Automatic pool stick vs. strangers 

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I built this with the new Tormach 1300 PL, check it out: tormach.com/machines/plasma-tables.html
An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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SmarterEveryDay پیش 15 روز
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere/ )
French Profile
French Profile پیش 9 ساعت
Dustin, I heard the word meat servo and I still can't get it out of my head hahha.
1488NowGetOutAndMate پیش 19 ساعت
"The robot is not your kid. We talked about this." I'm dying.
When Pigs Fly
When Pigs Fly پیش روز
A meat servo XD
G5 پیش روز
meat servo! Hilarious
Lucas Locust
Lucas Locust پیش روز
lol, i could beat this no problem, i have 6 legs
Big Bogey Face
Big Bogey Face پیش 10 دقیقه
Please make a dart throwing robot that can approach the oche and throw three darts accurately into the appropriate board positions. Thank you 😊 👍
Mr. Pufferfish
Mr. Pufferfish پیش 28 دقیقه
You need to make a machine that creates a mask that fits your face perfectly
Phill Kard
Phill Kard پیش 52 دقیقه
imagine being the nerd, your future boss and having a wife at the same time
Don Shipman
Don Shipman پیش 52 دقیقه
They are determined to take the fun out of everything.
Flynn Gullick
Flynn Gullick پیش 57 دقیقه
Anyone know what app he uses on his iPad to draw and demonstrate diagrams?
Fhyem BAGARTHAM پیش ساعت
So linear algebra has some use in real life after all.
Anubhav Talukdar
Anubhav Talukdar پیش ساعت
This is honestly one of the best videos I've ever watched on IRitem! You and your indomitable spirit! Its just inspiring!
Zack پیش ساعت
Super Genius! Drives screw into his 14g romex, lol.
MrBitviper پیش 2 ساعت
meanwhile I'm trying to debug my "hello world" program XD XD XD
Akshay Dhawan
Akshay Dhawan پیش 2 ساعت
I love the video but man do I feel dumb right now.
Shinokami007 پیش 2 ساعت
hahaahah 13:17 nice fight with your w1f3, it's hilarious
southchum101 پیش 3 ساعت
The Chinese is studying this video...they covet your brain power.
The Hammurabi Chode
The Hammurabi Chode پیش 3 ساعت
3:50 - Program name?
soban javed
soban javed پیش 3 ساعت
If you think about it. Its almost mind boggling that such a small Brain could do this so easily and much much more 😨
Justin de Monkey
Justin de Monkey پیش 3 ساعت
this pool game has the most realistic physics engine ever
Douglas Tytko
Douglas Tytko پیش 3 ساعت
13:20 shane.engineer/billiards/client.php?id=32B1D196-F0D6-4D76-A39F-BF8A4F289C85 "Nice Try" Thanks, Shane. You really cover everything.
murtaza .says
murtaza .says پیش 3 ساعت
I would say one word:"Genius".
GCOMM پیش 3 ساعت
“Hardwork beats talent”...mathematics & engineering beats talent & hardwork 😭
Olaf N
Olaf N پیش 4 ساعت
Build a tablefootballtable that can play against a human
Himangshu Deka
Himangshu Deka پیش 4 ساعت
Man I can't handle the effort he took to make this 21 min video. I mean I really am finding this difficult to digest that someone could work so hard for a IRitem video.
Luke Charles
Luke Charles پیش 4 ساعت
Can you do this??? (How many slaps does it take to cook a chicken?) iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/bJt9ZrCmxXTTook.html
isentropic troublesome
isentropic troublesome پیش 4 ساعت
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isentropic troublesome
isentropic troublesome پیش 5 ساعت
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João Paulo Castro
João Paulo Castro پیش 5 ساعت
Deus já deu um robô desse pra gente aqui do Brasil, chama Baianinho de Mauá
Air3Jordan پیش 5 ساعت
Waiting for the Michael Reeves reaction video for this one.
Grim Fable
Grim Fable پیش 6 ساعت
COVID proof pool, patent it! ))
Patrick Valentino
Patrick Valentino پیش 6 ساعت
This is fascinating. Although, he could have just spent all this development time practicing his game.
Patrick Valentino
Patrick Valentino پیش 6 ساعت
17:50 aha!
J.P. پیش 6 ساعت
7:18 ... and therefore I created this complicated machine that will do all the work for me so I can simply enjoy watching it. ... I mean I could have just watched a replay on IRitem or go to a live event... :)
Stupid: Robots are better than us Wise human: we invent robots
KelFire Gaming
KelFire Gaming پیش 7 ساعت
The stuff that this guy thinks about and makes its mind blowing.
Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast
"This is painful" Dude, THIS is the job.
Wouter Pieper
Wouter Pieper پیش 8 ساعت
Great video! A Dart robot would also be great! 😉
LordVonDarko پیش 8 ساعت
Whats the Name of the iPad App?
Yash Vijayvargiya
Yash Vijayvargiya پیش 9 ساعت
Hope you are patenting your inventions man. Love your videos
French Profile
French Profile پیش 9 ساعت
Whoever told you could have saved time just practicing is crazy. You literally just automized around 5 years of full time experience at least, and with the level of consistency given, that cue is arguably better than any player on the planet. You should do a video where you play the best player in the world with it. Also, how the hell does this video have 4.4k downlikes? Must be a lot of salty pool players out of there.
Edvards Krastiņš
Edvards Krastiņš پیش 9 ساعت
"You're just a meat servo" -SmarterEveryDay Might be the best insult I have ever heard
TEENs پیش 9 ساعت
20:17 i liked the vid🙂💚
Neeron Bhatta
Neeron Bhatta پیش 10 ساعت
“Getting this thing done was about as hard as labour” Famous last words next to a female
M V پیش 6 ساعت
This is probably harder tho :D
EdwardRC Car
EdwardRC Car پیش 10 ساعت
Ashutosh Negi
Ashutosh Negi پیش 10 ساعت
u fucked my mind
Daniel McKinnon
Daniel McKinnon پیش 10 ساعت
Mad props, but DUDE, you need to write more tests! You could have saved DAYS on so many of those issues. Compounding errors are common in AR tech!
Kate Lin
Kate Lin پیش 11 ساعت
Love this, you are incredible XD
Zacko Slacko
Zacko Slacko پیش 11 ساعت
Please what is that app you are using.?
kooky kooky
kooky kooky پیش 11 ساعت
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Sam Wane
Sam Wane پیش 12 ساعت
What a great video and he has a great personality which keeps us watching through the highs and lows. Excellent engineer!
skyedryv پیش 12 ساعت
just realized you never showed us what "Extreme Wife Mode" can do.
Star Mobi
Star Mobi پیش 13 ساعت
What is this App? 9:08
Jay Rose-Ham
Jay Rose-Ham پیش 13 ساعت
When is this thing gonna calculate 2, 3, 4, etc in one shots?
Turbo Gamer
Turbo Gamer پیش 14 ساعت
11:29 you can see the moniter on the top, it says "why its best to quit: how to move on" article
Digital Download
Digital Download پیش 14 ساعت
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Marc Amaral
Marc Amaral پیش 15 ساعت
The level of this mans genius is unobtainable for 99.9% of the population. Yet he’s here, in his basement. On IRitem.
Saim Ahmed
Saim Ahmed پیش 15 ساعت
Millions of thumbs up. I wish be like u
Phenom Dark
Phenom Dark پیش 15 ساعت
I love the chemistry between you and your wife!! :)
jereme berryhill
jereme berryhill پیش 15 ساعت
You should work for space x or something.
Joyce De Witt
Joyce De Witt پیش 16 ساعت
I think that ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Calvin Astley
Calvin Astley پیش 16 ساعت
Are you an engineer? why all these cool tools?
SPORT SKILL پیش 16 ساعت
20:19-20:23 every chess engine engineer
Paranoid Park
Paranoid Park پیش 16 ساعت
how did i get from 91 dollar fortnite card to this
L پیش 16 ساعت
why no one told me about this channel before..
Gabriel Espinoza
Gabriel Espinoza پیش 17 ساعت
Colab with mark rober?????
GloomGaiGar پیش 17 ساعت
Now I want this to go against a professional player in a variety of scenarios.
Joey Ngo
Joey Ngo پیش 17 ساعت
what about trick shots, who doesn't love good ole trick shots?
eanton629 پیش 17 ساعت
Cool video and job well done on completion!💪
S P پیش 18 ساعت
Why not add rectangular rails around the table across which the stick can be attached in a way that it can reach the balls - cutting out the human operator altogether (Shane)? This way people on the internet can play one-another via your physical table. You would need a mechanism to reset the balls as well
Bob The builder
Bob The builder پیش 18 ساعت
did you buy a pool table just for this or did you already have one?
ElJackale پیش 18 ساعت
Typical American inbreeded thinking about people that lose.
Joseph Vera
Joseph Vera پیش 18 ساعت
What iPad note taker/drawing pad for your project do you use?
S P پیش 18 ساعت
We wok long hours for pieces of paper. At least robots don't need to delude themselves.
SeldonLien پیش 18 ساعت
Can insert it in someone a** ?
kronic NYC
kronic NYC پیش 19 ساعت
I can't wait to buy my pool table which comes with a fully automatic cue so I can play against the computer in real life....also you need to focus on building thst "smart" pool table asap with the projections that will be good enough for you to run the table every single time if you listen to the cpu suggestion. I've had this idea for years but I'm too dumb. Please start a company and hire a great time and focus on this full time!!!!!!
1488NowGetOutAndMate پیش 19 ساعت
And this is where the singularity happened. A dude's basement. We are now monkeys in an A.I. zoo.
1488NowGetOutAndMate پیش 19 ساعت
"The robot is not your kid. We talked about this." I'm dying.
Clayton R
Clayton R پیش 20 ساعت
Develop this more please!
Subjih Huh
Subjih Huh پیش 20 ساعت
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AlexandreG پیش 20 ساعت
Legend says that if enough of us support him on Patreon he will build 5 humanoid robots capable of sweeping the 2024 NBA Champions in a best of 7 series
regretful Toad
regretful Toad پیش 20 ساعت
Make an ai that can beat open ai 5 in dota 2.
Grimzly پیش 21 ساعت
Micro Center has everything except for recently released GPUs.
Sebastian Weetabix
Sebastian Weetabix پیش 21 ساعت
"Play pool online physically...". Hit 'Pause', downvote, leave the channel.
NIcolás Aguirre
NIcolás Aguirre پیش 21 ساعت
I hope you understand what an amazing job you've made. What an amazing person, proud of you. Keep up the amazing work jimmy newtron.
Mike Crimmins
Mike Crimmins پیش 21 ساعت
Would love to see what you could do with a Kinect and the info it can provide.
idk پیش 22 ساعت
hes got aimbot now
Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat پیش 23 ساعت
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rmaco پیش 23 ساعت
The extent a man will go to win against his wife.
Hugo Abreu
Hugo Abreu پیش 23 ساعت
you are the best engineer in youtube...
Ajani Reid
Ajani Reid پیش 23 ساعت
"I wAnNa EnJoY tHe GaMe Of PoOl ThE wAy It WaS mEaNt To Be PlAyEd" Lies.
Samuel Mendieta
Samuel Mendieta پیش 23 ساعت
this is AWESOME. Keep it up.
Josh G
Josh G پیش 23 ساعت
No Micro Centers in Oregon or Washington :(
Norbas پیش 23 ساعت
Can u make some time a robot whos giving u drink whenever u want? I think it will be great. Pls🥺
Alex پیش روز
Just imagine what this guy and Mark Rober together could come up with.
YouNG. CodM
YouNG. CodM پیش روز
Perdia pro baianinho de Mauá rs
Pengu پیش روز
Now he has to make a table where the holes move for him.
1488NowGetOutAndMate پیش 19 ساعت
Underrated comment
George Gervin
George Gervin پیش روز
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Robz89 پیش روز
Robots to get paid 😂 who pays the electricity?
Mameniac پیش روز
theres nothing much to say. For me you are just a genious.
George Gervin
George Gervin پیش روز
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Kinetic Tapestry
Kinetic Tapestry پیش روز
Dude I dare you to make a juggling robot!
Fabbricato Personareale
You need to talk to someone who actually plays pool well (Fargorate of 600+). You're missing a ton stuff. You'd be surprised how complex pool really is with all the variables. That cheap wood table with the cheap balls will also just be way too inconsistent.
Guillaume Brodeur
Guillaume Brodeur پیش روز
I guess for the spin option on the queue it's gonna be hard to make but this guy is a genius so he will solve this problem.
Oberfor پیش روز
The QR code says "you have to much time" dang
Moving hoop won't let you miss
Micro Pelton Turbine
بازدید 719K
Explosive axe is seriously cool