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2020 4 دسامبر





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It's Lahquen
It's Lahquen پیش ماه
“ Even Stevie Wonder can see that there is voter fraud “- Brandon Tatum
superdarklink پیش ماه
@Diego Rivera more importantly good sir or madam, if joe biden does indeed win, are you and other like you gonna start holding people accountable? If joe biden screws up hard are you gonna hold him accountable? Are you gonna hold kamala harris accountable? Are house reps and senators gonna start being held accountable?
superdarklink پیش ماه
@Diego Rivera depends. If he wins are you? Are we gonna have to listen to you children whine for another four years?
superdarklink پیش ماه
@Diego Rivera we'll see what they say on georgia, arizona, and michigan.
superdarklink پیش ماه
@Adrian L not like you people ever proved anything anyway...
superdarklink پیش ماه
@Diego Rivera good for you. I think it was messed with.
bardia پیش 14 روز
where can i get the full video of the lady talking. PLEASE SOMEONE PROVIDE LINK!!
Navi Hehar
Navi Hehar پیش 16 روز
I used to find some of your videos on police tactics / policies interesting, but you losing a lot of credibility with this nutty conspiracy theory stuff man
Pew Pew
Pew Pew پیش 16 روز
Wait,So president Trump was winning by a landslide, the counting stoped when I went to sleep, then when I woke up Joe Biden got millions of votes. plus guys c’mon cnn said this election was safe. It sounds legit to me..... Oh God please help us.
Pew Pew
Pew Pew پیش 16 روز
This isn’t voter fraud, cnn told me this was the most secure election ever. Sure joe biden doesn’t even know his wife’s name or know what state he is in. But he is totally gonna be able to run a country. It looks like they were just fixing the plumbing... humor is the only thing that’s keeping me from crying. God help us.
Cesar پیش 18 روز
Just ask yourselves, when have we ever, ever seen in previous elections, that suitcases with ballots have ever been stored under tables for two(2) hours and then were tabulated three times "3", as one ballot cast in any election while no poll watchers are around to certify them as legitimate? WHEN?
Uncle Farts
Uncle Farts پیش 20 روز
That is cheating.
Frank Maldonado
Frank Maldonado پیش 22 روز
Karen McSurley
Karen McSurley پیش 23 روز
I watched this the night it happened. They told the counters that there was a water leaked and had them to home! Then THIS HAPPENED.....IT 'WAS' TELEVISED! THEN AFTER THIS HAPPENED TO TOOK THE VIDEO 'DOWN' AND WANTED TO TO HIDE IT FROM US!!!!
Karen McSurley
Karen McSurley پیش 23 روز
Karen McSurley
Karen McSurley پیش 23 روز
Stephen Erdmann
Stephen Erdmann پیش 25 روز
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Jim Mauro
Jim Mauro پیش ماه
Show us the lists of these thousands of people. Such lame bullshit.
D Storm
D Storm پیش ماه
75 million Trump voters have their rights violated and the "justice" people do nothing
Amin Bazdeep
Amin Bazdeep پیش ماه
But the criminal elements are still getting away with the heist. Why? The swamp dwellers are running the show. They ARE going to get away with this and we are going to stand by and let it happen.
Ric Roc
Ric Roc پیش ماه
This is funny..how u loose elections and u seating president..i know fact developing countries,esp african presidents are laughing at him..u can imagine he has intlligence briefings everyday....and he has appointed all the guys this offices....interesting You guys need accept just like 2016.i told all my friends he was goin in,they were like hell no..last elections pple said trump supporters are racist..trump supporters lay low.come election you in the ballot box alone...trump worn & people acting all suprised..i was like i told you guys... Btw im not affiliated to any party...all the cases have been thrown out...i guess theres is another bigger machine than him and voters especially..this electronic voter machines..can be hacked...when he won it was the russian..now he lost..interesting what narrative will.manufactured.... Could there be a bigger power than the president...who knows..possible So far you guys have a point..but whats probability of elections being overturned now..i dont think soo... The media will not give it good coverage...
Rudy Robertson
Rudy Robertson پیش ماه
Why do people assume this is automatic proof of voter fraud? just because someone says a bunch of numbers and you watch a short video doesn't prove anything.
Erin Johnston
Erin Johnston پیش ماه
You can NOT call yourself a man of God and support Donald Trump.
Erin Johnston
Erin Johnston پیش ماه
Um did you know the woman who testified that there was voter fraud is a convicted criminal for COMPUTER MANIPULATION CRIMES. Also, these numbers this dude is talking about isn’t close enough to change the election.
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy پیش ماه
"The surveillance video, which comprises four security camera feeds - shows no irregularities, illegal behavior or evidence of malfeasance on behalf of poll workers. The supposed “suitcases” have been repeatedly identified by election officials as the standard boxes used in Fulton County to transport and store ballots. The video also fails to show any act of hiding or obscuring any ballots or election materials."
The Boss Lady
The Boss Lady پیش ماه
Process of elimination has not been working properly. China has a long history of doing terrible things to people in their country, their applying it to may countries... They need to be persecuted! The government let's the fda and CDC lie to everyone about every damn thing... When it isn't, Karma, God, The Universe making these fools disappear or pay for their foolishness, they just be gone aaallll by themselves😄 (cause that'd be miracle)... The Lord will bring the Truth💯 better believe it👋😆
Leo پیش ماه
wow a suitcase. caught on video. whats next a cardboard box
shiroitoka8 پیش ماه
hatred for trump is so intense that they cheat the system
9 meals away From anarchy
IRitem wants to pretend this don’t exist so all well be removed because this is not America anymore it’s Communist China
Robin Gray
Robin Gray پیش ماه
How could anyone be a part of this. They need a sign to carry saying I'm a cheater. You are really teaching our young people. Office Tatum they want see any jail time.
Devin Wiggles
Devin Wiggles پیش ماه
Don’t put God into your lies, Tatum!! Don’t do that
W P پیش ماه
Those people are committing voter fraud and should be prosecuted!!
Raymond Bergg
Raymond Bergg پیش ماه
How long before this one disappears?
Common Sense
Common Sense پیش ماه
The GA video he shows has been around everywhere for over a week. There isn't anything "breaking" about this.
Johnatan Garcia
Johnatan Garcia پیش ماه
Okay let me say this now insufficient evidence
THE BEAT by Allen Parr
With all due respect brother, it’s time to move on. What good is it doing to keep posting about this when the courts themselves, comprised of republicans and democrats in EVERY state have rejected these types of things as being evidence? Republicans across the country who support Trump who have looked at all of this evidence say none of it is sufficient to suggest the election was a fraud. I’m not republican nor democrat for the record. Answer me this. Why is it that in 2016 when people suggested there was voter fraud and later it was determined there wasn’t, republicans were okay with that but now when the COURTS, the SUPREME courts don’t consider any evidence strong enough for a case, that’s not good enough? It’s time to move on my brother. You can do better and focus on how to bring this country together and not further divide us.
texas boi
texas boi پیش ماه
This video is about to be deleted. IRitem going full commie.
Katrina Grammer
Katrina Grammer پیش ماه
When the left wants President Trump to lose they will sadly deny the truth they see and the evidence they hear. End of story! Every person who comments on here that supports this election and claims there is no election fraud going on is clearly being dishonest. Because nobody is that stupid. I challenge any teacher to present this information to very young unbiased students“probably first to third grade” and ask them to judge the outcome of these people’s actions and I bet you get an unbiased answer loud and clear of who is in the wrong!
rzmadzore پیش ماه
this video was debunked already ........you are bearer of fake news (far right wing nonsense)
texas boi
texas boi پیش ماه
No its hasnt. You're a troll
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson پیش ماه
Ruby Freeman admits fraud conspiracy and states it involved her daughter and a dominion employee.. I can only assume this is the USB that was allegedly palmed. Now, I'd this involved Dominion then all these swing states are linked to the GA lawsuit!
jerry pride
jerry pride پیش ماه
Hey the question to ask here, is did these individuals vote and have their votes counted among the legal votes or did these individuals vote but their ballots and votes were discarded bc of those discrepancies because if they were not counted then who gives a s*** about these votes or these numbers
Mr. Mtz
Mr. Mtz پیش ماه
Time to abolish the democratic party!!
Wolfgang پیش ماه
Everyone: Send a snail mail letter to Trump at the white house demanding a full audit of all 50 states. Mail it ASAP! It will help him with SCOTUS! SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Paul Rusin
Paul Rusin پیش ماه
B Tatum!!!! Down with the cause! Love you my man! His Bless you and your Family. Good Vs Evil; no matter what, WE WIN!
Andrew Carlton
Andrew Carlton پیش ماه
We are just going to put this table which is the only table to have a long cloth to to cover it for our snacks.
Jay Peterson
Jay Peterson پیش ماه
Keep on trucking with the truth Brandon!
Jason Deppenbrook
Jason Deppenbrook پیش ماه
She pulled them votes out from under that table like a boyfriend after her baby daddy just left for work!!!😂😂😂😂
Jason Deppenbrook
Jason Deppenbrook پیش ماه
They've been doing this for years it's just now coming to light with proof of evidence...we've heard about it here and there especially in 2018 but there wasn't full hard proof like we have now
Phizz Mark
Phizz Mark پیش ماه
This happened after the commies told everyone to go home.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith پیش ماه
Damn snowflakes, u seem 2 b upset. The majority of the country will never vote republican again
Gary Smith
Gary Smith پیش ماه
Who's the guy in the red shirt😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊
Warren1814 پیش ماه
I have a strange feeling that God is trying to let us know not to put Biden and Harris in office and they are not listening. 🤷‍♀️
cjun qween
cjun qween پیش ماه
Say her name....Ruby Freeman ! She has the video showing her passing a usb to her daughter, she was so dumb to state on msm that her and her daughter concocted an illegal act of making ballots for Biden! She's going to prison, they conspired and ruined the election in Georgia, say her name!
Aaron Yepez
Aaron Yepez پیش ماه
Rudy Freeman confessions of fraud, please share iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/kKqIhN_SxXK5eGg.html
Aaron Yepez
Aaron Yepez پیش ماه
Rick Slater
Rick Slater پیش ماه
The law states even the appearance of imropiaty is reason to conduct an investigation. ..
yourleftnut1 پیش ماه
Her and her daughter will somehow commit suicide with a gun shot wound to the back of their head..
K v
K v پیش ماه
I’m so sad this video got censored on Instagram because of “fact checkers”.
Z W پیش ماه
Give it up dude. Nothings going to happen. It doesn’t matter if there’s proof or not. If I were you I’d start finding something else to make videos about.
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever پیش ماه
You go to sleep, Trump’s leading in the critical swing states and you wake up... Biden’s winning by 10,000 votes. You know what the funny part is? They literally announced that they’ll stop the count until the next day😂😂
Erik Peters
Erik Peters پیش ماه
Gotta love IRitem insisting that Biden has won directly underneath this video! “Don’t believe your own eyes! Election is over! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” Big tech is evil
Quincy A
Quincy A پیش ماه
Where did that witness get those statistics from? Can I get a source...otherwise this is the same conjecture the left puts out...
Daniel Colon
Daniel Colon پیش ماه
Can't debate the tape.
Mz Greth
Mz Greth پیش ماه
The exposure is real. Ms Klacik is now fighting back for her community. Fraud found there. Check her out. iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/b5d-osnGnpiYo3k.html
HeIsRisen پیش ماه
@ Officer Tatum: Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Here is video of GA fraudster telling on herself! Make this go viral... iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/lZl8m9HNmqG3on0.html
b lib
b lib پیش ماه
This dude is a real life South Park character
b lib
b lib پیش ماه
Hey Brandon, I got something to tell you iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/esxjlbmazYPZaGQ.html
Victoria Wallace Hunter
On it!
bigbama04 پیش ماه
😩😩 please do research before posting videos! I understand these are your opinions but you're no better then the left if you're just rambling without any facts! I guess you do all of this just to sell your merchandise if so do your thing. I guess you have to eat also. Also everyone stop listening to these people rambling and think for yourself. You can seriously do your own research without being brainwashed by someone who is just targeting a particular group of people. All these whatever they call themselves people do it from the left and the right. Think for yourself. God bless every last one of y'all!!
Udi Zorani
Udi Zorani پیش ماه
That's absolutely crazy!!! How come news channels aren't all over this?!
david rodriguez
david rodriguez پیش ماه
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Thomas Nides. Nides is a Biden campaign donor who has donated over $75 millions to Biden’s campaign. He is the former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary . CNN’s Chris Cuomo is the brother of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and son of Democrat Governor Mario Cuomo.
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Diaz پیش ماه
And they are still dating there is no voter fraud.
Daddy Fab
Daddy Fab پیش ماه
babydollruler پیش ماه
You Trump bootlickers should really learn what the definition of evidence is
Ashmedai 180
Ashmedai 180 پیش ماه
Seems like voters fraud only happens by the democrats and republican are just innocent.
Ashmedai 180
Ashmedai 180 پیش ماه
I find this channel as my republican side of politics as its not better than liberal politics its just as blind to their errors. There is voter fraud(on both sides you're reporting that) but will that make up your millions behind?
Ashmedai 180
Ashmedai 180 پیش ماه
Tell me again there's no evidence that millions of ballots were fraudulent.
Sorzin پیش ماه
This guy definitely was on the short bus
DJ Papa Tiddy
DJ Papa Tiddy پیش ماه
Did he say that in order to vote u have to be 17 1/2 years old? They're letting children vote? I don't know any children under the age of 21 who are educated enough to vote responsibly.. wow they will stoop to any level to get votes.. It's become so ridiculous and a slap in the face.. wow.. just.. wow!!
Lynn Shea
Lynn Shea پیش ماه
Ruby Freeman is heard in her Instagram video stating that she does not like the way things are going so she "has some work to do". Both her and her daughter which is her Supervisor are trump haters.
Katie Pribyl
Katie Pribyl پیش ماه
Blatantly obvious what is happening here and now proven
Katie Pribyl
Katie Pribyl پیش ماه
Blatantly obvious what is happening here
Lynn Shea
Lynn Shea پیش ماه
If they are not hiding anything why not leave the ballots on top of the empty table.
Ted Rowley
Ted Rowley پیش ماه
There’s clear voter fraud... I mean this is highly suspicious.. I mean it don’t look right. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but bro cmon, clear voter fraud. YOU’VE PROVEN NOTHING. 🧐🤣😂. You’d think ex-law enforcement would have a better idea of how to prove something happened. You’d think ex-law enforcement would have an idea of what burden of proof and evidentiary standards are. Maybe that why it’s ex or maybe he’s lying to you.
Ted Rowley
Ted Rowley پیش ماه
This is what stupid people don’t understand. What makes people believe all of these votes, if this were true, it’s probably not, we’re all votes for Biden many of them could have been votes for Trump. This is so pathetic Republicans.
nanabuh 71
nanabuh 71 پیش ماه
Patricia Dickson posted this link.... B Tatum, please please check it out. A very recent meeting in China and the speaker is bragging about influence in America's highest circles of government for a span of years. iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/l8aLiNjOyqWcrIE.html
Marlon McKrieth
Marlon McKrieth پیش ماه
These people are stealing this election right of the American people face . The sad thing is where are the FBI in this. Its clear in every swing state the witnesses are saying, and seeing the same thing.
gypsy xxx
gypsy xxx پیش ماه
ironic they keep saying republicans are suppressing the black vote....turns out its the blacks suppressing the vote..other black votes
Tez Wharton
Tez Wharton پیش ماه
Judge see nothing!!!.
Pillow Jones
Pillow Jones پیش ماه
Tatum!!!! 🤫
Ally Boyd
Ally Boyd پیش ماه
As much as I think Trump was cheated out of office I think Biden is being pushed in. Many won't look for the truth cause all they care about is trump is gone.
Jacob Dyle
Jacob Dyle پیش ماه
Get them bro.
Sam Dee
Sam Dee پیش ماه
So sad. This sickens me. Sick to my stomach.
60 پیش ماه
The comments are hilarious! I just wonder where is this energy at when trump commits asshole invidious acts or showcases his racial antipathy ?
Branchy پیش ماه
I think your getting shadow banned your videos don’t pop up in my recommendation as much
Geno Banx
Geno Banx پیش ماه
If your simple ass has this evidence, why not meet with Giuliani and present it in court? Because most of what that you speak is a LIE... and all that money you're grifting from the special class, is criminal....
Geno Banx
Geno Banx پیش ماه
@Çerastes Really? Far from a sheep. You're just like those clowns you worship, devoid of baseless facts.
Çerastes پیش ماه
You have no clue what you are talking about, sheep
Solidus Canem
Solidus Canem پیش ماه
DanoVidz پیش ماه
They stole the elections from Trump. It's obvious to Ray Charles too. That's the only way Biden could win. He and his unknown policies were not that popular. You have to be blinded by hatred and madness to vote for the Demoncrat party.
Frank Lee
Frank Lee پیش ماه
Brrruuuu.....People need to going to JAIl 🙏💢😳JAIL !!!.....YOUR STEELING.. AND COVERING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FREE AND FAIR ELECTION.....JAIL...!!😳😳!!
Artist Heart
Artist Heart پیش ماه
Your favoritism towards Martial Law is a huge concern.. .. I’ve been a supporter for about a year now, but you’re losing us on your endorsing Martial Law .. dude.. look it up. Do you even know what it is? You think little states taking away liberties is a travesty .. wait until military rule takes over by means of taking all your civil rights and constitutional rights- suspension of civilian law by government and becomes military rule.. and who doesn’t know who Amelia Earnhardt is? 🤔 You need to read up on law and some important facts about things you are in favor of.. and important people that actually accomplished incredible things. 🤦‍♀️ You’re saying you’re against the vaccine - but if martial law is enacted you probably won’t have a choice bruh .. what they say goes.. Like being in favor of Nazi Germany.. ..
Karan Smith Deeds
Karan Smith Deeds پیش ماه
It was rigged so Joe Biden could win
D R پیش ماه
If the states cases of corruption of voting fraud goes to supreme court and the attorneys will argue and advise the supreme court to suspend and discard all votes counted after November 3rd at 10:00 Pm eastern time in all states (Pa,Wisconsin,Michigan ,Georgia) based on the corruption and fraud found, Tramp will win the presidency .Simple is that.
peggyevans2691 پیش ماه
Why did all the BLM RIOTS just STOP all of a sudden. Now they are shoving this voting down our throats...we know they cheated...CHEATED
Andrew Carlton
Andrew Carlton پیش ماه
The riots are still going. They hate Biden and will riot the media is just not reporting it
Gary Smith
Gary Smith پیش ماه
Riots, how many u attend
Michael P
Michael P پیش ماه
Boom. To much smoke but no 🔥? Looks like a big Bon fire 🔥
Michael P
Michael P پیش ماه
Boom. To much smoke but no 🔥? Looks like a big Bon fire 🔥
Lloyd Cochran
Lloyd Cochran پیش ماه
The? I have with the Dominion voting machines How long have they been using them? And who were the persons that bought these machines? This goes back to the Clintons and Obama Binladen I bet