2021 NFL Mock Draft! Post Senior Bowl Edition! 3 Rounds! 

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2021 NFL Mock Draft! Post Senior Bowl Edition!
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THE Madden Rebuild King. Rebuild God. Lord Bengal King of the Franchise Rebuild. JK all for fun :). Franchise Rebuilds on Madden are just the bees knees and the cats pajamas.
Seriously though, whether it's madden 21 rebuilds, madden 21 rebuilding, madden 21 realistic rebuilds or even madden 21 franchise mode, I am painfully average


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Big Grizzy
Big Grizzy پیش 9 روز
This is the worst mock draft in the history of mock drafts
Ryan Wow
Ryan Wow پیش 13 روز
Sewell is not getting past #5 come on buddy
Matthew Triveri
Matthew Triveri پیش 17 روز
I got Trey Lance at 3 to panthers in trade
malik hattaway
malik hattaway پیش 18 روز
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steven jackson
steven jackson پیش 18 روز
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name not found
name not found پیش 20 روز
I see Zach Wilson at #2, I hit like.
Josef Botello
Josef Botello پیش 22 روز
Bold of you to assume that Green Bay will draft a receiver to ever help Aaron Rodgers
Gavin S.
Gavin S. پیش 22 روز
Hey Bengal, I know this is before Pouncey retired, but you need to draft a center for the Steelers in the 2nd round
Steven Ponce De Leon
Steven Ponce De Leon پیش 22 روز
5 Quarterbacks taken ahead of Kyle Trask?? I could maybe understand 2 of those but 5?? Kyle Trask is the steal of the draft, I’ve seen him play he’s a remarkable quarterback, same style of play as Brady.
KING SAW پیش 22 روز
Lions would be smart to trade back. 7 is too early for Waddle
ABARO پیش 23 روز
Hearing kwity payes name amazing he’s from my home state of Rhode island
Sime. Auto
Sime. Auto پیش 25 روز
What is this website
Evan K
Evan K پیش 25 روز
Bengal at 69 couldn’t have worked better
Luke Carey
Luke Carey پیش 25 روز
Decent mock that!
Thatguyisrockin پیش 26 روز
Penei Sewell is known as the best tackle in the last 10 years, he is at tackle where Trevor is at QB. He’s not going 8. And falcons isn’t trading Matt Ryan, pretty much saying we are good with Ryan, so I’m pretty sure they gonna take Surtain, as well. My Panthers is either getting Wilson or Fields. people seem to think this is all about qb, it’s not. It’s other players in this draft that play their position better then these qbs. Including a Heisman WR Keep that in mind, dolphins is even showing interest in Smith Now.
ben parrish
ben parrish پیش 27 روز
Titans Offseason Sign F/A's Trey Henrickson-ROLB-Saints & KJ Wright-ILB-Seahawks & Resign: C.Davis-WR & TE-J.Smith & D.King-NB & NT-D.Jones Titans Mock Draft: 1) Zaven Collins-LOLB-Tulsa 2) Tay Gowan-CB-UCF 3) Jordan Davis-ROLB-UAB 4) Payton Turner-LDE-Houston 4)Tyler Shelvin-NT-LSU 5) Seth Williams-WR-Auburn 7) Kunoy Deng-ILB-Cal
Jacob Raab
Jacob Raab پیش 27 روز
The longer mock drafts are great
Dilly_Dilly_Dale پیش 27 روز
Bills need to select pete Werner from ohio state, or nick Bolton from Missouri if hes available they need to pick joe tyron edge from washington , aaron robinson CB UCF, and nick eubanks TE from Michigan
Drummer Dude
Drummer Dude پیش 28 روز
As a Steeler fan, I approve of our Draft
Evan K
Evan K پیش 28 روز
Kadarius Toney is a perfect fit for the giants. Fits right in with engram and Tate with those hands
Patrick Cardoso
Patrick Cardoso پیش 29 روز
Jets Have Bryce Hall.
Patrick Cardoso
Patrick Cardoso پیش 29 روز
Also, you keep saying Perine. He's your Powell type guy, Ty Johnson is their starting running back.
Thomas Gonzalez
Thomas Gonzalez پیش 29 روز
You hate the Rams don’t you lol
Drew پیش 29 روز
falcons dont pic a qb at 4 lmao. did you forget we got matt ryan guaranteed another 40 mill next year. along with a new hc that thinks highly of matt. so maybe you can try again in another mock draft where you actually research teams with there needs and coaches
Far and Beyond
Far and Beyond پیش 29 روز
“Kadarius Toney moves unlike anyone else I’ve ever seen”...Jaelon Darden has entered the chat!
Machine Hunter
Machine Hunter پیش ماه
The Steelers probably gonna take Kyle Trask in the 1st round reach
Bubba Haynes
Bubba Haynes پیش ماه
you have to mention Ashtyn Davis talking about the jets defense, he has a chance to be something
Mark Saraceno
Mark Saraceno پیش ماه
Giants- Pitts, book it.
Alexander Cohen
Alexander Cohen پیش ماه
Earned a sub picking Parsons for Big Blue
Trevor Nissen
Trevor Nissen پیش ماه
Denver picking a 3rd round qb makes 0 sense
Trevor Nissen
Trevor Nissen پیش ماه
What are you talking about toney had 3 drops in college
Trevor Nissen
Trevor Nissen پیش ماه
Jeremiah owusu has got to be top 20
Jeremy Draleau
Jeremy Draleau پیش ماه
Cowboys aren’t taking guard dude, Connor Williams/McGovern/Martin/Redmond etc all on contract. If Richie Grant or Nasrilideen are there that’s the pick in rd3!
Escaping Darkness
Escaping Darkness پیش ماه
Falcons have said they plan on sticking with Matt Ryan and Arthur blank said they are in a win now so it’s either a receiver linebacker or edge
Aided835 پیش ماه
Ryan Hilson
Ryan Hilson پیش ماه
Packers won’t take two corners in first 3 rounds
Ryan Hilson
Ryan Hilson پیش ماه
@Bengal they shouldn’t they need another LB or 3-4 DE
Bengal پیش ماه
They should
Sports Fan
Sports Fan پیش ماه
Seatt;e had a top 10 defense once all of their guys got healthy in the second half of the year. What they really need is a Guard or Center.
SnoilOG پیش ماه
Bad pick at for the lions 3rd round NOT taking a CB DE would of been a better choice
SnoilOG پیش ماه
If Penie is there Lions take OT
Junior Dutervil
Junior Dutervil پیش ماه
This mock draft is poo
Saitama Sensei
Saitama Sensei پیش ماه
Best mock for Dolphins I’ve seen so far, great work Bengal
Logan Carino
Logan Carino پیش ماه
I really do believe for some reason the dolphins will go with Jamar
Ryse Abyss
Ryse Abyss پیش ماه
If the panthers take any other qb except wilson or lance I'm killing myself
Terrance Bond
Terrance Bond پیش ماه
As a Washington fan, I speak for the whole fan base and humbly decline Mac Jones. We’d like to pass him to Tennessee.
Joseph Garrido
Joseph Garrido پیش ماه
ur stupid if u think if toney is dropping out of the first
Jack Wallis
Jack Wallis پیش ماه
Taking shots at the Seahawks in the second round lol
vExpert-IQ پیش ماه
Would it be c crazy to call this the best draft and free agent class ever
Blake Yokeley
Blake Yokeley پیش ماه
Can someone explain why Zach Wilson is better than fields. Yes Wilson had a good year. But one good year at byu. Justin fields been the guy since high school what changed besides 2-3 average games over a corona season
TinyUziVert پیش ماه
No way cowboys pass up on barmore in the 2nd
Kittom Smith
Kittom Smith پیش ماه
My boy Tyson Campbell falling in the draft
Evan DeCavitch
Evan DeCavitch پیش ماه
as a niners fan I can %100 guarantee you the 49ers aren't taking lance if he falls to them.
The Arsenal Gamez
The Arsenal Gamez پیش ماه
If Micah falls to 10, cowboys better take him that’s all I’m sayin.
The Arsenal Gamez
The Arsenal Gamez پیش ماه
@Christian Escobar I think if we get Parsons, we slide Jaylon and LVE to the sides. If we can get a safety in Free agency and draft a CB in the second, I think our defense will be dominant.
Christian Escobar
Christian Escobar پیش ماه
@The Arsenal Gamez yeah I like Farley better too the only thing bad is he hasn’t played for a year. But anyways yeah I wouldn’t mind parsons to replace sorry ass jaylon smith but we’ll see
The Arsenal Gamez
The Arsenal Gamez پیش ماه
@Christian Escobar I like Farley a tad more then Surtain, think they’ll both be great CB’s, just think surtain is more of a lockdown where Farley is more of a ball hawk. I think Broncos go surtain. I’m fine with taking Farley, but if Micah falls we better take him.
Christian Escobar
Christian Escobar پیش ماه
Doubt they will tbh , but we’ll see if Farley or Surtain is their well take them lol
Luis Colin
Luis Colin پیش ماه
Remember when leatherwood and rousseau were top 10 locks?
Cheif WolfBear
Cheif WolfBear پیش ماه
I've always thought it was "Moe-rig"
Ashton Johnson
Ashton Johnson پیش ماه
Why is Zach going ahead of Justin fields
Sportaneous_Comments پیش ماه
Really liked the picks for the 49ers, was surprised no IOL man though.
Kaiden Akerman
Kaiden Akerman پیش ماه
Would u ever do team specific mock drafts?
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez پیش ماه
Great Video! This is one of the better mock drafts i have seen. Question though... Najee harris averaged 3.4 yards per carry at Alabama with what is the equivalent of a pro bowl team around him. Are people expecting that to go up when he gets to the NFL? Not sure how that really makes sense. He definitely has the tools to be a solid back but first RB overall seems like its not really based on any empirical evidence. Why are so many projecting him so high?
Jake Burns
Jake Burns پیش ماه
I think if OT doesnt fall they way the want, the WFT will look to grab LB JOK at 19. Ron has stated several times the desire for stud LB. We need offensive help, but i could see them playing on their strength instead of reaching for an offensive piece in rd 1.
Cole pressman
Cole pressman پیش ماه
Eagles at 38 need a big corner not a small slot we already have a small corners, should of went Tyson Campbell
John Havird
John Havird پیش ماه
As a falcons fan I think linebacker is all they got for defense so Dylan Moses isn’t really worth it otherwise u did great
Jake Scanlon
Jake Scanlon پیش ماه
If Creed Humphrey is on the board when the Steelers are on their 2nd pick, it’s a no-brainer pick. RB can wait till the third round, we have to grab Humphrey as a replacement for Pouncey if he’s available. I don’t want us to have to use next year’s 1st rounder on a center when we can go Humphrey in the 2nd of this draft
Jonjon jonboi
Jonjon jonboi پیش ماه
Your a clown if you think Detroit won’t take a QB
Connor Campbell
Connor Campbell پیش ماه
Don’t bring up Noah 😭we wasted a first round pick on a slot corner
D Guess
D Guess پیش ماه
Kwitty Paye is garbage. You watch film ?
Michael Sims
Michael Sims پیش ماه
U botched Hamilcar name
Bryan Romero
Bryan Romero پیش ماه
Dolphins lose a lot of their solid linebackers this offseason
Mike Jones
Mike Jones پیش ماه
Eskridge from Western Mich. to the Colts for WR. Great speed to run those crossing patterns
Yao Ming
Yao Ming پیش ماه
wow this mock was trash
Stanley Kellen
Stanley Kellen پیش ماه
It’s hard watching these videos being a Texans fan but love the content
BigPapaDave پیش ماه
Cowboys have 6 DTS and 7 DES they aren’t drafting any dlineman
Vito Gerardi
Vito Gerardi پیش ماه
Say that Jared Goff sucks without saying he sucks. “They like Jared Goff, which is interesting.”
Troy Williams
Troy Williams پیش ماه
Great job with position picks for the cowboys the 2rd player I believe they should get Barrymore instead
Carter Hazen
Carter Hazen پیش ماه
I stopped watching after you said Zach Wilson is better than Justin Fields
James Hokanson
James Hokanson پیش ماه
colts have no qb tho
Denver Gator
Denver Gator پیش ماه
Dude it was awesome seeing you on the All Star Dumpster fire 🔥🔥🔥
12th Man
12th Man پیش ماه
I hate davonte smith to the Phins
Ds445 پیش ماه
love this channel
Scott Powell
Scott Powell پیش ماه
Horrible pick with Leatherwood to Jax. He’s absolute trash at tackle and allowed a crazy 19 pressures last season. He’s a guard in the NFL. Jax should go with Toney from Florida, Collins from Tulsa or Phillips from Miami with this selection. I strongly believe they will fill the offensive line via FA. Even told they go OL this pick, it won’t be trash ass Leatherwood.
Turbo BaconTM
Turbo BaconTM پیش ماه
Mac Jones to the panthers
It IZ EmbarrassingGamez
Love your content man
Connor Stauffer
Connor Stauffer پیش ماه
FYI never mock Samuel Jr to the eagles again. That's a terrible pick, we need a tall outside corner, not another short slot corner. But love Chase in the first. And I will trade up every time for Jabril Cox.
K B پیش ماه
How many 5 year starters do you see in this qb class? Vegas would put the line at 2.5. Cause they know more than 2 solid staters out of this draft is a reach
Adrian Tate
Adrian Tate پیش ماه
Trevon Morehig is a easy pick in the second for the cowboys we need safety help
Cabanas Christian
Cabanas Christian پیش ماه
Imagine that draft for the raiders.......Sheeeeeeeesh!
Jose Ledesma
Jose Ledesma پیش ماه
When r u updating ur madden draft class
Golden griZZ
Golden griZZ پیش ماه
The bears should trade up
Golden griZZ
Golden griZZ پیش ماه
I would be fine if the Giants went Rousseau go Giants!
Jacob Bagbey
Jacob Bagbey پیش ماه
Saints don't need a "slot receiver to run slants"...need a real burner who can take the top off the defense
Tate Gardner
Tate Gardner پیش ماه
Nobody talking bout how there were 104 picks in 3 rounds, 32•3=96 or am I dumb
I'm the Snake King
I'm the Snake King پیش ماه
Compensatory picks.
Camden Acree
Camden Acree پیش ماه
"A true penetrator on the inside"
Christian Abounayan
Christian Abounayan پیش ماه
Idk i think lions might still go qb and use goff as a bridge
T king1
T king1 پیش ماه
if the steelers really wanna draft a lineman, they're definitely trading up to get a better running back.
Jason Black
Jason Black پیش ماه
Panthers not passing on Lance
Brandon Harms
Brandon Harms پیش ماه
Well done on this! Suggestion: keep track of all your mock drafts, over time will net your ADP for each player. After the draft, compare actual results to your ADP, and see how you stack up
CJ Media
CJ Media پیش ماه
I would love for the niners to pick a QB at 12 even if they keep Jimmy G. But let’s be real, Lynch only cares about edge rushers and defensive tackles lol. He’s most likely gonna go defensive line even tho we have bigger needs at offensive line and QB. I’m interested to see what the niners do in FA.
CJ Media
CJ Media پیش ماه
Fantastic picks for the niners man. If they draft biggest needs in rounds 1-3 then they can move into best player available in 4-6. I can also see them trading down in rd 1 for more picks.
Dylan Warner
Dylan Warner پیش ماه
Good except slater over sewell
Bobby Popick
Bobby Popick پیش ماه
Do the giants need another person who can’t catch
Ryan Jack
Ryan Jack پیش ماه
does anybody else know the arnie palmie alert reference? scroll down for answer if u dont it’s from a movie on netflix called “the other guys”
Thomas Gonzalez
Thomas Gonzalez پیش ماه
Hey @bengal tried to download your draft class but it says it was removed by the creator, when will you have it back up?
Brandon Darling
Brandon Darling پیش ماه
as a Michigan fan, I don’t get why everyone is so high on Paye, he’s decent but not a first rounder in my opinion
Mc Jigler
Mc Jigler پیش ماه
Yeah he should be a high 2nd in my opinion or if someone wants to reach then a really late 1st