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2020 9 دسامبر





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Mario Crespo
Mario Crespo پیش 14 روز
Im proud my birth certificate says Mexico 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽 I’m a Mexican made! I’m from Mexico 👌🏼
wpsoriano پیش 19 روز
Not an Amazon warehouse... An East Coast HQ headquarters.
Enforcer525 پیش 19 روز
AOC cost the citizens of her district thousands (I think over 20,000) of jobs & they still re-elected the idiot. But you also have to question the intelligence (or lack of intelligence) of her supporters as well.
PdX 2a Gary
PdX 2a Gary پیش 19 روز
This makes me laugh
Latinos unidos
Latinos unidos پیش 19 روز
🤣🤣😂😂 started in Puerto rico !! the biggest in the world I was on the floor!!! This was priceless we Hispanics will never stop cooking with Goya! 🤪🤪🤣🤣😂😂
David Jones
David Jones پیش 25 روز
Rosa Ortega
Rosa Ortega پیش 29 روز
Lmao 😂 Woot woot!!
Pito V
Pito V پیش 29 روز
I like to refer to her as “La Pendeja”
Mike پیش ماه
Why don’t the people force her out? Blows my mind!!!
Cathy Hughes
Cathy Hughes پیش ماه
Did she get front row parking with EOM title?
Hopey Ibar
Hopey Ibar پیش ماه
This company is for all Latinos. Cubans and Puerto ricans use it more.
miragexl007 پیش ماه
Just like when Obama started talking about banning guns. Employee of the month. Some Democrats are geniuses when they speak/think.
Brian Carr
Brian Carr پیش ماه
Go Goya go! 😂
Doris Jean
Doris Jean پیش ماه
Good one, B! 😂 🇺🇸
Teri313 پیش ماه
"...thank you AOC, thank you liberals, for being crazy..." AND DUMB.
Laura Almasan
Laura Almasan پیش ماه
GOYA Adobo is an excellent seasoning. The Adobo with the orange cap is great on fish.
Laura Almasan
Laura Almasan پیش ماه
Considering GOYA is a Hispanic company, AOC should be celebrating their success and make the GOYA CEO a role model. She is so caught up in her own ignorance that she doesn’t realize the damage she is causing to her constituents and our country.
MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster
Yep I heard that story and went out to fill my shopping basket with Goya goods!! Thank you Goya
james knotts
james knotts پیش ماه
How many months in a row is this?
teresa untalan
teresa untalan پیش ماه
I didn't normally buy Goya because they are a bit more expensive then other like products, but when I heard AOC's stupidity I went out and bought Goya products.
GetLikeUs پیش ماه
Tatum said he never heard of Goya before! This dude! 😂
Stacey Heil
Stacey Heil پیش ماه
Because of AOC I started buying Goya chipotle peppers 🌶 and discovered those delicious Goya cookies!!!!
Uhm پیش ماه
And just like that, I'll be purchasing a few more cans
william paz
william paz پیش ماه
Officer Tatum if you are being Censored then perhaps it is time to move your site to “RUMBLE” many Christian Conservatives are/have move to Rumble.
Mom•Ovary•Acting پیش ماه
Idk why & I’m sorry if I offend people out there but every time I see & hear AOC she looks like the nerdy girl from porn movies that takes her nerdy clothes off & then gets all kinky & let’s the dude put it anywhere he wants 😳🤪
aileen rivera
aileen rivera پیش ماه
Love Goya products it's the best.
Gloria Chavarria
Gloria Chavarria پیش ماه
I still don't understand why AMERICAN blacks are still letting all these dam foreigners come in and take over everything !!! Wake UP !!! America was founded on our White/ Black ancestors!!!
gigi پیش ماه
This is great! 🇨🇺
mon ke
mon ke پیش ماه
In times like these, just remember people; we have Led Zeppelin. Stay strong fellow Trumpers!
Angel & Mardi
Angel & Mardi پیش ماه
What kind of business do you own, B. Tatum? Is it your apparel line? Just curious #STOPTHESTEAL #TRUMPWINNEROF2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻
JAMZ 1960
JAMZ 1960 پیش ماه
You crack me up OT! - MUSIC VIDEO - “Right Track” by JAMZ - iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/rpt2mq2snKaseJc.html
SUFYB پیش ماه
Wish AOC's political "career" could be canned!
varenikje719 پیش ماه
Funny! I did the same thing! 💵💵💵😂
varenikje719 پیش ماه
No really, employee of the month! 😂🤣
MrKKUT1984 پیش ماه
Aoc puts more than a foot in her mouth
J D پیش ماه
Kellie Monibidor
Kellie Monibidor پیش ماه
Buying Goya from now on, lol
Denzil Lee
Denzil Lee پیش ماه
So she got to employee of the month Awards
Judith Duffy
Judith Duffy پیش ماه
Racism is hate speech...
faranger پیش ماه
My Candace Owens book was destroyed in shipping.
Michael Schecter
Michael Schecter پیش ماه
Remember Amazon employees are essential, so if Amazon's warehouse in New York was open for business all the employees would have been working during the BULLSHIT pandemic! Not my Pandemic, the Democrap's pandemic. Yes I did say Democrap's.
Darwin Risdon
Darwin Risdon پیش ماه
AOC is like cow manure on a plant ...a lot of resemblance too!
Tab R
Tab R پیش ماه
AOC is a disgrace. She is disgracing the Goya Food brand! Get her out of her seat before she further disgraces the USA or the Hispanic community!!
Michaela Wolf
Michaela Wolf پیش ماه
Sorry i love u, but Mexican countries 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣 wtf
Food Critic
Food Critic پیش ماه
Anything Goya is fantastic! I use their extra virgin olive oil every day, and their Adobo seasoning is the best!!
Charlaine Markesen
Charlaine Markesen پیش ماه
Sandy Cortez has always been a bubble off plumb. 😅😆🤣😂
Chris Romero
Chris Romero پیش ماه
🤣🤣🤣 I love it. Great video Officer Tatum!!!
ibanezdudeck پیش ماه
Stop calling her a liberal, she's a progressive and a socialist, neither of which are actually liberal philosophies.
Patriot پیش ماه
Buy a scope!!
Patriot پیش ماه
They think they cannot be touched!!!
Patriot پیش ماه
Never buy Goya products again, National ban!!!
tibetloga پیش ماه
Great idea for merch. "GOYA employee of the month" With a nice , smiling, attractive portrait of AOC. Not insulting, not mean, but FUNNY!
Tammie A
Tammie A پیش ماه
That's it, this world is going to implode.
Briana Downing
Briana Downing پیش ماه
I started buying Goya too.
Wayne Johanson
Wayne Johanson پیش ماه
How did she get re-elected. Was it fixed. Are there that many low informed voters out there. I just cannot figure it out.
Lem Hanback
Lem Hanback پیش ماه
Poetic justice can be pretty funny sometimes. 😂😂😂😂
rds801 پیش ماه
Goya, Oh Boya
Tim Brooks
Tim Brooks پیش ماه
She's so dumb that she doesn't realize that's sarcasm 🙄
FightMang36 پیش ماه
Aoc is a clown. she should choose not being materialistic sometime n stop buying expensive clothing n donate to ppl in need instead before she talks on Goya.
Daisy Tirado
Daisy Tirado پیش ماه
Joe Garofalo II
Joe Garofalo II پیش ماه
Yea, I mean all the Hispanic people I've ever known including my family always use Goya. Really good quality food, and what AOC did made me want to buy it more 🤣
ds0904 پیش ماه
Robert Teague
Robert Teague پیش ماه
AOC called for the boycott of Goya foods.🤣😂🤣
Panda Bun
Panda Bun پیش ماه
This makes me so happy!! Hahahahaha made my morning!
Darren Webb
Darren Webb پیش ماه
Sweet Insanity
Sweet Insanity پیش ماه
Omg, this is hilarious!! LMAO. My mom and her family are from Mexico so I grew up eating Goya products. My mom is a huge Trump supporter (as is most of my hispanic family). We hadn't really had Goya stuff in a while but when they announced their support for Trump, my mom started buying Goya stuff weekly and actually giving them to people too, lmao. I didn't mind, their cookies are awesome. Anyway, I didn't keep up with this but glad to know not only did the CEO not buckle under the backlash, but now they've done this. This makes me love them more. More companies need to seriously do this. You might get some backlash but just keep steady and in the end your sales will grow. At this point people are CRAVING to support business that aren't afraid to say they love this country and this president and don't give a percentage of their proceeds to things like BLM. I buy a lot of from small businesses and I've had to cut out so many favorites because they openly donate to BLM and other things they don't understand. So it's refreshing and desperately NEEDED seeing companies supporting this country and not going with this herd. People with money to spend actually want to use it towards businesses like that. You don't need the people that are going to complain because they more than likely don't have the money to buy your products anyway so why concede to them?
Racerxviper1 پیش ماه
Yes... Aoc with foot in mouth and head up ass!
Ben Lee
Ben Lee پیش ماه
damn, i have to follow AOC more closely. should have bought me some GOYA stocks before she opened her mouth. hahahahahha
Fredrick Holtz
Fredrick Holtz پیش ماه
Love it! Please join us on Rumble Brandon, I don't think I can stomach You Tube's commie BS anymore.
Sotero Mares
Sotero Mares پیش ماه
There isn’t a politician in history that has put their own foot in their mouth more than Donald Trump
californigirl پیش ماه
I know Goya from way back - that Sazon with culantro and and achiote is essential. EVERYTHING tastes better with that!
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker پیش ماه
She will think this is actually an accolade she can brag about on Twitter
Truth Wins!
Truth Wins! پیش ماه
That was great Brandon, hilarious. One comment I need to make to conservatives is that we really must not stoop to the level of the Democrats by name calling. It’s disturbing to see the stupid comments that people make that have no meaning, make no sense, no reasonable argument, to call AOC ugly who say that she has a face only mama can love or other mean things that are far worse is just as bad or worse than Democrats saying “orange man bad“. It’s lowlife and brainless. And it’s not true. Donald Trump is not orange and he’s not bad. AOC is not ugly. Such comments are ugly, idiotic and ridiculous. Take a behavioral lesson from Jesus Christ.
ddale20 پیش ماه
She shows that you don’t have to very bright to work in congress! We need some kind of pre-test to lead a city, state, or country! She’s a vacuous, petulant, and inarticulate fool! And this dud majored in economics?!? Really? Well...Paul Kruger somehow was listened to. Goes to show that if you double down on stupidity, others start to believe the dumb words one spew.
Tim Clark
Tim Clark پیش ماه
I'm not sure why you are telling them what they are doing wrong, but right. I love negative chatter. It definitely makes me more $$$
Matt Dreyer
Matt Dreyer پیش ماه
Best sales manager they ever had and never had to pay lol
Out of the mud ministry Logan Crew
He will take from the unrighteous and give to the righteous
Thefireman416 Hinz
Thefireman416 Hinz پیش ماه
Stop given em hints bruv
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson پیش ماه
Dont worry kamalla and Biden named persons of the year. I would of given my life up to bet that Biden would of never been named a person of the year 😂 guess we know who’s side time magazine is on. Crazy someone who’s been In politics for 30 plus years and no one had given a 💩 about him and now all of a sudden he’s the saving grace apparently smh what a time
Larry Compton
Larry Compton پیش ماه
Goya paranoia! Buy it up and support this great company!! 👍
Pamela Howard
Pamela Howard پیش ماه
Did she buy stock first ??? Hmmmm
Jim Ward
Jim Ward پیش ماه
Hey it's about time we get off IRitem Twitter Facebook and get to these other social media sites and quit giving these guys our money and ratings and all that stuff so start pounding that everyday man and letting us know where you're going to be popping up on these other social media sites man cuz I'm just about done with IRitem I'm done with the rest of them so let us know man appreciate you
Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards پیش ماه
She couldn’t keep a job at a hotdog stand.
Hoonozit پیش ماه
I'm glad Goya gets paid when I go get my Blacked eyed peas.
Meredith Paynter,
Meredith Paynter, پیش ماه
So, if all of us, your fans, talk bad about you, will that help you? Just kidding. I can’t say anything bad about you!!
Mo Burgos
Mo Burgos پیش ماه
So agree with you Officer Tatum, God bless you!👏🎄👍🏻
Jon Tallman
Jon Tallman پیش ماه
AOC couldn't think her way out of a door less closet!!
Sharlene Bullen
Sharlene Bullen پیش ماه
I know I will not be buying anymore Goya.
Backyard-Built-Trucks پیش ماه
My daughter works as a bin stocker for amazon works 4 days a week 12 hours a day . She clears $685.00 a week. Not bad money if you need a job .
Ricky Collins
Ricky Collins پیش ماه
Maybe cortez owns stock in these brands.
Agustin Salas
Agustin Salas پیش ماه
I called goya and told them I was their new customer 😆😊😁
Butch Jones
Butch Jones پیش ماه
btw....goya is good food
Michael Cochrane
Michael Cochrane پیش ماه
Goya troll a troll in epic style.
Cheryl Adams
Cheryl Adams پیش ماه
She always does my favorite is when she was talking about the opium epidemic and slamming the wall.That hearing is classic she got schooled.Hilarious.I watch it over and over just to laugh.
MasterP98675 پیش ماه
Congrats AOC!! Way to add to Goyas' Capitalistic goals of adding to their bottom line!! Bahahaha!! You will make a great conservative when you grow up!!
diane centeno
diane centeno پیش ماه
Go Goya!
a minetti
a minetti پیش ماه
Unfortunately - there will be a revolution for normal people - ridiculous with GOYA
CarGuy پیش ماه
I hope she received a decorated parking spot with this award from Goya. Parking a toilet there would do.
Shannon Coppersmith
Shannon Coppersmith پیش ماه
Hey Democrats finally doing something right without even knowing it 🤣 lol. Like my friend who has a IRitem channel says, it doesn’t matter if you dislike my videos because it still bumps my video up. Lol.
a minetti
a minetti پیش ماه
I actually feel sorry for her
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