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On Valentines Day, or any date for that matter, you're wining and dining your significant other to a very expensive meal. Although those budget busters can be delicious, how about we make those same boujee desserts... but cheaper?
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Ingredients you'll need:
Mousse Ingredients -
2 cups (450 g) Ricotta
3 Tbsp (42 g) Sugar
4 oz (110g) Semi-Sweet Chocolate, melted
Chocolate, grated
Nutmeg, grated
Creme Brûlée -
5 Eggs
2 cups (450 ml) Heavy cream
1/2 tsp (4 g) Salt
2 two (6 g) Vanilla Extract
1/2 cup (100 g) Sugar
Rice Pudding
1 cup (220 g) Arborio rice
1/2 cup & 3 Tbsp (125 g) Sugar
4.5 cups (1 L) Whole Milk
1/2 cup (120 ml) Heavy Cream
1 tsp (4 g) Vanilla Extract
1 Cinnamon Stick
1-2 Bananas
1/2 cup Pistachios, crushed

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Tarun S
Tarun S پیش 2 روز
Hey Josh. I'm planning to make the rice pudding, but are the ingredient quantities for 2-4 people?
Jake Gravity
Jake Gravity پیش 3 روز
This channel really is life changing with all these awesome (affordable) recipes. Really has sparked up my life again and got me back in the kitchen. 😄
Linette Ortiz
Linette Ortiz پیش 4 روز
Josh! The cheddars scratch kitchen seasoned rice and broccoli casserole!!!!!
Guan Wei
Guan Wei پیش 6 روز
Can you do a flan recipe? Please
DoubleDu پیش 6 روز
Joshua. My boi...That rice pudding got me laid. I used salted caramel flavoring(instead of vanilla) and that thing was on POINT.
Rabia Ak
Rabia Ak پیش 7 روز
Sad egg white omlet. LOL
Peter Oliveira
Peter Oliveira پیش 7 روز
I have never made creme brulee before but I decided to try out this recipe for my first time. All I have to say is THANK YOU. This is easily going to be my favorite dessert to make from now on. The custard was super rich and creamy, and while I was worried that I undercooked them, after chilling in the fridge for a few hours they ended up setting perfectly. The only thing is 2 of my 4 sank just a tiny bit and I'm not sure why. After toasting the sugar with a torch and letting them set, I dug into them with my girlfriend who loved them too. I asked her to crack the top of her creme brulee first and she literally stabbed her spoon into her dessert because she thought it'd be a lot harder to crack😂. But again, thank you for this amazing recipe PAPA.
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz پیش 9 روز
Wait... So that fancy thing is "arroz con leche"?
Juan José B
Juan José B پیش 9 روز
Le chefie
Joy Time
Joy Time پیش 10 روز
See my parents got made at me the last time I ate something poopy but yummy
maxpowerallstar پیش 10 روز
Lucille Bluth price guesses there.
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper پیش 10 روز
Was so expecting D-Roll! 😅
Maup1n پیش 10 روز
I love that homie is thicc. Like not sloppy thicc, but thicc enough to know he enjoys his own food. I heard from an old creole/french chef "never trust a skinny cook" took me a while to learn that a skinny chef is too cocky to taste thier own food. Search Claire Saffitz from BA..... yeah. Love this vid, and the idea that everyone can cook.
Ravi Peddi
Ravi Peddi پیش 11 روز
Creme Burley - 2:35
Alolim پیش 12 روز
choccy moose
Coecoebrown پیش 12 روز
So nobody’s going to talk about the fact that the Christmas tree is still up mid February? ...I applaud you my friend.
Violet S
Violet S پیش 12 روز
I saw creme Brule and my brain screamed I AM A MAN...THAT OWNS FIVVVVVVE OVENS
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres پیش 13 روز
Is a food processor absolutely necessary for the mousse?
L Zou
L Zou پیش 13 روز
So this is for Valentines Day, and on Valentines Day - if I am not mistaken - we suppose to eat with our partners, that's usually two people. BUT, those recipes are clearly not for two people, I don't get it, are we suppose to dining with more than one partner on that night?
Dan Sutton
Dan Sutton پیش 13 روز
Duuuuude! Made the creme brulee it was awesome. First video ice watched on your channel, and just subscribed this morn, thanks buddy
Ezekiel پیش 13 روز
Blck _zkm
Blck _zkm پیش 13 روز
Most chaotic way to seperate egg yolks
all might
all might پیش 13 روز
Dude, semi-sweet chocolate for me is like 4:99. Wtf why wo much money for a small ass bag of choclate chips
Ancle Doidoi
Ancle Doidoi پیش 14 روز
Who's doing their bain-marie wrong and pouring the hot water straight into the ramekins and not the large dish or tray 😭😭😭
Sage پیش 14 روز
We have a pandemic on our hand. The last thing you people should not do, IS MEET A PERSON YOU DO NOT YET HAVE AN INTIMITE RELATIONSHIP WITH! Datenight is cancelled until further notice!
Courtney Dorrian
Courtney Dorrian پیش 14 روز
Made the creme brulee for Valentine's Day 😍 Amazing
climid پیش 14 روز
Oh shit that mousse is rich, I'm on a sugar high
Chloe Koth
Chloe Koth پیش 14 روز
my partner and i just tried the mousse recipe, we love it !!!!!
Kaitlyn Brock
Kaitlyn Brock پیش 14 روز
Those egg yolks are way to orange and good looking to be from cheap eggs.
Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams پیش 15 روز
Made the Ricotta Mouse. I like mine super dark and rich so I added another scant 1/2 cup of melted, unsweetened chocolate. Also added a little vanilla extract and only used 2 tbsp. of coconut sugar. It tastes amazing! I am going to top it with chopped pistachios and toasted, unsweetened coconut. Thank you for the inspiration Josh!
Adam Stokes
Adam Stokes پیش 15 روز
Made the chocolate mousse with the exact gram measurements and it was AMAZING!!
lier jinn
lier jinn پیش 15 روز
so tell me guys, i’m not the only one that doing these desserts and eating while having a wine all alone a valentines right?
Donovan Doran
Donovan Doran پیش 15 روز
I see the title see the title “4 Dollar Date Night”, and I’m like “Sweet! Something I can afford to do on Valentine’s Day.” I click. Then he pulls out a food processor 😐
Sam's Home Kitchn
Sam's Home Kitchn پیش 14 روز
A blender might work just fine. Otherwise, will need to pull your guns out and work it
Enocan Galaxy
Enocan Galaxy پیش 15 روز
6:16 Minecraft pickaxe, anyone?
Francesca Zanon
Francesca Zanon پیش 15 روز
And today is the day I found out 1 cup is not a standard measurement in each country! No wonder some of the recipes I try don’t work! 1 cup in Aus is 250ml In the US it’s 236ml
Curt Mosca
Curt Mosca پیش 15 روز
Undercooked creme.
wee woo
wee woo پیش 16 روز
what if i just spend 50 dollars getting a nice meal and then get wasted at a bar instead of having to put in any effort
Will Haben
Will Haben پیش 16 روز
How dark of chocolate could you use for the mousse before turning it into a chalkboard fest?
Pluto پیش 16 روز
Looks super good..
Ayflyx پیش 16 روز
He said it was cheap but he never said it was healthy 😂 look at all the milk, cream , and sugar oml
Gabe Wennekamp
Gabe Wennekamp پیش 16 روز
You should do a series called "But Better" where you recreate famous food items using technical culinary skills. I think that would be really cool.
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec پیش 16 روز
I would really like to see you do not fancy food like the rice pudding as fancy as u can do
kyler heitman
kyler heitman پیش 16 روز
are we all gonna ignore the christmas tree?
Just now rub my belleeyyy
Just now rub my belleeyyy پیش 16 روز
Peel sensually the bananas ah that's hilarious 👍
Justin Abbott
Justin Abbott پیش 16 روز
For a second there I was reminded of the Rainman scene about the candy bar.... it’s rice and a banana? How do you come up with 30 dollars!?
Brian White
Brian White پیش 17 روز
Will a hand blender work for the mousse?
Farmer Dan
Farmer Dan پیش 17 روز
...a sad egg white omelette...
Masamune90 پیش 17 روز
you should collab with chef Josh from Good Mythical Morning when this nasty covid goes away
Negaflame پیش 17 روز
Quick tip on Crème brule. For the toping you can take a spoonful of sugar and place it in a small frying pan with a small drop of ether honey or corn syrup and let it melt until slightly dark and pour it over your desert.
Shelby S
Shelby S پیش 17 روز
Papa, 🙋🏼‍♀️ can I substitute Ricotta cheese, for cream cheese? 👁👄👁
Lol No
Lol No پیش 18 روز
You have to try the Crème brûlée like they were gone so fast
YaBoiiiHarry پیش 18 روز
ooo aaa banana
samriben پیش 18 روز
I intentionally waited until he said "B-roll" and paused the video. I will now click off B)
Grey Nomad
Grey Nomad پیش 18 روز
So when's the Hibachi Dinner But Cheaper coming out?
Thaliz پیش 18 روز
Ok lové this
XpreX پیش 18 روز
gonna make the choccy mousse, thanks for an idea
Tactical Fried Chicken
Tactical Fried Chicken پیش 18 روز
i've been contemplating making Creme Brûlée for some time now but always put it off, now i see this vid in my sub box. it's a sign, i'm going to have to make some even if it'll be me and my cat enjoying them over the weekend
Laxgoon55 پیش 18 روز
I gave a like, and that's all I have to say about that.
Byron Roest
Byron Roest پیش 18 روز
It’s fuckingggg burrrnntttt
Catalina Valderas
Catalina Valderas پیش 18 روز
rice pudding? arroz con leche
Just now rub my belleeyyy
Just now rub my belleeyyy پیش 18 روز
But cheaper
fantastic bros
fantastic bros پیش 18 روز
B roll with a good earphones od just amazing 😘😚😋
Ham Reebus
Ham Reebus پیش 18 روز
What's the tunage on the b-roll? Shazam is coming up blank
Arturo Perez
Arturo Perez پیش 18 روز
Did you use part skim ricotta for your mousse🤔
Our bird family
Our bird family پیش 18 روز
Pakistani and Indian here know our love for rice pudding/kheer Love from Pakistan
QuibbleMellow_ پیش 18 روز
clicked on this video and thought "oh you look like a guy i would def sub to" hell yeah 50 seconds in and i love you alr
Evie Hankins
Evie Hankins پیش 18 روز
I love that his SO just Diggs in and while Josh is being really high energy she is just like, yeah thats Josh *shrug* an gets back to eating the desserts 😆. My type of person right there lol
Max Gu
Max Gu پیش 18 روز
banana ROTAT E
Alice Hunt
Alice Hunt پیش 18 روز
Wondering when the apron drops, its mad cute with the face
Najeeb Sheikh
Najeeb Sheikh پیش 19 روز
Does the gf not know about how much food costs in restaurants or how money works? I mean, has she ever seen a $30 rice pudding anywhere, or any dessert for that matter? And even if she has, it is always cheaper to make at home, so a $30 restaurant dessert would cost $10 to make at home 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dio Brando
Dio Brando پیش 19 روز
Josh: "Here are some cheap desserts if your budget is kinda tight." Also Josh: "Okay so grab your blowtorch."
Lyudmyla Barannyk
Lyudmyla Barannyk پیش 14 روز
Use a broiler
Zack Osborne
Zack Osborne پیش 19 روز
Thank you for busting out the mason jar for the wine and showing people what southern hospitality looks like
Max Shamwana
Max Shamwana پیش 19 روز
rice pudding needs to go back to hell where it came from
AmberrLynn13 پیش 19 روز
Is she not *allowed* to go to grocery stores orrrrrrrr? EIGHTEEN DOLLARS? THIRTY DOLLARS?!! Ouff🤦🏻‍♀️
Jirka Hluštík
Jirka Hluštík پیش 19 روز
Me jist watching for fun cuz ill be lonely on big V's day
Anthony Bawia
Anthony Bawia پیش 19 روز
The fact that our family's budget is $4 per person per DAY. So this is like ... not cheap
Michał Szypuła
Michał Szypuła پیش 19 روز
ricotta? i thought mascarpone
Indrajit Desai
Indrajit Desai پیش 19 روز
5:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hanz Flackshnack
Hanz Flackshnack پیش 19 روز
She doesn't know how much dessert costs because she's never picked up the check... I bet she knows exactly how much a pumpkin spice latte costs.
Lucas Bryzelak
Lucas Bryzelak پیش 19 روز
With your videos (I love your content) could you by any chance substitute a dairy free option in place of milk? Or even add a widget for those allergic to milk or lactose intolerant?
creo505 پیش 19 روز
Lagyan mo lang ng milo yung rice pudding champorado na dzai😂
aired btw
aired btw پیش 19 روز
Next do The McDonalds Chicken Avocado burger but better
Mali Lignjun
Mali Lignjun پیش 19 روز
Is ricotta some type of cheese?
Helena Ribeiro Ribeiro
Helena Ribeiro Ribeiro پیش 19 روز
Me: *sees thumbnail* oh noice a binging with babish video! Also me: *it's a Joshua video* WUT? ._.
Bunny Ultima
Bunny Ultima پیش 19 روز
Let's talk about that christmas tree for a minute.
velislav draganov
velislav draganov پیش 19 روز
I love how the description for the Creme Brûlée says 2 two
babygoblin پیش 19 روز
You know I’m single Joshua Weissman
SpyC Coffee
SpyC Coffee پیش 19 روز
As an Aussie we say Choccy lol but I def heard Chalky 🤣
Harambe Keemstar
Harambe Keemstar پیش 19 روز
The fact he felt the need to mention to not add the boiling water to the ramekins really makes me wonder how much ya'll be fuckin up
Jonker پیش 19 روز
How come you advertise for Jehovah's Witnesses at the end of your videos? You know, the JW... oh ... wait, Joshua Weisman, JW. You might wanna try a different thing maybe.
Limaro پیش 19 روز
Thank you! I always wanted to make rice pudding, and this one is just great! P. S. Could you please make more fermentation Friday series? I love dat!
Dccrasher Games!
Dccrasher Games! پیش 19 روز
I wanna see Joshua make a series about making quick and easy dishes that take, max, 30 minutes or under. It would be helpful for peeps like me that don't have a lot of time to cook It would be called "But Faster"
Che Ruby
Che Ruby پیش 19 روز
Or or or I can buy cup cakes at the store for 3 dollars
asedif faafa
asedif faafa پیش 19 روز
Omg he did "Arroz con leche"
Alan Rowe
Alan Rowe پیش 19 روز
I would combine the carmelized banana with the chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream. Some rich, some tropical and sweet.
Alisha B.
Alisha B. پیش 19 روز
4 ways of saying I live in Texas
Umu Kamuka
Umu Kamuka پیش 19 روز
I know a man of your expertise is busy and all but plz if you may I need to know how to make a key lime pie but easier
XrosCobra پیش 19 روز
Make In n Out animal fries but better
TheOutsidersPost پیش 19 روز
Add a half table spoon of butter and do not put your vanilla extract in until the end. Less you cook out that vanilla flavor.
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