Democrat Cynthia Johnson FLAT OUT THREATENED Trump Supporters 

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Democrat Cynthia Johnson FLAT OUT THREATENED Trump Supporters
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2020 9 دسامبر





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Bridget Becker
Bridget Becker پیش ماه
"Soldiers" is probably code for Antifa thugs.
Timothy Northamsr
Timothy Northamsr پیش 25 روز
No it's the BGA
TheFunnyguy9000 پیش ماه
@Sam Sung Have Maglite Brain from Paint the Trump beat the shit out of em!
joe barry
joe barry پیش ماه
@Pollywog You are 1000% correct- total dirtbags and cowards....But, the Patriots have had enough and they will receive retaliation... if you watched the DC rally... some Antifa got their asses handed to them...lol
Pollywog پیش ماه
@joe barry Sadly they mostly only prey on the weak and only when they have superior numbers. Cowards.
Pollywog پیش ماه
They don't even try to hide their contempt for us anymore. Sickening and concerning.
Ann S
Ann S پیش 13 روز
Geez....if Trump said it.....OMG.....
d m
d m پیش 13 روز
She was threatened by people who wanted to kill her
AB Crutchfield
AB Crutchfield پیش 16 روز
id be like "lmao, pull up you dumb bald bitch"😂😂😂😂
R C پیش 18 روز
Double standard! So, very sad.
chikenXLegend پیش 19 روز
Her eyes look totally demonic
wolf lone
wolf lone پیش 19 روز
Antifa thugs. soldiers
CenTennTrucker84 پیش 19 روز
Lmao come on heifer. A lot of dead "solders" will be piled up.
S P پیش 20 روز
She acting like she is a big shot calling the shots, she has smoked too much pot. A nut case hanging out with thugs. Idiot
KRISPY QUIS23 پیش 20 روز
But it’s ok if trump supporters threaten people you ain’t talked about that have you but get mad when a black women Says something it’s automatically “illegal” Get the fuck outta here your bias asf and it shows SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID nobody gone stop her...
KRISPY QUIS23 پیش 20 روز
She said what she said get over it nobody gone stop her so just stfu crying about it.
KRISPY QUIS23 پیش 20 روز
But when Trump supporters were going around saying they gone riot if Biden win or they gone shoot people at the voting booth conservatives don’t talk about that Conservatives are bias asf and y’all are literally jokes!
kokanee2010a پیش 20 روز
first time i ever heard her speak , i thought she was mentally ill .
Brian Pierson
Brian Pierson پیش 21 روز
She was stripped of her seats but she says her video was not meant to be threatening. That witch is really a fruitcake
Nicole Herbstreith
Nicole Herbstreith پیش 21 روز
Are you serious right now?! If I made a video like that about the liberals the cops would be at my door to arrest me!! Lord Jesus help us!!
WolfofCrypto پیش 24 روز
Better have your guns people the civil war is close.
Michael Drader
Michael Drader پیش 24 روز
I'm sure poor Cynthia is venting over the fact she got beaten by an ugly stick.
Joanne Mercader
Joanne Mercader پیش 25 روز
Corrupt career politician Maxine Waters
Sherry پیش 25 روز
She is horrible 😢
Timothy Northamsr
Timothy Northamsr پیش 25 روز
She's referring to the BGA NOT OUT MILITARY.
Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson پیش 28 روز
That woman has the ugliest demon I’ve ever seen.
Pierpont Mackaleey
Pierpont Mackaleey پیش 28 روز
Black people are the original Communist all black and Brown countries are mostly communistic This is why Jesus sit your enemy is your brother your brother will put you under communism and totalitarianism and Islamism and a satanism!!!!!!
Justine Cochran
Justine Cochran پیش 28 روز
She'd have to see me hand to hand cause I'd slap the shit out her. I don't condone violence but if you wanna make threats don't try to have some third party handle your dirty work.
Bronson GetsEven
Bronson GetsEven پیش 29 روز
Arrest the creepy hag.
New Generation
New Generation پیش ماه
Someone been on the liquor ..crazy democrat skank 🙄
Jim McC
Jim McC پیش ماه
Lock her up. Remember that chant.
Delia Ruelas
Delia Ruelas پیش ماه
Another Maxine Waters!! Are these B%#chs twins!! I hope she apologizes that would be the best thing to do for her self respect and that of her family.
Delia Ruelas
Delia Ruelas پیش ماه
This lady is a disgrace to her family, grandkids and future grandkids! You grown and should know better! Crying shame! Lol! You look demonic!! Lol!! Didn't take her prozac today!
You cant beat K
You cant beat K پیش ماه
Yet when we say we're coming for the globalist we're silly.
Rob Hutchins
Rob Hutchins پیش ماه
We can Dox them and intimidate them right back.
Bahatti پیش ماه
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/hquGip-etKuWfH0.html a response from Cynthia's soldier
Lynzy Lioness
Lynzy Lioness پیش ماه
Her whole demeanor changed when she gave the call to action..."And for those of you..." She sat up, tone of voice changed. B-word meant bidnez.
Jameseena Coene
Jameseena Coene پیش ماه
She was not raised right. She is certainly not a Christian. She makes Christ cry.
LEE BROWN پیش ماه
And remember what stupid Joe told the Iron worker ? I DON'T work for you ! Really ? And Joe is right, he works for CHINA. Wake up America
dimps dyspeptic
dimps dyspeptic پیش ماه
Did anyone watch the hearing and hear what they said?! Fuckin trash
Leaf Cripe
Leaf Cripe پیش ماه
Your facial expression on the cover is legendary
THiNk aBoUt iT.
THiNk aBoUt iT. پیش ماه
Just imagine in Trump said a fraction of this.. The media would have a field day.
THiNk aBoUt iT.
THiNk aBoUt iT. پیش ماه
She's got the same crooked smile joe, his son, and his vp elect have.. The devil is a lie. He's showing himself.. don't ignore the signs.
Don McNeal
Don McNeal پیش ماه
All these lefties anti constitution commies should be arrested on charges of perjury, malfeasance / dereliction of office & treason! " They" violated their very sworn oaths of their offices / appointments! Pissing on our constitution, "we the people" & cheating / stealing our election!
Commander B
Commander B پیش ماه
How do they get away with it? Because they have sympathizers in media and government who will protect them. Democrats could literally kill a class of kindergarten students on live TV and the media would spin it to say that a 'deranged Trump supporter' was the perpetrator.
Michael Enhel
Michael Enhel پیش ماه
she has also made the comment that Biden and Harris owe HER for putting herself out there....I hope she gets kicked out of the building...and forever be stripped of EVER going for another office...
mama bear
mama bear پیش ماه
Like Jericho G. Says I try to be done with the left but they just won't let me
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez پیش ماه
The only thing that women got going for her is that crispy fade 😂
Maureen Guest
Maureen Guest پیش ماه
This is a blatant threat towards the people. Why hasn't she been arrested? This must be taken seriously. I say this warrants a class action suit.
sully0001 پیش ماه
But, but, she came back and said she didn't mean for her soldiers to commit violence. She said, that's not what black people do, in a later interview. If you believe all that, I got some nice swamp land
Cory Mitchell
Cory Mitchell پیش ماه
I'm from Michigan and when I heard that I was appalled
David Danforth
David Danforth پیش ماه
Would someone please take out the trash, it’s beginning to smell!
darrin thomas
darrin thomas پیش ماه
She meant it brother you know it, disgusting man inciting harm to others as a leader of the house, bingo brother just like Germany 1939 against Jewish people
J Jones
J Jones پیش ماه
This is second video trying to put it off on Christian's iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/g5yUXae0l4mwbmQ.html .
James Hamm
James Hamm پیش ماه
Be careful? Ok lmfao. Shine ct Mafia EDC!!!! We ready 2 die wit a smile.
scott fields
scott fields پیش ماه
when your drunk or mad you speak the true feelings an ideas you are holding your tongue about any other time.
scott fields
scott fields پیش ماه
can you say inciting a riot? it sounds she is calling out the black people trump haters
Michelle Baillie
Michelle Baillie پیش ماه
Anyone notice that State Rep Johnson patterned her performance on the DJ character from the 1979 movie “The Warriors?”
Tincanbandit Gunsmithing
I would like very much to ensure - and in some cases I have - that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy." - Jeff Cooper......sounds like she is short on violence and needs some delivered to her
Women Wired Differently
She is a nasty human full of nasty demons
jay collins
jay collins پیش ماه
Nothing different than trump does every day you are Trippin lol
jay collins
jay collins پیش ماه
Sonwhat trump does this all the time !!!!
ryan o'hare
ryan o'hare پیش ماه
Lenny H
Lenny H پیش ماه
That women looks evil
Stacey York
Stacey York پیش ماه
OMG ROFL 🤣 Why her eyes look like this demonic
chris sauerbaum
chris sauerbaum پیش ماه
She's emboldened to make these threats because she is most definitely involved in the fraud. Detroit is her district so duh. You could blatantly see her attitude in that hearing.
MEGNTX پیش ماه
SO! I have a serious question... for a Friend. I have a close friend who is White, Republican, and Christian. She is becoming TERRIFIED from all of the threats coming from the LEFT. I am totally serious. To the point where she is having panic attacks and emotional breakdowns... and is terrified to return to her place of work after the Scamdemic is over. She is wondering if she could file a Civil Suit against Politicians or Hate Groups who are encouraging violence against Conservatives. I know it sounds it crazy... which she is pretty much becoming. I am afraid that she may have a total breakdown. Any thoughts? Anyone?
Tammy Hamilton
Tammy Hamilton پیش ماه
She disgusts me!!! I would love to run into her now!!!! 😉😉😉
Angela Moranor
Angela Moranor پیش ماه
Angela Moranor
Angela Moranor پیش ماه
guy g
guy g پیش ماه
"Enough of OUR shenanigans?" Really?
Unseamed Future
Unseamed Future پیش ماه
Most of the dems and the rinos are demonic and working for the devil. There is no other answer for it, Its in their actions and words every time they act and speak.
Jason James
Jason James پیش ماه
She seems nice
Louise Brunson
Louise Brunson پیش ماه
This woman Chynthia should be handcuffed and arrested.
Bernice Loya
Bernice Loya پیش ماه
The Journalist
The Journalist پیش ماه
Soldiers are those ugly deranged panty wearing beeshes that are slowly getting taken down. Someone needs to um deal with this.
Deshon Cole
Deshon Cole پیش ماه
It ain't just the liberals threatening the other side.
Mouse Treehouse
Mouse Treehouse پیش ماه
Antifa is much bigger (in numbers) then we even imagine. The groups we see in Portland/Seattle, etc, are just a small handful of the actual members, and they are all hooked up thru their phones, awaiting their orders...
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson پیش ماه
She really needs to take a Vicadin and chill out.
Kimba پیش ماه
I want a restraining order against her, aoc, Lynch, waters etc etc etc. How do I go about getting one?
Chad Dion
Chad Dion پیش ماه
She needs to be removed from office IMMEDIATELY period. No reason for a trash person like this to be a rep for any state or any people. How do the citizens stand up and get her removed?
michelle kincaid
michelle kincaid پیش ماه
ED Morphis
ED Morphis پیش ماه
"That was no lady, that was my a**."
Antoine Irving
Antoine Irving پیش ماه
I'm black and 60 years of age and and a highly decorated war veteran, I will say this with no malice , why is it that the most ugliest foul mouthed disgusting creatures in the democratic party always in everyone's face!!!?
Ran ONL پیش ماه
Just pure evil
Hank The Tank
Hank The Tank پیش ماه
She basically called for the murder of Trump supporters....imagine if that was done in reverse!
DR Scruggs
DR Scruggs پیش ماه
she willl feel much better with a box of Ex-lax
John Mathews
John Mathews پیش ماه
They can't "make them pay" because we already pay. Politicians have a free ticket. Take it back.
Tracy Stanzione Rothwell
It's because Waters got away with inciting violence, Hollywood gets away with it, that she knows she'll get away with it. Shame on those on the right for allowing those on the left to threaten us with violence and death. This craziness has got to stop. You need to run for office B Tatum. You would not put up with all the nonsense.
WAYNE LIM پیش ماه
greg mcgee
greg mcgee پیش ماه
Man that Cynthia Johnson man is mean ain't he?
gizzy Moto
gizzy Moto پیش ماه
This is a drunken fool. That why dem states are so poorly functioning
Highwayanimatic674 پیش ماه
It is a treat they are Marxist terrorist and mainstream media will hail them as a hero SMH.
Jill ialenti
Jill ialenti پیش ماه
She’s a nut get rid of her. Biden says we want harmony and then this crazy women says this wow
Laura Almasan
Laura Almasan پیش ماه
She should be fired and arrested
Doris Carroll
Doris Carroll پیش ماه
Someone tell me how do they keep getting by with this.! This is suppose to be a free country, I should have the right to have my choice for president without fear of people like her.
Doris Carroll
Doris Carroll پیش ماه
They say unity , So Why do they sow discord !! Like your channel.
Lenny Wallace
Lenny Wallace پیش ماه
That's NOT appropriate for ANYONE to say. That arrogance and threatening burns my ass 😡
J.M. Gandolf
J.M. Gandolf پیش ماه
How does she get away with this?
jsr 3691
jsr 3691 پیش ماه
This is why gun and ammo sales are at a record high.
Eddie Haskel
Eddie Haskel پیش ماه
Brandon you know why she can say that and anything else she wants to. You say it all the time. 1) She's black (people are scared to be called a racist) they would be apologizing the next day. 2) She's a Democrat 3) Trump supporters are white supremacists.
Garry Williams
Garry Williams پیش ماه
She talks about "my People", but she doesn't mean : "my fellow Americans".
Garry Williams
Garry Williams پیش ماه
Why isn't she in Jail ? Press CHARGES Immediately !
Eutimio Chavez
Eutimio Chavez پیش ماه
She should go to jail brother
Terri Havers
Terri Havers پیش ماه
And, the governor of Michigan supports her- believe that!! Whitmer is on video proving her support!
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