as to find new ways to empower black communities. So they can have their own businesses. Better schools. Stuff like that. But nah... Let's go for a criminal that's only dead today because he resisted arrest in every shape and form. Let's go for a guy which family is now involved in one of the biggest sell outs and betrayals to the United States. Let's go for a woman that only knows how to get ahead in life by stepping over everyone. Fortunately Joe is already one coffin nail from dropping dead. Or I bet Harris would put something in his drink, to see if he had a third stroke and died for good. While Trump it doesn't matter if people like him as a person or not. In terms of actual work done, he did more than all those three in four years, than they did in their entire lives. But then again all these awards are crap and we know it. Everything has been sold out and is up for grabs. Just look at for example The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. GoT was by far the better game, with an amazing work done, and compelling story. The gamers loved it but the bought press not so much. TLOU2, was a complete sh*t storm of epic proportions. Terrible story. No innovative game mechanics. It only had good graphics and a somewhat reasonably good soundtrack. All those game awards decided by the shill media give every prize to TLOU2. But every game awards decided by the players prefer GoT. It has become more and more clear that currently awards that are not decided by those that actually consume the product, are worth a damn. They have zero credibility.
Chas Burns
Chas Burns پیش 23 روز
Cops are the terrorists our founding fathers fought in the war of independence.
Mh R
Mh R پیش 23 روز
I disappointed George Floyd didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize Lmao
Emily Wyse
Emily Wyse پیش 24 روز
I'd vote for your dad too over George Floyd
Jardson Alves
Jardson Alves پیش 25 روز
Y’all just too crazy Trump aint shit y’all just crazy how can you Support this
DiPerrish پیش 25 روز
You’re the man!
RiskNoReward _
RiskNoReward _ پیش 25 روز
You know Hitler was on times
Kim Carter
Kim Carter پیش 26 روز
Matt Doe
Matt Doe پیش 26 روز
Go to show ya they oy want pure evil and hate god and all family values and moral values
Ellen Pflaumer
Ellen Pflaumer پیش 26 روز
Now I can’t breathe
This Is Me!
This Is Me! پیش 26 روز
I guess the media thinks if they bombard us with this leftist propaganda we will start to believe it to be true. Up is really down, white is really black....
neocollective پیش 27 روز
Are you really so incredibly dumb to take it literally as to think that TIME is celebrating George Floyd's life work and achievements !?!? You buddy really are the ultimate idiot.
WestCoastGfoelife پیش 27 روز
I 💯 agree with u on this. Too bad if I speak on this I might get assaulted, label a racist or get fire. Specially with the mechanism of being brainwashed , like it is the one thing i truly fully saw this year. Facebook and Instagram be shutting my account for speaking on this same topics. I love your channel. Keep it up 💯
MagicN9ne پیش 27 روز
Time magazine is a joke
TE TIME WITH MELI پیش 28 روز
How do you pick George Floyd over Kobe Bryant,LORD MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!
Carrie Hyden
Carrie Hyden پیش 28 روز
What did Floyd do to win person of the year? Absolutely nothing good! He put a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman saying he was going to kill her and her unborn baby, he’s a drug addict, he’s violent, he’s in and out of prison and all of this makes him worthy to be person of the year? This world is incredibly f¥cked up so bad that they want to nominate a criminal for person of the year SMMFH
Mary Sheff
Mary Sheff پیش 29 روز
Your very wise love your vids
Giovanna Giovanna
Giovanna Giovanna پیش 29 روز
TIME is trash! Person of the year should be people of the year and that is ALL FRONTLINE WORKERS! PERIOD!!!
The agenda has played the fools .
Luv Snow blading
Luv Snow blading پیش ماه
What’s really sad is Floyd’s family getting all that money 💰 and spending it like how sick is that ......we have to pay for that yes us taxpayers and then our taxes go up so frigin sad......just for a over dosing criminal 😖I hope his children do something so good for themselves and their community with that money 💰 it makes all the BLM people cringe...........😁. U 🤘🏻Officer Tatum
Flashyfinancier پیش ماه
For a man who was robbing pregnant ladies at gun point he was an outstanding dude.
Storey X
Storey X پیش ماه
Sheepal Sleep GAME. 20 21.
T.O.B پیش ماه
My turds are worth more then that fool
MDbandit10 پیش ماه
lol he doing a live in a roach motel, sad
Brown Points
Brown Points پیش ماه
Jimmy J
Jimmy J پیش ماه
Lovely... Putting Career criminals on time magazine. What's thus world coming too
Rickey Roland
Rickey Roland پیش ماه
Time magazine is garbage
marcus hill
marcus hill پیش ماه
wow they rlly put a porn star on the front of a times mag
TruthistheVictory پیش ماه
Thanks Brandon.
Chance Johnson
Chance Johnson پیش ماه
Let's just say...the same magazine called Hitler person of the year Also Katlin Jenner woman of the year....its all a bs show
CA4ever Ant
CA4ever Ant پیش ماه
George Floyd would have been better then Kamala and Joe.
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas پیش ماه
“Republicans” only ppl who get butthurt over this type of shit.... trump ass done said so much crazy racist shit... he ain’t gettin no props for what he done
J Garr
J Garr پیش ماه
Got to remember Time Magazine named Hitler the man of the year for 1938. Look it up.
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell پیش ماه
No here's the best question, is George Floyd the best black men can do? Would've loved the hell out of this video if that was the ending question
Royal Panthers
Royal Panthers پیش ماه
Yup, times magazine as always is just another of many news outlets feeding into leftist media.
procreation100 پیش ماه
Say what ya want but it makes since his movement was world wide and sparked all this hoopla
Candice owens loves Kobe she said she was always a big fan i think she's even been to a few games
Thanks Brandon how about Chadwick i was thinking the same especially after the way he passed
Robert Lamontagne
Robert Lamontagne پیش ماه
I gave up that subscription over 30 years ago recognized them as lower than a planned gossip magazine in line at the grocery store counter and with an agenda
niro one
niro one پیش ماه
i believe mr.floyd assaulted pregnant woman. this tis crazy guys.
Bev Carr
Bev Carr پیش ماه
You’re handsome
Edward Plain
Edward Plain پیش ماه
If you want to be TIME Person of the year, next year, be Black, Female, or Gay, go to prison 4-5 times, write bad checks, take and sell drugs, resist arrest and any other Jack Assery you feel like doing. BOOM! you're in.
Real with Robo
Real with Robo پیش ماه
What about Secoreia Turner? Lt. Dorn? The Oakland cop?
Mourning Son
Mourning Son پیش ماه
Aracely Henriquez and Angel Negrete matter!
Traci پیش ماه
Biden is person of the year???? What year????? 1973??? Trump is my person of year....for the WHOLE WORLD....nuff said
Jt Williams
Jt Williams پیش ماه
Time POTY should be changed to Leftist Frontperson of the Year. Who won it last year- Greta Thunberg? What a joke
darrin thomas
darrin thomas پیش ماه
Officer Tatum for person of the year is better then George Floyd
darrin thomas
darrin thomas پیش ماه
Agreed I will never take the vaccine ever
Jerry R.
Jerry R. پیش ماه
If there's any hope, (other than our eternal hope in Christ) it's going to have to be by contesting the electoral votes on the 6th. It's perfectly clear that the courts have no stomach for finding the truth.
luckyjuju1 پیش ماه
All of you
Lorena Rivera
Lorena Rivera پیش ماه
Look at what else our President has done. SPACE FORCE TO PROTECT OR SPACE. HAS ANYONE CNN OR FOX TALK ABOUT IT...😱
Jason Rutkoski
Jason Rutkoski پیش ماه
R u f’n kiddin me the company is trash and picks thugs as person of the year? Gth ty
Jer Jibe
Jer Jibe پیش ماه
They could have put the woman who's pregnant stomach had a gun pointed at it by George, but then that would have made too much sense.
Luke Hinkle
Luke Hinkle پیش ماه
Harris has done something. She set aside her feelings of Biden as a racist and a sexual assaulter to become his VP pick. She is showing she has the capacity to forgive and set aside differences.
Hunter Cleveland
Hunter Cleveland پیش ماه
Herman Cain should have been person of the year.
Jen Martinez
Jen Martinez پیش ماه
This is the bigotry of low expectations in action. It's embarrassing.
Jen Martinez
Jen Martinez پیش ماه
Wtf? Hadiyah-Nicole Green ( an african american female Dr. ) literally cured cancer in mice. That could be the answer to curing cancer in human beings. Yet, a criminal is the best representation Time magazine had for person of the year along with the other two clowns, Biden and Harris. C'mon!!
Christopher Chadwick
Christopher Chadwick پیش ماه
They made Joseph Stalin Time’s Man of the Year. Nothing surprises me with these goons. You just know they had a meeting where they considered Osama Bin Laden as Man of the Year.
William Johnson
William Johnson پیش ماه
Person of the year?? They meant to say, "PERSONAL, SINGLE GREATEST TRAGEDY OF THE YEAR"
Anita Martindale
Anita Martindale پیش ماه
Walter Williams should have been picked.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin پیش ماه
I’m convinced this man hates his own race
William Malmgren
William Malmgren پیش ماه
Really,I usually have something to say about everything, but I really don't know where to begin with this.
Ernest Turner
Ernest Turner پیش ماه
That's how the fake news operates. They make a hero out of a career felon who was cranked up on Fentanyl when he died.. The whole story was fishy and was the excuse the Democrats needed to try and disrupt the election with their pathetic rabble of rioters..
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
Can we have a "White Person" of the year too? Time would probably pick Hunter Biden, because senile Joe says he is proud of his son. Don't worry, no one even knows where to buy Time mag.
keely Ferring
keely Ferring پیش ماه
Hands down. But they would never let that happen
Dick Starbuck
Dick Starbuck پیش ماه
Rayshard Brooks?
Defendor D
Defendor D پیش ماه
Gosh I hate nowadays.. Everything is fucked up n watered down
Carla Brazil
Carla Brazil پیش ماه
lol...toe jam
Ramzi Kearl
Ramzi Kearl پیش ماه
And LeBron James is Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the year. WTF?
Carla Brazil
Carla Brazil پیش ماه
Blm was born under Obama after Trayvon.
MayhemZ پیش ماه
WTF ? They didnt pick Brianna Taylor ? What a disappointment. Lol
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas پیش ماه
Unbelievable Officer Tatum the mind boggles! Shoutout from the Uk bro 🇬🇧
Lance Atkinson
Lance Atkinson پیش ماه
Time Magazine is doing with that cover exactly what Democrats do with their hot air rhetoric: pandering.
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks پیش ماه
Meth head criminal on the cover of Time magazine. Great.
Melissa Maller
Melissa Maller پیش ماه
He said “the toe jam” 😂😂😂😂
2020truthbombs پیش ماه
Upside down world right now, bad is good, truth is bad, lies pushed as truth, if this election is lost by Trump I'd say we'll never have another election that a conservative leaning candidate will ever win, people need to rise up against these criminals and foreign Government interference!
Deborah Oldham
Deborah Oldham پیش ماه
Its disgusting.
aggiesjc پیش ماه
Thank you, Brandon Tatum, for your common sense and integrity.
Joey Boombatz
Joey Boombatz پیش ماه
No fucking way . This is fake . This can’t be real
Adrianna Bruni Craft and Design Co.
Chadwick B. should have 100% been Person of the Year. He was such an amazing man 🖤
2491kridge پیش ماه
At this point I’m ready and willing for the rapture, this country and this planet is irredeemable
rsmith7575 پیش ماه
Serious question. Why arent you making a bigger movement. Your points are on point. I'm a white man who can get behind everything you say in support of the black community. You may have a bigger calling than what you realize.
2491kridge پیش ماه
Trump should have won this year handedly on just two issues alone, The Vaccines and The Middle East peace deals, forget everything else, those two issues would have won every other president this award no questions asked
Injun Mick
Injun Mick پیش ماه
Take off the mask, go back to work, defy the dictators.
J Reality
J Reality پیش ماه
If time was honest then Derrick Chauvin would have been a choice not floyd
Danny Peralta
Danny Peralta پیش ماه
So many people can be on time magazine....no job..wake up late...bills are late...drugs.. man can I be in time magazine
Mesbah Marriott
Mesbah Marriott پیش ماه
How pathetic. Time magazine is a complete joke.
MARCIA AKA JerseyGirl پیش ماه
D Storm
D Storm پیش ماه
TIME began as a pro-Republican magazine long ago, but now it has degenerated into a leftist rag.
Natalie Van Delden
Natalie Van Delden پیش ماه
Who actually votes for all this bullshit. Does anyone really give a flying f**k? Sick of the whole entitled media in their upside down world . Lots of people died this year. Rip all
Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]
Tucker: Adam Schiff should resign
Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]
*wears AirPods Max once*
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