Eugene Babysits Keith's Cat For A Day 

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Allergic Eugene is going to attempt babysitting sitting Keith's cat, Alfred for the day! Aaaaand NEW merch is available now! Get our new custom Color Cloud Tie-Dye and shop our BFF Necklaces here: tryguys.com
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Alexis Perez
Alexis Perez پیش 15 دقیقه
What is that magical contraption to remove cat fur from the couch👀
zacass13 پیش 8 ساعت
Okay but what was that lint roller called that they had to get all the cat hair off of the couch?! I need it!
vsxn پیش 9 ساعت
Eugene is a mood literally (like thewau he looked after the baby and the cat)
Namarie Huerta
Namarie Huerta پیش 14 ساعت
Becky’s so beautiful :’)
Melissa Beckmann
Melissa Beckmann پیش 23 ساعت
What a beautiful cat 🐱
Ida Fuentes
Ida Fuentes پیش روز
Once a month?😱😷
Nibedita Dash
Nibedita Dash پیش روز
3:25 i-
RiseAsTheDawn -
RiseAsTheDawn - پیش 2 روز
who wants eugene to babysit ned and ariels second baby?
k b
k b پیش 2 روز
I used to cat sit a lot it usually takes a weekish for most to like you I think eugene did good but needed to play harder to get
Katelyn NeSmith
Katelyn NeSmith پیش 2 روز
when Becky laughs at 11:30 mins and Keith goes “Becky” cause she’s gonna ruin the joke
Empathy808 پیش 3 روز
Being someone who grew up with cats, this video is absolutely golden to me💀
Audrey Grace
Audrey Grace پیش 3 روز
*tiny bobcat... tiny bobcat.............. tiny bobcat
scrollmate پیش 3 روز
Oh wow! Alfred has his own room. Lucky 🐱
suselada پیش 4 روز
this makes me miss my adoptiv cat that died of acute liver desise in my arms......
Laís Garbin Paludo
Laís Garbin Paludo پیش 4 روز
Omg their new house is so pretty
Tori Waterhouse
Tori Waterhouse پیش 5 روز
Thank you for never failing to make me smile. It has been a really long day and I needed that. 😁
Dawn Hankins
Dawn Hankins پیش 5 روز
7:10 I was drinking water, laughing/coughing/dying for 5 minutes beat moment of try guys so far lol
kat irish
kat irish پیش 5 روز
i need more alfred content
Atiyyah Carol
Atiyyah Carol پیش 5 روز
What litter sand do they use??
VICTORIA TAN پیش 5 روز
7:10 wOw yAssssssS
jamesisdigital پیش 6 روز
Here we are from Keith trying to sit in Eugene’s lap, to Eugene trying to get Keith’s cat in his lap
Ahmad omar
Ahmad omar پیش 6 روز
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tis پیش 6 روز
forget fandoms I'm an Alfred stan now
Robin Pike
Robin Pike پیش 7 روز
i fucking love that Eugeine actually sniffed the scratcher even though he knows he gon sneeze XD
Jazzy Jerica
Jazzy Jerica پیش 7 روز
damn becky looks like a GODDESS!!!! such a beautiful glow.
Jessica Steinman
Jessica Steinman پیش 7 روز
12:51 look at those beans
Emily A.
Emily A. پیش 7 روز
When did they move omgggg
Jelleybean18 پیش 7 روز
No oil yet it’s cooked in a cast iron pan
Hailey Turner
Hailey Turner پیش 8 روز
low-key I want to see Zach hang out with Alfred so I can actually see him obsess over cats.
Seungju Yim
Seungju Yim پیش 8 روز
At 4:15, my cat came into the room and responded to the meowing coming from my phone and meowed
Natalie Deaton
Natalie Deaton پیش 8 روز
why does keith look like his cat
Arreyn Grey
Arreyn Grey پیش 8 روز
"Meeting a dog is like running into a friend at the bar, meeting a cat is like going to a job interview" The most prefect description ever
lisette lemba
lisette lemba پیش 8 روز
2:29 its uplifting CELLO music!!
P Heart
P Heart پیش 8 روز
The amateurs Alfred has to work with!
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez پیش 8 روز
Okay but that ending 😂 GOLDEN "Do I need to shake a bottle of whiskey" Eugene's "wet treat" 😭 HE IS A CAT
weahhh63 پیش 8 روز
I almost choked on my m&m when he sneezed and threw poop everywhere.
VICTORIA TAN پیش 5 روز
Jade Greenwood
Jade Greenwood پیش 8 روز
i cant afford your merch its too expensive :(
FloatAwhile پیش 9 روز
Alfred after having two treats in one day: "Shit, I'm dying aren't I. Just tell me!"
DongFeng东风 پیش 9 روز
drew پیش 9 روز
becky's hair 🥺🥺
M Gil
M Gil پیش 9 روز
Eugene did great!!! 😸🦁🐈
xxxilva پیش 9 روز
Eugene looks sooo good lately. I didn’t realize he could get more attractive. He mentioned that he has gained 15 pounds during quarantine and it REALLY suits him. Yesss Eugene 🥰
Fernanda Lopez
Fernanda Lopez پیش 9 روز
Eugene trying to befriend him self
UnveiledAngel پیش 10 روز
I have a cat that looks just like Alfred, size and all!
hamsnerd پیش 11 روز
5 things: 1. Alfred = cat Eugene 2. Becky's so pretty omg 3. What's with the black suit Eugene, bold of you 😭 4. Alfred is a polite guy 💖 5. Keith and Becky babysitting Eugene babysitting Alfred. Yes.
Kammitha Ray
Kammitha Ray پیش 11 روز
What is that thing they used on the couch?!?!?!?
Ricky Tenderkiss
Ricky Tenderkiss پیش 11 روز
Wow - after hearing his life story, it turns out Alfredo has _seen_ some things! 😳 I’m so glad lucky kitty found you guys, and vice-versa. ❤️ (I, too, am allergic to cats… and at one point was housemates with four of them! I’m down to one now, but it was totally worth all the sneezing. 😻)
martin sheehan
martin sheehan پیش 11 روز
Did anyone see Eugene smile🧐🧐🧦
Nedearana پیش 11 روز
Watching with my cat sleeping on my lap. Perfect timing
Diana Lemanski
Diana Lemanski پیش 12 روز
This is my new favorite try guys video. Just supreme. Perfection.
Theory Kitten
Theory Kitten پیش 12 روز
Eugene playing with Alfred is so wholesome! Also, can I just say that the phrase "there's a little gay worm trying to get away" is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard? XD
AVideoStarWorld Willemijn
AVideoStarWorld Willemijn پیش 12 روز
These are some of the stereotypical cat things I have ever seen. And I've had cats my whole life and my bedroom is also the cat room XD
Diana پیش 13 روز
I wanna tour of their new house! 🤩
poilaaliop پیش 13 روز
Keith and Eugene remind me of that ol' "Dog Friend vs Cat Friend" video by fatawsome, but the twist is that the Dog Friend has a cat and the Cat Friend has dogs.
poilaaliop پیش 13 روز
Oh no... Not the angel costume...
Liz P
Liz P پیش 13 روز
Ok wait what is that cat hair collection contraption they used to clean the couch?!?!?!!? As a cat owner allergic to cats i must have this
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki پیش 13 روز
I know Eugene won't be seeing this but I want him too know that he is one of the biggest inspiration to come out to my grandparents
Evie Hogg
Evie Hogg پیش 13 روز
Eugene looked like Keith when he was rubbing his legs from the video when Keith sat on eugenes lap 😂
Lucie Pospichal
Lucie Pospichal پیش 13 روز
The fact that Eugene didn't question sniffing cardboard for a rotting cat and rubbing his ass on a towel... I don't think I trust any of my friends enough to just do that for them no questions asked.
Lam پیش 13 روز
"Shake a bottle of Whiskey" lmao
Zainab پیش 13 روز
6:55 when Alfred called Eugene a peasant
KaLeetheOreo پیش 13 روز
A whole series of Alfred on Eugene's lap
ThisIsNotAnASMRChannel Channel
Alfred is Latina 😍😩
Ganimo 22
Ganimo 22 پیش 14 روز
14:11 y’all... I’m playin this music for my wind symphony right now and hearing it here randomly tripped me up lol. :0
Hannah Deans
Hannah Deans پیش 14 روز
Fun fact :most people that likes cats are allergic to cats (me and my late father loves cats) 😁😁
wiilll wonng
wiilll wonng پیش 14 روز
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Omar Hernandez
Omar Hernandez پیش 14 روز
Is that a new house lol
Hannah Frampton
Hannah Frampton پیش 15 روز
Can’t find anyone else in this comment section who finds it crazy they only wash the litter tray out once a month!? That’s too long man! No wonder eugene said it stank so bad. No hate to Keith and Becky, I love them - but pick up the pace guys!
Moonlight • Lee
Moonlight • Lee پیش 15 روز
Why do people hate it when their cats lick them? It’s so calming to me
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo پیش 15 روز
I used to like the try guys Then thought they were stupid Now Eugene is the only cool one
Michelle Hoskins
Michelle Hoskins پیش 15 روز
Poor Eugene!!!!! You two are sick puppies. I laughed my ass off.
albert mooney
albert mooney پیش 15 روز
alfred is kittler confirmed.
Aero Beats
Aero Beats پیش 16 روز
I can relate to Alfred’s story to my dog, she was rescued from a puppy mill where she was found close to death
zaurawr پیش 16 روز
me: this doesn’t seem like it will be very entertaining ? them: *has eugene sniff cardboard*
alex garza
alex garza پیش 16 روز
The ending omg Eugene really is a catt
KLMK پیش 16 روز
Wait, you don’t get kitty to give you a high five for a treat???
Isabelle Rycus
Isabelle Rycus پیش 16 روز
Eugene has very explosive sneezes damn
darklordwendel پیش 16 روز
Watching dog owners stumble through cat interactions and chores is always a+. And bonus points to whoever did Alfred's captions. Also, I know Eugene is usually the "I woke up like this" model looking guy in these videos, but I think Becky wins this video. Que hermosa
Brittney Rodriguez
Brittney Rodriguez پیش 16 روز
Becky looks so beautiful🙂
KrishnaRidhi پیش 16 روز
I'm disappointed that you didn't call them Positive Cat-firmations
GGUKJE0NS پیش 17 روز
i think the korean in eugene jumped out when he sneezed
LordReebs پیش 17 روز
When Alfred started meowing for that wet treat my cat dive bombed me from the other side of my apartment lol
Deryn Florence
Deryn Florence پیش 17 روز
i'm a cat person because you have to earn a cats trust and love but a dog just does that anyway
Sammi Weinstein
Sammi Weinstein پیش 17 روز
I know this has no relevance, BUT EUGENE WAS IN BROOKLYN 99!!!!?????? crazyness
Shannon پیش 17 روز
When Eugene sneezed and the poop flung everywhere, I DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emily Kieding
Emily Kieding پیش 17 روز
can we just appreciate how BEAUTIFUL Becky is 🥺
Kelly Mcsweeney
Kelly Mcsweeney پیش 17 روز
Try Pretty Litter... The best.
mom google-acct
mom google-acct پیش 17 روز
I have a cat named Kelly and a piece of her hair is gone and I was there a whole tale is gone I’m not joking if you want me to like make a video about that I can
LJ Cl پیش 17 روز
Eugene is the best friend ever. He is so thoughtful and kind to everyone's "babies"
Ann N
Ann N پیش 17 روز
This is my favorite video
Tyler Redenbach
Tyler Redenbach پیش 17 روز
As much as I adore Keith and Becky I think the show would been a lot more entertaining if they weren’t there all the time in Eugene we just be by himself
Someone Anonime
Someone Anonime پیش 17 روز
you could take an antia allergic pill before going. If you take it for 3 days in a row before seeing the cat you’ll have almost no allergy, I have allergic rhinitis so I do this a lot when I’m going to dusty places and stuff
BambiLena666 پیش 17 روز
alfred is a gorgeous cat, tho for anyone interested there is a course of treatment for cat allergies. I never look into what it actually is if I remember correctly it was a series of shots, a girl I met years ago told me she got it cause she adores cats. So might be worth looking into so you dont have to take meds daily.
Julia L
Julia L پیش 17 روز
That ending though.. hehehee
Charlotte پیش 18 روز
Eugene babysitting Wes: it’s making noise.... uhhh... what do I do...... Eugene with Alfred: Oh my god he recognizes the treat bag he’s so smart
ShadowShifter پیش 18 روز
“A little gay worm” I died from that
cigarette butt in the urinal
alfred is so beautiul
Keishawn Cameron
Keishawn Cameron پیش 18 روز
eugene why don't you get a hairless cat
Aixa Z
Aixa Z پیش 18 روز
Watched this with my cat. He doesn’t know what a video is but I think he liked it?
The Virtual Traveler
The Virtual Traveler پیش 18 روز
Eugene learns the tried and true method to make a cat love you: feed them shrimp
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