Gavin Newsom CAUGHT defying COVID ORDER 

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Gavin Newsom CAUGHT defying COVID ORDER
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2020 17 نوامبر





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Andrea G Stimpson
Andrea G Stimpson پیش ماه
Andrea G Stimpson
Andrea G Stimpson پیش ماه
Please come back and continue.
Kara 9859
Kara 9859 پیش ماه
I'm a Republican, and i did NOT VOTE ANY OF THOSE DEMO-RATS.... The DEMO-RATS are do as we say, not as we do... They get caught, and it's everyone elses fault but their own.
RavenKnighthawk پیش ماه
I'm a little curious as to why I got a notification 16 minutes ago that this video was uploaded when it's 4 days old. Why am I not getting notifications?
Ruth Kirkpatrick
Ruth Kirkpatrick پیش ماه
Love your podcast, very informative
kittie berry
kittie berry پیش ماه
Yea its suppose to be more people watching they haters the whole media
Black Dragon
Black Dragon پیش ماه
REVEALED: Sworn Evidence Of Pervasive Voter Fraud | Rudy Giuliani iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/fpOZZtm323Sdl4U.html
Trini86 پیش ماه
Never got notification of this until today......
Donald Mcqueen
Donald Mcqueen پیش ماه
Didn't hear you say anything about Trump faking that he had COVID. Give it up Tatum. Ya lost ! You funny trying to stay relevant.
Chrisimplayer پیش ماه
My dad remembers when this state was great it's deteriorated so much it's unexplainable many people are leaving my family is trying to as well as soon as possible. I was born here and heard how great this state "was" now homelessness, cost of living, and high taxes just to name a few I'm sure there are more. People used to want to come here and did come here from other states it's sad that some don't realize who these places are run by are you that dumb, but no they're not the problem some of you have to be paid off or threatened... fight until the bitter end don't give in or let them control you.
Xiao-Fury: The Channel
Clearly the people should revolt. Don't wear masks. Live your lives.
Jeff Wolfe
Jeff Wolfe پیش ماه
OT I too vote for policies and not the person. Love your video's.
Norma Contreras
Norma Contreras پیش ماه
Gavin Gruesome has put a CURFEW into effect starting 11-21 until 12-21 Between 10pm and 5am for All of CALIFORNIA.
Dawn Welsh
Dawn Welsh پیش ماه
I hope this did not mess up your show. MR WELSH ONLY
Dawn Welsh
Dawn Welsh پیش ماه
Every time I speak into this iPad it writes stop that I am not saying and I can't fix IT MR WELSH ONLY
Dawn Welsh
Dawn Welsh پیش ماه
Speaking into this iPad is saying whatever it wants to say I cannot speak for myself speaking for me. MR WELSH ONLY
Dawn Welsh
Dawn Welsh پیش ماه
It's not a popularity contest nobody's voting for him because I'm face conduct the book ban for his policies and he was making this country finally golden some positive direction MR WELSH ONLY
Kaylynn Lanier
Kaylynn Lanier پیش ماه
His apologie was terrible, he's a POS and his "rules" are ridiculous. I'm tired of wearing a freaking mask
Janet Garland
Janet Garland پیش ماه
The funny thing is the people of CA will still vote these people in.
Chrissy Akridge
Chrissy Akridge پیش ماه
You have been chosen to be our truth warrior, please don't give up
Clair Brauer
Clair Brauer پیش ماه
Screw the reelection....how the hell has no one assassinated him yet?!?! And he apologized. Claiming he was outside. The photo I have has him inside and no one is wearing any masks!!! F#$& him so hard!!!
Carole Puleo
Carole Puleo پیش ماه
Everyone is having issues with youtube!
Carole Puleo
Carole Puleo پیش ماه
We have been trying to impeach Newman.....we have 1 year......he is shutting down 95%!! Ca has been Democratic for years.....Trump voter, changed my party this year after 50 years....
Don P
Don P پیش ماه
Time to “Defund The Democrats”!
Erik Ellis
Erik Ellis پیش ماه
I’m a conservative in Cal and LOVED hearing
Perla Amezcua
Perla Amezcua پیش ماه
I’m unfortunately in CA and a conservative. 😞
Bob Ross
Bob Ross پیش ماه
lock down for thee, but not for me.
Ken Rowland
Ken Rowland پیش ماه
Ken Rowland
Ken Rowland پیش ماه
The SOB should have NEVER got in Office. It was ALL Auntie Nancys underhanded Doins. 😈
Ken Rowland
Ken Rowland پیش ماه
Rosy McGee
Rosy McGee پیش ماه
U ryt policies not ppl
Rosy McGee
Rosy McGee پیش ماه
Vote the platform
Shannon Coppersmith
Shannon Coppersmith پیش ماه
Vote Biden if you want the US to turn out like California... just saying. Trump 2020
Shannon Coppersmith
Shannon Coppersmith پیش ماه
I am a Republican. I was born in 85. Been Republican my whole life. Unfortunately I live in California. Also for my whole life. I gotta move. These people are horrible! Trump 2020
TheOwen1974 پیش ماه
What we need is a unified resistance. I live in Ohio and Dewine can suck it. I am a Free Man.
trackydog پیش ماه
Officer it's called the ruling class, do not as I do, but do as I say.
Deb Fiel
Deb Fiel پیش ماه
I like Trump and I like his style. Tell it like it is. I wish he wouldn't curse but that's really all that bothers me.
Mary Sumner
Mary Sumner پیش ماه
C'mon man, those orders are just for "mortals"!
tragic princess
tragic princess پیش ماه
Seasonal flu no longer exists. Call it covid-19.
Lisa Bowman
Lisa Bowman پیش ماه
Also here in Ohio, nursing homes are encouraged to take in Covid positive patients and receive enhanced Medicaid payments for doing so. Why???
TB2 پیش ماه
People..Patriots. Just remember who created Communism when you use this term. Peace God bless.
Lisa Bowman
Lisa Bowman پیش ماه
Here in Ohio, were are bring told that the virus is spreading because we are not being careful enough. Viruses spread when the air turns cold and dry, so this new wave should have been predicted and can be explained via science. sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2014/the-reason-for-the-season-why-flu-strikes-in-winter/.
Lulu Fune
Lulu Fune پیش ماه
I just watched Heavy Duty Country on masks. I was told today I was putting the city at risk when walking my dog outside, no mask, by a lady in her car alone, masked up. I laughed at her. Menopause & Masks do NOT go together. I’ll take my chances!
Christopher O
Christopher O پیش ماه
How can I send you something Brandon Tatum
clayton davidson
clayton davidson پیش ماه
Officer Tatum out here stating facts. God bless
S Wood
S Wood پیش ماه
Yup that’s what y’all get.. don’t come to Texas n California us.. we’ve got a bunch of liberals in our big cities all ready... California big businesses buy up our land and infecting is because they can’t buy land in Cali because of the taxes ... smh
jennifer parry
jennifer parry پیش ماه
yes you tube keeps cutting you out!
GladysKravitzJr پیش ماه
Newsom is a rancid pustule on the once Golden State. May he and his Auntie Nancy soon have a great fall In Jesus’ Name!!!!
Kevin McIntyre
Kevin McIntyre پیش ماه
It is illegal, but hard to enforce. Why anyone would be able to vote there when they didn't live there at the time of the previous vote makes NO SENSE. Officials should announce the Procecution of anyone who attempts this move, otherwise they will do it.
Leif پیش ماه
248,000 dead Americans, why are we leading the world in deaths and ICU patients?
FowFow پیش ماه
Biden 2020 baby
gin-N-aujus پیش ماه
Newsom got caught twice...How them Maui Ribs Gavin???? Recall his a$$
CenTennTrucker84 پیش ماه
Texas ain't going to put up with BS? Ever heard of Austin? Texas is slowly turning purple.
Youngforever پیش ماه
It's hard being red in my heart living in a blue state! We need Nancy out in Jan!
Natalie Moraes
Natalie Moraes پیش ماه
I live in cali and this shit is bullshit. We're pissed off. Freaking terrible
Trumain Gravrs
Trumain Gravrs پیش ماه
What's up officer Tatum I like your videos
Dan McDaniel
Dan McDaniel پیش ماه
So much for Leading by Example !
BBR2 پیش ماه
Pelosi owns a hotel in Napa. imagine if there was a "peaceful protest" by thousands at her hotel?
TW Mda
TW Mda پیش ماه
x..........x. End COVID-19 … Now. Directory of Doctors curing thousands of outpatients … fast. www.exstnc.com
Gary Scott Andrews Jr.
California conservative here. I fucking hate it here
BBR2 پیش ماه
Democrats disenfranchised more than 80 million legal Americans citizens.
Nicole DAy
Nicole DAy پیش ماه
sigh, Gavin SUCKS.... The French Laundry (VERY VERY EXPENSIVE) is in my town (Napa) and he has tasting rooms here too. Napa is mostly Dem , i wish my people here would wake up and ran his ass outta here. Sick of this shit. ugh
Amber پیش ماه
They can’t even follow their own rules. They’re so full of it!
Chicago 23
Chicago 23 پیش ماه
Wtf with that song LOL !!!!!! Trump2020 drain the swamp
dennis casey
dennis casey پیش ماه
Your voice is strong and truth filled. Thank you so much.
dennis casey
dennis casey پیش ماه
gavin newsome is lying, duplicitous, self serving, greasy, oily, narcissistic, otttocratic, fancy boy. he will lie rather than tell the truth and then make excuses for what he did. No one likes him, his inner circle is made up of sycophants with no moral center. A POX ON ALL OF THEM.
R. Richmond
R. Richmond پیش ماه
What Trump policies are you so in favor of from Trump? Especially with regard to black people?
emtb XL
emtb XL پیش ماه
MAKE CALI GREAT AGAIN.Don't move from California. Think about it the state turns to crap, which didn't happen overnight. Fix your state and vote the corrupt politicians out.
Paul Borowski
Paul Borowski پیش ماه
Must be nice. I've been trying to get a table at The French Laundry for 5 years.
emtb XL
emtb XL پیش ماه
Newsom is the nephew of Pelosi so it makes sense. There both members of democrat communist party!
Matti پیش ماه
America, you better fuckin awaken!
tclark428 پیش ماه
If you haven’t seen this....👍 iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/rdCgqKuW2XvIZpc.html
crazybutlazyyy De
crazybutlazyyy De پیش ماه
If he wants to risk his little life he has left then he can, ur not explain anything, everyone should wear a mask to bring down the rona!!, people like you ruin America
Terry Gunn
Terry Gunn پیش ماه
shadow band like other Conservatives
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith پیش ماه
Jason Simpkins
Jason Simpkins پیش ماه
You have this accent bro? Where are you originally from? 😆😁
True American
True American پیش ماه
No subtitles???
R M پیش ماه
More testing = more positive outcomes! more lockdowns, destoying our economy to where we will never come back. It's all about the GREAT RESET DAVOS 2021. To use covid as a cover to implement the great reset. cashless society . social credit system. You don't take the vaccine , you wont be able to go anywhere or buy anything. Wake up people.
Mark Reese
Mark Reese پیش ماه
It wasn't Gavin Newsom family, it was his state health department cronies without masks.
hippie for christ
hippie for christ پیش ماه
Steel Knight
Steel Knight پیش ماه
Gavin must think he’s an ARISTOCRAT. Recall this phony hypocrite!
Dog Lady
Dog Lady پیش ماه
I don’t care if people think that Trump is arrogant I’m not having him over for Sunday dinner I’m asking him to manage this country like a boss so I’m hiring him to do a job not to kiss my butt. Trump has kept us out of wars this entire time something I don’t remember any other president doing in my lifetime so yeah if he’s arrogant maybe he’s doing something right
Ryan Cohen
Ryan Cohen پیش ماه
In the Lefts attempted “Power Grab” they used weapons like Antifa, Arms of BLM, the media mob, big tech, etc. These weapons are extremely powerful but ‘unwield-able’. The Left’s grab may work but the weapons are not controlable and may likely turn on the Left in the end.
Gregg McNeely
Gregg McNeely پیش ماه
Al Rod
Al Rod پیش ماه
Dem's 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Julie Brown
Julie Brown پیش ماه
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/npSAppu9q2q_ZWQ.html Trump rally
Big Mike
Big Mike پیش ماه
What happened to your Trump’s going to win video?
Linda Green
Linda Green پیش ماه
I voted for policy too. Best economy in years for all races. Cut the taxes of all. Bringing peace to the middle east. Prison reform that Biden caused to sky rocket and Kamala would not let out even after their term was served. ots of things.
TheSharipie پیش ماه
We went down to vote in person, only to find out that our ballots will be MAILED in from the poll site. This is n. CA, Sacramento county, I'm guessing it was the same all over ca? were there any real polling booths where your ballots were counted immediately? Also, there are tons of Trump supporters in CA but we have to hide because the left is so violent and destructive
T-Bone Perkins
T-Bone Perkins پیش ماه
Just look at the thumbs up versus thumbs down on every video! The Truth is staggering! Prepare to Fight my fellow Americans!
diabolical1976 پیش ماه
Officer " whatever gets me those clicks/ Benjamin's " Tatum
Dachai پیش ماه
That's what closet dictators do right?
Mobile App
Mobile App پیش ماه
GN should lose a lot more than his job, he should lose that human flesh suit he’s wearing.
TBR, LLC پیش ماه
imagine what they will do when they have control of your thermostat.
Mobile App
Mobile App پیش ماه
I love this guy! Git em OT!
Florida Boy. / California Man .
Love ! the Brandon Tatum show . 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
This kind of crap is why this Canuck is with President Trump 🇨🇦🙋‍♂️🇺🇸
Travis Hawthorne
Travis Hawthorne پیش ماه
Heckter Mortro
Heckter Mortro پیش ماه
Still holding out for a Trump victory? I stopped after realizing that the Kraken is a flopping guppy.
William پیش ماه
William پیش ماه
@HALD-MATALONGOS I'll pray for you.
no, you lost
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