California shuts down restaurants for at least 3 weeks FOR NO GOOD REASON 

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California shuts down restaurants for at least 3 weeks FOR NO GOOD REASON
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2020 25 نوامبر





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T Z پیش 18 روز
I think hitler osama stalin Mussolini all reincarnated as the corona
Reverse flash
Reverse flash پیش 23 روز
No good reason??? There’s a pandemic idiot
A.D.I. Music
A.D.I. Music پیش ماه
Silent genocide of the service industry and the copious amounts of good people...no one wants to acknowledge it out loud it’s implausible
1sillylife پیش ماه
RECALL NEWSOME!!!! Please sign the petition if you find one. Computer signatures don’t count, it must be on the official recall petitions in ink.
Sharon Abbott
Sharon Abbott پیش ماه
Officer Tatum, It's not about your health, it's about money, power and forced communism. You are an L.E.O. please tell your listeners not to obey the tyrants. The tyrant governors and mayors are breaking a lot of laws. To begin with, they are violating the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They cannot violate due process nor seize private property. Also, emergency orders have limits, usually 30 or 60 days, depending on the state. Governors are pretending they have more authority than they actually have to assert more power and to get more federal money. Governors can't make laws, that is the duty of the legislature. They are overstepping their legal authority by trying to control all 3 branches of government. Mayors and health depts have violated the laws as well. Restaurant owners need to know their rights, stand up for them and just open up for business. They need to get lawyers and just fight.bthe law is on their side. They can't shut a business without a court order. It's virtually impossible to prove a person got covi from any business.
Dee’s World
Dee’s World پیش ماه
Been tired of this propaganda the fact they been able to carry this out this long is insane..
Angie Simms
Angie Simms پیش ماه
News on is Pelosi’s nephew
Lance Yamashita
Lance Yamashita پیش ماه
He's killing the whole state, not just the restaurant industry. Disneyland can't open until March. Hewlett-Packard is moving out of California. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris are all from California as well. The 49ers have to play home games in Arizona. And of course.. the politicians are still dragging their feet on passing a stimulus bill.
green rushrelief
green rushrelief پیش ماه
Without "Ace Inhibitors" Covid is just a bad common cold. Order your Doctor to take you off "Ace Inhibitors" and let's destroy the "China Virus" "Ace Inhibitors" allow Covid 19 to become pneumonia in your lungs. Please someone prove me wrong.
ali87485able پیش ماه
100 percent right brother.
Joni Septimo
Joni Septimo پیش ماه
I’m not taking that vaccine
Joni Septimo
Joni Septimo پیش ماه
This is his retaliation because he got caught. God is not sleeping. God knows what he is doing against the people. And he will repay for that
Chad H.
Chad H. پیش ماه
Just Rename your business the French Laundry then you can stay open
J Bz22
J Bz22 پیش ماه
And who even knows if there was a spike??? They just make stuff up to fit their agenda. Plus testing is unreliable and inconsistant at best!
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams پیش ماه
Keep speaking the truth Tatum! I believe you 💯 Percent!
Charles Edward
Charles Edward پیش ماه
Tell it BT your right everything %100 true people wake up
Adam Lee
Adam Lee پیش ماه
Here in KY we are down to drive thru. It's BS.
Rusty Schulgen
Rusty Schulgen پیش ماه
What's funny is how the Liberals are knocking Florida or the South for their views, LOL , look who's on fire, Californicators. 🤜💥🦄
Susanna Velasquez
Susanna Velasquez پیش ماه
You are absolutely right .
Kelly Gregory
Kelly Gregory پیش ماه
You say wake up like there is something we can do . I am awake I know what they are doing but why do they want to destroy us and this country ?? They are evil horrible people and honestly I am scared to death of what is about to become of this wonderful country..
Gabe Marshall
Gabe Marshall پیش ماه
100% Facts my brother! I've been saying this since March/April of this year but no one is listening. All I hear is, just wear the mask! Damn, this is sad!
TimP پیش ماه
The inventer of the pcr test said not to use it for this purpose. THESE AREN'T EVEN LEGIT CASES! Why arent Californians flooding the streets?
Gary C. Ferguson
Gary C. Ferguson پیش ماه
All us ole folk that watch and respect your show aren't "ashey elbow" old folks. In fact a lot of us are ready to kick ass with you.
Right Wing Saxophonist
This covid thing is never going away so we may as well learn to live it not fear it
Whitney West
Whitney West پیش ماه
Losing what they’ve worked their whole lives for? It feels like the building blocks of socialism to me. Clear the board. Make the majority start with little to nothing. Things now appear “more even” among the average Joe. Have no fear though! Here comes the government to save us and provide for us. NOTICE I didn’t call them OUR government because you can forget about the power laying with the people and us electing who governs us. No. Those days will be long gone. I know people probably think this seems far fetched but when I think back and wonder “how did people ever let Nazi Germany and Hitler happen?!” This. Now. This is how those dark periods in the world’s history happen. Wake up. Stop complying with the simple commands. It’s called conditioning. They play on our fears and guilt us into doing things when they have a different set of rules for themselves. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make more foil hats. They’re going to make the perfect Christmas presents this year. You know, until they cancel Christmas.
irishlionthegreenone پیش ماه
are there outdoor strip clubs? cause you can to them but you can't eat in restertraunts I know I know and same with churches at least in my area
Jazmine Sanders
Jazmine Sanders پیش ماه
Fellow Patriots check out this song called Trumpet by Drisco. It's a warrior song dedicated to our President and the American Patriots. I have to share with you all. You're welcome. iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/gc9kiaq5wJememQ.html
Logan Woods
Logan Woods پیش ماه
Nobody did vote for these people!
Jabawockee 1
Jabawockee 1 پیش ماه
People DO need the government to tell them what to do. People absolutely cannot govern themselves. We’ve seen that since long before Covid. You are contradicting yourself Tatum. I’m not saying the governor should shut down restaurants, as did mine here in Michigan, but people need governing. They just can’t do it themselves. It’s utter chaos without it. Just look at BLM and ANTIFA.
Austin Weinrich
Austin Weinrich پیش ماه
Restaurants should open up anyways and shred up any fines they send you. Time to take back and open small businesses!
Down right dimes
Down right dimes پیش ماه
Never had a flu vaccine never will.
Bogdan Bereca
Bogdan Bereca پیش ماه
This is what happened in Europe already. Nobody is saying nothing, everybody is aligned like sheeps. The biggest trick they played on stupid is : well you can get the virus, you will survive, but think of your parents. F... CK, SO MUCH STUPIDITY. HERE COMES IDIOCRACY
oneroyalbird پیش ماه
328 million people in the U.S. 13.6 million positive cases. 265,000 deaths. Do the math. Only 3% of the population has even tested positive after 9 months. Deaths have gone down from around 6% to 2%. Cases might be climbing (when you count accumulative cases, of course it's going to go up!) But the death rate is declining. Vaccine is 95% effective. Your chance of dying if you get it is less than 2%. If you get it. Why would anyone get a vaccine? You have a greater risk of adverse side effects from the vaccine than you do of catching covid.
Christian Cole
Christian Cole پیش ماه
Yep go figure welcome to Liberal Ville
Marty Whitten
Marty Whitten پیش ماه
B Tatum....in a "socialist utopia" ....THERE WILL BE NO INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS.....Cmon Maaaaannnnn, THAT'S THE PLAN 💯
FU liberals
FU liberals پیش ماه
CA deserves exactly what they get. Maybe the Rock, lady Gaga, John legend, and the rest of those democrat fools will pay everyone's lost salaries
Anthony J
Anthony J پیش ماه
Did he shut down the one in Napa he got caught at not wearing a mask around a bunch of people?
Christina Garcia
Christina Garcia پیش ماه
😡😡. Two of my favorite restaurants have closed for good. So upset and tired of this.
sweedee48 پیش ماه
The whole agenda is to bankrupt the middle class to usher in socialism and tyranny and create a society of control and dependency on the government
eries77 پیش ماه
Man, I tried to explain this exact thing to my colleagues today and they looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears. Idk how to get thru to them and I’m shocked to see so many ppl follow these “mandates” so blindly. Too many sheep.
cody kirk
cody kirk پیش ماه
Probably more like 9.999 percent lol because it’s fake... it’s a CORONA virus... like a the corona of the sun... like the cold, flu etc.. that’s why people test positive even tho most of time it false positive
CNguyenDesign1 پیش ماه
Let’s see what happens when Californians don’t comply..
Heather Haberman
Heather Haberman پیش ماه
You are 100 % right. I live in California and it is a nightmare! Socialism is alive and well here!
Merhaba World
Merhaba World پیش ماه
Bars and restaurants will shut down at 11pm unless you offer curbside/takeout in Oklahoma City. Not sure how time affects covid??? Anyone?
Bald Movie Buff
Bald Movie Buff پیش ماه
If I get COVID, I HOPE it takes me outta here! Fuck it, I'm tired of this world!
Cesar پیش ماه
Here in Cali the first lockdowns didn’t work so why not try it again🤦🏻‍♂️ And Dems want to get rid of the Electoral College, you don’t want California deciding for you; just look at the stupidity going in here.
Tex LouGatorBait
Tex LouGatorBait پیش ماه
you know that over 99% of Americans every year get the FLU and a large amount of folks die from the FLU but we don't shut down our world and hide to avoid it we move on. the same for COVID I am 65 and its not if I get this crap its when I get this crap, its way to embedded in our country to avoid getting it. So I say open America, if I get COVID that's my fight and I will kick its butt...so stop using that to shut down our lives.........
Andres C
Andres C پیش ماه
You on to sun homeboy I suggest u watch info wars with Alex Jones 💪💯thank u for everything u do man
amjgholson پیش ماه
They are also weaponized the health department against business owners
amjgholson پیش ماه
How long do you think it will take China to invade this country if Biden steals his way into the Whitehouse?
tdcrosby1970 پیش ماه
In the words of Jericho Green, Gavin “Bang your wife!” Newsom!
guy g
guy g پیش ماه
I can't help but point out that back in the past spring, we shut everything down to "flatten the curve!" If we aint flattened it by now, it can't be flattened!!! Went from the guise of public safety to what we all see it for now...tyranny!
Angela پیش ماه
Thank god I live in Texas. We will not go on lockdown ever again. Our governor has even said it.
Jack Bourbon
Jack Bourbon پیش ماه
What was that movie where Taco Bell was the only place to survive the Restaurant wars?
Jenni Mul
Jenni Mul پیش ماه
It is absolutely awful but if you look at past pandemic like the spanish flu they did exactly the same measures with face coverings,school closings,business closings & it had 3 waves between 1918-1919. Agree the vaccine is their agenda now though.
Mrs DewDrop
Mrs DewDrop پیش ماه
My concern is why has all of big pharm been rushing to make this "miracle vaccine" that has who knows what in it. I believe that will turn out to be more deadly than this covid 19 that the media and even many in the medical field have been fearmongering everywhere. Are we to continue to live in fear and lock downs indefinitely. ? Or just until the American people ALL fall in line to those in power.
Nicole Hanes
Nicole Hanes پیش ماه
Yep. Trump wanted it to be free.
Lewis McLamb
Lewis McLamb پیش ماه
!00 %
Sabrina R
Sabrina R پیش ماه
But we have the flu that kills millions every year... with a vaccine and we don't do nearly as much as we are doing now. We don't shut down. We don't wear masks. We don't buy toilet paper up the wazoo.
T Young
T Young پیش ماه
Do NOT Consent. Ask yourself, "When has a Governor ever had the authority to create LAWS?" "What the hell do we have Senators and House Representatives for?" Creating, voting and passing bills, that must be signed by the President to become a LAW! They are very close to impeaching Gretchen Whitmore (Witchmore) in Michigan. People should start now and get the ball rolling in their states before their Democrat Governors and Mayors can do any more damage. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THEY CAN BE VOTED OUT. TOO MUCH CAN HAPPEN BETWEEN NOW AND THEN.
Annette Persinger
Annette Persinger پیش ماه
Amen, people needs to wake up for sure
Cassie Shaffer
Cassie Shaffer پیش ماه
I'm not a believer in this fake virus. In my research it's a common cold that can turn bad in some people ummm like its always done! The common cold and flu has disappeared. Hmmm
Jason Zack
Jason Zack پیش ماه
They needed a worldwide event to start the new world order
Zenomorph پیش ماه
Democrats are the pandemic.
Cathy Hughes
Cathy Hughes پیش ماه
The level of frustration, anger, depression, hopelessness is astronomical. It has reached the point that people are ready for physical retaliation against the leftist government leaders. WHY? Because we are no longer willing to comply with their dictatorship. I feel like a caged animal that is being constantly poked. Beware. I know how to open the cage. I WILL NO LONGER COMPLY.
Maria Dennis
Maria Dennis پیش ماه
My mom made a great point the other day. Our saving grace at this point is that all these people like Bill Gates and GS and others like them that have an agenda, that are controlling and making the exuberant amounts of money on these things. These people are all getting up there in age and they won’t live forever. All we can hope at this point, is that they don’t have a ton of disciples.
Paula Morris
Paula Morris پیش ماه
If covid could talk it would say newsom is stupid.
Vlado Nik
Vlado Nik پیش ماه
Дечанске Хрисовуље на савременом Србском језику и писму. Рецензију написао Александар Митић. iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/rdijhpzYzIC9iWg.html
R. Cogburn
R. Cogburn پیش ماه
Homeless untouched across America. Costs to much for the FF .
Luci N
Luci N پیش ماه
Imagine they report on cases of flu every month during flu season lol Smdh
LE B پیش ماه
BJK پیش ماه
Spot on
Elizabeth Hagin
Elizabeth Hagin پیش ماه
I live in WA and we are following suit. Our crazy Governor wS re-elected after all this crazy stuff in Seattle! Since our state was only one of the PNW to use Dominion machines i even doubt he was re-elected. This is Insanity!
Jerry Carr
Jerry Carr پیش ماه
Lose your wife of 48 then come and see me!
Angela Moranor
Angela Moranor پیش ماه
On to something sir
Angela Moranor
Angela Moranor پیش ماه
No one will tell me what I'm going to take a vaccine
Kelli Williams
Kelli Williams پیش ماه
How much longer does he have in office...one thing bout California y'all sure can pick em....
treebeard پیش ماه
ParadoxLaw پیش ماه
Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett پیش ماه
The commies are flexing their muscles and spreading misery (which is what they're best at) now that they think Biden has won.
Aaron Spillman
Aaron Spillman پیش ماه
Do not comply. It's really that simple.
Jorge Osejo
Jorge Osejo پیش ماه
They should take it first. And Gavin that man child has no shame.
Arturo Pusey
Arturo Pusey پیش ماه
New York says “hold my beer”
Ladywildfire3 پیش ماه
*** Also what is important to know is, everyday covid patient is in the covid ward, there are counted each day as a new case. I have a neighbor whose father was in the hospital for covid and he felt good and they were trying to get him out of that section into the regular hospital section and they said no he needs to stay there but the nurses were telling them that each day that the patients are in the covid ward, they are counted again and again as a new case for the daily count
Eva Stone
Eva Stone پیش ماه
Medical tyranny know no boundaries
Verrasimon Simon
Verrasimon Simon پیش ماه
I guess he heard that Governor DUOMO(New York) is nominated for an Emmy for the way he handled COVID-19, maybe he wants to be nominated for an OSCAR FOR ACTING LIKE A MORON!
Jason S
Jason S پیش ماه
first the vaccine then the microchip 666. it's all the beginning of taking control.
D Celes3
D Celes3 پیش ماه
I've been saying this from the beginning "It's all about the vaccine". Why would someone take it without knowing the long-term effects of it? Or, what's in it.
Angela پیش ماه
That’s what I said! I’m not getting it! I’m not anti vax but definitely not getting this one
jtamsmom5 پیش ماه
I love that you call out all those a ashy elbow people. Thanks for all you say. I recommended you to my patents.
Dr. Jim of Colorado
Dr. Jim of Colorado پیش ماه
Angela پیش ماه
They want us to become a third world country and this is the start. Lockdown the country causing everyone to lose their jobs and become poor so we have to rely on the government
WT Keeton
WT Keeton پیش ماه
Meanwhile, I just got back from vacation in Florida where it was rare to see even a senior citizen wearing masks in restaurants or taverns. All with no harmful effects. The difference is the governor has blocked cities from punishing people for not wearing masks.
Valerie Freeman
Valerie Freeman پیش ماه
He should NOT be Gov. of CA. He is ruining peoples lives. He should be REMOVED.
Joyce Ann Edwards
Joyce Ann Edwards پیش ماه
Spot On.
Dana Carroll
Dana Carroll پیش ماه
This is no surprise. They had said months ago that upon their winning that they would immediately shut down the country again. Why not ask the zombies that even voted for it?
Hoyt Parrack
Hoyt Parrack پیش ماه
The big businesses example Wally-world Wal-Mart, CVS big chain stores, are not essential they are prioritized by campaign donations and kickbacks after all you can get the Wuhan stir fry vaccine at W/W. then continue shopping but if you don't well starve you non-globalist conformist. 😶😡❗
Angela پیش ماه
But without those big companies so many people would be out of jobs
Michael Drader
Michael Drader پیش ماه
The new terrorists. The very politicians society elects. What do we, the people, need to do for recourse?
raynarayskye پیش ماه
Buy that logic getting shot is just fine because everybody doesn't always die after getting shot.
Joan Lamb
Joan Lamb پیش ماه
This is insane!
Gun Hiker
Gun Hiker پیش ماه
The fear of the Covid creates a political/ government chance for an opportunity for an increase in a stricter constriction of power on the people of California Unfortunately, my home state Washington has followed the state of California like a lost puppy.. WHEN I was a young Washington was a 2A friendly state.....now its ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL, ANTi-2A, PRO-TYRRANY, ANT-FREEDOM, MAKNG IT A STATE MEDIA DRIVEN PROPAGANDA AGAINST THE FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTIONAL LOVING MAJORITY populace If not for just 3 counties in Washington state, (king, pierce, Snohomish) this state WOULD BE REPUBLICAN.....
Gun Hiker
Gun Hiker پیش ماه
I wonder...is the vaccine going to make the recipient PRO-DEMOCRAT???? Just a thought ......Think about it.... AND btw, are we really a democracy now, LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS INTENDED????
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