15 Very Dumb Things in Fantastic Beasts 2 

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Can’t-spells is my new name for all you guys in the comments section.
Click your favorite thing that’s going to happen in Fantastic Beasts 3:
It turns out Buckbeak was a Filipino man named Buckbeak the whole time - www.patreon.com/JennyNicholson
We find out about Grindlewald’s crimes but they’re all white collar crimes and it’s kind of a weird energy - JennyENicholson
They go somewhere warm and instead of an only slightly-different wardrobe where they’re all in similar long coats again, we get a movie of them all in tacky vintage beach fashion and Newt Scamander is in like khaki shorts that go to his knees - spider_jewel
JKR accidentally includes backstory for a character from The Walking Dead, forgetting that she didn’t write that - spiderjewel.tumblr.com/
Fantastic Beasts 3: HP Origins: Hagrid - JennyNicholsonVids/

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Semilocon پیش 2 سال
Are the snakes behind you also secretly women?
Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller پیش ماه
@Tim Tam But make sure they are real women
Sam Keiser
Sam Keiser پیش 5 ماه
@Justsomeone I think it is worth acknowledging JK rowling isn’t exactly providing good representation, She gave the main villain a pet snake, and then retroactively decided that that pet snake was secretly an asian woman that Voldemort owns. Also Nagini is straight up evil in the harry potter books, the reader or characters are never supposed to sympathize with her for basically having been stripped of her humanity and being forced to carry a part of the soul of Voldemort, she’s just a big snake. (Which is most likely because originally she was just a big snake, but that’s besides the point) There is such a thing as bad representation, and I don’t think that an asian woman who becomes a pet snake to a genocidal maniac is good representation, especially when harry potter really doesn’t have that much asian characters
Piano Stuff
Piano Stuff پیش 5 ماه
well the snake isn’t transsexual my friend
Anne Davis
Anne Davis پیش 8 ماه
@ComradeOgilvy1984 unpacking that. The werewolves *are* a “metaphor for HIV.” JK has explicitly said so. You raise the point that, no, the allegory is ACTUALLY about how those who scream the loudest about law & order and protecting children are the very people who will unleash the monsters on your children. Fenrir wasn't palling around with, nor working for, Umbridge. Umbridge is as near as I can find to "those who scream loudest about law & order and protecting you are the very people who will unleash the monsters on your children.” She penned the legislation that blocked people with Lycanthropy from holding jobs (before the Basilisk petrifies Hermione in the 2nd book: her legislation was not a reply to a teacher at Hogwarts). She attacks Hagrid. She tried to administer a Dementor's kiss to children multiple times. She way more than all that. That would have been a fine allegory, WITHOUT the connotations of the “metaphor” we got. As an aside, she never worked with Fenrir at Hogwarts. During Book 6 he came through the cabinet for the first Battle of Hogwarts (astronomy tower). In Book 7, Fenrir was working with the Snatchers, and arrived AT the Battle of Hogwarts. Never was at the school working around kids. Now. Let’s see how the AIDS “metaphor” ACTUALLY plays out. People with metaphorical HIV/AIDS aren’t just portrayed in the books as innocent people with prejudices against them. Half of the werewolves we meet are active participants in the victimization of children, and the other half it happens even though s/he doesn’t want it to, which seems to JUSTIFY the bigots’ views. The two werewolves we meet specifically of are 1) a dude who has a predilection for children, PURPOSELY inflicts his Lycanthropy on anyone he can, is sent after people by the main villain (who does not tend to "scream for law and order" unless your definition of "law and order" is subjugation of muggles, in which case, SURE. Can't help you there.) as a weapon to strike terror into those who aren't being overtly evil; and 2) someone who nearly attacked three students on a day he was untreated, and then was forced to stop teaching when word DELIBERATELY got around about what he was cause who would want someone with LYCANTHROPY near kids (no one undid Umbridge’s anti-werewolf legislature after his dismissal [we’ll get back to that later], a few kids got upset when he left but who cares it's fiiiiiine), and then refuses love for years because his loved one "deserves better" and then he and his spouse die IMMEDIATELY after getting together and having a kid, whom someone else then raises. Side characters with it: Silas Crump, a petty criminal and “unregistered werewolf;” Chiara Lobosca, a really nice person who also nearly attacked a fellow kid because she had kindly given away her own dose of wolfsbane potion; the Wagga Wagga Werewolf, about whom Lockhart wrote a book about how “Gilderoy” had saved a village from its horrors; an unknown werewolf who was at St Mungo’s at the same time Arthur Weasley was; the author of “Hairy Snout, Human Heart,” a “heartrending” account of the struggle against Lycanthropy; an unknown werewolf who killed the ~14y.o. muggle best friend of Penny Haywood and became Penny Haywood’s boggart. The one at St Mungo’s and the one who wrote a “heartrending” book are the only ones without some kind of negative connotations, and that’s only cause we know nothing about them. Of the werewolves we DON’T specifically know by name, we are told that a lot of them went to serve the Dark Lord because they hope they’d have a better life in his new world order, in part BECAUSE of Dolores’ legislation (is this what you meant by “those [sic] scream the loudest about law & order and protecting you are the very people who will unleash the monsters on your children” cause it’s kinda strange to act like driving people into such an awful corner that they’re working for Voldemort out of desperation hoping their lives will improve, is “unleashing” them). We’re all remembering that Joanne specifically said that people with Lycanthropy are supposed to mirror people with HIV/AIDS, right? Wew. With all this in context, isn't it a bit unfortunate that people with AIDS, not just Dementors, are "monsters" being "unleashed" on children? There is absolutely more to unpack. Unfortunately. The associations some people have between AIDS and a certain community, the assertions that that specific community are out to corrupt/destroy the lives of children and/or /touch/ them somehow, and the creative (read: morality play) ending of "and then this one very specific couple specifically tragically dies" It's problematic as hell, even if it's ONLY coming from prejudices Joanne didn't realize she had, and it's NOT some kinda enduring callout of the catholic church being sanctimonious but in truth using its power to control youths (which I assume is what you meant by "message that has aged very well looking at headlines today," maybe you meant something else. Sorry if I couldn’t parse your vagueness correctly.) If you tally it up, more than half of Joanne’s message about this specific topic in these books is “no you DON’T want this person with a metaphorical condition near your kids” and it’s gross. If she had just done the Dolores/bigotry for the “watch out for the people who want to protect your kids blahblah” sure. If it had been a metaphor for HIV where werewolves are mistreated for a condition they have through no fault of their own, and they’re not out to deliberately pass it on to others, and the books didn’t have the constant overtones of “they’re ACTUALLY coming for your kids,” fine. But as it IS? No, JK’s declared metaphor specifically about werewolves/HIV doesn’t have the “(not-so) hidden meaning she was writing was that those [sic] scream the loudest about law & order and protecting you are the very people who will unleash the monsters on your children.” Maybe Umbridge specifically was that message. MAYBE. But she was BARELY tied up with the HIV metaphor, except in a way where her actions DIRECTLY led to a book-stated majority of werewolves actually actively serving Voldemort. Which is quite the message there. The werewolf/HIV metaphor isn’t some enduring, time-honored, message that has “aged very well, looking at headlines today,” unless you’re reading and believing some really twisted alt sites (or Jo) about how The Gays&c are coming for your precious little ones, and ickle Diddykins will be next!!!!!!!!!1
ComradeOgilvy1984 پیش 8 ماه
@Jerrod Tibor Is that the allegory she wrote? Or the (not so) hidden meaning she was writing was that those scream the loudest about law & order and protecting you are the very people who will unleash the monsters on your children? That is a message that has aged very well, looking at headlines today.
The q is for queer
The q is for queer پیش روز
I want a wizard magic vs fun fight like John wick vs Harry Potter and co
Neville133 پیش روز
My only issue with this video is when you imply becoming an Animagi is easy. The books established that becoming one is exceptionally difficult and rare, so much so that there had only been a handful of them in the last 50 years (in book 3 I think). This also makes all the more impressive that James Siruis and Peter were all able to do it before they had finished school.
Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Roy پیش 2 روز
I was behind on the books, but remember the sixth movie coming out. How tf did that driver find someone to spoil that end to? It was practically on a poster at my school when all the kids who read the books found out. They told EVERYONE.
Audoodle پیش 2 روز
That poster has 16 characters on it. For comparison the Infinity War poster has 24 characters on it. But like. Imagine if you saw iron man 2 and the poster had 16 characters on it. Jesus JKR.
Shmánh Gge
Shmánh Gge پیش 4 روز
אַ דאַנק, יעני, עס איז גוטעך ווידעאָ
Dania Dominguez
Dania Dominguez پیش 4 روز
It’s been years and there’s no news of a third one so 😂😂
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts پیش 10 روز
Here's how I would've loved the Fantastic Beasts franchise to go: The first movie can stay the same, I'm happy with that, but I think they should save the Grindelwald introduction for a later movie, and maybe just an after-credits scene, like how Thanos was teased in the first Avengers. Then, for the next few movies, Newt travels to different countries and interacts with the wizards and the local fantastic beasts, and the plots of these movies are specifically about saving the magical beasts in that country (from poachers or habitat destruction or exploitation or something like that). Tina can come back every movie in her role as Auror (though maybe after the debacle of the first movie she's actually changed jobs to be animal-focused, and in a role that allows her to act in other countries), and she and Newt bond over time. Reintroducing Queenie and Jacob would be a bit harder but I'm sure it could be done. We already a scene in the first movie where a bunch of foreign wizard dignitaries are holding court together, and the sequels could bring back some wizards who cameo'd there. I think this would be a great way to both expand the lore about what the wizarding world looks like in other countries and cultures, and it would also show us more interesting fantastic beasts, which is what the movies should actually be about. The idea is that the movies can all stand on their own, but you can link them all by revealing to the audience that all the evil schemes Newt has had to save his animals from have been orchestrated in some way by Grindelwald. Then you can finally bring out Grindy for the final movie as the big bad, and by this stage he really feels like an evil final boss, and Newt has a strong personal investment in stopping him, because he's been fighting against Grindelwald's plan for years.
Clyde The Wonder Dog
Clyde The Wonder Dog پیش 10 روز
This movie was so confusing and boring to watch that I doubted myself that I even watched it in the first place, despite seeing it in theaters
Nyx Garcia
Nyx Garcia پیش 11 روز
The idea of Theseus "Clancy" Scamander is so funny to me😂
Anzaia پیش 12 روز
There is also an alarming lack of fantastic beasts in this movie. That's all I'm here for. The Harry Potter series gives a small glimpse into wizarding world flora and fauna, but I always felt like there's so much more to see. I don't want to see Grindelwald try and stop the holocaust, I don't want to know about Karma/Comma or Nagini the Human Woman. I just want to watch Newt, whomst I love dearly, interact with cool new animals in this universe. I'd honestly be more hyped about 100 minutes of Newt giving a room tour of his suitcase, than I'm hyped about a 3rd fantastic beasts movie. I'd be more hyped about a narrator voice reading wiki entries about new beasts, for that matter. Oh, wait, hold up, listen: Wizarding World Nature Documentary You could make it a series of shorts, and frame it as if it's a living portrait. Each one is a big painting portraying a scene from nature, and there could even be a portrait wizard explaining things. And then also, I please please want that Newt-case room tour.
Sam Ash
Sam Ash پیش 13 روز
Remember when this whole franchise was about an orphan boy going to a wizard school to learn magic? Now we have child abuse, animal abuse, rape, baby killing, terrorism, etc....WTF......
Kyle Lyle
Kyle Lyle پیش 13 روز
JK has been antisemitic in the past, so I wasn’t surprised when she used the genocide of the Jewish people as a plot device. Still pretty damn disgusting though.
Jude Connor-Macintyre
Jude Connor-Macintyre پیش 15 روز
12::45 as seen in Chamber of secrets, the hissing is just what everyone else hears the actual parse tongue hears it in their native language. So Voldermort could have figured out her name.
That One Nerd
That One Nerd پیش 15 روز
"And the only time I felt joy in 2018" Wait for 2020
QueerlyKH پیش 15 روز
That old grey sock turned out to be TERFdom
Charissa Dubin
Charissa Dubin پیش 16 روز
I hope they are setting up a connection between the fact that Queenie controlled Jacob using an enchantment and then got magically coerced into joining the Nazis. Maybe once she is freed she will realize how horrible it is to be controlled and then apologize to Jacob.
Luiza Fett
Luiza Fett پیش 16 روز
Because Nagini is probably not easily translatable from parseltongue I just had the funniest thought. Nagini and Voldemort playing that game where you are like "name"- first sillable, 2 letters, Beginning -second sillable, 3 letters, I - first sillable, 1 letter, and like Voldemort intently trying to figure out her name.
Superstar Whimsy
Superstar Whimsy پیش 16 روز
"Potatoes, which have been cut!" 🤣 Best argument of them all! I disliked the American "Nomage" name for muggles more than any other thing in both these movies. Well...okay, it's on par with several other things too. There's a lot of really great things here and there, but overall, I'm worried about where this is all going. I too was confused by the very long and convoluted reveal scene. Thank you for finally explaining it in a way that actually made sense. I've watched this movie several times and I was still lost on the finer details of this plot point. However, I did enjoy the funny super old Flammel character, the costumes were gorgeous, and I think Newt's baker friend is a delightful foil character full of charm and like-ability. I'll continue watching these movies, but I'm viewing them in my mind as apocryphal materials to HP OG.
iBenjamin1000 پیش 21 روز
ha more like the grimes of crindelwald I was so past caring about HP when the first fantastic beasts trailer released
najhoant پیش 24 روز
Love the porg just lounging in the background
Eli Rubin
Eli Rubin پیش 29 روز
Magic can't save people from dying in childbirth; for that, you need the Dark Side of the Force. But that's not a story the Jedi would teach you.
Fern پیش 29 روز
This is very stupid rant from my tired brain and also only tangentially related to the video. i’m gen z so i grew up knowing that Snape kills Dumbledore, but that clip of someone spoiling it makes me genuinely upset. Like however silly it may be to be emotionally attached to the child wizard story, many people do feel that deep emotional attachment (maybe less so now), and people are aware of that. So it’s someone driving around, intentionally causing people emotional distress, and getting joy from that. I mean it’s effectively (a low form of) socially acceptable sadism, and it just makes me feel unreasonably upset & doomerpilled. I just hate most pranks.
Amelia Sánchez
Amelia Sánchez پیش 26 روز
I 100% agree. I personally don't find it funny or appropriate to do those types of things. You aren't even spoiling it in a conversation (where it can be unintentional) or in a YT vid (where it is usually warned about or assumed that you already knew). You are yelling it to people on opening night! I hate that so much and it might have something to do with someone spoiling Infinity War for me. The thing is, nobody else is allowed to decide what things you hold dear or are really passionate about or if it was "obvious" and "you should have read the source material". You might not care if someone spoils it for you, but that doesn't make it ok for you to be an asshole. I'm sorry, I just said basically the same things as you did. This was also a rant from my tired brain. But I agree, and I wanted to convey that emphatically. Good night💕
Elena پیش 29 روز
Well, JKR finally handed us that sock. I just wish it wasn't transphobia-brown...
Satherian پیش ماه
Jenny: "We find out that the ship was sinking. And that ship..." Me: "No!" Jenny: "...was the Titanic." Me: "NO!" Jenny: "Okay, I don't actually know that it was the Titanic." Me: "oh"
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford پیش ماه
The trilogy could have been a magical pokemon series. Instead we got a story about a kooky fella with resting duck-face and Johnny Depp looking for his missing contact.
Aayush Goyal
Aayush Goyal پیش ماه
Master has given dobby a sock, dobby is free. Lol. I can't. I laughed so hard that my water broke.
knate44 پیش ماه
Well sh*t. Now I need to think about why Hermione did use the time turner to kill Hitler.
bobbler42 پیش ماه
Definitely Grindelwald with a “v”. It’s the name of a ski resort in Switzerland, underneath the Eiger, where Frankenstein’s monster hung out. JK and the dumb cultural appropriation grab bag strikes again.
Sunflower پیش ماه
12:25 Nagini is actually a word derived from Indonesia mythology, Naga. Meaning half snake half woman. So I kind of believe JK when she said she setup the whole Nagini premise years before just that her story in the original books and films would have been out of place.
Ricky M
Ricky M پیش ماه
Love her but I disagree I think this franchise could grow into something great if they get Johnny back involved
Urban Leger
Urban Leger پیش ماه
The ill-fated sock spectacularly guess because waitress putatively perform a a sudden march. big, parallel starter
Gundham Tanaka
Gundham Tanaka پیش ماه
22:20 i know the video is 2 years old so nobody us going to see this but the people that doesnt use magic in the french version of harry potter arent called "non-wizard" but have a specific word for them so it dont make sense
Szen پیش ماه
Was this whole movie an attempt to make a „I identify as a snake lol“ joke?
Fructifer پیش ماه
When you throw open the doors to a wizarding cinematic universe, you invite any and all mediocre sequels that wish to come inside.
Syd Biros
Syd Biros پیش ماه
“What are the crimes of Grindelwald? They never told me!”
Eddie F
Eddie F پیش ماه
#9 is just a reminder of the series we actually wanted to be watching. Kinda like when the hobbit series calls back to legolas or something
Nanahuatli پیش ماه
If purebloods vs half-bloods and Muggles are already a metaphor for racism, and purebloods are the white people in this metaphor, I feel like they shouldn't also be all white. They should have all skin colors because the point of contention isn't race, it's magic.
Chloe Emma Passman
Chloe Emma Passman پیش ماه
They don't really need to stick to real human skin colours/textures either if we're thinking about it.
M W پیش ماه
Just Kidding Rowling is just a bad writer
Wardrobe Wings
Wardrobe Wings پیش ماه
Rolling back on any significant development was always part of the series. In PS Harry spends a better part of the book suspecting Snape of the foul-play, by the second last chapter, he discovers he was suspecting the wrong person. He ends up being saved from apologizing or admitting (even to himself) his mistakes by Dumbledore hijacking the House Cup. Then CoS rolls in, and Snape is back to being evil incarnate. Also Hermione and Neville are being edited out of "the events" from "let's save the philosopher's stone". Harry managed to not only not learn anything from PS, but he also managed to convince himself things went differently from what is written in the previous book.
Zach Ramirez
Zach Ramirez پیش ماه
Loved the video... One small comment... You say you have to make people care before you throw a whole bunch of lore at them...JRR Tolkien begs to differ 😂
All Night Cats
All Night Cats پیش ماه
Hey, remember to that time JK said that Dumbledore didn't have a romance because no one wants to see an elderly person kiss. Then she made a movie with young Dumbledore and then didn't have him in a romance. And he's her only alleged lgbtq character. alleged because it's not really in the cannon at all? And maybe that's by design?
jamezilla پیش ماه
I think nuclear explosions beat Harry Potter magic. I think machine guns and tank shells and artillery can probably match magic too.
jamezilla پیش ماه
Wow... that Credence story is one of the DUMBEST things I've ever heard. Just holy shit.
La Croix Boi
La Croix Boi پیش ماه
Need to work on the sound gate/audio mix, at least 7:00-10:00 has the effect of like....if I was watching this on my phone but I was getting text messages but my ring sounds were off. It's like muffling the sound and rebounding to compensate for mic diligence or something? Either way love the vids keep crushin =³
La Croix Boi
La Croix Boi پیش ماه
@Ricky M I hope it's uplifting! I really try to keep my internet footprint positive overall and especially when it's tied to someone's content 🤌🏾
Ricky M
Ricky M پیش ماه
The only time I’ve seen someone post a real constructive criticism on the internet lol
Avery Dani
Avery Dani پیش ماه
This is not what I signed up for I thought I was watching cool magical creatures and a quirky hufflepuff, Not a shitty choose your own adventure book turned film with a main cast of 20 random men and women and a snake
Erraticonteuse پیش ماه
7:48 This has been bothering me for literally years now. JKR established in Goblet of Fire that memory charms *can* be broken by even stronger magic. Voldemort (or Peter) breaks the memory charm on Bertha Jorkins and that's how they learn Barty Crouch Jr. is still alive. It would have made absolutely perfect sense to be like "oh yeah, Queenie wanted her man back so she dabbled in some dark magic to retrieve his actual memories, and as a side effect he's just really suggestible for a few days or weeks after." And maybe she didn't want to do that because it's implied (or maybe even stated, I don't remember) that it takes the Imperius Curse to break memory charms and it would have been too heavy to have Queenie using Unforgivables this early in her apparently downward spiral to evil, but it would have been way less stupid to handwave that as "well, that's just memory charms cast by wizards, the eagle thing's magic is different so it only took some sort-of dark magic to break it" which would still have foreshadowed Queenie being swayed to the dark side. But no, two dumb explanations for why one thing is happening is better than one minor retcon of established lore, sure Jo.
Sonyaliloquy پیش ماه
I like the nomaj thing, because 'muggle' sounds kind of derogatory. Isn't it an old word for feral cat or something? Squib is a firework that fails to go off, so they're basically being called 'duds', which is definitely insulting.
bhenry411 پیش ماه
Giant P O R G
Leah Hawkins
Leah Hawkins پیش ماه
I barely remember anything from this movie. I don't even remember the plot now that I think about it. there was also some big reveal at the end like a child swap or something? I did not follow it at all
Albert Skoften
Albert Skoften پیش ماه
There's at least a thousand muggles to every wizard. I'm sure if you came up behind one, and maybe shot him, with a gun perhaps, then he wouldn't notice til he was dead. Alternatively, you could blow up the entire magic school with mortar shells. Just a thought.
Jasmine Doyle
Jasmine Doyle پیش ماه
I have read the books and seen the original movies more times than I care to admit and even I didn't go to see this movie
Divdesmit Pieci
Divdesmit Pieci پیش ماه
Nagini probably was meant to be half-human from the very beginning since "Nāga" (also "Nagi", "Nagin", "Nagini") in sanskrit is a half-human half-serpent being. Unrelated, Jenny is one of the most funny people on youtube. Have been binging this channel lately. Love it.
LJ پیش ماه
wait so if the unbreakable vow's that he needs to kill some1 Mr. Lestrange loved, does it have a time limit? if he decided to not try to kill Creedence, would the vow just Know and kill him? what if he tried but couldn't find Creedence, would he just live normally as long as he kept looking? what if Mr. Lestrange never cared about any1? would he have to destroy his favorite pair of socks or something?
Anonymous پیش ماه
Yeah your take on Nigini is bad imho. Voldemort can just straight up speak to Nigini. That’s why she hangs around him. Because she’s a person. Trapped in the body of a snake. With the thoughts of a person. She can actually interact with someone who speaks parseltongue, so Voldemort would’ve been a “friend” to her. Or at least keep her from the madness of what would basically be solitary confinement. Idk.
Anonymous پیش ماه
I thought the thing about snakes was that they were always extremely rare. So wouldn’t being a snake animagus be actually really unique?
Yasmin پیش ماه
JK Rowling coming out after Harry Potter was over and saying “Dumbledore was gay it just never came up” and then years later when telling the story of Dumbledore and Grindlewald choosing to leave that out is such..... bullshit
E A Sports
E A Sports پیش ماه
The reason credence is alive is because he escaped in the first movie
Epiales پیش ماه
Didn't Nagini control an old woman's corpse in Deathly Hallows? And could only speak Parseltongue? Why didn't she just speak English? If Nagini's just a snake it would make sense, snakes physically can't form words so even one as smart as Nagini probably wouldn't bother to learn how on the off chance she one day controls a human corpse. However, if Nagini was a human woman at first why wouldn't she be able to just talk like she used to when controlling a human body again? It's not like she couldn't control the body well, she managed to act like a normal old woman well enough that Harry and Hermione didn't notice she was secretly being controlled by a snake.
Orain پیش ماه
creedence revival 🤣 too good
Isaac weitman
Isaac weitman پیش ماه
21:55 just bookmarking for my own later use.
stahp pls
stahp pls پیش ماه
*JKR comes out as mildly transphobic* That's the sock, guys, I'm freeeee
Emily M
Emily M پیش ماه
Nothing was gonna get me to see the third or following films, but then Mads Mikkelsen was cast as Grindelwald.
Katrina Phillips
Katrina Phillips پیش ماه
The entire time while watching this I keep thinking about how 1.) I saw the movie and don’t remember half of this 2.) I’ve read fanfiction for this series that tackles all of these problems with grace and is so much better than the movie.
aBDKstan پیش ماه
She owes Johnny Depp an apology
Something Random
Something Random پیش ماه
I love how Bunty somehow gets more focal time in this review than in the movie.
Will Middleton
Will Middleton پیش ماه
JK Rowling did have an insane amount of the story planned about before actually writing and publishing every book. The only reason Alan Rickman played snape was because JK Rowling sat him down and explained a rough draft of his entire arch to show him that Snape wasn’t a one dimensional villain, because Alan Rickman didn’t want to be tight cast as a bad guy. So while it’s not hard to believe that she had that snake backstory planned out a long time in advance I highly doubt it was 20 years. Vaguely thinking “hmm what if it was a person” a long time ago doesn’t count as having it planned out.
Will Middleton
Will Middleton پیش ماه
What a shitty way to bring his memory back. I liked the ending of the first one where it was obvious that the memories were still in there because his bakery had become famous for making creature pastries that he’d seen on his adventures. It would’ve made sense for them to come back slowly as he saw familiar things because his love interest was like taking him around the wizard world because they also made it seem like he began to recognize her at the end of the first one too. It could’ve set up some good jokes like him remembering that he was used as bait or something
Nora Archer
Nora Archer پیش ماه
the baby switcheroo WOW
Vincent Brogan
Vincent Brogan پیش ماه
I still remember when I saw this in theatres. It was me, my mom, her friend, and her 2 kids. I hadn't seen the first movie. I cannot stress enough how fucking confused I was during the entirety of the movie. I didn't understand a damn thing. After it finished we were talking and my mom's friend and her kids, who *had* seen the first movie, were saying how confused they were. It felt validating
SpadeOfAces پیش ماه
Where did you get your giant porg plush?
Name Words
Name Words پیش 2 ماه
I can’t believe you predicted Wandavision
Julia Pale
Julia Pale پیش 2 ماه
Here I am, sitting in 2021, watching this video. Boi oh boi, the phrase that starts with "JK Rowling claimed on Twitter" unnerves me
Tyrell پیش 2 ماه
Michael Gambon not my favorite dumbledore.
Anurag Dwivedi
Anurag Dwivedi پیش 2 ماه
Potatoes which have been cut....😂😂
boldbearings پیش 2 ماه
LOLOL great Dobby finish. Liked and Subbed.
Danny The Friendly Cactus
it's so stupid, they said "non-magique" for the french word for muggles, when there is an actual word that means muggle, it's "moldu" (how ever the hell you spell it, it's been too long since i've read the book)
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez پیش 2 ماه
Sometimes I wonder if the filmmakers/writers of these movies watch these videos and realize that their ideas are possibly not nearly as good as they thought they were.
Logan A
Logan A پیش 2 ماه
I actually liked the second one better than the first one.. The first one was a bit slapstick and campy.
CF J پیش 2 ماه
when you're a terf who acts like you're really concerned about women but write way too many of them as shitty one-note love interests or dying in childbirth
SquishyOfCinder پیش 2 ماه
The Creedence Clearwater Revival
SandyTheMaster پیش 2 ماه
Changing into an animal is the new hula hooping.
Sarone Aimah
Sarone Aimah پیش 2 ماه
I didn’t like Newt as a character or his story. I feel like there are so many better stories that could have been told.
Julie Pavlovic
Julie Pavlovic پیش 2 ماه
Very inaccurate too because there is actually an official french translation for muggles, it's moldu. It's a thing about the french translation of Harry Potter, even some names have been changed so that we could get the puns, Hogwarts is not called Hogwarts. The disrespect to this man's work.
Dexx Baker
Dexx Baker پیش 2 ماه
29:20 Yikes. I'm just here checking in from 2021. Would you like to hear about Johnny Depp? Or Ezra Miller?
Dalton Gibson
Dalton Gibson پیش 2 ماه
I always thought that Nagini was supposed to be Japanese, since Nagini as a name fits into the Japanese syllable system perfectly, but (as far as I know, which isn't far, since I'm not well-versed in the Korean language) doesn't fit into the Korean syllable system. I guess I'm wrong.
Polina Barzova
Polina Barzova پیش 2 ماه
And the most hilarious thing about this franchise is that they have already had a pretty solid foundation and all more or less major events of the story from the Harry Potter books. But nope didn’t really use them
kaz za
kaz za پیش 2 ماه
Algorithm comment love your shizz
Lucas Fleming
Lucas Fleming پیش 2 ماه
The older I get, the less I like JK. I still like the books a lot, but once I discovered the works of Diana Wynn Jones I realized JK must have read and been “inspired” by those books which I’m sorry are just straight up better. Wynn Jones created multiple kinds of magical worlds, expanded on types of magic users, and crafted extremely lovable characters but like 10x more than JK ever has. Rereading the Potter books as an adult and after reading a few Wynn Jones series I found myself wholly disappointed as sometimes I was able to draw such close parallels between the books I wondered if they maybe crossed the plagiarism line. On top of that qualm which is arguably not as big of a deal, now she’s pulling this sad Fantastic Beasts bs because she thinks we’ll just gobble up whatever crap she comes up with just because it’s part of her Wizarding World AND she’s undisputedly transphobic AND probably racist given how she’s treated non-Christian and POC characters AND (correct me if I’m wrong on this) she made the goblins into distinct anti-Semitic caricatures (if you don’t see it compare to old political cartoons of Jewish people and known stereotypes). Like wtf Jo! You were the chosen one! After watching ContraPoints’ video on her I’m really fed up and from now on I’m focusing on the og goat DWJ
spooky boy
spooky boy پیش 2 ماه
oh yeah JKR is sort of a terrible person and also queerbaits, sort of
Lucas Fleming
Lucas Fleming پیش 2 ماه
Little boy who lives in a cupboard, the snake is a Korean lady
demi lembias
demi lembias پیش 2 ماه
I'm glad that in 2018 Jenny made her peace with the fact that JK Rowling is a bigoted, out-of-touch hack before the rest of the world had to in 2020.
jack jack
jack jack پیش 2 ماه
The cool pepper accordantly tour because facilities ordinarily turn via a ritzy step-daughter. onerous, obscene rabbi
Becky Gerardy
Becky Gerardy پیش 2 ماه
So... was anybody else's metaphorical "sock" JKR publicly showing she's a Terf or just me?
Suman Kugadasan
Suman Kugadasan پیش 2 ماه
movie sucked, but my theory to save 1 aspect of it is that Queenie is going to be a double agent.
Liliana Clark
Liliana Clark پیش 2 ماه
I literally despised this movie, I thought the first movie was such a strong start :(
da black Vango
da black Vango پیش 2 ماه
nice outfit
raul sanchez
raul sanchez پیش 2 ماه
I heart you....2
Lala Johanne
Lala Johanne پیش 2 ماه
Actually Grindelwald is supposed to be the reason for WWII, so he does not show those images to try to stop it. The muggle war is supposed to be the consequence of the magical war started by Grindelwald according to Rowling (who obviously always knows what she's doing)
Sapphire fire
Sapphire fire پیش 2 ماه
One point tho... Sometimes writers have this thing like while they build a story, they will get visions/ideas for many characters that arent main. So it's 100 percent possible that jk did infact build nagini's story when she originally started writing hp, because as u know she conceived the idea a few yrs before writing it as well
devak پیش 2 ماه
@Sapphire fire You don't think it's kind of important to establish that the big snake Voldemort uses is actually a cursed woman? The books had time to establish basic aspects about loads of characters. Hell, it had time to make werewolves into an AIDS allegory.
Sapphire fire
Sapphire fire پیش 2 ماه
@devak because, the story IS NOT ABOUT NAGINI. Writers make a lot of back stories as they go and they can't put it all in,
devak پیش 2 ماه
Then why did she write absolutely none of this into Nagini's story? As far as the 7 books are concerned, she's just a snake.
Naomi Bethell
Naomi Bethell پیش 2 ماه
I always saw grindelwald in the original books as a Hitler allegory. I always saw his relationship with Dumbledore as a really clever tribute to how charming facists can be, and how easy it is to radicalise people who are otherwise kind and normal but traumatised and vulnerable. This character had such potential. What kind of master manipulator could convince an empathetic genius like Dumbledore to understand his facist viewpoint? Jk Rowling what happened to your brain? Was everything clever you did in the past by accident? Whatever she's a transphobe now so I guess its a good thing. We just have to hope when I'm ninety her world will belong to the public domain and someone finally might make something good set in the Harry Potter universe. Hopefully with lots of trans characters.
devak پیش 2 ماه
She frankly was always a transphobe. She just hid it better before her fame and power made her immune to consequences. See also how the only way to know Dumbledore is gay in the books, is by buying into homophobic stereotypes
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