Denver Mayor CAUGHT Traveling for Thanksgiving after telling the city to stay home! 

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Denver Mayor CAUGHT Traveling for Thanksgiving after telling the city to stay home!
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2020 25 نوامبر





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New Horizon
New Horizon پیش 10 روز
Yall get ready for worse if GA goes Dems.
Unoobis پیش 29 روز
You can't point out one side without bring up the other side. BOTH sides keep doing this shit! You have Trump having MULTIPLE events and even after SUPPOSEDLY catching Covid, he STILL DOESN'T WEAR A MASK. He just keeps on going not worrying about ANYBODY else. NOW, his "Team" of idiots continue to show that they have caught Covid....I guess they followed their leader. See what that got them. Course, they aren't going to be rushed off to a hospital and have numerous doctors look over them. I guess they have to just sit it out and what happens, happens. Trump also said that non of his members would get the Vaccine in advance. ARE YOU FREAK'N KIDDING ME? The White House is freak'n GROUND ZERO with everyone continuing to catch it. LOL, wow.
CanUc MyEyesopen
CanUc MyEyesopen پیش ماه
Stop COMPLYING to their stupidity
Chad H.
Chad H. پیش ماه
More like Mayor Foot-Penis
Scott Laboch
Scott Laboch پیش ماه
Plz pray for California!! We're petitioning to recall Dictator Newsom.... Plz pray that ye gets recalled!!!!
Henry Fruhling
Henry Fruhling پیش ماه
I heard that obbummer bought a house on the coast of Maui.
Henry Fruhling
Henry Fruhling پیش ماه
greg lambert
greg lambert پیش ماه
Nice hoodie bro
Jase Strictland
Jase Strictland پیش ماه
"ASH~Y ELBOWS!!!" I can't stop laughing brother! I laughed so hard, I hacked up a lung!!!
BAD CP پیش ماه
Denver sucks, and so does its corrupt local government. Dirty, filthy place.
Speedcuff پیش ماه
Hmmmm seems to be behaving like Trumps' Sec. of State who is throwing parties for the holidays gonna call him out?
mason do
mason do پیش ماه
do as I say not as I do lol
jennifer ruiz
jennifer ruiz پیش ماه
I wonder..... Would holding our votes hostage send a message to these awful awful politicians??!!?? One thing is for sure we can't take this lying down! Thank you BT for informing us but now..... What do we intend to do about it? IM FED UP BEYOND FED UP!!!!!!! The audacity is extremely insulting and sickening.
Abel Gonzaslez
Abel Gonzaslez پیش ماه
Cheryl Reyna
Cheryl Reyna پیش ماه
Exactly!!! You would think people would wisen up to their lies. Look at witless her husband tried to get his boat in the water by bribing someone at the boat marina.to beat the memorial day weekend rush. When are people going to wake up and realize these restrictions are less
Annemarie D
Annemarie D پیش ماه
Rules for thee, not for me. C’mon man! Don’t act so surprised. We knew they wouldn’t have enough sense to realize people would be keeping their eyes on them extra close.
Elisa Prestwood
Elisa Prestwood پیش ماه
Here goes the ashy elbows again!!😂😂😂😂😂 so true Brandon!!!
Dwight Smith
Dwight Smith پیش ماه
Kary Banks Mullis invented the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993 for his invention. Kary Mullis stated clearly in 2013 that his technology was never designed for diagnosing disease and should not be used for that purpose.
Leanne LaForge
Leanne LaForge پیش ماه
Us California people are sick of Newsom and his BS!! We want them OUT!! Hypocrisy, liars and tyrannical a@*holes.
Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner پیش ماه
Helen Boula
Helen Boula پیش ماه
Boy this marriage he's the laughingstock of that's downright the statehood of the world actually he done it up real good.
Helen Boula
Helen Boula پیش ماه
My microphone is messing up what I said was the mayor is the laughing stock of the world and that's how it should be yes he is a hypocrite and he is a liar this is who and many many more that are running our lives in our country digest that for a moment if you will
tyler198924 پیش ماه
I feel no sympathy for liberals getting what they continue to vote for
Axel Foley
Axel Foley پیش ماه
This is no different than when all of the Biden fans were standing shoulder to shoulder after he allegedly won. Biggest group of hypocrites on the planet.
Ivan Drago
Ivan Drago پیش ماه
A democrat politician being a hypocrite?!?! I won’t hear of it. Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Gavin Newsome was at a party with a large number of people, indoors and no one was wearing a mask.
Calvin Adams
Calvin Adams پیش ماه
Blonde's like to have more fun.!!!!
maxine ramos
maxine ramos پیش ماه
Absolutely hypothetical!!
Tony پیش ماه
Thats why i would never ever vote for DemoRats and liberals they love enforcing laws on ppl but they never follow the rules themselves.
baby renee
baby renee پیش ماه
"One rule for me, another rule for thee" somethin' rotten in Denver!
Trucking Inside
Trucking Inside پیش ماه
These people should be removed from office for this.
Chris Wilds
Chris Wilds پیش ماه
Cuomo came to Savannah Ga, to "advise" Mayor Van Johnson on how to deal with co v
William Horn
William Horn پیش ماه
All of society are frauds
Brandon ,so sick of this bullshit. We have to do something about this. It makes me sick when I see these but jobs wearing masks in there car by themselves!! Walking by themselves!! WTF!!!
Sydney Béïque
Sydney Béïque پیش ماه
Ohhh you comin to TEXAS?!! After the whole country points fingers at Texas for being open and allowing travel, holidays and business to remain active? You’d be surprised how many people say these things then come to Texas. Then they bitch at us for not following strict “COVID protocols”. Hypocrites to the Max. I shit you not. People come to our business from out of state then have the audacity to threaten to turn us in and shut us down for not being more “covid conscious”. Such bullshit.
Нейтик پیش ماه
I canceled my spring break trip in March because of Covid-19. It was all in vain. I should have traveled
Kool Kitties
Kool Kitties پیش ماه
This crap is ruining businesses left and right except for big companies like walmart and amazon. This is all by design to take down america and bring in the N.W.O. Dont take the poison people.
TheZenGame پیش ماه
Thank god I live in Florida. Everything has been open and people are fine. I couldn’t imagine living in NY.
Lensync7 پیش ماه
Brandon...the zombie lefty voters don't care. They are more than fine being submissive to the educated left leaders. They tell them how to live, what's important and who to vote for.
kcroyals85 پیش ماه
Sad the Trump haters did this!!
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson پیش ماه
He is using his Democrat politician privilege.
California Love
California Love پیش ماه
Update: Governor of California had a dinner party with 22 (12 people were first reported) people a couple weeks back indoors no one with a mask on and absolutely no social distancing at a high end restaurant in Napa valley ca and the bar bill was 15,000 and I can only imagine how much dinner was smh.
Steve Meloccaro
Steve Meloccaro پیش ماه
check this patent then share it. (uspatent5,139,684) cure for viruses since 1991 kills virus between 1 & 12 minutes yes MINUTES
E Ster
E Ster پیش ماه
They think we are really that stupid..
Jeremy Harris
Jeremy Harris پیش ماه
The Democrat voter are the real uniformed voter. Sheep
Anette Flowers
Anette Flowers پیش ماه
They want world order......
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor پیش ماه
Democrat plus government equals hypocrite
Terry Lee
Terry Lee پیش ماه
Americans rise up take back the country from the dictators.
Pat W.
Pat W. پیش ماه
Hello Brandon, Thank you once again for being a real voice for what is happening in this Country, I found you by accident on you-tube, God Bless you for setting so many people free from the local media, who have been lying to the public for years. I am a Black Conservative who lives in Denver, Colorado and I am outraged about this Democrat Mayor and Governor who are doing everything they can to destroy this State. Since I am a law abiding, God fearing citizen, I stayed at home alone and did not go to my family's house for Thanksgiving. My Bible tells me to obey authority, so I wear the mask and follow all the rules, but I don't care what they say or do, I will be with my family for Christmas! They can just lock me up, I will go to Court, I am through being meek and mild, I will never get back that Thanksgiving Dinner with my Family.
Jason Isaac
Jason Isaac پیش ماه
Proving once again that I don’t even believe the crap that they spew out of their mouth
Average Joe
Average Joe پیش ماه
Hypocrisy is the left's MO. They are hypocrites about the environment equality and everything else. They want you to follow their rules, even though they don't want to follow their own
George Martinez
George Martinez پیش ماه
It’s time vote these people out of office oh but the Democratic Party will mess that up
Kelly Dunn
Kelly Dunn پیش ماه
Thank you for keeping us up to date..we love you!
Prima Mosely
Prima Mosely پیش ماه
One of rhw most difficult things I have to do is live with someone in my household who voted for Biden. Very painful
Carrie Ruestig
Carrie Ruestig پیش ماه
Likewise. Even though I choose not to talk politics, just my silent vote for Trump convicts me in this home. I cannot survive this storm without my eyes on Jesus.
Sabine Jones
Sabine Jones پیش ماه
You absolutely right...they are fake people....they running around and pointing fingers but yet the same people dont wearing mask... And going shopping 5to10 times a day ...defund the politics
Brandi Wilson
Brandi Wilson پیش ماه
Of course they do this! They want to dictate. That’s it!!! I won’t stay home, I won’t wear a mask, I won’t bow down and obey anyone but God!
Lance Warr
Lance Warr پیش ماه
Another liberal being a hypocrite? No way! 🤣🤣🤣
Rob Littin
Rob Littin پیش ماه
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE !!!!!!!! just say “NO” to these HOOCRITICAL Politicians
The Worm
The Worm پیش ماه
To be clear, Houston was just a layover for Hancock, he was on his way to Mississippi where his wife and daughter were.
Biggg Swole
Biggg Swole پیش ماه
B Tatum slaying the left
dean goings
dean goings پیش ماه
in other words your saying being helpless sucks.
Cynthia Daoust
Cynthia Daoust پیش ماه
Oh my God,
SAG Brady
SAG Brady پیش ماه
What people seem to forget is that following the constitutional Trump allowed every state to set their own guidelines for handling covid-19...so why are they blaming him for the deaths and increases...it is on the head of each states lawmaker's...also trump made available any resources each state needed..
Linda Richmond
Linda Richmond پیش ماه
The Democrats don't even care if they get caught they know there's nothing any of us can do about it. Except both them out one day except we all know that's crooked too. Actually when something like this happens we need to get the number to call their office and have everybody know call them in one day, that Will keep them busy for a tad.
Hack Attack
Hack Attack پیش ماه
Democrats being hypocrites? Same sh*t, different day.
TheHortonDavid پیش ماه
His son is a POS. He wouldn't fly to see him.
TheHortonDavid پیش ماه
I live in Denver and he is just a muppet.
Bill brown
Bill brown پیش ماه
People should start doing citizens arrest on these people!!
Angela Moranor
Angela Moranor پیش ماه
adelina leon
adelina leon پیش ماه
Nasty double standard
Shari Epstein
Shari Epstein پیش ماه
I called 5 local hospitals last Friday asking if it was safe to come to the hospital due to covid-19. They all said that there was no problem, that everything was stable and that they are all doing elective surgeries. Meanwhile they got all of us staying home for Thanksgiving. Wait till Christmas comes around. EVERYONE should be either going to or calling several local hospitals to see if it's safe to go there for elective surgery. I bet you they'll have a normal amount of ICU patients nut mostly either really old people dying from natural causes or young people due to a car accident. But they'll count that as covid-19. It's all under control. Just ask any nurse in any hospital. I bet you if you call any dental office, Dentists and Hygienists are seeing patients. Sitting not more than 6 inches away from patients with no mask on. But if you go into Taco Bell you will not be able to sit in the restaurant to eat your taco due to COVID-19. REALLY!!!??? They think we're stupid or they're SO arrogant that they don't care that we know that they're lying to us. Notice they're pushing people to get tested even if you have no symptoms and take a vaccination that they spent millions on to produce. They're afraid that we'll find out that covid-19 is under control and the money they spent on research on testing and vaccinations will go to waste. I dare you, go and call ANY Dental office, I bet you you'll be able to be seen inches away from a Dentist and with no mask on. Hmmmm....
Wanda Bailey
Wanda Bailey پیش ماه
I don't understand why authority isn't arrested for double leadership
jtamsmom5 پیش ماه
I wish this peoole would wake up and see the hypocrisy
wowzer پیش ماه
Can you report this next time without sounding surprised? Just start a tally and call it a day
Mattias Carlsson
Mattias Carlsson پیش ماه
Exactly same shit here in Sweden. They won't tell you how many who died from covid. Because then people wouldn't be scared shitless from an ordinary flu
Sickening people. Not my kind. They are why this Canuck is with President Trump 🙋‍♂️🇨🇦🇺🇸
Brandi پیش ماه
Michael Drader
Michael Drader پیش ماه
A governor that can afford a $15000 meal tab can clearly afford salary garnishment.
J. Giorno
J. Giorno پیش ماه
You should see the video of his son getting pulled over... iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/eMJnqKmWzl7Sg58.html
Dan Gilchrist
Dan Gilchrist پیش ماه
Communist socialism do what your told dat gummit!!!
Kay Crick
Kay Crick پیش ماه
It all boils down to liberals wanting to control everyone. And they say that Trump is a dictator ...hahaha!
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson پیش ماه
I’m locked out of Twitter.
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson پیش ماه
These people are narcissistic.
John Jennings
John Jennings پیش ماه
MsE Mc
MsE Mc پیش ماه
It’s just like nothing happened to Pelosi when she got her hair done but how many poor hairdressers where arrested for cutting hair when they were just trying to feed their kids their families!!! There was an actual sting set up to arrest hairdressers and manicurists during the lockdown... many of whom were trying to be as sanitary as possible with masks, gowns, shields & only one customer at a time... who were just trying to keep a roof over their heads & food on the table, but Pelosi was never arrested or even fined like those arrested Im sure were!!! The HYPOCRISY just drives me Crazy!!!!!!!
linda c
linda c پیش ماه
He should quarantine in his house for 2 weeks and not get a paycheck!
Gun Hiker
Gun Hiker پیش ماه
Democrats.....are like HTPOCRITICAL parents " DO WHAT I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO " WE KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU..... Ever see the movie "Demolition Man?" Every thing "Bad" for you is illegal....
TP Kunz
TP Kunz پیش ماه
K Stout
K Stout پیش ماه
This isn’t a democratic thing. This is typical political BS. People don’t understand that the political world is a do what you are told. We don’t need to follow our rules. Democrats and Republicans both feel this way. We have become the States of America. Nothing United here. Let’s face it, a politician is a person voted in by the people for their own agenda. I’m an Independent and will vote for the best person. Trump was the lesser of two evils and got my vote this time. It’s a shame that this is what it comes to. The lesser of two evils.
Debbie Rhodes
Debbie Rhodes پیش ماه
These millionaires and billionaires are rich because of you and you are letting them take your freedom away too. What's up with that?
DJKhal21 پیش ماه
These ppl are idiots, especially Cuomo
Virginia Sykes, RN BSN
Canada Accepted this reSet iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/nKVznay1vIappY0.html
gary BEAUDET SR پیش ماه
How about we fact check and see what’s happening @ the hospitals! I just want the truth!!
Theresa West
Theresa West پیش ماه
Only 6 percent or less have actually died from covid-19 itself...that is if it was correctly diagnosed
Theresa West
Theresa West پیش ماه
99.97 percent survival rate...yes it is lower at 96.56 in the older ages and certain people with medical problems but the flu and pneumonia have lower survival rate in those ages
LeevMyNameOut پیش ماه
Shoot for a $15,000 dinner, I’d risk Covid too.
Theresa West
Theresa West پیش ماه
But of course...is anybody really shocked? Sorry but my family enjoyed our 30 something family gathering and that didn't count parts of our family in military or that went to in-laws or some other reason
Golden پیش ماه
Proof over and over again how ignorant the democrats really are.
Radolf Kalis
Radolf Kalis پیش ماه
Rules for the, but not for me plebes. It is not about health, it is about control.
mailien vu
mailien vu پیش ماه
Don’t listen to what they say, just watch what they do. The leftists are moving toward communism. They just want to control the people’s lives.
Brian Burdette
Brian Burdette پیش ماه
Kinda looks like the “Hunger Games.” Barack also bought a house on the coast....like global warming will submerge everyone else.
Doug Yates
Doug Yates پیش ماه
They are ALL hypocrites!