First WOMAN football player EPIC FAIL 

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First WOMAN football player EPIC FAIL
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2020 28 نوامبر





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Jay Walkinn
Jay Walkinn پیش ماه
If that door is opened . Women playing men, then men will play with women. And your never have woman sports again
Clarinet Girl
Clarinet Girl پیش 20 روز
Women should play in men sports IF they are good enough note kicking a field goal in football doesn’t count liKe you need to be on the field AND there isn’t a women team. The 2nd part is important cause not every sport has a team for both genders.
Don Heimbigner
Don Heimbigner پیش ماه
In high school we had a regular sized girl want to play. She challenged the school board until they finally allowed her to play. She accused us of taking scissors to our practice unis. She never came on the field after seeing us hitting the the blocking machine.
Nicole Jett
Nicole Jett پیش ماه
Men playing women's sports has already happened. Fallon Fox in MMA crushing the skulls of his female opponents and dudes playing women's rugby and running track against women in pigtails. It's despicable.
Stavros پیش ماه
@Teodor Sal That's not America's fault. That's the fault of Marxists. That's been their intention for decades. And they've gotten help from the Democrat party. But to blame America is like blaming the car for being in a car accident. It's not the cars fault, it's the drivers negligence. So I agree with you that we've lost all those values, but if you want to blame someone then blame those who are bent on ruining our values. Marxist ideology is at fault. And I can prove that. It started in the 60's with the counterculture, the inceptions of women's lib, the welfare state, all started by the ones who think they're better than everyone. I can't even say their name or this will be deleted, but you can figure out who I'm referring to. They started the Marxist ideology.
Karen Hebert
Karen Hebert پیش ماه
Men are playing with women... its called transgender.
jeff funke
jeff funke پیش 2 روز
I took my first crap in three days. If i were Sarah fuller, i'd probably get an award for it.
Jamie Pasek
Jamie Pasek پیش 7 روز
Your 100% right!!
My Dog Theodore
My Dog Theodore پیش 10 روز
It sounds like she's a great soccer player. She should probably just stick with soccer
Texas Rebel Country Cowboy
Men and women are equal to an extent. But there's alot of things they're not equal in
RET Engineman
RET Engineman پیش 13 روز
that has to be embarrassing to let a women play on your team because you suck so bad they need a reason to talk about your team lol
Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty پیش 14 روز
Oh I just figured it out that's why they did the quarterback position like they have where they don't let him get hit anymore so they can put a women quarterback in and the player will be used to it.
Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty پیش 14 روز
No just let her be treated like one of the guys whenever she does her kicks let the guys hit her just like they would the male players when she kicks extra points let the guys rush her.
Chris Raheem Smith
Chris Raheem Smith پیش 15 روز
At least they put Antoinette Harris at Safety lol
Skylicity پیش 16 روز
facts on facts in this... it's january and i still can't believe this happened
Jhordyn Brown
Jhordyn Brown پیش 17 روز
I don’t see why they can’t have girls football in high school. I really enjoyed playing with the guys in PE. Of course it was just tag football, no tackling, but the runs and plays and catching I really enjoyed. I am a soccer player and I also had a friend who kicked for the guys team, she did really good and had huge quads while all the guys had skinny legs so she did what she was supposed to do. Girls should have their own football
Lorraine Gray
Lorraine Gray پیش 18 روز
The poor lass would get smashed in a real game. It’s totally sick what’s going these days.
Peachxbee پیش 18 روز
We are built like fucking monsters dude, like I understand but we can play whatever fucking sport we want to man. Stop talking about like we cant play mens sports we can, Ok?great have a great day but understand you probably lost ALOT of supporters
David Benitez
David Benitez پیش 19 روز
You act as if they chose a quarterback as a woman, da fuck outta here. Your wrong on this suckaman
Seerah Danielle
Seerah Danielle پیش 19 روز
If you want women to play in football MAKE WOMEN'S FOOTBALL. Damn. There is nothing wrong with women not being accepted into male sports, and playing in a females only division. And you cant cry when people make fun of your feminity in situations like this because playing the sport don't make you less of a woman but playing with the men does. And please, don't put any biological men who present as women in women sports wither. We already saw the attempted ban on that in the UK already after the injuries this year.
Chris Corbett
Chris Corbett پیش 21 روز
She didn't run down the field after the kickoff, she immediately ran off the field...and was off the field before the ball was out of play. The next week, she kicked an extra point or FG, and the defense was afraid to penetrate to accidentally tackle her
Chris Garay
Chris Garay پیش 21 روز
As much as I’ve disagreed with this dude in the past he’s spot on here.
IncredibleC پیش 21 روز
Not only in football, they been talking about this nunes lady fighting one of them paul brothers. It's some real weak pussies out here that wanna fight and tackle women 😂😂💀😱
The Real Winner
The Real Winner پیش 21 روز
And people have nerve to think Toni Harris can play defensive back in the NFL?!? 1 Derrick Henry stiff arm will literally have her head turned backwards and she'll just die. 🤦🏿‍♂️
Allyson Miller
Allyson Miller پیش 22 روز
Lmao why did they leave the bullet 🤣
Allyson Miller
Allyson Miller پیش 22 روز
Lmao why did they leave the bullet 🤣
Harry Drury
Harry Drury پیش 23 روز
Let a female run the ball from a kick off ! Let the men tackle her As if she was a man . The end .
JC Sanjuro
JC Sanjuro پیش 24 روز
The liberals are trying hard to undermine female sports. There is a difference between Estrogen and Testosterone. Males who claim to be, or indeed are Transgender (Still with OEM equipment below) will destroy "genuine" female competitors if allowed to compete as equals. Funny how liberals are quick to follow science when convenient, but disregard the same when it conflicts with their "woke" agenda. You know, real (biological) female lives do matter!
MrWiggnuts پیش 25 روز
They hold the ball sometimes, mainly in windy conditions.
Laura Almasan
Laura Almasan پیش 26 روز
Women can play football with men...flag football.
Derrick Ward
Derrick Ward پیش 27 روز
“Celebrating foolery”! TRU!!!
Darra Richardson
Darra Richardson پیش 27 روز
I'm a woman and I completely agree with Brandon.
kendo4242 پیش 28 روز
Latest update: Sarah Fuller has been awarded the Sarah Fuller Honorary Degree in Astrophysics and Aeronautical Engineering from MIT and will be joining Space Force, where her main duty will be cheering on the other Physicists and Engineers. Way to go Sarah!
sam clemens
sam clemens پیش 28 روز
Tatum effing why not. I never took as a man that needs to have women, barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen. What are you afraid of? There was nothing to do with SJW why do people like you go there every time a woman does anything. I do agree that many women are just bullying their way through because men cant say anything to them. A woman passes and you nod and say hello. She turns around and says WTF does that mean. It was one girl given a shot. Vandy's season sucked. My adult daughters would kick your ass tatum for this stance. That THE ONLY way a woman could get a chance is SJW. Disgusts me as a father and a human.
Cringe For the youth
Cringe For the youth پیش ماه
Imagine throwing a fit because a woman is playing football
the garden tiller boy
the garden tiller boy پیش ماه
that. bull ****
marcus hill
marcus hill پیش ماه
women cant even throw a fucking football😭😂. i aint trying to be sexist but its true😭
Fredrick Johnson
Fredrick Johnson پیش ماه
Mike M
Mike M پیش ماه
I really don't care about the woman playing, as long as she deserved the job. What was bad though was when she "scored the first points over by a woman in a power 5 conference". Well this is lame cuz power 5 has only existed a few years, so that's just playing with words right there. It's also lame cuz a female kicker on Colorado actually kicked a field goal years ago. It would appear they didn't want to bring her up though because she transferred to another college after that season due to the really bad treatment she got from her teammates, even her coach, and people on campus. AND she was raped by at least one on the football team! Don't want that negative story getting in the way of this new one.
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy پیش ماه
I bet somebody lost a bet or got caught cheating and was given an ultimatum to put this girl on the team or lose their job. Lol.
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy پیش ماه
That or they were paid a huge amount of money to do this.
Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez پیش ماه
Vanderbilt had a few players that raped a girl a couple years ago. So they're just tryin to clean up there image..
Beverly McCollum
Beverly McCollum پیش ماه
The other team didn’t even try to tackle her or block the kick....that’s Bull 💩
AJ's Wonderful World
AJ's Wonderful World پیش ماه
Never played a game of football in my life, but I could kick a football better than the sjw Edit: just heard it was to the 30? I can kick a punt from home side end zone to visitor 30 yard line. From a kickoff on the tee, I can kick from end zone to visitor side 20 yard line, give or take a few yards on both numbers.
Ortiz Nick
Ortiz Nick پیش ماه
Men and women are equal till a man smacks one😪
Rob Roberson
Rob Roberson پیش ماه
You ain't trippin.....I agree with you
Andrew Docherty
Andrew Docherty پیش ماه
Like that Zuby dude! Said he's a girl and broke all the female weight lifting records lolol..
Mario Morris
Mario Morris پیش ماه
kickers are not football players they are kickers!
Wooley689 پیش ماه
LOL. ESPN on December 12th touts her as a great player. Bet her father now wears panties with her 32 on them as he prances around in his high heels and stockings.
SPeeS پیش ماه
Did anyone realize the refs didn’t blow the whistle when half the team was offsides they were probably scared to be called out for being sexist. No worries the coach was fired the next day. 😂🤣
Adam Basham
Adam Basham پیش ماه
I cant wait for her first connection with a 300 lb Linebacker..... Will be EPIC.....
Mark پیش ماه
I used to be pretty athletic before I got hurt, but now I’m thinking about making a comeback starting with Women’s softball, I think I could be one of the best within a year or so. Do you think they ladies will let me play?
Ron Merkus
Ron Merkus پیش ماه
Lol well lets thank God she is only a kicker, because any other position , she would get crushed !!!!
MurasakiTsukimaru پیش ماه
She played football in the same way celebrities play baseball. Throw the ball once then get off the field for the actual athletes.
That One Commenter You're Always Finding
Gonna be honest... I know high school female kickers that kick farther than that... If they just got a girl more capable, i dont think there would be any complaints
Dennis Grønnvold
Dennis Grønnvold پیش ماه
Why can't we just accept that boys and girls are different? We're good at different things and that's a good thing
The D
The D پیش ماه
They were trying to distract us, so we wouldn’t notice how much the team sucks.
Danilo Arguello
Danilo Arguello پیش ماه
You forgot to mention the cherry on top. On her helmet it said "Play like a girl".
Longwings222 پیش ماه
I'm dead
Anne Landry
Anne Landry پیش ماه
No one mentioned the fact also that the men on the other team will not tackle her for fear of hurting a woman. We were made different for a reason, duh.
Rob MVNY پیش ماه
I demand that we allow boys to join women's teams , lets take this to them, no mercy.
joe bob marley
joe bob marley پیش ماه
Can she kick?
John Cofield
John Cofield پیش ماه
Yeah... and what are they going to do when someone on the receiving team decides to pick the kicked ball up and run with it? Who on the other team is going to go down there and block her? Knock her ass off? No guy wants to do that and I don't blame 'em. This is such BS.
Mike Donaldson
Mike Donaldson پیش ماه
Nothing wrong with females playing football with men, provided they can play at the same level with no concessions.
joe bob marley
joe bob marley پیش ماه
Exactly! That's what I'm saying. Can she kick, and play the position. Then great , no worries.
i was a union carpenter and ironworker in CA i have worked with women and it would piss me off because i would have to work twice as hard cus i had to do all the stuff they couldn't and if that was me you better believe I would be getting my two checks but no everyone tries to baby them but i did meet one or two that did work hard but in no way was it ever equal guys always had to pick up whatever Slack was left. on one of the jobs i was on my boss asked this girl to get a new bottle of acetylene and all she did was walk back and forth staring at the bottle the only bottle you were supposed to get help with is the oxygen bottle the acetylene bottle weighs 130 lb the oxygen bottle is around 180 to 200 i have had to carry an oxygen tank on a job site by myself before but she does noughting and has a job wtf i can go on and on with stuff like this all i ask is you do what i do if you want the job not do less and get the same pay
mike smith
mike smith پیش ماه
when this came out i thought ok just more libtard stuff its just a kicker maybe she will do ok but she cant even play without a holder then thats just changing the game for a woman thats stupid have a separate team then
alitlweird پیش ماه
By “epic fail” you mean “most historic event in human history.” everyone will remember what they were doing when what’s her name half-assedly kicked a football.
Chad Coburn
Chad Coburn پیش ماه
maybe it's gonna be the new NFL
Sam Pewett
Sam Pewett پیش ماه
Insane You would never have seen her out their if that game was national championship.
Martin Stephenson
Martin Stephenson پیش ماه
This is an utter joke, if they were serious they would have had one of the Eagles USA Women's Rugby team members on the field, not a soccer girl, the fact that they didn't use a female Rugby player suggest that it's a poorly conceived woke PR stunt that the Eagles probably wouldn't have anything to do with, unlike Sarah Fuller who has just kicked a ball ran off and flushed their sporting credibility down the toilet.
tj jones
tj jones پیش ماه
Bingo 1000 percent nothing more to say you said.
Hold the Line
Hold the Line پیش ماه
I’m a woman and I have been saying this for years. We are not made to go up against 300 lb males and take hits it’s crazy.
Tom Porter
Tom Porter پیش ماه
Complete disgrace! She and her "parents" should be ashamed of this moronathon!
eyescrynot پیش ماه
Show me ..................... one that can pee standing up!
Likes&Favorites پیش ماه
I'm a woman and my favorite sport is football. I LOVE IT (go pack go!) I stopped watching it this year because of BLM and their crap! Shaming America the way they do is a disgrace. Now, as a woman I love to see the women on the sideline doing the injury reports or updates before the game or whatever...actually I find it nice to see them. It's cool. 😀 However, not in the main commentary, not a ref and not a player.🙄 When I was in high school and we had PE we would go for a "walk" outside. I always hated it because I knew the girls very well...girly, not coordinated and very I BROKE A NAIL type...I hated it. I'm a tom boy so I liked shooting hoops in the gym or playing knockout (that was fun) but when the men went 3 on 3 or whatever I was out...it's not only stupid to join but it's also a violation to the privacy of the men in their element. LET THEM HAVE THEIR ELEMENT. Their better at sports anyway! Also, when you turn a man's game into a woman's game...there are no more MEN that make the decisions. If you want to laugh watch women's basketball. All clumped together (haha)
Tee Straight
Tee Straight پیش ماه
Not just college football but the dominant conference over the past 20 yrs in all of college football. If she actually engaged in tackle football she would more than likely being sharing the field with one more guys who within a year will be in the NFL. Bama alone avg's about 4 that will play on Sundays not just make a roster. Add FLA, LSU, GA, A&M, SC & Tenn as well. smh!
THE B HIVE پیش ماه
You're right about this. WTC. You sound dumb. Love ya bro. iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/fsdhoJisraKWgKc.html
Don Heimbigner
Don Heimbigner پیش ماه
How much you bet that she expects the guys to "be nice" to her. I say if you play, you best expect a 6' 5" 300 lb dude flatten your ass.
Roger Van Leeuwen
Roger Van Leeuwen پیش ماه
Oooooh Mr.Greeness................
younges 514
younges 514 پیش ماه
Why don’t she just join an all girls football team? Iunno why they try to compete with us and then cry when they can’t beat us LOL
Cryptic 2020
Cryptic 2020 پیش ماه
Imagine the guy who got the scholarship for kicking. He must be pissed
Jay Winchester
Jay Winchester پیش ماه
Yay! She kicked a ball 15 yards one time and was on the bench the rest of the game she "played" a game of football🙄
matt mitchell
matt mitchell پیش ماه
First of all shes not the first! I wish people would stop saying this.
Leahcim Eugonim
Leahcim Eugonim پیش ماه
Seems they made the “one” power move that could make the team worse? Now it is being the dirty laughter of both football and sports in general. This is what is propped up when there are no fake racism incidents on the day.
Soft- Games
Soft- Games پیش ماه
this makes me cringe
Kimberly Turner
Kimberly Turner پیش ماه
Lol. Tatum, I funny. But you're right. WOMEN don't belong on a man's football team. PERIODT!!!!
Matthew Ritchey
Matthew Ritchey پیش ماه
I actually had a journeyman who was a woman (I am an apprentice) just saying she was pretty cool though
Traci Anderson
Traci Anderson پیش ماه
You can't find her weight posted anywhere. I found this from starsoffline.com 🤔🤔. Sarah Fuller stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and her weight is at least 70 kilograms. It equals 154.324 pounds. OK she is 6ft 155 pounds is a great weight and should be celebrated not hidden. I think it i kinda cool she is from Wylie, Texas where my Sister and her family live. No reason to say that just thought it was kinda neat. The wokeness is going to completely destroy this country sadly. 🥵🤬😢💔😭🙏🇺🇲💖🙏💖🇺🇲🙏💖🇺🇲🙏💖🇺🇲🙏💖🇺🇲
Christian Mendoza Tapia
i have yet to see any sports all year.
cdreyes81 پیش ماه
As a soccer player, if you can't kick a tee'd up football, that's really sad. A soccer ball is literally tee'd up on grass.
Shawntavious Banks
Shawntavious Banks پیش ماه
Why is this is such a big deal
Kell پیش ماه
Nah, it's possible. Maybe not a lot of women, but a select few or some. Don't get offended over something so little.
Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard پیش ماه
I think if the NCAA wants to field an all female football program I say great but too put a female on a NCAA men's football program is ridiculous.
Shon Scott
Shon Scott پیش ماه
I hope she get's pummeled by the other team in a tackle .
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll پیش ماه
Yes, this is why I am done with sports because it can't just be sports. Enough already. You are dead nuts on with this assessment.
WiseLady7 پیش ماه
From a feminine woman's perspective, having a woman on a male football team makes this team look very weak and sissified! This idea is soooooo "off!" It's like having a huge, burly male linebacker playing on an all-female volley ball team! That's crazy! If the female football player gets tackled by the male football players on the field, they would pulverize her! Men are generally bigger and stronger than women. This poor woman would get flattened like a pancake! Men should play with men, and women play with women. Women can't do everything men do, nor are they able to survive getting tackled by burly male football players without getting carried off the field on a stretcher! Whoever came up with the idea of allowing this woman to play on an all-male football team needs his or her head examined. Equality will cause this woman to get killed. SMH!
Brave Heart RV
Brave Heart RV پیش ماه
Flag NFL coming soon to a tv near you.
Sandbox Man
Sandbox Man پیش ماه
Clearly an unfair advantage, men are biologically bigger built and stronger , should be women’s football
Nik پیش ماه
This whole SJW thing will end fast when a 250 lb special teams player hits her at 50 miles an hour. It will be over real quick
Jedriq Ventura
Jedriq Ventura پیش ماه
If she was physically powerful enough and had the endurance then maybe?
J.L.J. پیش ماه
I believe in the Mike Tyson plan, you haven't played until you get hit.
Tat2 Sk8erDude
Tat2 Sk8erDude پیش ماه
Do u think they would be mad if she took a hit?
jp83187 پیش ماه
Officer tatum please arrest this woman for identity theft She totally stole the identity of a bad football player
Gary Ballard
Gary Ballard پیش ماه
Officer Tatum....what can you tell us about the Harrison Deal "Accident"
RockGuitarist1 پیش ماه
Imagine if the kick was actually returned and came down to her having to stop the runner. It'd be all over.
Justin Shivrattan
Justin Shivrattan پیش ماه
I got 1 question for you WHAT ARE THOSESSSSS!!!!!!!!
Kenneth Portner
Kenneth Portner پیش ماه
Your right.
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